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Virgin Lali ka Defloration


Hi Friends, As you are aware, I was abroad for two months, on my Company’s work, and returned last week. Thereafter, I was heavily loaded with work, and could not get time to communicate with you. Also, I had to respond to the mails of my fans and friends which had piled up in the last two months. Today I am a bit free and in a mood to start my story from where I had left two months ago.

Last time, you read, how I accidentally found that synthetic, artificial Lund, hidden in the bathroom closet, which belonged to my maternal sister Aarti Didi, 19, and how Aarti Didi found the ‘Kokshastra’, which I had kept hidden in my bookshelf. These ‘discoveries’ resulted in driving both of us to a sexual point of no return, and suddenly all the barriers broke loose, we came in each others’ arms, passionately kissing, undressing and finally a memorable long session of hard and heavenly chudai.

Aarti Didi, who used to satisfy her lust by masturbating with dildo, got the ‘taste’ and ‘feel’ of the real Lund and acknowledged the difference between the ‘Nakli’ and the ‘Asli’.
Next morning Mamaji’s family went to Patna, en route to Delhi and then back to New Zealand. That was the last time, I saw Aarti. I missed her very badly. I reckon, she also would be missing me, because, it was me, who gave her the heavenly pleasure of mast chudai for the first time in her life.

Before departure, she hugged me and kissed me on lips hard. She also took the photograph of my erect Lund, because this was the first real Lund, which fucked her Boor and satisfied her immensely. Needless to say, I also took the photograph of her marvelous Boor, which I have kept in my private collection, as a cherished memory of an unforgettable fucking.
That day was Sunday. I was so sad that I did not go anywhere.

Mummy- Papa were also sad and no body was in a mood to chat. After lunch, I came in my room, undressed and just lay on bed in my shorts, closing my eyes. The thoughts of fucking Aarti just the previous afternoon, made my Lund erect and hard. I inserted my left hand inside the short and hold my Lund as if to pacify it. In the meantime Lali came in to clean my room. I heard her coming.

As soon as she entered the room, I pulled the towel over my short so that she could not see its bulge and turned on my side. She started cleaning the room. Off late, a soft corner was building for Lali in my heart. I was pretending to sleep, but occasionally, I was also looking at her, from the corner of my eyes. She was a young girl wearing frock and panty. When she was cleaning the floor bending on her knees, a large portion of her cleavage was becoming visible, because the neck of her frock was too wide with no button.

I liked her, but never seen her from any other angle, than a good girl. But today, while the erotic scenes of fucking Aarti were flashing before my eyes, which had made my Lund erect, I could not help in peeping at her, especially at her chuchis, covered only by a frock, and her attractive bare thighs. I noticed that while working, she was also looking at me occasionally, and smiling.

Her smile was making me crazy. She was average built, but healthy. She was sawali in complexion, having a can-be-called-attractive face, with carefully done hairs, big black eyes, Firm nose, and kissable lips. Her father was a trusted man looking after our agricultural fields and fruits Bagichas since decades. Her mother was our domestic help. She used to accompany my mother on her social work campaigns in the surrounding villages. Lali used to come to our house with her mother since childhood. Now, after growing up, she was taking care of our first floor residency. Mummy used to help them and treat them as our own family members.

After finishing, she came and stood near my bed. She talked to me seldom and used to go away immediately after finishing her work.
After a while she called softly – ‘Piyush Bhaiya ’…I did not answer.
She asked again- ‘Piyush Bhaiya…. So rahe ho….?’
I opened my eyes half and looked at her, showing as if I was half asleep. I said-‘Kya hua…kuchh kam hai kya..Kuchh chahiye? ’

‘Mujhe pata hai, tum so nahi rahe ho… sirf bahana kar rahe ho…’
‘To?..Tumse matlab…jao sone do….’
‘Tum Aarti didi ko yaad kar rahe ho na…’
Now I opened my eyes fully and gazed at her. She was smiling. But at that age also, I could reckon, her smile was mischievous.
I gasped –‘To…kya hua…Yaad to aati hi hai….’

