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We got off the place at about 6 pm and called our brother Dinesh to pick us up and take us to his place. We both were really pretty worked up with the foreplays in the bus. I was itching to have a go at her. We started to wait at the bus stand for dinesh who was to come and pick us up. He told us that he would be there within half an hour. We were like wondering how to make it out in the night coz from what dinesh told us is that the place where he stays has seperate quarters for men and women. We both were itching for a good fucking session thruout the nite. Since it was half an hour to go we started to to fantasize about the fucking session we were missing. I was getting worked up and beads of sweat began to form on my forehead. I was like getting aroused by the talk we were beginning to have. It was a cool Feb evening and u know it was also somewat cool that time too. We were both sweating profusely at the talk we were having. We started getting wilder and wild er in the talk and began to speak about group fucking. My sister asked me about how I would feel if she would get married and go off. I told her that I would come to her home and fuck her. She asked me if her husband found that I was fucking her. Then i cooly replied we'll ask him to join us. She found it highly amusing and erotic. I was really excited about the fact of group sex. Anyways we continued the discussion.
It was really getting colder and still there was no sign of dinesh whatsoever. I could not believe my luck and silently wished that he should not come at all this night so that divya and me can have a marathon long fucking session. One hour passed,2 hours passed,3 hours passed. We kept calling every half an hour to the place where dinesh stayed but the people used said that he had already left to pick us up. I was also getting anxious as it was night and the bus stand began to get empty. We did continue our discussion abt group sex. Finally at 9:30 we could see a lone figure in the distance looking out for someone. It was Dinesh, I waved to him and asked him over to come down to us.
Let me describe Dinesh for you people, He is around 5 ft 4 inches tall same as divya but a little on the bulkier side like he has a paunch which is prominent. He is acutally 30 but looks more like going on 40. He came over to our side and rushed to hug us both. We were very happy to see him after a long time and particularly He hugged divya more tightly than he did hug me. I took no notice of that fact.
So we started to scold him about him being late. I was secretly happy that he had come late and wished that we would spend the night somewhere other than his horrble place. Dinesh was adamant that he would take us back to his place which was again one hour drive from the busstand. We acted as if we were tired and hungry so as to get into a lodge. He was really very stubborn but he agreed to it in the end.
We were overjoyed and i winked at divya behind dinesh's back and she winked back. After all our dream was coming true. Dinesh took us to a nearby lodge. My plan was like dinesh and me take a room and divya take one more room nearby. I was gambling that dinesh would fall asleep then I would slip out to divya's room and we would fuck like rabbits. We found a good lodge and dinesh asked for a 3 beds room. I was like stunned on hearing this. I asked dinesh to take a seperate room for divya. He took me aside and gave a lengthy discourse about saving money and all kinds of shit.
I was really upset and depressed that my plan wasnt working. Divya also seemed to have the same thoughts. She was also a little glum. I was cursing my fat slob of a brother for this incident. Anyway I thought maybe this was not going to be my day. The lodge keeper then took us into our room and showed us around. It was a 3 beds room with beds apart. Divya and dinesh started talking about family matters. I got bored and announced that I would be going to take a bath. Divya said that maybe she should go first for bathing. I hesitated but looking into her eyes, it seemed that she winked at me. I let her go and started to chat with dinesh about his work and all shit.
Divya came outside after 5 min looking fresh as a flower. She gave the nod and the wink to go inside and take bath. Dinesh made a move so as to get into the bathroom. I moved quickly and got inside before he did. I was surprised to see divya's clothes which she was wearing on the rack. I searched through it and came across her panty which was wet with pussy juice..I began to smell it and mannnnn it was heavenly. There was some juice leftover which I began to lick and then put it onto my dick and began to mastrubate on the panty. I began to imagine that it was my sister's cunt and sprayed my cum all over the panty. I still had a hard on while i was taking a shower.
I finished bath and changed into boxers and a t shirt. I came outside and divya went to take her clothes from inside. She was dressed in a pink colour night suit which suited her body perfectly. We goaded dinesh also to take a bath. He reluctantly agreed for that. I was beginnning to dislike dinesh coz he was taking his own time for everything. Once he slipped into the bathroom, Divya pounced on me from behind and began to press her boobs into my back and also pulled my boxers and undies down to stroke my cock. My dick responded to her magical touch and rose up.
