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This is a story about a women I know, Saira. I know Saira, because my wife baby-sits her kids while she is at work. Saira is a very beautiful women. she wears burkha..She is about 5′ 8 tall with mid length curly black hair, steel blue eyes, fantastic smile and personality, and a voluptuous body. If I was to guess what her measurements would be, I would say they are 36C-30-40 I have a few myself. I fell in lust with Saira the first time I saw her, with her good looks and great personality it is hard not to.

I would always make sure to be near the door when she came to pick up her kids. She would always bend over to put the shoes on her young daughter. If I was in the right spot I could catch a view of her fine tits. Women are not clueless about these things, so I am sure she knew what I was doing, I thought this was all I would see of Saira, her very nice legs and once in a while some tit, but boy was I wrong. It all started very innocently with me sending Saira some e-mails at work, jokes and the usual stuff. This went on for some time, but it seemed that the jokes were getting more sexual with each passing joke. Then each day after work we would exchange smiles, if we met each other away from my house, she would ask what I thought about the latest joke. I also noticed that if my wife was busy when she came to pick up the kids, she would bend over further and give me a real good show. Then one day she was wearing a nice low cut blouse. As luck would have it my wife was down stairs with some of the other kids and didn’t know Saira had come in. Saira’s youngest daughter got down on the stairs to have her mom put on her shoes.

When Saira bent over, I could not believe my eyes, she wasn’t wearing a bra. I saw you looking at my tits. Did you like the show? I took off my bra just before I got out of the car. Would you like to see more? coarse I would like to see more. More real soon Horny Sajid Within 1/2 hour of sending that e-mail, I got one from Saira. When I downloaded the e-mail it had a jpg file. I opened it. As it slowly began to fill my screen, I could make out that it was a picture of Saira. At first all I could see was her head and face. As the picture was down loading, I made out that she wasn’t wearing anything. She was covering her tits with her hands, and was slightly bent with her legs crossed to cover up her pussy. You could still see some of her pussy hair, and she couldn’t cover all of her tits, but the thing that caught my eye about her picture was her look. She looked positively slutty. She had a little note. I am a tease, so you will have to wait to see more. For the next month, we played a cat and mouse game, sending dirty jokes back and forth and exchanging knowing glances. Then one day she sent me an e-mail with a dirty story attached. The note said I love reading dirty stories. Here is one I really like, let me know what you think. I read the story with great interest and excitement. The story was about a wife, her husband and 4 of his friends ajay sunil pankaj pavan that get to gether to fuck the wife silly.

She replied that one of her fantasies was to be the center of attention in a group of horny men.. i made a program that was a HIT ……………

I did rent a hotel room, so I could clean up after the all night fuck fest. I showed up at Saira’s house about 15 minutes early. I wanted to eat Saira’s pussy before it was full of cum. Saira’s husband Anwar answered the door and told me to go down the hall to the bedroom because Saira was waiting. When I looked into the bedroom, Saira was indeed waiting for me. She was lying on the bed in a red bra and panties. The panties were the same crotchless ones she was wearing when she lifted her skirt in the garage. The bra was a pushup. Her large nipples were just peeking over the top.

“You dirty fucker, A’m going to fuck you cock off. Oh that’s so good. Suck on my clit”. She was shacking and lifting her ass off the bed, so With that she raised her ass again, so I drove a finger up her ass. Her ass clamped down on my finger as her orgasm continued. She yelled out “You are a dirty little fucker. Do you want to fuck me up the ass? I like it in the ass. Oh god, Oh god.” She slowly stopped shacking and sat up. She gave me a kiss, “We will do that again real soon, but I must get to the party.” She stood up and put a see thru robe on and down stairs she went. I stood up and followed her. As soon as she started down the stairs the guys that were in the family room started to hoot and holler. they were ajay sunil pavan and panjaj Then when they saw my face, they started to call me names and complain to Anwar that it was no fair that I got a head start. With that Saira opened and dropped her robe and spread her legs.

That brought a cheer from the guys. She pushed 2 fingers in her pussy and told everyone not to worry there was lots to go around. I did not know any of them, so I guess they must be friends of Anwar. No introductions were made, ajay had a business, pankaj had a shop, pavan was a doctor and sunil was a salesman… because we were all to consumed with lust for Saira. Anwar had a video camera and started to tape Saira. She went over to the stereo and played a cd. With the music playing she slowly started to dance and tease us guys. She walked over to me with her hips swaying. She bent over and her tits fell out of her bra. Her nipples were hard and very large, about the size of my little finger. She then turned around and waved her ass at me. She spread her legs and buried 2 fingers in her pussy, pushing them in and out. She then put them to her lips and licked the juices. She walked around the room doing the same thing before going back into the center of the room. At this point she removed her bra and shacked her big round tits back and forth. She got down on her knees and asked all of the guys to get naked and surround her. In no time we had surrounded her, with our hard cocks sticking straight out. Saira bent over and started sucking sunil thickest cock , while she reached out and started stroking the cocks on the other side of the ajay cock was now lost from view. She had pavan whitish penis all the way in her mouth and now started moving her head back and forth in time with her hands on the 2 cocks. Myself and the pankaj were left to watch and stroke our cocks, as Anwar taped Saira. pankaj was left out got down behind Saira and started played with her pussy.

