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Sex with Reema Bhabhi


I m a great fan of IWS and i want to share one of my experience with all u great fans. I m raj (not real name) 30 yrs old with a average body and my Reema aunty. She is very sexy and works out daily. I m from Kolkata and she lives in my neighborhood. It’s been more than a year of her marriage and she doesn’t have baby. Her husband is mostly out of city as he works in some marketing company.I always used to watch her when she used to come to my house. I used to look at her sexy body my cock used to raise in my pants.In the night I used to think abt her and do masturbation. One day she came to my house and my family was not at home, my wife was in her father home for delivery.SHE wants me to fix bulb in her bathroom.She was wearing skirt and a tight pink top.I want to touch her big breast but than I stop myself.I went inside her bathroom to fix the bulb but I saw her V-SHAPED PANTY there.My cock starts raising and I just rubbed it above my pants.I just took the panty in my hands and start smelling it,it was great.The smell makes me crazy.As I turned around I saw her standing right behind me.I was embarraced at that time I just ran from there.After that when she used to come to my house she used to stare me with sexy look.One day her husband called at my house as his house phone was not working.He told me to call Reema as he will call after 5mins.I went to her house she was watching TV than she came to my house.She was wearing top and tight jeans,i can easily saw the shape of her panty from the back.My parents were at their jobs.She was talking and I was staring at her.I couldn’t control myself I just touched her back,she looked at me as if she will slap me.but she didn’t.After talking with her husband she hugged me and I start kissing her. One day she called and tell that her husband is going out of station and he is going for 4 days..so u can come to my house whenever u want.

.I was very happy after listening this.than at night I told my parents that I m going to my friend’s house to study… Instead of going to my friend’s house I went to her house.As I get in she was sitting on a sofa and was watching movie..she was wearing pink nighty and I can easily see the bra and panty inside it.My cock was fully erect after looking at her.She came near to me and v start kissing eachother..she took me to her room and pushed me on the bed,i said u r looking very sexy in the night..She laughed and said it was ur uncle’s choice..She starts removing my clothes and I start removing her.As she remove my pant she got shocked after looking at the cock,she said it’s bigger than my hand.She starts sucking it,she was much more horny than me..I told her that I used to masturbate after thinking of u.I was abt to cum but she keeps on sucking it.She swallowed half of the cum.She told me that her husband doesn’t let her do oral sex which she enjoys alot.She removed her bra and panty and now v both were fully naked,her sexy slim body was making me crazy.I looked at her pussy there was not a single hair on it.She said that ur uncle shaved it last night.I start touching it it was hot than I start licking it,i put my whole tongue inside it,she told me not to stop It was so hot from inside and I was giving my best to her. After sometime juice came out,she wants me to eat it and I did wht she said..She went to the wash room to clean herself and now v both were in our full mood..She told me to put the cock inside her hot wet pussy,it was my first time.Slowly slowly I start putting it inside it was I little bit painful for me but for her it was the most.

Needy thing for her.I was doing better and she was giving me full strength.that was the great time for me.. She was screaming like fuck me yaaaaahhhhh fuck me hard….tear my pussy i have been waiting for such huge cock from lomg time…..fuck me make me your slave……after a 45 minutes session I was about to cum…i said suchita i am cumming….she come on Raj cum inside me….I want to give become pregnant by you…..an with a last stroke i cum inside her for about 5 mintues….we did four time at that night.after that I used to go to her house whenever her husband used to go somewhere..Now she has become pregnant by me….so i am looking for someone as unsatisfied as she was…

Posted : 18/02/2011 1:31 am