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Summer Job


This happened two years ago. My favorite cousin and I graduated from high school and managed to get summer lifeguard (pool, not open ocean) jobs together at a ritzy beach resort on the Oregon coast. The resort provided us with a shared room, and two meals a day, so we were thrilled with the idea of being able to save a lot of money while working at a fun place. Since we both wanted to have cars to drive while we were at the resort, we agreed to drive separately from our home town in Southern Washington and meetup down at the resort. In addition to earning summer money, our goals were to get tanned and get laid a lot. Neither of us were virgins, but we hadn't done a lot of exploration yet. I had had 5 different partners, she had had 4. We decided we would both get to at least 10 additional partners by the end of the summer. We figured we could misbehave sexually because we were away from home. Neither of us had ever had a one night stand - our partners were either boyfriends or at least close friends - but we decided that a series of one nighters were definately on our lists of goals for that summer.

On the way, my water pump went out and I had to stay over night in a college town called Corvallis while my car was being fixed. I called my parents and cousin to let them know where I was, and checked into a mid priced motel. It was hot, so I decided to go swimming in the motel's pool. I am considered to be quite pretty: people say I look like a Denise Richards. I'm just barely 5 feet tall, but nicely proportioned: I'm 103 lbs, with relatively long and very pretty legs, and a nice 33A-23-32 figure. I wish I had bigger breasts, but what I have are cute - nice shape and delicate brownish pink nipples. I swam for a while then laid out on one of the lounge chairs when I noticed a cute guy checking me out. I smiled and he took that as an invitation come talk to me. He went by TJ, initials for his name which I have forgotten over the past two years. He was a college junior, a member of a local fraternity, and he worked part time at the motel. I told him I was stranded overnight so he invited me to his frat party. I figured it was better than sitting in my room alone all night.

I went to the party in a cute middriff top and a denim mini skirt which got me a lot of admiring looks. TJ was sweet and attentive. Eventually TJ and I ended up in one of the rooms upstairs. I thought "cool", I was going to get an early jump on my summer sex quest. We made out for a while, got undressed, performed oral sex on each other, then fucked. What made this special was that TJ was the most well endowed guy I had met to that point. His penis was just over 9 inches, and so big around that my hand barely enclosed it. I was nervous about being penetrated by it since none of my previous partners was more than 6 inches in length. We really had to work at it just to get the head into my vagina. He took it slow and gently, and got about 2/3rds of the way in without much discomfort for me.

That's when a couple of his frat brothers "accidently" on purpose stumbled into the room. They acted surprised that a small girl like me could take so large a penis, and they just had to stay and watch. I wasn't sure how to react. Part of me wanted to shriek for them to get out, but part of me was excited about having an audience. TJ gently proceeded to penetrated me until the entire penis was in me. It hurt a bit, but I wasn't going to let them know it. He gently fucked me, bragging to the other guys how tight, soft and sensual my vagina is. Everything - his size, the audience, the one night stand element of it all - combined to give me two intense orgasms. When I felt him pumping my tight little cunt full of cum I came so intensely I almost lost conciousness.

As soon as TJ pulled out, one of his frat brothers positioned himself between my legs and entered me. His smaller 5 inch penis was a nice change from TJ's nearly too big organ. I came again, and brought him to an orgasm soon after. The third guy, also of average size took his turn, and just as he finished pumping his load into me, I realized that there were more guys waiting for their turns. One after another, the frat boys all fucked me. It wasn't really a gang bang where more than one guy interacted with me at a time. It was a train of one guy gently fucking me at the same time. I just laid there on my back as 24 more guys relieved their sexual tensions inside of me. Good thing I was on the pill! I asked the guys how long their penises were before I let penetrate, and they were all pretty honest. I had penises ranging from under 4 inches all the way up to a 10 inch guy.

It was truely a multi-cultural experience for me. I fucked my first black guy, my first Japanese guy (no he wasn't the small 4 incher, he had a very cute 5 1/2 inch member), a hispanic, an East Indian, an guy who was part Native American, a Chinese guy (7 inches) and a guy from Australia. Needless to say I was sore when it was over.

When I went to the shower to clean up I was amazed at the amount of semen that ran out of me. Luckily, I didn't get any diseases. I never told anyone about that night, not even my cousin. I waited a week to get over the soreness before I jumped into the sex scene at the resort.

By the way, both my cousin and I surpassed our 10 guy goal very quickly. She had 39 new partners that summer, I got to 34 (using condoms). We even got together with 4 guys one night and had quite an orgy. But nothing I did at the resort topped my frat party.

Posted : 20/09/2010 6:26 am