‘Tumlog kal dopahar me khub khel rahe the na….’
‘Khel rahe the … matlab? Main to so raha tha…’
‘Jao…Jao… Batein mat banao…Main sab janati hoon…’
‘Kya janati ho…’
‘Main jab room saf karane ayee to tumne kaha ek ghante baad aana. Niche Badi Ma so rahi thi. Main unka pair dabane lagi, lekin unhone mana kar diya. Mujhe aur koi kam nahi tha… Aarti didi ka room bhi band tha…

Main wapas aakar balcony me tumhare darwaje ke bahar baith gayee…Room ke andar se awaje aa rahi thi…maine sab suna…’I was surprised-‘Baitho …Baitho…Kya suna tumne…’
She sat on the floor beside my bed. I looked at her deeply. Her pretty face was glowing. Eyes were sparkling. Smile was mischievous.

She was, as if, trying to control her breathings, which were turning heavier due to the excitement of the secrets inside her, which was clearly visible, and with that her chuchis were distinctly moving forward and backward under her low neck frock…This was driving me mad!
She laughed. It created dimples in her cheeks which cast a spell on me. I was feeling strong urge of pulling her in my lap, kiss her dimples and squeeze her chuchis, but I controlled. I wanted to know what she had seen or heard.

This was important.
She said-‘Yaad hai tumne kal us samay kaha tha- Didi so rahi hai, use disturb nahi karana aur ek ghante baad aana…’
‘Haan… to…’
‘Maine…tumhare saath-saath Didi ki bhi awaje suni… tum dono isi kamre me the…’
‘Haan … To kya hua …ham dono baten kar rahe the…’
‘Phir tumne mujhe aane kyo nahi diya…?’

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‘Didi pahali bar yahan aayee thin na, isiliye ham log aaram se baten karana chahte the…’
‘Mere kam karake chale jane ke baad bhi to tumlog aaram se baten kar sakate the…’kahakar usne apni aankhe jhapkayee. Phir boli-‘Baten karane ke liye darwaja kyo band kar rakha tha…Mujhe aane kyo nahi diya?’
I lost my patience. I caught her hand and tried to pull her towards me. She resisted.
‘Kya kar rahe ho Piyush bhaiya….’

‘Tu bahut bak bak kar rahi hai… Bol tera matlab kya hai…Tu maar khayegi..?’
‘Hath chhodo tab bolungi…’
‘Haan Bol..’ Saying this I released her hand.
But I never knew that she, such a simple and little village girl, will drop a bomb! Yes, what she said was not less than a bomb!

She said-‘Main janati hoon Tum aur Didi, room band karake, ‘KANDULDUL’ khel rahe the.’
( “Kanduldul” is a raw village word. It means “Choda-Chodi “ or “Fucking” Generally mischievous boys in the village use this word to embarrass or tease the young girls-saying-‘Kanduldul khelegi’).
Friends, I just sprang from the bed. I was stunned. My Towel fell down. My Lund was erect. My jockey had become like a tent.

She saw it with curiosity and awe. But before she could react, I put my hands behind her waist and pulled her towards me. She was not more than 5’ tall. Her face came on my neck. I felt the pressure of her firm chuchis just below my chest. My hard Lund pressed below her naval. She was struggling to get free. The more she was trying –My eembrace was becoming tighter. After some time she realized – she could not get free- and so she gave up. She raised her face up.

I asked-‘Tu janati hai- Kanduldul mane kya hota hai..?’
She whispered –‘Haan… janati hoon…’
‘Tumne kahan se sikha… Tu bhi kisike saath Kanduldul khelti hai kya …?’
‘Dhat!…Pahale chhodo tab batawoongi…’
‘Jabtak nahi batawogi …nahin chhodunga…’
‘Chhodo na … Tumhara wala mere pet me gad raha hai…’

‘Tumhare Pet me kya gad raha hai…?’
‘Jisase tum ladkiyon ke saath Kanduldul khelte ho…’
‘Mujhe nahi maloom. Tum naam batao’
Her cheeks turned red. Eyes closed. She bent her head down and whispered- ‘Tumhara juji…’ Saying this, she covered her face with her hands in shame!
(Juji means – Lund or Penis. Generally the word ‘juji’ is used in the village for the penis of small boys)

I said-‘Yah juji nahi hai – Lund hai….’ saying this I gave her a mild push with my erect Lund. She became off balance but I took her in my arms.
She said –‘Dhat….tum bahut badmash ho…’
‘Haan….batao…tumne Kanduldul kahan sikha…’
‘Pahali baar maine bhaiya bhouji ko khelte dekha tha. Ma-babuji khet me the. Dopahar me main Bhouji ke pas so gayee. Thodi der baad Bhaiya ghar aaye aur khakar bhouji ke pas let gaye.

