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Satisfying Hungry Cousin


Hi to all my www.ww1.in Friends. I am from south India and I would like to describe my experiences with my cousins. Now I share my experiences with you guys so that you could also enjoy it. My sex journey began when I was in 11th standard that is around 8 years back. After completing my 10 std. I was sent to my aunt’s (mother’s elder sister) house for further studies as quality education was not available at our place. My aunt had 2 daughters. Elders name was Dhivya and younger name was Vidhya – my cousins (Slaves).

Since I was d only boy in our family all used to show me great affection and love, so was d case with my cousins also. Dhivya was lecturer in a college while Vidhya joined M.Phil course (when I came to their LIFE….).My uncle worked in a far place so he used to visit only twice in a month. I had a habit of hugging my mother while sleeping (putting my arm over her waist and sleep), then only I used to get sleep. When I was sent here this was d great problem for me and because of this I had sleepless night. Then Dhivya came to my rescue and said that I can hug her for sleep. From this started our journey (let me explain in detail).

Cousins had a separate room and my aunt had another room and I was asked to sleep with my cousins. They had a separate single cot & because of me they joined their cots into double cot. Now I used to sleep between my cousins. During my early days I never had any bad intention towards my cousins as they were my sisters. I never looked them with any bad angle. Since I was average in my studies Dhivya used to take classes after my school time. She used to take test regularly and if I performed badly I used to get great scolding from her.

Once she kept a test and I scored poorly in d test. She started to scold me and suddenly slapped me on my face. I was shocked and horrified. My aunt and Vidhya got angered. But she didn’t apologize with me and this made me very anger. I thought of teaching her lesson but didn’t know what to do. That night when we went to sleep instead of hugging her I hugged Vidhya and this made Dhivya surprised and to my surprise also… Because Vidhya never liked my hugging activity and she used to scold me and Dhivya and whenever I hugged her (to tease her) and she used to remove my hand with great force. And I got asleep.

After an hour or so suddenly I wake up and saw Dhivya was weeping on d arms of Vidhya and she was consoling her. Suddenly I couldn’t understand what happened and Vidhya explained me all. Then Dhivya apologized with me and suddenly caught me and hugged me very tightly. For the first time I could feel a woman’s boobs. They were very soft and my chest could feel that. These made me erotic and in return I also hold her tightly and moved my palms over her back and caressed her vigorously and also consoled her. I assured her that I would perform better in further tests and score good marks.

My mouth was speaking something else and my action and my thoughts were doing something else. Now everything went smoothly and as usual I placed my arms over her waist and within few minutes both cousins went to deep sleep. But I couldn’t get any sleep and I got thoughts to feel her entire body. I got some courage and thought of trying my luck. Dhivya was sleeping facing d roof and Vidhya was facing d opposite walls and the room was entire dark. I slowly positioned myself so that my entire body touches her body.

My Johnny got erected very hard (I never had such erection before) and was touching her right thigh and remained in d same position for few minutes. Since there was no reaction from her side, I slowly moved my palms and positioned them between Dhivya’s cleavage (since she was wearing a loose nighty and her boobs were medium sized there was enough space between her boobs). To my surprise there was no reaction and i slowly started to feel her boobs gently and my Johnny was getting harder.

Suddenly in d sleep she turned my side and my hands fell down between us and closed my eyes. After few minutes I opened my eyes and saw her fast asleep. Since she was wearing nighty which had a front zip I decided to open it. With great courage I slowly opened d zip and within few minutes I opened d entire zip. To my surprise she was just wearing a black laced brassiere (bra) and I could see her cleavages clearly, this made me more excited and I gently started to touch the cleavage. First I gently touched the cleavage lines and then slowly moved my fingers over her entire boobs.

Now my lips wanted to taste her boobs. I slowly took my face towards her boobs. After waiting for some time, I gently kissed the cleavage, and then slowly licked the cleavage lines. Oh.. God what a great feeling I had, my entire Johnny was so hard. I remained in d same position and after few minutes I slept. Suddenly at 2.30 a.m. I wake up and saw Dhivya was now towards wall. As there was a dressing table in front of her I could see her front portion thru the mirror and still the zip was open. Now I got attracted towards her ass.

