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Sex with my Sister


This story goes back to many years, when we were a big joint family comprising of my grand-mother, my parents, 3 sisters & 3 brothers (including myself), i.e. 9 family members. We stayed in a 3 BHK Flat. As such, many a times some of the members had to sleep on mattresses on the floor. Sometimes we slept in some order and sometimes in another order.

Quite a few times, the youngest of my 3 sisters, who is also just elder to me, slept on the floor with me on one side and my younger brother on the other side. She was very hot, as many a times she would take my hand and put it on her breasts inside her night dress and put the hand of the younger brother on her cunt. We 2 would enjoy the same. She would then alternate the hands. So, we both had the taste of her breasts & cunt with our hands. She would get this done quite often.

Years passed, grand-mother, parents & eldest sister expired. All brothers & sisters have their own families. Once, not very long ago, it so happened that this sister & I had some unpleasant incidents between us and as such did not visit each other, but we never stopped talking to each other. I, on my part try to clear any mis-understanding at the 1st instance. Though this sister was inviting me to her homes in Mumbai & Lonavala, I kept giving her one excuse or the other.

One day I told her ‘yes there were many matters I had to get cleared from her side and would like to talk to her alone, without involving our spouses or children and it would be an overnight trip & in a hotel’ She said she too had many matters, which were a big load on her head and wanted to talk them over with me, because she needed someone to talk to and take the load off her head.

So, one day, an opportunity came, we two alone set out in my car towards Pune and checked into a hotel on the outskirts of Pune. We two discussed all the matters that mattered and thrashed out all our mis-understandings and she too told me of all the matters she was holding in her mind till she could pour them out to somebody and who better than me, as she very well knew my nature.

In between the talks I pressed her legs, massaged her feet & calves putting her saree & petticoat up to her knees, I hugged her, I kissed her on her cheeks & lay in her lap, while she was sitting on the bed. At night, while lying down, I again went near her & hugged her. After an overnight stay we returned to our respective homes the next day.

After a few days I visited her Mumbai home and she welcomed me with open arms and was very happy. And it was the first time we two hugged each other besides the customary salutations, in the presence of all others. Now there remained that I visit her Lonavala home. So, one day, I told her that we two alone, like before, should visit her Lonavala home for an overnight stay.

She said that she would not go to her Lonavala home, as she was afraid to go alone. I told her no problem, we could go to a better hotel than the last time & she agreed to this. At the 1st opportunity, I picked her up from her Mumbai home in my car and drove down towards Panvel, located a good Hotel near Karnala and checked in.

We settled down, had our lunch and sat together on a bed to rest a while. After this she asked me as to what big burden I was carrying in my head. The first thing I did was to tell her that if I tell her or do something which she found offensive, she should let me know. She agreed. I told her that since the past many years, more so after our night out together recently, I was carrying a big burden in my head and that I wanted to clear it in front of her. So I asked her whether she wanted to hear it directly or step by step. She said directly. I told her that ever since she had got her boobs & her choot fingered by me,

I was all these years yearning to see her naked body, make love to her & fuck her. She was like dumb-founded. I told her she can take her time to decide. So, I went down to the lobby for about 5 minutes & returned to our room. I asked her as to what was her reaction & reply. She said that what I told her was something that took her completely by surprise in that I was carrying the memories of my childhood for all these years.

And now, at this age of both of us, I was asking her for something that she was not prepared for as it entailed a lot of care & understanding. She asked me as to how was I going to explain to her that her husband & my wife would take it. I told her that we need not ever tell this to our spouses.

She argued that even if we kept this between ourselves would it not leak out sometime. I assured her that on my part I could swear on anything and/or anybody that I shall not and was positive that she too would not. After getting completely satisfied she finally relented and I hugged her for that.