Thodi der baad dono ki ajeeb ajeeb awaj sun kar main jag gayee. Dekha Bhaiya bhouji ke upar chadhkar kamar hila rahe the aur chumma le rahe the. Niche se bhouji bhi jor jor se apna kamar uchhal rahi thi. Thodi der baad dono shant ho gaye aur lipat kar so gaye. Sham ko maine bhouji se puchha ki tum bhaiya ke saath kya kar rahi thi. To wah hanskar boli-Ham dono kanduldul khel rahe the.’

‘Aur bhi kabhi dekha…?’
‘Bhaiya bhouji ko to barabar khelte huwe dekhti hoon. Kabhi raat me, kabhi din me…Ek din main jab tumhara room saf karane ke liye upar aayee to dekha tum Kamali Didi ke saath kanduldul khel rahe the. Darwaja khula tha. Maine chhupkar sab dekha. Kal tum Arati Didi ke saath khel rahe the na…Main dekh to nahi payee lekin tum dono ki awaj sunkar samajh gayee…ki tum log kya kar rahe the…’

I was turning mad. My Lund was jumping. I was observing that the iron was becoming red hot. She also seemed to be aroused and breathing heavily. I put her hand on my Lund. Firstly she hesitated but later caught it eagerly with her hand and started squeezing it. I put my hand on her chuchis and started massaging them gently one by one.Achha jab tum bhaiya bhabhi ko dekhti ho ya…er…mujhe aur kamali Didi ko dekha tha to tumhe kaisa lag raha tha….’

‘Mat puchho… mujhe kuchh ajeeb ajeeb sa hone lagata hai. Jo main kah nahi saksti. Meri Boor me khujli hone lagati hai aur bhitar aag jalane lagati hai. Main bechain ho jati hoon. Mera ek haath apne aap Boor par aur doosra haath Chuchi par chala jata hai. Ek hath se main Boor sahalati hoon –dusare haath se chuchiyon ko dabati hoon. Lekin aag aur tej ho jati hai….Janate ho main kab se is aag me jal rahi hoon. ’

Ise shant karane ke liye tumne kuchh kiya…’
‘Main bhouji ko boli ki mera man bhi kanduldul khelne ka kar raha hai. Jab tum bhaiya ke sath khelogi to main bhi aa jawoongi aur tum logo ke sath kheloongi. Lekin bhouji hasne lagi aur boli is khel ko marad aur aurat khelte hain, bhai bahan nahi….Phir ekdin jab bhaiya shahar gaye the to bhabhi boli-Kanduldul khelegi…maine kaha -haan….’ She stopped.

I said-‘Bolo na phir kya hua…’
‘Nahi …sharam aati hai…’
‘Are sharam ki kya baat hai…main bhi to khelta hoon..’Saying this I squeezed her erect nipples gently and put my other hand on her Boor over her panty and massaged it softly. She shivered and put her hand over my hand.

I asked-‘Phir kya hua…’
‘Dhat! tum bade wo ho…suno…bhouji ne mujhe pair phailakar aur ghutne modkar lita diya aur meri panty utar di. Phir apni sari uthakar mere upar chadh gayee aur apni boor se meri boor ragadne lagi… bhouji ke Boor par bade bade bal (hair) hain…uske bal meri boor se ragadne par current ki tarah maja aa raha tha. Mujhe achha lag raha tha. Thodi der baad bhouji niche aa gayee aur main bhouji ke upar. Is tarah ham log der tak khelte rahe. Jab man shant ho gaya to uth gaye.

