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Weekend - Part II


I woke up Saturday morning around 11 and the girls were already up. As I was getting out of the shower, I ran into Preeti.

“So what time did you get in last night?” she asked

“Around 6 this morning” I lied

“Wow, you had along night!” she exclaimed, as we walked back to the living room where Neha and Sonia were reading the morning paper.

“Yea” I grinned. “I had to make up for lost time.” I noticed that Sonia had a slight smile on the face. Before Neha and Preeti could guess on my meaning I added “I had a lot of hangouts to cover. I even met a couple of old friends and juniors.”

“Hope you weren’t too naughty” Quipped Neha

“Oh just enough to be fun, and not enough to get in trouble” I smiled back.

“Still the same” laughed Sonia keeping up her act. “You never could give a straight answer.”

“What’s fun in that?” I shot back. “It’s still the reason I like to smile a lot. Makes people wonder what I‘m up to” I said with a Devilish grin.

“So what’s your plan today Mr. Hot shot” asked Sonia.

“Well I though we could get something to eat and then I wanted to meet a couple of my Professors. I told them I would be in town. It won’t be too long.” I said

“Ok, that’s actually works well. I have to go to the office for a bit, so why not meet here in the evening and then let’s go to a club. You still like dancing don’t you? Sonia said

“You Dance?” Asked Preeti

“Absolutely! I can shake it with the best of them. I have moves that will make you drool.” I said with a cool and suave look.

“Well then, you better save a dance for me” Neha jumped in. “I’d like to see some of those moves for my self, and maybe you’ll be able to keep up with me.”

“Oh, looks like this is going to be an interesting night.” Preeti grinned

“You have no idea” I whispered under my breath to Sonia who was sitting next to me, but said aloud “those are the best kinds”.

So we had a quick brunch and I left. I spent the afternoon meeting a couple of my professors on campus and chatting with them, discussing their research, and going through their latest experiments and potential research papers. Although it was fun and interesting chatting with them, this was not the real reason I had come back to town this weekend and around 6 pm I decided it was time to head back.

When I got back, Sonia was home alone watching TV. She had got back half an hour prior to me and said that Preeti and Neha were at the gym and would be back in about half an hour. That’s all needed to hear and I sat on the couch next to her, took her in my arms and started to kiss her. This didn’t have the urgency of last night, but both of us didn’t mind. We just continue to kiss and “make-out” like two teenagers. I kept looking at her and kept marveling her every aspect of her. Her sparkling eyes, the button nose, her dimpled cheeks, her inviting lips and her soft chin.

I started to butterfly kiss her face and then kissed her lower lip and very tenderly nibbled at it. She started to rub her finger in my hair and neck. I kissed her neck and licked a trail from her neck to her exposed color bone then back again. I traced the curvature of her ear with the tip of my tongue and gently sucked on her ear lobe. Sonia started to breathe very heavily and I could see she was getting very aroused. I stopped kissing her and gave her a hug.

“Why did you stop?” She whispered

“I want you to want me tonight.” I whispered back

“I do want you.” She looked into my eyes

“I know, but I want each and every part of you to want me, to need me, to ache for me. So when we are together tonight, I want you to feel more pleasure that you could imagine. I want you feel that every aching moment we have been patiently apart these past months has been repaid, and I would love for you to need me with your soul” I said in earnest.

Sonia was silent for a moment. Then she said with a smile “you always did have a way with words. Ok, till tonight then.”

“Oh, one more thing,” She grinned “Neha thinks you are hot, so be ready for some serious moves in the dance floor”

“You gonna be Ok with that” I asked

“I know you’re coming to me tonight” She smiled. “So if Neha works your appetite up, then that good for me isn’t it!”

“Touché” I said.

Neha and Preeti came back a little while later, and after their showers we all set out for the night. The first stop was dinner, where I learned that the Preeti and Neha had invited a couple of their friends to join us. Sameer and Rohit joined us at the restaurant and after the introductions started to get gel in with the rest of us. Both very handsome and good looking, and seemed like good guys. Sameer was a college friend of Neha and Rohit had met Preeti and Neha at the gym they usually went to. It was apparent that everyone got along well and the well nice enough to include me in their group.

