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True Story


My son left on his new assignment and the next day my daughter-in-laws sister came to spend a few days with us. Now Lalitha, is a most stunning and sexy female, but she is not too happy as her husband works in Dubai and visits her only once in a year, that too for just a month. Even though see got married earlier she is just having a small 8 months young baby girl. She stays with her mother and father, in a far away town. Whenever her husband comes to India, he will go and stay in her house. This being the reason, lalitha visits her younger sister often.
After a week of lalitha coming to our house, we got a phone call from her mother, stating that she was very sick and wanted lalitha to come back as soon as possible.
Lalitha was very upset about this and so too was Shilpa. But shilpas son was having high fever and hence it was decided that she cannot go. Now only I was free to go alongwith Lalitha as it was decided that my wife and shilpa will come there after a few days (after my grandson recovers).
So that evening, myself and lalitha went to the busstand but could not get the tickets. So we thought about going by train and proceeded to the railway station. It was almost 8pm by this time and I paid Rs.100/- to the ticket collector and he gove us the side lower berth. We were happy that atleast we got one berth and decided that we can somehow adjust and in this one berth.
Soon the train arrived and we shifted to our berth and the train started to move out of the station. After an hour everyone in the train were sleeping in their respective berths, while I and lalitha were still sitting in the lower berth.
I asked lalitha to sleep and i will stay awake. So she slept, placing her head at one end of the berth, while I stayed sitting at the other end of the berth. I could feel her legs touching my thighs as she slept covering herself with a blanket. Her child was sleeping next to her and started to cry loudly. lalitha could not properly feed the child as I was sitting and she had to cross her legs and sit. so I suggested to her to sleep on my lap so that she can get more space to stretch her legs and she can feed her baby also comfortably.
Lalitha was a bit hesitant in the begining, but when the baby`s cries was not stopping, she agreed and she came and slept on my laps with her baby next to her.
She quickly removed her milky boobs from her churidar and the baby pounced on her tits and started sucking it with loud noise. since lalitha was fully covered with the blanket, nobody else could see her nor the baby. But lalitha was sleeping on my thighs and i could not resist looking at the marvelous sight of the baby sucking those wonderful boobs. Lalitha could not notice me seeing her.
My prick soon started to grow in size and i am sure lalitha must have sensed it. It was poking into her ears and chin!!!!
She pretended as if nothing had happened and after the baby had drunk its share if the milk, it fell into a deep sleep. Lalitha also had dozed off a bit and was totally unaware that i was getting a full view of her boobs.
I could not control it longer and slowly i inserted my hand into the blanket and touched her boobs. Slowly i started to knead them and squeesed them also. All this time lalitha was staying very quiet. then she turned her face towards me and even before i could withdraw my hand she kept her hand on my thighs right above my standing dick!! I was stunned and also scared, as I feared she will get up and create a racket. But nothing of that sort happened. After a few moments, I again started to press her boobs and after i had squezed it, I slid my hans a bit further and soon reached her pyjama knot. with a flick of my hands i loosened the knot and pushed my hand right inside her pyjamas and placed it on her panties, just above her cunt. Lalitha was all the time sleeping quietly. I got a little bolder and started to move my hands over her cunt, and soon pushed my index finger inside her panties from the side and was pleasantly surprised to find a hairless cunt. I finger fucked her for about 5 mins, which really aroused her as i could feel her hot juices flowing out of her cunt.
She was fully awake by now and must have wantedly allowed me to get so far, i think, as very shortly after my finger fucking her, she started to moan and squezing my prick from the top of my pants. she quickly removed the zip of my pants and taking my hugh prick out, started to suck my cock and gave me the best `blow-job` of my entire life.
This went on for about 15 minutes and soon i could not control myself and shot my entire load of cum into her eager mouth, which she drank like an hungry animal. We then moved into the toilet and i fucked her two times there.
The sunlight soon came, and we got off at the railway station and went home.
Since her mother was not well, i took the inititive to admit her in the local nursing home. This nursing home does not allow anyone to stay in the hospital in the night other than the patients.
Since lalithas mother was in the hospital, there were no one else in the home. This suited both lalitha and myself very nicely, as we got to spend all our time fucking each other in all the possible ways possible.
My wife and shilpa came after almost 4 days, by which time i had already planted atleast a truckload of my seeds into Lalitha!!!!

Posted : 13/11/2010 4:50 am