Bada maja aya. … Phir maine jab tumhe aur Kamali Didi ko khelte hue dekha tabhi se mera man kar raha tha tumhare saath khelne ka.’
‘Bhouji ne tumhare saath jo khel khela wo nakali khel tha. Asli khel ladka ladki me hi hota hai. Boor ke upar boor ragadne se jyada maja nahi milta .Asli maja to Boor ke bhitar hota hai, aur wo tab milta hai jab ladke ka Lund Ladki ki Boor me bhitar tak ghusata hai. Tumhare bhaiya bhi apna

Lund bhouji ki Boor me ghusakar apne bhi maja lete hain aur bhouji ko bhi maja dete hain….tabhi to bhouji kamar uchhal uchhal kar maje leti hai…’
‘Kya tumne bhi Kamala Didi aur Aarti Didi ki Boor me apna Lund ghusaya tha…’
‘Are tumne to dekha hi tha…’

‘Boor me Lund ghusate hue thode hi na dekha tha…maine to tum ko nange hokar Kamali Didi ke upar chadhakar khelte hue dekha tha…’
‘Janati hai is khel ko kya kahate hain..? ‘
She looked in my eyes and whispered-‘nahi…’

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I put my hand inside her panty and touched her Boor directly for the first time. The touch of the virgin Boor gave a short of current in my hand. I put my middle finger in between the slit of the Boor and pressed a little against her intact Love hole. She shivered.
I said – ‘Is khel ko ‘choda chodi’ kahate hain…. Tumhare man aur sharir ki aag tumhari Boor me Lund ghusakar chodne se hi shant hogi. Achha batao, tumne kabhi kisise chudwaya hai…’
‘Boli to…Bhouji se chudwaya hai.…’
‘Dhat…kisi ladke ka Lund Boor me ghusakar chudwaya hai ki nahi…’
‘Kabhi nahi…’
‘Tab to tum ekdam kunwari (virgin) ho…’
‘Haan… ‘

‘Tum mujhse chudwana chahti ho… .’
‘Papa –mummy kya kar rahe hain?’
‘Dono so rahe hain. Wo to Upar aayenge nahi…Main back door se upar ayee hoo…Bhouji ko bol diya hai thodi der me aawoongi. Isliye do teen ghante koi chinta nahi.’

‘Wah tum to badi chalak ho. Puri taiyari kar ke ayee ho…Tum kitne saal ki ho… .’
‘Mujhe kya maloom … 15 ya 16…’
‘Tum kis class me padhati ho…’
‘Seventh… jab main 8 saal ki thi tab pahali baar school gayi. Badi Ma (My mummy) ne gaon ki sabhi ladkiyon ka naam school me likhwaya tha. Tab se padh rahi hoo…‘

It meant, she would hardly be 15 or 16. More important, she was a virgin. So I was getting the golden chance of fucking a virgin for the first time in my life. The words of my sex guru- Archita Bhabhi, started ringing in my years -“vaginal fluids of a virgin makes the Lund stronger and enhances sexual powers”. . So, I must take this chance…

It was true that she had seen some very scintillating scenes of live chudai, which had instilled in her strong bouts of sexual lust- and driven her mad for sex, but she was raw. I must not do anything to scare her. I should proceed very carefully, win her trust and make her willing to take my Lund in her virgin boor and fuck her…

So I asked her- ‘Main tumhari chuchi daba raha hoon tumhe kaisa lag raha hai…’
She whispered-‘Bahut achha lag raha hai…thoda jor se dabao…’
Main uski chuchiyan thoda jor se dabane laga. Wo siskari bharane lagi…
I asked- ‘Mera Lund apne hath me lekar sahala rahi ho…Lund sahalate huwe tumhe kaisa lag raha hai…’

‘Pahali baar kisika Lund pakada hai… Bada maja aa raha hai…Ise pant se nikalo…Kamala Didi to muh me le kar choos rahi thi…hai na..?’
‘Ttumne wo bhi dekh liya …?’ She started laughing mischievously.
‘Tum Kamala ki tarah Lund choos ke dekho..Kaisa lagata hai… chusogi…?’ Saying this, and without waiting her reaction, I removed my jockey away. Now my fully erect, hard, naked Lund was right before her eyes. Her eyes widened with surprise and awe.

She mumbled- ‘Itna bada Lund. Mere bhaiya wala to chhota hai…’ saying this she grabbed my Lund with both of her hands and started moving them over it, in a rhythm.
Now, I sat on the bed spreading my legs. I was fully naked. My Lund was standing right up. She sat on the floor between my legs, and after playing with the Lund for some time, she touched the supari of the Lund with her head, forehead, both eyes and heart, as if performing some ritual.