I slowly rested my stretched palms over her ass. As through the whole act I didn’t cum my Johnny got heavier and I thought of relaxing it by resting it over Dhivya’s ass. Now I slowly positioned my body such that my Johnny was over her ass and placed my hand over her waist. I was virtually holding her belly through my stretched palms. Slowly I started jerking and applied force. As my Johnny was already loaded within few seconds it completely cum. I remained in d same position and slept.

Now at around 4.00 am when I got up she was facing towards me and her zip was still open and her right boob came out of nighty but still within d bra. I was shocked and got afraid. I didn’t know what to do. As her nighty was stretched I could not close d zip. After few minutes she turned and now was facing towards roof. To my relief now d nighty was free. I gently caught hold her right boob and slowly placed it inside d nighty. Now I slowly started closing her zip.

After few mins I succeeded but was not still satisfied. I turned myself down and placed my elbow slowly and gently over her belly and rested my semi-stretched palm over her boobs. I planned such that even if she wake up she could think it was accidentally placed and meantime I went to sleep. Now in the morning at around6.30 am she wake me up. She smiled gently at me. I sat on the cot and returned a gentle smile. She caught my face through her palms and apologized to me. I accepted and suddenly hugged her tightly. I felt her boobs again and simultaneously caressed her back.

She was astonished with my act but reacted positively. Days (Nights) passed. With every passing night I used to masturbate by holding Dhivya’s boobs but I had a wish that I should be d first one to break her seal (virginity). Once Vidhya went for tour with her friends. That night as usual while masturbating, emotionally I pressed her boobs violently. This made her to wake up. She was shocked by my act. I got afraid and was sweating terribly in d air conditioned room. She was angrily looking at my face. Before she could say anything I immediately fell to her feet and asked for pardon.

I tried to convince her. But she was not ready to accept any of my words. She asked me to go out of d room and said she would find a solution for tat in morning. I went to d hall and sat there. My mind was totally blank. I was afraid of thinking the consequences. Suddenly I thought that killing one man or ten men, the punishment would be d same. Then why should not I fuck Dhivya and face the consequences. After little thinking I finally made up my mind. I went to my aunt’s room and closed her room door from outside. Now I went slowly to her room.

She was sleeping facing towards wall and was covered with blanket. I could see some movement near her waist. I could not judge that what was happening. I slowly went near her and heard she was calling my name and was moaning. This drove me wild and I quickly pounced over her and sat over her, crushed her boobs heavily. She started resisting but was not making any sort of noise. This irritated me and I caught her both hands and parted it away and gently kissed her juicy lips but she was not cooperating and tried to move her face continuously to avoid the kiss.

This made me more angry and I slapped her right cheek to which she was shocked and started weeping and tears rolled down heavily over her cheeks. I slowly bent towards her face and licked the tears and kissed gently over her cheeks to which she accepted it. Now she said that she is my sister and I should not behave like this with her. I replied that then why she was fucked her pussy with her finger and called my name. This astonished her and she started smiling gently which was my green signal. I quickly started licking her juicy lips. After few mins she cooperated and now we were lip-locked for nearly 10 mins and after her heavy breathing I released her lips.

Now my Johnny was creating heavy pressure over her belly. I slowly unzipped her nighty and her erected melons were protruding in air as if it was going to tear the bra. I bent towards the melons and started kissing gently all over her melons and licked the cleavage line and simultaneously she was caressing my head. After few minutes i slowly moved towards her neck & ear and here I was kissing her vigorously. Now she was getting aroused which I could get through her moans.

After few minutes of necking I shifted towards her feet and started kissing. Slowly I was moving ahead by moving nighty upwards while licking and kissing her feet. On reaching her thighs I smelled strong aroma which drive me crazy and I pressed her belly. During my licking of her feet she could not control herself and was continuously moving her feet and hands over the bed which was causing little disturbance to me though I enjoyed it. As I progressed towards her panty I saw it was completely wet. Since I could not move her nighty above I asked her to lift her hip so that I could move it and she did so.

Now her navel and belly was completely visible. She had big, deep and buttoned navel which drive me much mad. I slowly licked and finger-fucked her navel. During my entire encounter she was responding positively either by caressing my head or by moving palms over the bed. I asked her to remove her nighty completely and went to kitchen in search of honey. On my return she was still lying on the bed with nighty which angered me. I went near her and pinched her nipple over bra and said ” u slut can’t u obey my order?”