Dinner was fun with the usually jokes and laughter. We decided to skip dessert as we didn’t want to be too full before the dance. The Desi club wasn’t far from the restaurant to se decided to walk there. The place was moderately crowded and was famous for playing excellent music. It was usually Hindi remix songs that are just perfect for modern /hip-hop dancing.

We got there and immediately hit the floor. I paired up with Sonia (obviously), while Neha just grabbed Sameer’s hand and started to shake him around. Preeti and Rohit weren’t ready for the floor so they sat at the bar for a bit. Anyone who’s gone to dance clubs knows that loud music, disco lights, and healthy bodies act like an aphrodisiac, so pretty soon everyone was getting very “comfortable” on the dance floor. Of course Sonia and I had to behave ourselves, so pretty soon we exchanged partners and Neha and I were literally shaking it on the dance floor. Neha was taking full advantage of her nubile figure and was dancing extremely suggestively. Of course not to be left behind, I was keeping up, throwing in a few Salsa moves that clearly impressed Neha. She started to get bolder and started touching my chest and hold my hand and rubbing them all over her sides She turned around moving to the music and started to rub her very inviting ass on my crotch and since I had the OK from Sonia, I was not holding back either. I started rubbing my hands over her thighs and started to push my now hardening dick back into her. Her smile told me that she was getting my response.

Soon the lights got into the strobing (blinking) mode to we couldn’t really see other well. Neha just turned around and got close enough to reach around and placed her hand on my ass. Then moved my right leg between legs and started to hump her crotch on my thigh. Really getting into it I grabbed her ass and started to totally help her ride my leg. The look of lust in Neha’s eyes was enough to make my dick into a spring board. All this while I could see glimpses of Sonia and when our eyes met, she smiled approvingly. Neha humped with perfect rhythm of the music and the intensity told me that if she continued she would actually get off. In one move she turned around and started to ride my other thigh. She held my hand and this time guide them to her front. In the darkness she was actually letting my feel breasts, and her nipples were hard! The smell of Neha’s perfume as well as her body heat was starting to have an stimulating effect. As I was grinding my leg on her crotch Neha started grinding selves ever harder on my thigh and started making my hand squeeze her breasts. She let go of my hands allowing me to continue the roam my fingers over her nipples and she reached her hand over her head and started to run her fingers all over my hair. Just as the music reached the frenzy tempo, I could feel her grabbing my shoulders for support and push down hard on my leg, and I almost heard her scream over the aloud music. Neha had had an orgasm while dancing with me, right there on the dance floor!

As the music slowed down, we decided to head back to the table, and have a few drinks. Neha was smiling broadly while I was almost straining to walk. We chatted for a bit and Neha was ready to go again. Preeti and Rohit joined them, and I said that I’ll sit this one out so Sameer went in my place.

“So what do you think of Neha” Sonia asked after they foursome was out of ear shot.

I told her what had happened on the dance floor and this time Sonia was grinning.

“So I bet you’re ready to take off huh?” she said, slipping a hand under the table and rubbing her hand over my still hard cock.

“I’m ready to get off!” I replied

“Well you teased me earlier, so this is retribution,” she laughed cruelly. “Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of you tonight, I promise. I was watching you and Neha, and right now I’m probably wetter and hornier that you are?”

“Really? How come,” I was surprised, “I thought you might be a bit jealous”

“Jealousy has no place in out relationship remember. Besides If she’s charging you up this much, I know I’ll get my just rewards. I want you to make me moan and scream all night long in every which way possible. Tonight isn’t going to be about making love, its going to be about pure, raw, unbridled sex!” She said with a look that made me hornier that I already was.”