Saira stopped sucking pavan’s cock and told him to stop and wait, Saira moaned and went right back sucking cock. She stopped sucking the pankaj in the center and started sucking the ajay on his left. He groaned and urged her on. “Oh Saira you are such a good cock sucker” he said. I sat there for a few minutes watching what was happening. Saira’s ass was bobbing up and down I got on my hands and knees and put one of her nipples in my mouth, while I grabbed her other tit. They were very firm, and warm. I sucked on her nipple like a milk starved kid. I looked down to see that sunil..that was eating her pussy had now slid ahead and was getting ready to fuck her now dripping pussy. Saira must have senced his cock at her pussy, because she sat down driving his cock up her cunt in one fast motion. She was incredible riding sunil cock, while she played or sucked on 3 others. I moved around behind her and started to play with her ass. As she rode the sunil cock, it giggled like a bowl of jello. God what a turn on. She slowed down and let me bury a finger up her ass, before she picked up speed again. Anwar saw what I was doing and left the room for a minute. When he returned, he threw my a tube of KY. I lubed up my cock and her ass. I got behind her and placed my cock at ass. She stopped fucking and sucking and told me to go slow. I pulled her cheeks apart and slowly started pushing. It took about 20 seconds before I was burried to the balls in her very tight ass. While I was pushing in she kept calling me a dirty fucker, and to fuck her hard. I started to alternate strokes with the guy in her pussy, driving into her deep and hard with every stroke. sunil in her pussy started to pick up speed, so I matched him stroke for stroke. It was having and effect on Saira, as she stopped sucking on pavan infront of her and ordered them to cum on her face and tits. She also told us to fuck her harder, faster and to dump our cum into her. I was trying very hard up till them, not to cum, but with her urging I started to drive into her faster and harder.

pavan on the bottom started yelling the he was going to fill her slutty cunt, and the I could feel his cock convulse as he dumped his load into Saira’s pussy. Saira yelled she was cumming too and she wanted to be covered in cum. I could feel Saira start to cum. Her ass started clamp down on my dick making it almost impossible to move. It was too much, and with a grunt and one last push, I started cumming in Saira’s tight ass. I looked up to see the other 3 guys spraying Saira’s face and tits with cum. Anwar said. “Saira you cum soaked slut. What till you see this tape. You are fantastic.” I had to agree. I fell backwards as my cock slipped out of Saira’s ass. She stood up and turned around. She had cum in her hair, on her face and tits, and cum was running down between her legs. God she looked very very sexy. Saira said that we were just getting started and to get hard again. She then turned toward Anwar and got back on her knees and inhaled Anwar’s cock in one fast movement. Anwar almost fell back, so I took the camera from him and started to tape her work on him. God I thought she was going to bite his cock off. I zoomed in close to get all the action. Saira had her eyes closed while she attacked her husbands cock. Then all at once she opened the wide. I zoomed back out to see one of the other guys pull Saira’s legs back so he could enter her from behind. I zoomed the camera in just in time to see his cock disapear into Saira. She moaned, but kept up her assult on her husbands cock.

ajay was fucking her from behind, pulled his cock out and in one quick lunge burried his cock in Saira’s ass. She let Anwar’s cock out of her mouth long enough to yell “Oh fuck, fuck my ass.” It was to much for Anwar he drove his cock back down Saira’s throat and blew his load down Saira’s throat. He had to much cum for Saira to swallow because some was running out the corners of her mouth. Anwar pulled out, and another cock quickly replaced his. Saira kept this up for the next 3 hours taking on pavan ..ajay ..sunil …..pankaj non stop. I had managed to cum twice more, once in her cunt while she had a cock in her ass, and once in her mouth. I also fucked her in the standard missionary position, but wasn’t able to cum. It was 1:00am, before I said I had enough and left for the hotel. Saira managed to get ajay and pavan hard and was still going as I closed the door.

On Monday I was at home in the garage, when she pulled up to get the kids. She came up to me and kissed me on the cheek. “That was allot of fun, but I’m so sore, we will have to wait a few more weeks to do it again” she said. Then she squeezed my cock and went into the house.

She sent me a e-mail the next day explaining what happened after I left. She told me that she had stopped and took a shower, and when she walked back into the family room, ajay …pavan… pounced on her and it started all over again. I woundered how often Saira and Anwar did this, but then again what did I care. Saira is so sexy I can’t wait till I get a chance to fuck her again. The End

Posted : 02/07/2011 7:30 pm