Then put her tongue on the supari, as if tasting it. Then slowly she took the supari in her mouth and sucked. Slowly, she took the Lund in her mouth as deep as she could and lo, she was sucking it like an eager child sucks his mother’s nipples. My Lund became rock hard. Supari turned deep red. My breathings started becoming heavier.
I asked her-‘Lali, kapade khol do….’

She looked at me, smiled and took away her panty. But her frock was still on covering her sensual parts. I asked her to remove the frock also. She denied. I pulled her in my lap, and made to sit her on my thighs. Her naked round chutads came on my thighs. My Lund stood erect in between our stomachs. Now she spread her legs behind me for her own convenience. I hold her chutads and drew her closer to me. She was breathing heavily and put her arms behind my neck

I kissed her on her cheeks. She looked at me and closed her eyes. I put my mouth in between the balls of her chuchis, over the frock, and started rubbing my face. She adjusted herself to rub her Boor with my Lund. After a little while, I caught hold of her frock and pulled it upwards. When her chuchis became bare, I put my mouth in between them. This time, she herself put out her frock and threw it on the bed. Now both of us were stark naked.

A strong feminine smell was emerging out of her sweat soaked nude body, which was driving me mad. She had taken the Lund in her hands and was doing all sorts of things as per her wills. I was, time and again, grabbing her Boor in my palm and squeezing it now and then-driving her jump on my thighs. Both of us were heated up. I hold her shapely waist, and raised her a little up . She rested on her knees spreading her legs on both sides of me.

I grabbed her chutads and drew her closer to me, to have the full view of her virgin Boor. It came right before my eyes and I was thrilled. Oh what a cute – sexy Boor! There were small deep brown hairs around her Boor, as if to guard her Boor from any unwanted visitor. First time I was watching a hairy Boor. I could not think of anything else, than to insert my nose in between her

Boor lips, and rub her clitoris with my nose and kiss her love hole. I caught her Boor lips between my lips and pressed. This made her jump. For balance, she grabbed my head with her hands, and came forward and rubbed her Boor on my face. A strong feminine smell was emanating from her Boor. She was rubbing her Boor passionately and vigorously on my face, as if, possessed, and making strange sounds. aaahhh…aaahhh…oohhh…ooohhh…uufff…hmmm…

It was driving me out of control. She was doing all like a hungry tigress.
I pushed her on the bed and stood up. She lay on her back and spread her legs apart. Breathing heavily, she spread her hands towards me inviting me to come over her. I took the bottle of coconut oil from the table and sat in between her spread legs, watchng her Boor closely. I applied the oil on my Lund and also on her Boor. Now taking some oil on my fingers I started rubbing her clitoris.

This made her jumping her chutads up and down on the bed and moaning strangely -uuuh…uuhh…mmmm…m…e…r…a…p…i.j…j…u…s…rajjaaa…
While rubbing the clitoris, I was occasionally putting my finger on her love hole and pushing it inside. After a few attempts the finger slipped in. It was so hot inside. I started fingering her boor and her cries increased.-‘hhaayyee….uummhh…ooohhhh’

She was shivering like a fish out of water, jumping her chutads and throwing legs. I understood – she was coming up. I quickly positioned myself and started rubbing the supari of my Lund on her clitoris. She loved it more and responded by moving her hips up and down vigorously .Suddenly her whole boby trembled, she cried –‘pijusss…m…mai..n….g…gay.e…e….e…e’ with big jerks of her whole body and fell on the bed.

Slowly she calmed down. She had come up. There was a discharge of warm fluid from her Boor, which I collected with my fingers and applied it on my Lund. I also rubbed the Lund on her Boor so as to soak my Lund with her fluid as much as possible.
She had closed her eyes. Her breathing had calmed down. I came over her, pressed my Lund over her

Boor, and whispered in her year-‘Lali…Lali…’ She opened her eyes and smiled with satisfaction-‘Piyush Bhaiya …bahut…. Maja….. aayaa.. .’ and locked her hands behind my back.
I said-‘Abhi kahan…asli maja to tab aayega…jab tumhari Boor me Lund pelunga…’
‘Abhi peloge…‘

Mujhe thoda pani pine do….’ I released her. She got up from bed and went inside the bathroom fully naked. I also went after her, fully naked. She was pissing. I was thrilled to see a girl pissing naked so openly. I sat before her and closely looked on.. She smiled and carried on. An idea flashed. I bent my knees a little and bringing my Lund in front of her face, started rubbing the supari on her cheeks.