I told her that now I shall proceed further step by step to enjoy better. I asked her as to which breast of hers was operated for breast cancer. She told me, the left one. I asked her whether there was any pain now after 5 years of treatment and she said no. I asked her whether I could see that breast. She took her left breast out of her bra & blouse.

I told her that I wanted to touch & feel it. She obliged. I felt the breast & slowly pressed it all over and asked her whether it pained and she replied in the negative. I took out my camera to take a photo of the same. She asked me whether it was necessary & safe. I told her that I was doing this for posterity and for my record only and that no one ever will get to see it.

She relented. I clicked one with her face showing her left boob & one close-up of the left boob without her face and a third one with her holding it in her hands. I then asked her to show me the other breast, so that I could compare the two. She said, ‘ you are a naughty boy’ I told her not to worry as both of us were mature enough. She took out the other breast too.

I compared the two by feeling & pressing them both. I then exclaimed to her, ‘ sis, I thought that my wife had the biggest boobs, but after seeing your boobs I must say that yours seem bigger & that they were are indeed beautiful’. She smiled & blushed a little. I told her that I would now remove her blouse & bra.

I then removed her blouse & bra and there were those beautiful & big boobs before me. I clicked photos of both the boobs, one with her face, another one a close-up and another with her holding both her boobs in her hands. I took her bra & was looking at its label, when she asked me whether I was looking for the size.

I said yes. And she said it was 42. I told her that she had bigger boobs than my wife’s, whose size was 40.

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I told her to show me her choot (pussy). She lay down on the bed and folded up her legs & put her saree & petticoat up to reveal her choot. It was a sight. I put my hand to it and rubbed it. She was like, ‘Oh’. Again I clicked photos, one with her face and one a close-up of her choot. I then told her that I would like to remove her saree & petticoat for which she would have to stand up.

She got up from the bed & stood up on the floor and I removed her saree & clicked a photo, with her in her petticoat & naked boobs. I then removed her petticoat & clicked another photo. What a beautiful body it was. I clicked several photos of her gaand, her choot and every other part of her entire naked body. She seemed to cherish the attention I was giving her.

After this she said that since I had seen her naked body, she wanted to see my naked body too and she removed my T-shirt & shorts and I too was completely naked in front of her. She stared at my prick and I asked her as to how it was. She smiled & said ‘good, but why is it circumsize? ‘

I told her that many years back the foreskin of my prick was closing and it was becoming difficult to piss and as such I had to get the foreskin cut by the surgeon. I then went near her, touched my naked body against her naked body and hugged her tightly and kissed her on the lips. She was shaking a bit and I asked her as to what was the matter.

She said that she was wondering whether what we were doing was right. I told her yes it was OK as this would remain locked between me & her at all times. I then sat down on the bed, made her bend a little to have her boobs near my face and proceeded to suck her big nipples. She was enjoying it.

I held her right boob in both my hands and sucked as hard as I could and for a very long time. She realized that I was sucking her right boob only and she asked me why I was not sucking her left boob. I told her that I feared that it might hurt her & some liquid might ooze out of it. She told me not to worry and she shifted my mouth from her right boob to her left boob.

I started to slowly lick her left boob’s nipple & slowly started to suck her entire left boob. She asked me to do it harder & faster, like I did to her right boob. I then sucked her left boob as hard & long as I had done to her right boob. It did not pain her nor did any liquid ooze out of it. I then sucked both her boobs together.

I could feel her arousal as she grasped my prick and started shaking it hard. My prick became big & erect & the pre-cum started oozing out. I put my finger in her choot and it was hot & wet. I bent down and started licking her gaand. She retorted, ‘that’s dirty’. Nevertheless she seemed to enjoy it.

I licked & sucked every part of her naked body, due to which there were red marks all over. She did not mind. I clicked photos of every part of her naked body. I then went behind her, put my prick against her gaand & held her boobs in by hands. She was liking it, as she was wriggling from her hips.