Half an hour later we walked out of the club to call it a night. We walked back to the restaurant to pick up the cars. Preeti and Sonia got in the Car with me, but Neha decided that she was going to go with Sameer and continue her night out.

“Do you have your keys?” Preeti asked

“No, don’t worry, I’ll just come in the morning.” Neha replied

I didn’t argue at all, since it meant a bit more freedom for me. I was sorry Preeti wasn’t going too. Rohit said his good byes as well, and the cars left the lot.

The walk back to the cars, and the drive home as allowed me and Sonia to calm down a little, so one we got home, we sat again a bit winding down from the night. Sonia brought my bedding out and set up the couch again. Preeti said that she had a bit too much to drink so she called it a night and then went to her room. Sonia went to the bathrooms and I changed into my boxers and t-shirt again. Sonia came out and gave me the teasing look as she went to her room. Five minutes later Preeti’s bedroom light was turned off. I waited five more minutes and then went to Sonia’s room.

Sonia was lying on the bed, wearing her black negligee I had given her last night. The candles were already lit and Kenny G was already starting to create the mood in the stereo. I locked the door, took off my t-shirt and sat on the edge of her bed on her side. Both Sonia and I take pride in our bodies as we work very hard to maintain them. Countless hours in the gym and healthy diets for the most part definitely have an advantage. To look at someone and immediately be attracted with the biggest turn on any person can feel and also the biggest compliment anyone can give to their lover.

Sonia ran fingertips over my chest without saying anything but had a look that told me she was thinking about something.

“So what’s on your mind” I asked

“Do you remember the first time we were together?” She asked

“Of course”

“Do you remember what brought us so close?” she continued

“You mean other than our unchecked attraction to each other?” I guessed

“You know what I mean?” She eyed me

“The back massages” I said

“Yes” She said. “I’d like to re-live that and experience it again. I want to feel the anticipation of that first time again. To have the same desire and anxiety”

“But we have already made love countless time, and had sex even more times” I said

“Nice distinctions” she said. “You don’t have to worry about that, but will you give me a massage tonight?”

“Of course” I replied. “But may I suggest an improvement over last time?”


I went to her dressing table, and picked up a bottle of baby oil.

“Perfect” she said. Sonia opened her dressed and brought out a long beach towel and spread it on her bed. Then she took off her negligee and for the first time after walking in I noticed that she wasn’t wearing any panties. I looked at her quizzically.

“You take them off in a hurry. So why bother?” She shrugged. She had a point!

Sonia got naked and lay on her stomach on the towel; I took a moment to admire her nubile body, the arch of the back and of course the curve of her perfectly shaped ass. I knew this was going to be a fun night as well.

I poured some oil on the palm and gently rubbed my hands together and placed them on Sonia’s back. Sonia took a deep breath. As I started to rub the oil on her back I could feel her exhale and start to relax. I oiled her upper back first and then slowly moved to her shoulders gently massaging her tensions away. I made slow circular motions over her back as I brought my hands down her back again to her lower back.

Once her back was oiled, I poured more oil on my palm and rubbed the oil on her inviting ass. Rubbing her ass with the oil gave me an instant hard-on, and as I kneaded her butt with my fingers, Sonia gently let out a sigh of contentment. I rubbed the outside of her ass and then ran a finger on her crack oiling it down to her asshole a little. Sonia’s asshole twitched on contact with my oiling finger. Cute.

I oiled my hands again and moved down her right thigh, applying gentle pressure to ease her muscles into relaxations. Sonia has very toned legs so it was a pleasure to be massaging them. As I rubbed her thigh, I gently spread her legs wider apart to be able to oil her inner thighs thoroughly. I could see Sonia’s pussy clearly, and it took all my self control to start rubbing, licking, sucking and fucking that gorgeous pussy! Patience was the key right now, and I knew I would be well rewarded for it. I could feel her pussy warmed every time my hand got close to it. I moved from one leg to the other and both thighs equally.