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She immediately took the Lund in her mouth and started sucking. My Lund started jumping in her mouth. When she finished pissing, I took her in my arms and lifted her up. She put her hands behind my neck, jumped up and locked her legs around my waist. Her boor lips were resting on my Lund. She started rubbing her Boor over the Lund by swinging her hips. I put my face between her chuchis, and then started sucking her nipples one by one.

She embraced me tightly, indicating she was aroused and ready to take my Lund in her Boor.
We came in the bed room. Drank water. I made her to lay on the bed on her back and put a pillow beneath her chutads. She spread her legs. Her Boor became fully visible with the deep rosy slit, and inviting.

Again I put oil on my Lund and her Boor, and holding the Lund in one hand positioned myself to push the Lund in her boor. I asked her –‘ready?’ She said-‘Haan’
It was the most crucial time in my life. I was going to perform defloration of a virgin. Both of us were adolescents. in our

15-16th. Though I had gained the experience of fucking, but it was the first time for her. I had read in Kokshastra –how to fuck a virgin. My heart was pounding. She was looking a bit scared but making a brave face. I inserted my middle finger in her love hole. She smiled. Now I started inserting two fingers together. It was too tight. After a little try I was successful to push nearly half of the fingers in. I looked at her questioningly.
She nodded-‘ok.’

I pushed the fingers further in. Her fresh Boor hole was smooth, wet and warm. I tried to expand the Boor hole with the fingers. She liked the action…’achha lag raha hai…’
Now, I grabbed her thighs by my arms, spread them apart and put the supari of the Lund on the mouth of the love hole. She adjusted herself for proper centering..
And, then, I pressed the Lund against the love hole. It slipped upwards, rubbing her clitoris. She chuckled -‘Aahh’…

Nishana chuk gaya….Tum to anari ho… .’
Again we positioned ourselves. I put oil on the supari of the Lund and the mouth of the love hole, centered, and pressed. It was not going in. I kept on pressing. No result . She herself spread her legs as apart as she could. . Inserted fingers and widened the hole. I centered the supari on

Love hole. Put my hands below her arm pits and caught her shoulders. This way I could pull her towards me while pushing the Lund in.
Then, I pushed – not in,
When I was pushing she was contracting her Boor-might be feeling pain. I told her to relax and release the contraction.

Pressed harder-she felt uneasy, moaned-‘aaggghhhh…’ who cares!
More pressure-and she cried–‘mmmmaaaa…mmmaaarrrrggaayyeee…’ She threw her legs, struggled to push me back… Lund has made its way. Supari was in. I was feeling warmth and contraction of the Boor walls on it. No stopping now. Press hard, harder, – Lund was going in mm by mm –at every push..

Her cries increased-her face expression showed she was in much pain, eyes widened, drops of tears rolled out. I Stopped pushing. Kissed her cheeks. Fondled her nipples. Rubbed her clitoris with thumb. She relaxed. I asked-‘Ok?’ She asked-‘Kitna ghusa’ I said-‘door khul gaya. Ab ghus jayega. ’
I moved my palm several times from her pelvic triangle to her breasts, with my Lund inside. She spread her hand to ascertain how much the Lund had gone in her Boor.

I smiled at her and said-‘Ready? Thoda aur pelta hoon. Thik hai…’ She nodded.
I drew my Lund out of her boor. I saw-blood on my Lund. Some blood was visible at her Boor hole between the slit of the boor lips… I did not tell her. In the same condition I applied oil generously on my Lund and also inside of her Boor hole, till the depth- my finger went in.
Ready, position, centre, hold her shoulders and push.

Supari went in. Another push – near one cm Lund went in. Press again-another cm gone. Looked at her. At every push she moaned ‘aaaahhhhh….ooohhhh…’; she raised her chutads-another push from top –a deep cry-‘aaahhhhh…’and legs flung. I stopped pushing. After a while pulled the Lund a little out and pushed. Ok. Again pulled out and –push…half the Lund was in.