I then applied some coconut oil in her gaand & my prick, asked her to bend forward & shoved my prick inside, while holding her boobs. She was enjoying this too, as she was moving her gaand forward & backwards. I then put my tongue on her pubic hair & started to lick her choot. She told me that it would be better if she lay down on the bed.

She then spread & folded her legs and buried my face onto her choot. I sucked & licked and sucked & licked and pressed both her boobs with my hands while doing so, And soon she was groaning & moaning and pressing my head with both her hands and finally she had her orgasm and my face was full with her cum. I looked up and showed my face to her full of her cum.

She was smiling & enjoying. I took all her cum from my face and swallowed it. She was aghast. She then said that now she wanted to suck my prick. I took my prick upto her mouth and she immediately took my prick in one of her hands & my balls in the other hand and sucked them so vigorously & hard that within no time I was about to release my cum.

I told her of the situation. She said it was Ok & that I could release my cum in her mouth. With that I had my orgasm & with gasps of ‘Oh yeh’ I released my cum in her mouth. She too swallowed it all. After this we lay there together in each other’s arms, looking into each other’s eyes, smiling & cherishing our love making. We soon dozed off, maybe for about half an hour.

After waking up, I asked her as to how she was feeling and she replied, ‘Fantastic, I had never imagined all this. It feels great, carry on.’ I told her that I was ready to fuck her. She replied that so were she and she lay down spreading her legs. She saw my prick & said that it had become small. I told that it was not a problem. I asked her to take my prick in her hands & to shake it.

It soon became big. I then asked her to press & release my prick and soon it became fat. She was satisfied. I held her legs, raised them and rubbed my prick on the lower part of her choot’s lips. She closed her eyes & was murmuring. I then rubbed my prick on the upper part of her choot’s lips,

which is called the G-Spot and she was wriggling, shaking her hips and asked me to put my prick inside her choot and fuck her hard. I started pumping her slowly, missionary style. After fucking her for some time in that position I moved her body on her right side and fucked her in the sideways position, while pressing & sucking her boobs.

I again straightened her & fucked her again in the missionary style. I gradually increased the speed & the thrusts. She said, ‘ do it as fast & hard as you can and release your cum in my choot’. While fucking her I also sucked her boobs hard. After some hard fucking we both had our orgasms practically simultaneously and I released my cum in her choot.
Both of us felt so satisfied & relaxed that we lay like that for quite some time, all the while chatting & caressing each other. After taking out my prick from her choot, I licked all the cum & swallowed it. She then asked me to bring my prick near her mouth and she licked all the cum from it and swallowed it.

She said that she had probably enjoyed this love making the best in her life. She also said that never could she have imagined that I would be nursing the memories of our youth and would after so many long years cherish seeing her naked body and have sex with her.

I told her that I too felt the same and thanked her for letting me realize my dream of one day seeing her naked body and fucking her, as I always carried those days, when she got her boobs pressed & her choot fingered my me, all these years and would often fantasize seeing her naked body and fucking her one day.

After having had our fill we both went to the bathroom and washed & cleaned each other. We came out of the bathroom and sat down on the bed again, still both completely naked. She told me that before dressing up as a closing act she wanted to suck my prick again. I obliged her. I told her that I wanted to suck her boobs. And she obliged.

She then suggested that before we wind up let us have a parting fuck. We fucked again, very passionately & lovingly. We then dressed up. We sat there reminiscing the event, smiling & laughing. Every now & then we would hug & kiss each other. On my part, I told her that I wish that this would never end.

She said that she also felt the same, as it was very rare that a brother & sister felt so much in love with each and that too after so many years, with sweet memories of the childhood. We vowed that we both would never ever disclose today’s affair to anybody, not even to our spouses. She hugged & kissed me and thanked me for the wonderful time. I hugged & kissed her and thanked her for the great time we had together. It was indeed an affair to remember and never ever to be forgotten.plz mail me xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Posted : 25/10/2010 5:23 am