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Sex with Karachi Girl


Hi ppl this is rox ( not a real name ) first of all i would like to introduce my self,i am a regular reader of ww1 but i have never published any stories of my own before but after reading so many stories i decided to publish a story of my own.i am 18 years old and from karachi and about 5’10 in height. This incident happened between me and a friend of mine we are the class fellows and she is also about the same age named nadia( not a real name ).it started of the like at first it was the friendship which took place between the two of us,it was the first day of college and all the student in class were new to each other as i got late on the first day i got a seat next to nadia and on the same day we became very good friends and got to each other very well in about a few weeks.the main story starts now…

When we reached nadia’s home from college time was 1:00 pm so we had lunch. After lunch me and nadia went upstairs in her room and start chatting at that time she was looking very sexy i took her hand in mine and during chatting i moved my hand upward upto her shoulder and then i touch her left boob i just wants to check her response but she continued talking and said nothing about my move i got some courage and cup her full mumma in my hand and press it she give a moan and try to remove my hand but i again cup her boob over her shirt she said what r u doing i said nothing “i love u” you are my dream girl and start kissing on her lips and she start resisting but that week resistance showed that she also want all that i continue to french kissing on her lips and with one hand pressing her bobs hardly now she was moaning loudly and was giving me good response so i put my hands under her shirt and squeezed her huge mountains under her bra then i stop kissing her and try to lift her shirt but she said plz no do it only from out side but i lifted her shirt forcibly and put a side now she was only in her red bra that was not enough to cover her huge bobs and her bobs were half naked i kiss her boobs and cut her erected nipples from my teeths she moaned loudly do it slowly it’s hearting me hearing that i un hooked her bra now she was naked from her upper portion and was looking stunt her boobs were hanging in the air.

Uske mumme bilkul aaanar ki tarhaa thy brown nipple aur nipple ke gird pink daire mein nay un koo munn mein lay kar choosnaa shuru kar diya tooo woh kehany lagi aur chooso meri jaan mujhay bohut maaza aarahha hay main kab se tarap rahi hoon tum ne yeh pehle kion nahi kia mein 5 minute tak us kay mummay chousta raha phir main ne uski shalwar ka naara khol dia her beautiful shaven pussy was now infront of me her red lips were looking like rose it was so cute mein ne nadia ki taraf dekha to us ne sharam ke mare apne hathon se apna monh chuppa lia i remove her hands and softly kiss on her lips and placed my hand on her cu-nt it was already wet with her love juices i immedietly put my lips on her juicy cunt or uski choot ko choosna shoroo kar dia nadia buri tarah machal rahi thi and was moaning loudly as well enjoying too thuri he der main who choot.

Gai and i drunk all her juices i suck her pussy till 10 minutes and then undressed my self i undid my shirt paint aur underwear bhi utar kar apna lund nikal lia nadia herangi se mere lund ki taraf dekhne lagi and said i am seeing this first time in my life i put her hand on my shaft and she start massaging i asked her to take it in her mouth but she deinied and said it is dirty. I said i also suck ur choot it is also dirty now u should also suck my dick and i touch my lund with her lips she hesitantly touch it tip with her tongue phir nadia nay mera lund apnay munn mein lay ker chosna shuroo kar diya mujhay bohut maza aaraha tha thuri der bad mera lund phol ker muta ho gaya aur uske munh mein phansne laga to mein ne use lita diya aur uski choot mein index finger dalne laga lekin who kanwari thi isliye meri ungli bari mushkil se uski choot main gai she was feeling pain mein us ki choot mein ungli andar bahar karne laga thori der mein who maza laine lagi aur aik bar phir chooot gai. Us kay baad mein nay dressing table say vaseline ki bottle uthayii aur thori si vaseline apnay lund.

Par aur nadia kii choot per laga di. I said nadia if u feel pain so tolerate it coz after that u really enjoy that she said plz aram se kerna mein ne pehle kabhi nahi kia than i started kissing on her lips and press her beautiful bobs aur apna lund us kii choot ke hole per rakh kar zor lagaya mere lund ki topi uski choot mein phans gai now she was feeling pain coz she was virgin phir mein ne jhatke se pura lund uski choot mein dal diya nadia ekk dum chillaiye mar gayee nikalo apne lund ko bahar uf buhut dard ho raha hai us kii choot mein say blood nikalnay laaga mein thori der lund under dale us ke upper leta raha taa kae uski takleef kum ho aur uske mumme dabane laga aur usse kiss karne laga phir mein ne apna lund bahar nikala aut topi andar rehne di aur halke se dahke.

Se doobara andar dal dia phir mein ne usse chodna shuro kar dia thori der baaad who bhi neeche se apne chutar uchalne lagi aur respond karne lagi now she was enjoying too laur kahnay lagee aur zor say choddo pura lund andar dalo muhe pura maza do aaaah ufff plz fu-ck me hard iss tarah kay alfaaz sun main aur josh main aagia aur zoar zoar say chodne laga. After five minutes we both discharged at the same time aur main us per hi let gia thori der bad who utthi to boli dard to bohut hua magar maza bhi bohut aaya us din main ne use ek bar aur choda aur phir hum dono ek sath nahai. I hope u would have liked my stories and i expect a lot comments from the people who have just read this story and if and girl or aunty in karachi want to contact me in karachi for sex can also contact me on the e-mail address given below or haan if u want our realtion can be kept as a secret as well.

Posted : 08/05/2011 1:22 pm