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We reached home and it was already ten o clock in the night my mom papa were sleeping however they woke up and after serving us meals. they again slept as they have decided to go to Delhi next morning. So i hurry they didnot planned to arrange for didi beds etc.. so she slept with me in my room......we were too much tired we fell early prey to sleep. We were on 4X6 bed and every time she tried to change side the boobs of didi touched me and also whenever i changed my erected dick was touching the ass of my didi. probably my sister thinking of sleeping with her husband one time caught hold of my dick and rubbed it too. I was shocked to experience such a incidencebut i too was a man so every time she touched my body current of 440 volts passed through my body. At one moment i caught hold of my didi in my arms very tightly and kissed her passionately.her both the boobs were touching my chest rather they were pressed against my body and my passionate kissing aroused her senses and immedaitely departed from my clutches. Me too was ashamed of my this act of minet. But in the morning when we faced each other there was a smile on her face which changed my mood and thought what had happened in the night is though not right but not wrong also. I think my didi wanted it too.

Our parents left for Delhi and we went to leave them at Railway station. The train was on time and both left giving some some useful tips as we have to remain around fifteen days all alone, to me and to my sister also. We obeyed all the instructions given to us and left the railway platforn as soon as the train left.

We hired a auto for back journey to home and it took around fifty minutes to reach our destination. We reached home and as soon as we entered in house my didi caught hold of me by tightly hugging me nd planted a kiss on my lips I opened my lips and didi entered her toungue in my mouth and we were mouth fucking each other turn by turn. I was too much excited so i holded didi's boobs in both of my hands and was pressing them hard. bye and bye i opened the blouse worn by didi button bye button and there bye opening her bra by unlatching bra hook. Mouth fucking was going on and my hands were free to explore my didis boobs.by nimbbling her boobs i was making her hot and horny and I too was getting good erection in my lower portion Didi was realising the facts and started opening my pant too by unzipping me the black monster came out of my pant (I was not wearing any boxer ) i came down and started sucking didi"s boobs as she was getting hot and asked me "lets us go to bed shabd"

"oh ok didi as you like it"
" dont waste time i am running out by you hot movements"
"dont worry didi we have got fifteen days right starting from now"
"oh shabd that is all right but think of this moment, I may cum any time"
we went to our room and didi lay down there I lifted her petticoat Oh my god a neat and clean choot was befre me for fucking.
I kissed the choot and make some movement with my fingers to explore the choot Didi responded to my call positively and I began to searching out the heaven in the choot by kissing licking and sucking it.
Didi cummed.

I was looking for the oppurtunity as i was thinking if i will satify my didi first then my didi will be forever mine.
So when she cummed i took all that was out from the choot in my mouth and swallowed it. It was a tasteless thing but in fucking taste does not matter much.
Didi took my dick in her mouth and started licking and sucking it by doing up and down up and down........and up and down my lund was touching her throat and virtually chocking the throat of my didi which she realised but anand kee koi seema aur usme koi rukawat nahi. she continued till i cumm in her mouth which she enjoyed.

Posted : 13/11/2010 5:06 am