She looked in pain. Stopped pushing. Started making slow strokes. One- two- three -four –PUSH, one –two- three -four-PUSH…this way – After some strokes Lund was 75% in. It was very very tight and I had to apply big effort to reach to this stage. At every push she gave deep throated-cries-‘uuummmhhh…uuuhhhh…ooohhhh’
By this time, I had come on the verge of climax. I did not want to come up so early. So I hold. So

I stopped. She hopefully asked -‘pura ghus gaya …’
I kissed her breasts and nipples and said-‘Abhi thoda baki hai… ‘
She pleaded – ‘Kitna lamba hai ki pura hi nahi hota…Kab se bedardi ki tarah pel rahe ho… meri boor phat rahi hai…ab rahane do…bahut dard ho raha hai…bad me kabhi…kar lena….’

Thik hai …ab nahi pelunga…isi me kar dunga.. ab tumko maja aayega…’
‘Boor phadwakar …kya maja aayega…Malum hone se ye karane ko nahi bolti ’
‘Sabhi ladkiyon ko pahali bar aisa hi hota hai. Bad me khud chudwane lagati hai. Pura Lund liye bina unka man hi nahi bharata . Dekhana kal hi tum chudwane ke liye aa jawogi….’
‘Kal chalane pawoongi tab na…Tumne jo haal kar diya hai…Dekhungi…’

I caught her clitoris between my thumb and forefinger and pressed. She shivered. Kept on rubbing it and at the same time, sucked her nipples, kissed her chuchis and naval, till she started enjoying. Her breathing became heavier and irregular… She put her hands behind my neck, and whispered- Ab Chodo…Bardast nahi hota….’ Her tension converted into passion.
I started stroking slowly. She remained quite. Closed eyes. Faint-uuuhhh…uuuhhh…hhhmm
Speed Increased. She started responding.

With every stroke she trembled and raised her chutads.
Speed accelerated… Her Chutads jumped up and down vigorously. Moans louder…louder…at last she cried- ‘jor se chodo…jor se…aur jor se…pooraaa pel do …phhad Do ’
Her whole body was trembling. My whole body was trembling. We both were uttering meaningless words.. Breathings becoming heavier…with every stroke

Bed was making chuun…charrr…chuun…charr…sound…Suddenly it seemed something very pleasant from every part of the body was flowing towards the Lund and was trying to come out of it. Climax was coming. The same thing was happening with Lali too.

Her movements and cries were telling all. She was urging to do it fast and – furious …ohhh what a pleasure…it was Heavenly…out of this world…nothing in the world can be better than this…Both of us were riding on heaven nine. and both of us came up together with forceful loud cries… I fell on her-Lund inside her boor…by this time it was fully in…She was pressing herself against me to take in anything which might have remained …We embraced each other tightly as if for never to end,

Eyes closed…everything became pleasantly relaxed, and we went into trance…deep trance…there was pleasure…pleasure and pleasure all around…
When I woke up-Lali was still sleeping. My Lund was still inside her Boor. It was therein for about two hours. I took it out slowly and got up. I soaked towel with water and carefully wiped out traces of blood which had come out of her Boor. .As I was doing this, she opened her eyes and looked at me. She got up and embraced me. I hold her closely and kissed. I asked- ‘Kaisa laga…’

She whispered-‘Jannat!..Tumne tript kar diya….’
‘Koi problem…?’
‘Aisi chudai me problem ka kya kam…’
‘Tum khush ho… .’
‘Aur Ekbar…?’

Tumhare pas hoon jo karana hai kar lo…’
And she knelt down on her knees, took the Lund in her hand, most respectfully-touched it with her forehead, eyes, nipples, middle of her chuchis, and finally gave it a long kiss.
So, friends, here ends the episode of defloration of Lali. This is a very memorable incident in my life, because, she has been the first and the only virgin I have fucked till date. I am not married yet. I do not know what is in store for me. Seeing the present trend of the society I do not think I will get a virgin wife. But I will have no regret. After all, compromise is the best solution in life!

Posted : 20/03/2011 1:36 am