I moved down to her well sculpted calves rubbing both at the same time gently kneading the flesh. Once the back side of her body was oiled, I went back up to her back and started to massage her back again. Moving down to her bed and held each butt in each hand and gently caressed it and feeling Sonia relax even more. Needless to say I was very horny and my dick was now straining to get out of my boxers.

After I had massaged both her legs for a little while longer and then asked her to flip over.

“Something new” She asked.

“Fully body massage’ I winked

Sonia complied and turned over. She saw my hard dick and just smiled with a glint in the eyes, but didn’t do anything about it. Sonia looked even more tempting lying naked in front of me but I was patient still. I oiled my hands again and gently rubbed her upper chest and shoulders. Sonia had closed her eyes as I ran my fingers up the sides of her neck. Moving my finger down I ran my fingers on her prominent collar bones and up her shoulders.

I gently massaged her right arm oiling it completely and I moved down to her hand. I gently rubbed each finger and rubbing her palm with my fingers.

“That feels good” Sonia whispered.

“Shhhhhhh” I said. “Just relax”

I massaged her fingers individually and kneaded her palm feeling her arms go limp out of relaxations. I placed her hand back down and moved to the other arm. I rubbed the other one the same way, feeling Sonia relax even more.

I re-oiled my hands and then mobbed back to her chest. I placed each hand on the sides of her breasts and made slow circular motions around them. Then I slowly teasingly moved my hand up her breasts oiling them. I could see her nipples starting to harden even before I touched them. Not wanted to tease her too much, I gently rubbed my oily hand on her nipples and slowly massed her breasts. Sonia moaned again and as I pinched her nipples with my thumb and forefinger and slowly rolled her nipples. I cupped her breasts again and gently nipples them as mi moved my hands up and slow twisting motions.

“Ohhhh yea baby.” She murmured

I could see her breasts start to get a bit redder and swell a bit. The bite markes were more prominent on her fair skin than last night. Sonia was getting aroused. Great! I let go of her breasts and moved my hands down her flat tummy. Oiling it was an extreme pleasure. I admire Sonia’s dedication to her figure and her tummy made it evident how much she worked at it.

I oiled the top of the right thigh and this time Sonia spread her legs on her own allowing me easier access to her inner thigh. As I rubbed that area I could feel the heat of her pussy. As Sonia spread her legs move I could see she was wet already, and starting to form small droplets of juices that were almost seeping down to her asshole. Smiling to my self I rub the whole leg, down to her foot. I rubbing the other leg also, spending more time and required on her inner thigh enjoying watching Sonia’s wet pussy get even wetter.

Sonia’s oily body looked mouth watering in the candle light and at that moment I knew the massage was over and it was time to play, so I oiled two of my fingers and gently start to rub her now extremely wet pussy.

“Ohhhh! Rub my pussy, it’s so wet for you” she groaned in a state of extremely arousal.

I started to rub my oily finger up and down her slit. Sonia pulled in her legs and dropped her knees on either side, opening her pussy completely for me. I rubbed my finger tip on her clit causing Sonia to arch her up. I slowly inserted a finger in and it slid in very easily. So slid another finger in and gently started to move my finger’s in and out as I rubbed her clit with my thumb. Sonia was getting very aroused.

“Oh fuck, I’m so hot”

I gently bent by fingers and started to rub the fleshy bump inside her pussy and her clit at the same time. Sonia bucked her hips more. The more I rubbed the more she squired. So started to rub her breasts with her hands and pinch her own nipples and I continued to rub her pussy.

“Fuck my pussy now” She suddenly said urgently. “I want that dick! Put it in me! Fuck me with it please”

I immediate stripped, rolled the condom on my already throbbing dick and immediate plunged in her wet pussy. Sonia was overflowing with wetness and within a minute of my pumping she wrapped her legs around me and started to pull by butt in.

“Oh fuck…I’m cumiing!!!!!!” she moaned. Sonia squeezed the breasts hard, arched her back and wrapped her legs around my waist so hard it made it almost impossible to continue humping!

