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Hi folks, i hope every1s happy with horny stories on O9L same here ! Cheers to the life with O9L… Here the incident narrations starts 4 u..in our apartment one married aunty were living in 2nd floor exactly i was living upon her on 3rd floor. She was mind blowing, marvelous, mirror-cracking-material, glorious, gorigious, ultimate, horny, sex starved lady aged 36 years. Heighted 5 ft 1 inches only, brown eyes, always changes hair colors(right now combination of deep brown n shiny black), she has one boy child, she’s gotten attitude to express herself to others n living life king size kind a stuff in her. Overall no one can resist her definately ! So how can i ..i was dreaming n exercising with my hand in nights n day times regularly for this ultimate beauty bonanza but she is not a prostitute or a characterless at all ! So very tough to get her everytime… I tried to get her several time. Since 2003 i was trying but yet not succeed before last month. Due to gr8 good luck of mine, one day i saw her on heavy traffic road with the lots of sweet on her beautiful face with sticky thin material tshirt on her proper shaped n sized milkdairy. As a formal neighbor i stopped my car n went to her. I said, “namste bhabhi g, can i help u to start your kinetic? ” she was looking with myterious eyes at 1st step but she didn’t have any other solution [cause her douty hubby didn't gave her cell phone, poor guy 🙂 ]. She said, “yes lust actually i need help ! ” so i tried with pray in my mind that god plz dont start this machine so that i can use my fucking machine !!!Due to my good luck kinetic didn’t start so i told her we can move further in my car my mechanic will take this scooter 4rm here n will send it to our home. She agreed with smile cause she got relief of ac in my car n her scooter will repair n reached home comfortabely. She told me that i was planning to pay some bills so i took my kinetic n move ahead but meanwhile my scooter stopped n my work is still find and if u r free then we’ll move 2 telephone office n electricity bill collection agency. I said, bhabhi g 1st time ur expecting your dever’s help n how can i refused it ? She smiled freely now(thanx 4 my ac,my luck n my car perfume). We completed her whole stuff n while returning back to home i offered her that bhabhi i forgot to tell u one thing that,

I promised my body to give him one kul ice cream in this summer ! But while with u i coun’t proceed. If u dont mind can i complete my promise ? She laughed n pinched me said yes we can. After all these n that we reached home but at my home there is aligari lock ! I was surprised cause i dont have key either n my family is not there… So i went to bhabhi’s home n knocked but no1 opened the door ! Again i rang the bell n waited for 5 mins. Same results ! No1 opens the door so i m returning back to my uncle’s home for asking about my family n their undecided tour ! Suddenly i heared sweet voice of bhabhi g, hey lust where r u going after ranging lots of bells ? I replied with smile that, there is no1 at my home n either i dont have keys so i m feeling very hungry, will u help me? (she wear a nighty after a bath.) She said : come in i will feed u properly 🙂 bla bla bla we completed lunch n i was teasing her with my talks n we were seeing iron man – 3 on cable network. All of sudden i thought that, there r only two person in her flat. So y should i m waiting ? I have to procced n fulfilled my lust ! I stand 4rm sofa sat n reached near her sofa n said. How r u feeling bhabhi g? She worried after looking my eyes n bulg in my paint ! She said 1st take ur seat n we’ll chat afterwards. To her gr8est surprise i planted a hottest lip kiss on her juicy lips n took her to the wall n stick her with lots of pressure on her ! She was resisting like anything… Instantlly i was smooching her juicy lips, chuby cheeks, naughty neck n ears. But still she was resisting n shouting for help help etc…so i changed the position forcefully pushed her to the sofa set… N tored her

