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She just married with my father for his money. I hated her presence from the beginning as she always rebuked me, but I always lusted for her. Let me describe her now. I am 23 and she is 38 in age, full-grown woman with a big ass and big tits but never showed interest in sex. Honestly I always wanted to teach her a lesson due to her treatment towards me. I got a chance to corner her when I came to know that she often secretly gave a lot of money to my shrabi mama without telling dad and if my dad came to know he would have killed her.

Due to her behavior I used to spend more time with my friends Mani and Shani. We all three were very bright students in our class and they new all about me. We always used to watch porno movies at my place and go for outing together. They both were Pathans and were living in the hostel. One day they were staying with me she started to scold me and asked my father throw my badmaash friends and me out of the house. I got furious on her remarks but my father made her quite. I was furious and started to abuse her in front of my friends. They asked me to keep cool and calm. After half an hour Shani proposed to watch a porno movie to divert my attention. We all agreed and started to watch the movie. That movie was bassed on a young guy who raped his teacher with the help of his friends. As we were watching the movie an idea struck to my mind and I asked my friends, "hey guys are you interested in fucking my mom?"

They both looked at me in astonishment and when they realized that I was serious, Shani said, "After hearing today, yes, but how?"

"That's nice; I'll provide you the opportunity. That will make me happy and that's how I take revenge from her."

Days passed by and one night, Dad was not in town when I came back home late night around 11:30 from dinner with friends. Mom was watching the TV and she started to scold me as usual for coming late. I did not say anything went to my room. As I came out of my room she started nagging me again and that was when I made up my mind to do what I had been wanting. I immediately called my friends and asked them to come home because that day was the best opportunity to execute our plan, as I knew dad was out for a week and she was completely insecure. I went back to my room and started to wait for my friends. They both came around 12:00. I told her that they were here for the combine study.

It was her habit to watch TV very late in the night. She was just wearing her gown and lying on the sofa at that time. We discussed our plan and waited for the suitable time. After an hour as she changed the channel to watch MTV GRIND, I asked Shani to go out to the kitchen and started to watch from the slightly ajar door.

As he went to the living room, He asked my Step Mom, "Wow aunty, You are watching Grind, May I join you?"

She looked at him and said, "Get lost from here, This is non of your business what I watch?"

He then went straight to her and said, "O h . . Why not my business, A sexy lady like you surely get horney watching Grind and must be in need of a partner?"

She stood up as she heard this and tried to slap him but he grabbed her hand and pulled her to him. As he took her from her waist she turned around but Shani grabbed her breasts and started to kiss her neck. In the struggle Shani untied the knot of her gown's belt and made her semi naked from the front. That time I asked Mani to make his entry.

He went to the Living room and saw them struggling he rushed to them and asked what was happening?

My Mom begged him for help. Mani took a look at her and said, "Wow, I never imagined how sexy you are aunty?"

As she heard him she again started to struggle Mani took hold of her and Shani removed her gown. Now she was standing crying in her lacy bra and panties only trying to hide her nakedness with her hands.

Now they both started to squeeze her breasts and bums with their hands. Now she was struggling but not shouting for help. She might have realized that no one is coming to rescue her. They both were kissing and caressing her like greedy animals.

When Mani unhooked her bra and freed her breast from confinement, We all got astonished to see that her nipples were so hard and standing out. Mani suddenly said as he watched her nipples, "Wow, Shani she has started to enjoy this Yaar. See her nipples are erect."

Shani said, "I know Yaar, remove her panty and check her moist cunt out? She must be wet for our dicks yaar."

As Mani tried to full her panties down she squeezed her legs together but he removed it in a jiff. He held her panty and showed Shani a wet patch on her panty smilingly and said, "Ah ha Shani she wanted to be fucked yaar."

Now Mani opened her legs forcefully and opened her cunt lips with his finger. He rubbed her clit and pussy and informed us, "Yaar the bitch not just wet but she's drenched . . . Look." As he said that he pulled his fingers out of her pussy making a string of her fluids.

Shani then pinned her on the sofa and Mani immediately removed his clothes. His cock was already erected and hard. He rubbed his dick on my step mom's moist cunt and started to insert his tool in my Mom's cunt. Just in few strokes he started to fuck my mom like a hungry dog.

My step Mom's cries were now changed into moans. Shani now released her and started to remove his clothes. After removing her clothes he started to suck her breasts and hardened nipples.

Mani fucked my Mom's pussy for 15 minutes then ejaculated his cum inside my mom's cunt. He asked Shani then to enjoy with this hot bitch. He turned my mom and started to fuck her in doogy style. My Mom was now moaning in pain and pleasure. After giving her thorough fuck, Shani also filled her cunt with his cum. After he withdrew his cock from her pussy she collapsed on the sofa and started to cry again. They both laughed at her and kissed her than than thanked her for the nick time. They helped her to stand on her feet and took her to the bath room and gave her a bath.

They came out naked after having bath with my mom put their clothes on and came to my room like conquerors. We all started to laugh and discussed the revenge. After half an hour my room's door opened and we saw my mom standing there. She was now putting on some light makeup and wearing her silk gown, which opens from the front, only covering her breasts and cunt.

She looked at us silently for a few moments then came straight to us and said, "Now it's my turn to take revenge."

We looked at each other and then at her silently. She slowly dropped her gown on the carpet standing naked in front of us and said, "I want all three of you to fuck me when ever I want and if you refuses I straight away go to tell your father."

She went straight to my bed lied down over, opened her legs and said, "Fuck this horny bitch Sagar."

As we heard this my friends threw me on my step mom by saying "Now you deserve to satisfy this bitch."

From that day on we fucked her almost every night and enjoy every moment with her.

Posted : 13/11/2010 6:21 am