“Oh wow!” She said. I continued to slowly hump her pussy as I was still very horny and very hard.

“Let’s change positions” she said and get in her hands and knees. This surprised me as usually I ask for that position. I wasn’t complaining as I entered her pussy again and started to hump. I was still going relatively slow allowing Sonia to catch her breath.

“Do you think I have a nice ass” she asked out of the blue

“I think you have a perfect ass” I replied still humping.

“Do you want to fuck it?” She asked not turning her head

I stopped moving making sure I heard right. “What?”

“I told you I wanted to feel like my first time again. You were the first to fuck my pussy that first night, tonight I want you to be the first t fuck my ass! I’ve never done it and I want you to be the first.” She said turning her head. “Do you want to?”

“Hell yea!” I said not believing my ears. “But are you sure?”

“Yeas, I want you to fuck my ass now. You have teased me long enough today and I haven’t been this horny in a long time.” She said “I’m ready”

“With pleasure” I said and reach for the oil again. I slowly started moving my dick back and forth in her pussy again as I pour some oil on her butt crack. As the oil tricked to her ass hole I started to rub it with my finger. Instinctively her asshole tightened as expected, so I slowly eased up and just rubbed it with my finger in slow circular motions. As I continued to fuck Sonia’s pussy, she started to get her second wind and was getting aroused again. Her asshole relaxed slowly and I gently inserted my finger in tip in. Sonia’s asshole tightened again. I stopped my finger moving my hips slowly. I gently pushed my finger in half way. I then pulled it out again and started to move in back and forth in the same rhythm as my cock in her pussy.

“Yeaah” Sonia whispered.

With each thrust I pushed more of my finger in till the whole finger was in. Sonia tightened her asshole again so I picked up my speed and started to fuck her pussy harder. Sonia moaned again and relaxed her asshole. I pulled the finger almost all the way out and gently inserted my second finger in stretching her open.

“Umpffh” Sonia bit her lip. I stopped moving my hand but not my cock. “Go on, I’m ok” she said

I started to move the second finger in little by little, moving it back and forth. Sonia was now once again very wet and aroused. She started pushing her pushing back to my dick as I started to move my finger in and out. Sonia was now moaning with every movement. Sensing it was time; I pulled my fingers out of her now stretched asshole and also pulled my dick out.

Not giving her time to tighten again, I placed the head of my well lubricated cock on her asshole and gently pushed the head in.

“Oh fuck!” she yelped quietly

I pushed my dick in half way like my finger and then started moving it back and forth. Everything thrust made Sonia groan louder. In one final motion I pushed my whole cock in her ass, and she was no longer an anal virgin!

Sonia ass was very tight around my cock and I could feel it milk me with every thrust. I started to pick up speed fucking her ass now full vigor.

“Oh yea! That’s a tight ass! I love it” I groaned

“Fuck it baby, I saved it for you. Fuck it as much as you want!” She whispered.

I was now fucking her ass without mercy. Sonia reached down and started rubbing her clit with her fingers. My balls slapped her pussy every time my whole dick went in her ass. I could feel Sonia’s finger tips on my balls as she rubbed her clit.

I could feel Sonia’s ass tightening further. I guess she was about to cum. I was started to sweat and it was now dripping on her back with every thrust.

“I’m there! I can’t hold it” I moaned.

“Me too! don’t stop!” She ground loudly.

I fucked her ass and which a few seconds I shot like a loaded gun!

“Yea baby, now!” I grunted

“Yea, me too!”

Sonia arched her back and squeezed her asshole tight around my cock milking me even more. Her asshole around my cock so far has been the best feeling my cock has ever felt! I had the longest orgasm I had felt in a long time and for once Sonia recovered sooner than me. Sonia just stretched out on her stomach and I lay on her back with my cock still in her. Only after I started to soften did I pull out.

“Thank you” I whispered in her ear. She didn’t say anything just sighed softly.

“You ok?” I asked

Sonia turned around slowly, looked into my eyes and said “perfect!”

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