I brought her down to my cock and she gave a quick blowjob. I was really getting horny by the time and could not resist myself. I caught her by the hair and pulled her mouth deeper into my cock. We heard the bathroom door click and within seconds i pulled up my boxers. I was unable to hide my erection, it was standing like a pole in my boxers. Fortunately Dinesh took no notice of that. Divya slipped into the bathroom and washed her mouth. Dinesh went outside to have a smoke and also to order dinner. Since we were not sure about how much time he would be away, I just started to fondle her boobs over her night suit and also wass thinking about how we would be able to fuck. Divya came up with a plan. I was to pretend that I was feeling sleepy and sleep off as for divya she would put some pills into dinesh food while he was not looking.
I was overjoyed and asked her to continue with that. Dinesh came back with our dinner. As according to the plan, I pretended that I was feeling sleepy and started to sleep. I went to the last bed and lay down. Divya began to chat with dinesh who said that he would also like to sleep as he had a heavy meal . Hearing this I was excited and also happy coz it was the moment I was waiting for. Five minuted passed and dinesh was soundly snoring. We made sure that he was asleep and began kissing passionately.
I slid my tongue into divya's mouth and envoloped her into a passionate embrace. I crushed her body into mine and she let a low moan of ectasy. She was like breathing heavily. I began pressing her boobs into my chest which was seperated by our clothing. We joined 2 of our beds together and began to kiss again.
The best part I love in a woman's body is the boobs. Oh how I love to suck them,pinch them and bite them. I loved divya's boobs too coz it was under my hand only that she grew them to a big size. I began pressing her boobs over her dress and she was starting to breathe heavily. I also was working on her mouth and her face showering her with kisses over her face and sucking her earlobes. She found it erotic and began to beg for fucking. I was in no hurry and also I was more turned on coz Dinesh was there sleeping. It was so hot and stifling in the room that we started to sweat even though the fan was running full speed. My cock was already semi erect when divya started to stroke it through the thin material of my boxers. It grew in her hands like an antenna.
I began to shower her kisses on the back of her ear, neck and slowly worked my way to her buttons. I teased her at her cleavage with my tounge darting back and forth. I put drips of saliva on her boobs and was making it wet with my tounge over the bra. She was heaving her chest like anything. She was moaning for me to go for her boobs as she could not control her nipple erection. I wantedly teased her. She was like crazy and pressed my head forcibly into her boobs. I undid the clasp of her bra and set her melons free. Her nipples were like hard and standing out like twin towers. I hungrily settled on them like a child and began sucking on one and kneading the other.
She was in a state of ectasy. I began making circles over her breasts and began to pinch them as if they were some knobs of a radio. She was getting hornier by the minute. I was like getting more hard. Slowly I worked my way onto her navel while planting kisses all over. I moved to her night pant which came off in one fluid motion revealing her bare pussy which she had shaved especially for the occasion. It was dripping with pussy juice which looked inviting. I was really hungry for that and started to lick it slowly with my tongue working its way on her clit. She was arching her back to get more of my tounge inside her. I was getting excited more and more and began toungeing her more vigourously. I began to kiss her love holes and she gave an almighty shudder and squirted her pussy juices all over my face. I liked the taste of it and she was still not with it.
She took off from where she left off and began to suck my cock hungrily with a vengance. I was in a cloud of passion where i could feel heaven. She was extremely good with her tounge on my dick. I could scarcely believe what was happening. I came with reams of cum into her mouth. I could not control myself anylonger. I caught hold of her hair and threw her onto the bed.
She was momentarily stunned and was wondering what I was upto. I spread her legs forcibly and brought my cock near her pussy. She was still puzzled by my reaction and was wondering when i started to enter her. I began giving my 8 inch cock slow thrusts into her pussy.
I gradually increased the pace of my thrusts. We were both humping rhythmically as our bodies interwined with lust. I started to knead her breasts and pinch her nipples. She was getting more horny and i then began to slap on her ass cheeks making them red. She was itching to shout but she did not coz dinesh was sound asleep beside us. I was more intent on provoking her. I was still inside her when she rolled me over and came on top of me. I was caught completely by surprise by this. She began to jerk like hell on top of me and began to moan in a low voice. I closed my eyes and began to feel her nipples and satiate her deep thrusts and assaults on my cock. She by the time had moved her hands on my chest and began to caress the hair which was erotic and which turned me on. I felt her pussy tighten around my dick and at the same time felt my cock harden. We both came at the same time and it was one big hell. I loved it soo much.
We both relaxed for a moment and my cock was still inside her pussy. I was recounting the memories of the sex when I heard a tap on my shoulder. I turned to see to my horror my brother Dinesh standing over us fully awake...........

Posted : 13/11/2010 5:20 am