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Vicky Gets Lucky


Vignesh aka Vicky, works in Delhi as a government employee. He hails from a village in Tamil Nadu where he lives with his mother and his maternal uncle. His maternal uncle wished to get him married to one of his daughters but unfortunately all three of them are far too elder to Vicky. One of them Malathy is married to an accountant. She too works as an accountant in a cooperative bank. Once Malathy got an opportunity to attend a Training Program in Delhi. So she called up Vicky and told that she was coming.

Vicky, 24 years, is a tall guy with average looks and with whitish skin. He is well built and has an 8 inch penis. Malathy is another whitish skinned average looking lady who is 30 years of age. Though her breasts are small, she has thick black nipples that pokes out of her blouse in spite of wearing a bra. She has a lovely pair of buttocks which is the big highlight in her appearance.

She settled with her cousin in Delhi to attend a 6-day long training session. Vicky was happy to be with Malathy as he normally lives alone. 6-days went off quickly and it was time for Malathy to leave. But to Vicky’s luck, all trains were cancelled off due to heavy winter. The broadcasts said that it would be impossible to step out of home for another three days. So Malathy had to stay with Vicky.

That day Malathy compelled Vicky to heat up the water so that she can take bath. But Vicky said that in winter it was advisable not to bath. But as Malathy is so used to taking bath two times a day, she compelled him to prepare hot water. Vicky prepared the hot water and kept it in the bathroom and told Malathy to bath as the hot water was ready.

Malathy wore just a nighty and took another fresh nighty along with her towel into the bathroom. She stripped off her nighty and admired at her naked body at the mirror opposite to her. She spread her palms all over her breasts and pinched her nipples. She let out a mild moan. Her left finger dug deep into her hairy pussy and fucked her vagina. Few minutes passed and Malathy squirted. She was desperate for sex due to the weather and due to missing her husband for over 5 days.

Then Malathy took the first mug of water and poured it all over her. The very next second she froze. By the time she squirted the hot water turned cold. She was gasping for air as she desperately hit the door. She was fainting but with all her might she banged the bathroom door from inside. Vicky sensed that she was in trouble. As Malathy tapped the bathroom door, she with her trembling pair of hands managed to open the bathroom door latch. As she opened the latch she collapsed on to the ground.

As Vicky entered the bathroom he was shocked to find her sister on the ground gasping for air. At the same time his penis stiffened as he saw his cousin naked. With his might he lifted Malathy and carried her to the bed. Her nipples were poking the cheeks of Vicky as he carried her. Without making an effort to admire her body, he put her on the bed with her breasts brushing the thick blanket put on the bed. Malathy was now lying on her stomach. But she still is in a semi-conscious state.

She was gasping for air. As the air surrounding the room was too cold, she was having acute breathing problems. Vicky had to act quickly to get Malathy out of trouble. In a flash he removed his sweater, T-shirt, and shorts and got naked. He lied on the naked back of Malathy and pulled a thick blanket over his back. His cock was stiff and was poking the buttocks hole of Malathy. To avoid any anal intercourse, Vicky placed his penis in-between the thighs of Malathy.

He spread his entire body on the back of Malathy and started rubbing his body on Malathy’s back. He could feel heat waves transfer from his body to her’s. One one hand it was his duty to save her, on the other hand he was enjoying the act. He crawled to the side of the bed and turned Malathy’s face towards him. She looked pale. He placed his lips on hers and gave a mouth to mouth respiration to her. During the process their saliva’s interchanged mouths. But Vicky was successful in bringing back her breathing to normal after a few minutes.

Unable to recollect Malathy lied on her stomach on her bed. Vicky climbed on her back and continued to rub his body against her back. As Malathy recovered to her senses, she felt the warmth of her cousin’s body against hers. She recollected what happened to her and realized that her cousin is trying to save her. She decided to remain silent as she let her brother rub his body against her back. But her woman hood got active by now.

Vicky’s cock which is between her thighs also rubbed her thighs as Vicky rubbed his body on her. This turned on Malathy. She could feel the moisture around her Vagina. Vicky too felt his cock getting harder as he rubbed his penis against his cousin’s thighs. The head of his penis grew longer and started hitting the vaginal spot of Malathy. As it touched Malathy’s cunt opening. Malathy could not resist the moan and gave out a real loud moan.

This turned Vicky horny. He was encouraged to enter into her cunt hole. As Vicky too enjoyed the soft and warm body of his cousin, he slowly entered his penis into her vaginal hole. Now both moaned together loudly. Vicky thrusted his penis even deeper inside her. Malathy’s moans grew even louder. Now Vicky started to thrust his penis in and out of her vagina and soon the room filled with a sexual song sung by Malathy and Vicky.

Vicky’s thrusts were slow and methodic. He would shaft in and out of Malathy’s vagina for about four to five times and would rest inside her. He placed one of his fingers inside Malathy’s lovely kundi and stimulated her kundi hole with his index finger. This put Malathy in further ecstacy. Something which she didn’t get it even from her husband. As he kept slowly fucking Malathy the moans of Malathy grew deeper. But Vicky continued with the same pace by keeping his one finger inside Malathy’s kundi.

It felt warm and soft. He kept circling his index finger inside her kundi and it excited Malathy even more. As he continued with this routine, a sudden squirt of cum from Malathy’s cunt immersed his penis with the juices of Malathy. Malathy was made to cum by Vicky. Malathy gave a huge sigh of relief as she cum. But Vicky was not done. He continued to lick her neck and kiss the back of her shoulders. This turned Malathy even further. It looked as if Vicky would never let Malathy to stop her moans.

He inserted his tongue between her armpits and licked the hair inside her armpits. This tickled her and she let out moans mixed with laughter. But with his penis, Vicky continued with that same slow rhythmic fucking with a break every five minutes where he would rest his cock deep inside her vagina. Now he licked her earlobes as he continued fucking. Malathy squirted again with a big loud moan. But Vicky didn’t mind. He continued to do what he has been doing.

Malathy then said, “Vicky, please finish it fast, you are not supposed to make me this happy.” Vicky was back to his senses. He realized that he is doing something which he is not supposed to do it with his own cousin. That too she is married to another man. He quickened the fucking with Malathy. His penis thrusts were harder. His moans got louder as well. He could feel his cum emanate from his balls and slowly crawl upto the head of his penis. He penetrated into her vagina even harder as he was filled with the pleasure of about to cum.

Under the influence of great vaginal pleasure on his cock. He thrust even vigorously in her vagina, not realizing that his semen is now out of his cock. A split second of emptiness filled the air as Vicky’s moaning stopped. Then came a gush of cum right out of Vicky’s penis. The release of Vicky’s cum gave him the greatest pleasure of his life. He gave a moan of relief. Malathy could imagine how contorted her cousin’s face would look like.

In spite of completing his orgasm, Vicky still lied on the back of Malathy. Malathy too wanted Vicky to be in that position. His penis was still inside her. But it was limping down as well. They felt the warmness of their bodies when in contact with each other and they drifted off to a small nap. Vicky was woken up by Malathy later on. She said that the lunch was ready. She reacted as though nothing had happened. She was now wearing a green color nighty with a sweater on top of it. As Vicky lay on the bed naked wondering whether what just happened between them was a dream or reality. (To be continued …)

Posted : 27/10/2010 6:11 am