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Sex Video with Mother in Law


Hi this is Vinay from Chennai age 30. I have been living in Chennai from birth. I had many casual encounters in life with many women’s. Few of them were my family relatives, which ill tell u people after this story. I got married at the age 23. I am from a well settled family. My in laws family were good with me. But my mother in law was a little diff. she use to check me whenever I went to their house.

She uses to ask all sort of questions to see whether I am taking care of her daughter well. Because I had a love marriage which was arranged after every bodies signal. It was when there was a marriage in my in law family. I had to go. My wife went earlier and I had to join her few days before the marriage. By this time all my in law family were well known to me. My in laws house was of a old type. But a big one. As I reached all programs were in progress. So I went to their house to get ready.

When I reached the house I saw my mother in law sitting on the sofa a little sad. The driver left me and told that he’ll come after 1 hr to pick me for function. I went inside and greeted my mother in law. She just smiled and told that your room is ready go get ready I am waiting for you. My mother in law was 46 aged white skin, nice boobs, little fat but a sexy waist to die for and a lusty look. Although her stats were like this, she was very good to all.

Never looked like I can have an affair with her, which I deadly wanted. Function was over all came home but I didn’t see my father in law. When I enquired about him my wife said don’t know and went to her sisters for other chores. Later at night I was just standing in the balcony when my mother in law came and talked few words with me. Casually I asked her about my F in law. She started to cry.

She told not to tell anyone. I said fine, she said that he is having an affair with another lady and stays there for alternative days. When I asked her for how many days he is having affair she told that since 10 yrs. I was shocked. I told her not to worry, and I’ll talk to him. She told not to talk about this because he’ll(F in law) feel guilty that even his son in law knows everything. I asked about his commitment for the family. She told at present they are fine.

But bad days are near. I just came near and told her that I am always there for the family and she is like my mother. If any help just ask me. She smiled and hugged me and went. As she hugged me my rod saluted her immediately. Things went into my mind. I planned to screw her. All I was to do was black mail her. Functions were over. We went back to our places. Few months later my wife had a delivery for which my mother in law also came.

In my family we r of 4 persons. Mother, father, me, and my wife. Father use to go to office daily. Alternative days one lady use to stay at hospital. Whenever my mother in law arrived at morning to get ready at house from hospital I use to plan to black mail her. But failed. One day I saw a adv in news paper about pen camera. i immediately purchased it. But the delivery for it was within 15 days. So I just calmed myself and waited for the golden changes.

Few months later my wife went for rest for 1 month. Later my wife called me for few days stay there. I went, but this time with the pen camera. I use to be there at the house all full day. And use to record all possible clips. But nothing was special. Next day my wife went to her uncle’s house nearby and told she will come only at evening, asked me to come, but I rejected saying that ill not be comfortable there for full day.

She went. In the house left were me and my mother in law. My mother in law didn’t know that I didn’t go. She went to her room to get ready for bath. Best part was that the bathroom was at the back side of my room and as the building was old type, just by climbing the wall we can see the person bathing. I did the same. And was very happy that I was able to record a good video. I use to hang the pen camera in some curtains and recorded her dressing too. Next 3 days I did the same thing.

Last day when I was to black mail her she came to me for a help. She said that she wanted to shift to our city, and was to leave this house. I asked her about my F in law. She told that now a day’s he never come for 1 month too. I asked her about the property she told that she will sell it. We did the remaining process fast and shifted to my city. I bought her a house near my house with all setting as I needed.

My wife thanked me for everything I was doing for her mother. One day I just casually went to my mother in laws house and gave all the property details and told her to keep it safe. Just talking to her I told her that I wanted to ask her something, she said anything for u. Because whatever I have done for her was more than enough. I told her that I was not satisfied with her daughter for sex, which was a lie.

She said sorry for that and said what help she can do. I said I want to have sex with a prostitute for once. She slapped on my face and said never cheat her daughter. I just sat on the sofa and was angry, was very ready to black mail her. Suddenly she came back to me and lifted my face and kissed my forehead. I was stunned. She asked whether she can satisfy me. I was speechless. She again asked me for it.

I said that what if her daughter sees. She again stunned me telling that her daughter knows everything because she has seen the videos in the lap top. I was speech less again. My mother in law called my wife and asked her to tell that she was fine with it and she will love me as she was. I feared to speak so my mother in law put the speaker on. My wife said the same and cut the phone.

Now I was in full mood, and was very happy. I said sorry for the videos. And said that ill delete when I go home. She said yes, and requested me to stay there for night, which I accepted. It was 11 we finished the food were to go to bed. My mother in law came next to me and said that she will be there for rest of life for everything I wanted. I went to her and hugged her tightly. She was in full mood. She was breathing heavily. I hold her face in my palm and planted a kiss on her lips. Immediately she started to suck my lips.

We were in the same position for nearly 20-30 minutes. Then I pulled her, made her sit on the bed. I said that I wanted everything what man can get from a woman. She smiled and said yes. I again went to her kiss her few more minutes. Slowly I started to remove her clothes. There was she naked standing before me “The naked bomb”. I was stunned that she was really hot and felt sorry for my F in law to leave a bomb for me to eat.

I made her sit on the edge and slowly started to lick her curves. As I was to reach her boobs she started to jerk more. I chewed her puppies for more than 20 minutes. She was caring me as a 1 yr baby. My excitement level was in full. I slowly lowered and started to lick her navel and belly button. Her skin was so clean, I was getting mad. After few minutes I bend more and reached to her pussy. She was clean shaven. I slowly started to lick the outer part of the pussy with my tongue.

Suddenly she held my head and pushed forcibly. Now I was in a position where my nose, tongue, lips and almost my face was inside her pussy. As time passed we were getting more mad. I started to bite her pussy, pushed my tongue as deep as possible. She was ready for her orgasm. She again stunned me by her orgasm, because her liquid was flowing like a water fall for her pussy. I was fully wet. I was getting more and more mad. Seeing the position we laughed and hugged each other again.

Then she came to me said that not to hesitate and make all my fantasy come true. For which she was ready to hide few things from my wife too. All she wanted was my love, care and in return she was ready to do all kind of kinky sex. I just hugged her and said that all will be well, for which she has to be only mine. She came to me and held my cock and said that let me prove it. We again went to the bed.

This time she made me sit in the centre of the bed and she started the suck my cock. I was just resting and was enjoying the pleasure of sex. She was easily taking my cock in her mouth in full. All of a sudden she lifted my legs and started to suck my ass hole. I was getting more and more lusty. She was sucking my cock and ass for around 10 minutes. She said that she want to have my cock inside her pussy. We changed the position slowly I started to enter her pussy. She was so wet that I didn’t have that much difficulty in entering her.

I pumped her for around 15 minutes. As I was to release the liquid she told me to stop. She immediately turned herself and was in 69 position. I told her that I will not be able to hold the liquid. But she just smiled took my cock again in her mouth. What she did was something special, she took my full cock in her mouth and told me to suck her ass and fuck her mouth together. I just did what she told. I was feeling like a slave which I liked very much.

I ejaculated with full force in her mouth. She drank what all I loaded in her mouth. It took 10 minute for me to regain my senses. Then I finger fucked her and made her too ejaculate. Since then we are having all enjoyment of life and still continuing…After that day we had all types of fun we can. I brought few call girls to have group sex with my mother in law on her request. These all things will tell you all in next story. Any girl or women like to chat about this or any special moment in your life mail me at xsfdgbtybn.com. I have yahoo id too.

Posted : 27/10/2010 5:51 am