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With My Aunt Poonam


Dear All, I have read so many stories on ISS and today I am going to narrate my first real story here. Hi I am Hemant, from Bangalore city, an average looking guy with tool size of 6.5″. First let me tell you about my family. My family is joint family. My father is eldest one and having 2 younger brother with their beautiful wives. This incident happen with me when I was studying in class 10th in the month of May.

It was my summer holidays were going on after 10th class exam so I was totally free. my parents stays on 1st floor along with my one uncle and his wife and my one uncle stays in ground floor. For first aunty name is Poonam and second aunty name is Sunina. both are very beautiful ladies. This incident happen when one day I was sleeping in Poonam aunty room as my room ac was not working. that day

Poonam have to go somewhere outside for some function and since in bathroom there is some repair work going on so she was searching for some empty room where she can change her clothes but as all rooms were busy so she came back to her room and check with me whether I was sleeping but as I don’t wont to get up I acted as I was in fast sleep. After checking me Poonam thought that I was sleeping she locked the room. As soon as I heard door lock noise I opened my eyes from corner to check and found that Poonam is taking her saree out.

I keep on watching her as her back was facing me. then she removed her blouse. I got shocked. She is having figure of 34-30-36 with superb fair skin. She is looking damn sexy.Then she removed her petticoat. now she is standing in bra and panty only and I start realizing that my tool is getting very hard. Then she sprayed some deo and start looking for some blouse but as her blouse is white color and her bra is black color she thought of changing it and removed her bra also and now she is roaming in the room in only panty.

I am getting mad in bed and don’t want to ruin my show so I kept lying in bed like a dead man. after that she wore her clothes and left the room. After that incident I start fantasizing about Poonam aunt and every day I tried to be near her and try to touch her sometimes when she was not in house I used to take her bra and panty and masturbate also fantasizing her my dream lady. I keep looking for options to see her without clothes but not get so much success.

Then one day when she was taking bath in morning I went to loo in GF in morning as 1st floor toilet are busy with other people. When I was getting relaxed in toilet I heard Poonam aunty voice as she is singing some song. From the toilet window I saw outside toward bathroom window and found that voice was coming from bathroom only. There is some gap between 2 windows but still I m able to hear all sound very clearly.

Then I heard some sound water and from that I found that Poonam is taking bath which make me excited so I climbed the toilet window and peeked inside the bathroom and got shocked as Poonam aunty was sitting nude and taking bath. I got so much excited that i ejaculated in my pants it as I was seeing any nude woman 1st time.

So from next day onwards I started using ground floor toilet only in morning and as Poonam goes for bath I also go in toilet and enjoy the show. this things keep on happening from 3-4 months and on one day when I was peeking inside the bathroom Pooonam saw me in window. I got terrified that now I am gone and came outside toilet and ran outside the house and came back in evening only.

I was so terrified that if Poonam had told this incident then I am gone case in family. my legs were trembling when I was entering the house. I directly went to 1st floor to avoid any interaction with Poonam aunty but found that all family members went somewhere as rooms were locked. I came down to GF and found that Poonam was standing there and watching me.

Posted : 01/12/2010 12:04 pm

She told me to come inside and told that all other people went outside and will come little bit late and this news made me more nervous as what should I do now as I can’t face Poonam now. Then aunty took me in her room and asked me what I was doing in bathroom window. I start crying in front of her and begging for sorry and asked her not to tell anyone. after seeing me crying I consoled me and gave me some water and asked me why I was watching her then I told her that she is very beautiful and I like her very much.

After hearing this she got pleased. Then she asked what I had seen in her and I told her that her whole body is very sexy. Then she told me that on one condition she will not tell anyone in family that I have to obey her all orders from that day onward. Seeing the fear from family I agreed her conditions and after that I left the room. After few days my uncle went to outstation for some business trip and aunty told my mother to send me to GF for sleeping in night as she is alone so my mother told me that for next 5 days i have to sleep in

GF in Poonam aunty room. From inside i got excited but have some fear also. After eating dinner I went to Poonam aunty room and found that she is watching TV. After seeing me she told me to lock the door and come inside. I sat on bed along with her and started watching movie. after the movie got over aunty get up from the bed and switched off the TV and i also start adjusting in bed.

After switching off the TV aunty took her saree from her body and threw in one corner and saw towards me and said that as I already saw her whole body so she is not feeling any ashamed in front of me and while saying this she removed her blouse and petticoat. Now she is standing in front of me in bra and panty and then she took her gown and wear it. my tool was rock hard and I am not able to hide my tent. Then aunty came on bed near me lied on it.

After sometime aunty told me that she is having some pain in legs and told me to give massage to legs as I don’t have any option i wake up and start pressing her legs. when I touched her legs they are so soft that my tool again got hard and slowly I keep pressing her legs and kept on moving her gown up. after some time aunty told me that she is having backache also so

I have massage her back also and on that I asked aunty to removed the gown which surprised her and then after some thinking she removed her gown. Now she is lying in bra and panty only in front of me and looking like as sex goddess for me. I start giving her massage which starts exciting her and after 30 min body massage I removed her bra and start giving massage to her breast also. they are the most sexy and beautiful boobs I had ever imagined.

I keep massaging her body and when I was massaging her thighs I found that her panty is wet so I asked her to remove it and on my surprise she removed her panty also. Now she is lying in her birth suit in front of me. After seeing my tent in my shorts she told me to remove my clothes and told me that it is her order so I obeyed her and removed all my clothes. now

Poonam and I both are nude without any clothes and then aunty told me to give body 2 body massage and I reached on top of her and start rubbing my body with her body which is exciting me very much. my dick is sometimes touching her pussy lips which is making me more hard. suddenly Poonam raised her both legs in air and took my 6.5″ tool in her hand and placed at the entrance of the pussy and in one shot I guided my tool to her love hole.

As this was my first time I ejaculated in 5 minutes only inside her. So in this manner I lost my virginity to her and in that night I had fucked Poonam 4 times. in next 4 nights Poonam taught me all position and guided my tool in all the holes of her body and told me various positions also for doing sex. so in this manner my sex life started and after 1 year I fucked my 2nd aunty also which I tell you in my next story.

Posted : 01/12/2010 12:05 pm