Nighty Totally, now she was with bra n panty only. I said now shout properly she every1 can see a marvelous beauty of urs. To my gr8 surprise she told me, plz leave me i m living faithfully with my hubby n my family i never ever touched any male on earth. My hubby is my ex lover n current hubby so plz leave me alone for god shake…i told her that u r right but u r the reason of my cock conversion to 7.5 inches ! Since i was growing boy i can’t touch any other woman or i didn’t thought lustfully for any1. U r my love so i can’t live without u ! If u wont accepts me i will die now !!! N i rushed to window of flat… ( my emotionaly screw the chuts idea applied properly) she stops me by her voice n give me lots of idea of purity of woman, married life, responsibilities, motherhood, etc… (but i was only searching for lust so i hear with agreed face) n finally she told me that she will arrange more beautiful girl then her for me. N trying to go to bedroom for wearing some cloths…i thought that this is last chance to get jannat ! Or i will never able to touch her also in future… So i rushed behind her in bedroom she was wearing salwar. N again i started the same therapy of initial… Kissing n pressing wildly ! She again trying to resist me, but this time i m very much careful to screw her…. While all these stuff i planted my hand in her panty n rubbing her cunt wildly. Now after some moments she was crying but not resisting physically… I got proper clue… I removed her whole cloth n again her crying reached loudest. She was as a born baby ! Totally naked…i started with my master stroke licking the cunt with maximum speed of tongue, finding g spot n rubbed n crushed it, n gave her ultimate pleasure of sex. I got cent percent success in my formula… She was now crying in pleasure… I teared her pussy with my hand n playing with it like a jungleboy. She came twice almost now i have to handle the wild cat the wild cat is ready 2 rock now, she invited me to suck her boobs n buttocks. I tried to insist her with valgarity but she refussed it totally… I m frequentally changing one boob to another boob in my mouth n caressing it, pinching it, fondling it badly !

Her nipples were pinkish due to my extreme bites on her. Her body is sweating, shivering and feeling stuffing on regular basis. After all these stuff my chotu can’t wait in my undies. So i releaved chotu to move ahead but she told me to undress totally… I did it ! Suddentlly she caught my chotu in her mouth n bited it badly omg! Whats going on ??? I was shouting in pain… She literally bite my chotu n 2 or 3 blood drops were there on chotu… I was paining n very angry on this wild cat ! How dare u to hurt my chotu ??? Now she was an ware of my thoughts so she was playing with chotu n my balls… Sucking them biting them (slowly) n giving me pleasure.now i was in mood to attack i picked her up in my arms… N throw her on bed ! She was having fun of my rudeness… I started the gentle game now i kissed every milimeter of her skin sucked hard her pussy her anus n boobs. I told her that we’ll start with doggy style. She told me that she is familiar with missionary only ! So i taught her the doggy n she took her position. This is the right time to take revenge my chotu said ! So i proceed with chotu’s thoughts..i pointed my chotu on her pussy playing with pussy cat! N i put my eyes on her anus only. N stroked badly on her anus, she was shouting stop .But this is the exact revenge which chotu wants… I started massive strokes on her anus but she was crying in only pain no plesure at all ! After 10 to 15 mins i came in her anus. N chotu was very happy to have virgin anus n revange to. She was still in doggy n crying ! I changed her position n she

Was very angry on me n told me get lost u fucker machine ! Is this your way to express your love? She saw ..Me her anus whole it was bleeding badly ! I said sorry, n did some dettol wash there n some dressing there.after all these i was horny so i started the play again. I took her on my lap but she was aware to save the anus ! N promised her that i will not hurt it again ! N started storking her cunt 4rm behind very hard, planting kisses on her lips n face, pressing her boobs with my hands i was fucking her like anything… She was enjoying with femenine moans like aaah, come on,, yess ! We did it for 15 to 20 mins. While i was feeling to come out i asked her do u need my baby or i should came out ! She laughed n said i need your juice only baby. She took my cock 4rm her n took in her mouth n i cum a lot in her mouth. She took it deliciously ! Now i m feeling tired n she was walking like a 1 n half leg person… I was laughing on her with this comments. N she hit me with lots of love we went to the bathroom for cleaning stuff n took our lunch again ( i was wishing to have it) afterwards i got 2 hours sound sleep with her in her bedroom. Again she wake me up at 4:30 n gave me a cup of tea. After having tea i told her that, i m ready ! N she literally run away 4rm room n said if u will forced me now i will bind a rakhi on your wrist !!! I laughed loudly… N said that then our children will say me mama or papa ? She blushed with my a mature comments… N i started my act again…but this time i know that she is not able to give me a pleasure so i started with kissing pressing n penitrate missionary without hurting her anymore.. She happy give me full support in this act n i cum in her deeply.. She aceepts it purelly. N told me that if u will fuck me like a decent boy i will always with you but i hate your jungleboy’s acts ! I promised her that ur secrecy is my responsibility so i will never narrate this incidence with our neighbor or our family members. Now she was most comfortable n gave me longest lip kiss ever with love… N whispered in ears that now i have two hubbys ! I’m very lucky…so its all about this real incidence anyone want this kind of or different kind of stuffs – live or on internet can communicate with me on

Posted : 19/06/2011 4:13 pm