Now she stood and in one stroke she removed her nighty and was about to remove her bra to which I objected and ordered her to remove my bermuda. As I was not wearing my undies, as soon as she removed my bermuda she was shocked to see my Johnny and touched it with her fingers. I caught her head and pressed it towards my erected Johnny and asked her for a blow-job to which she resisted. She said that she didn’t liked that and she won’t do it. I tried for it repeatedly but she was firm in it.

Now I lifted her and took her entirely over my arms and started kissing her face, lips and neck and threw her over the bed. She was lying over the bed in just bra and panty and I was completely naked. I poured the honey over the deep navel and started licking it. The honey tasted great and was very different. I was licking all over her belly and moved towards her melons. Now i reached her right boob form her bra and was pressing tightly both her melons and after few mins released her left boob too.

After playing few mins with her melons I removed her bra and threw it upwards which got struck over the fan wings. I moved towards her panty and removed it in one go. It was cleanly shaved. On seeing her pussy I got completely mad and started kissing her and she was smiling over my activities. Now I was moving my right palm over the pussy-lips and was also pressing it regularly. Then I inserted my middle finger deep into the pussy and started finger-fucking and slowly engaged other 2 finger one by one. Now she was out of control.

Her act drove me mad and I quickly placed myself over her thighs and rested myself over my knee. I took my Johnny and guided it towards her love-hole. I reached her pussy-lip and teased her pussy for few seconds. Now I gave one jerk to insert my rod into her pussy. As she was virgin at the age of 26 her pussy was very tight. Suddenly she resisted my and threw me away in a second. I was shocked. I said “u slut! Cant u wait for few mins… u slut!” She said that she wanted safe sex and asked for condom to which I replied negatively.

She said she would have sex with me only with condoms. I ignored it and tried to insert my rod into her. She resisted heavily and said that if I don’t leave she would scream for help and asked me to get condoms tomorrow. She also wanted sex desperately but it should be safe sex as she didn’t wanted to land in any problems. She assured me that she would surely have sex with me for next 4 days as Vidhya was out for tour and we would enjoy to the extent. Even though she assured me I could not control myself was continuously pressing her pussy and fingered her.

Now I asked for her ass so that I could satisfy myself. I requested her to which she replied negatively. As I could not control myself I started begging for her ass and started licking her feet. She started laughing and finally said o.k. for ass-fucking. Then I made her to stand like dog and parted her ass-cheeks little and inserted my dick into it and started giving jerks. Since her ass-hole was very tight I could insert my dick only for few m.m.. Then I removed my dick and went in search of coconut-oil.

Now I applied the oil all over my dick and also over her ass-hole and started giving jerks. She was screaming with pain and was also enjoying it. After few minutes of efforts my dick was completely into her ass and she was moaning with pleasures. Simultaneously I was pressing her boobs very hardly and cum entirely into her ass. We were in such a position that as if I was I riding a Horse. After fer mins she fell on the bed and I was over her as we both were tired.
Suddenly I got stroked that I have locked my aunt’s room.

I got-up and went naked and opened her door-lock and returned to my den. Dhivya was lying on the bed naked facing the wall. Now I adjusted myself in my usual position and covered our self with blanket. The only difference was that I was cupping her melons instead of belly and we were naked. We slept in each other’s arms as it was a married couple’s first night. As usual Dhivya got up earlier and waked me up at 6.30 a.m.. Oh God! What a pleasant look it was… She wrapped herself in the bed sheet and asked me for her bra which was lying over the fan-wings.

My dick was already in 90 degree and was saluting her. I caught her wrist and pulled her towards me. She rested over me and was lying over me. I removed the bed sheet knot which was over her breast and cupped her breast and simultaneously kissed her to which she responded positively. Now as we were getting late she insisted for the bra. I got her bra and she dressed quickly in front of me. While leaving the room she whispered to buy for a condom packet so that we could have uninterrupted nights to which I nodded and patted her ass.

In my class hours I imagined all that I encountered previous night and was eagerly waiting for tonight’s action. After completing my schools and tuition I bought condoms and went to home. Me sweetheart opened the door and quickly I showed her condom packet and hugged her tightly. While hugging she whispered that wait for little while and then……. everything. After completing my dinner…..Friends want to know more…. Wait for few days….. I will be back with my posting….. Well gals, aunties want to enjoy me then mail me at xxxxxxxxxxxx. Secrecy will be maintained…

Posted : 27/10/2010 6:13 am