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Raped by classmates


Hello friend this is poonam iam have read many stories no this site and today i am going to narrate a true story that happened with me.

Iam a engineering student studying and i have very nice physique of 34d – 26-32. Iam the most beautiful girl of my class and everybody had a eye on me. I always used to wear very tight fitting so that my body physique will seen and i used to tease my classmates.

This was the time when our semester was over and the day our semester ended we decided to make party in the evening many of our friend ready to come to my party so i also agreed to go to the party as my my parents are out of the city for some purpose. I have gone to party in a red shirt and jeans my breasts were totally felt outside my shirt the party started and we all are enjoying the whole arrangement was done on my friends farm house and we dancing and enjoying the party and felt thirsty so i have gone for some cold drinks and after drinking that i felt something is happened to me and i felt down.

When i opened my eyes i was lying in a bed and the party was over. It was around 9o’clock in the night and everybody were left for there house except me them i have seen 6 boys of my class entering the room i pleaded them to take me to the home but they laughed at me and told (sali randi class mein to bahut uskati hain abhi kyun ro rahi hain) then one of them switch on the tv and played a blue film in it looking at that i was very much horrified and shivering. They rounded me in circle
they all grab me i was resisting with my full force but in vain infront of their muscular power i was nowhere. They started undressed me and began to press my breasts very heavily it pain a lot and i was moaning in pain
oh…ah.ahhhh……… Plzzzzz……………… Leave me …………
Ohoh oh ah ah ……..
They have undressed my shirt and jeans now i was in bra and panty now infront of the 6 boys . One of the boy came and planted a kiss on my lips i was just shivering. And he unhooked my bra and my pair of breasts were now free then the two boys jumped on my breast and began to lick it they were pressing it very wildly and it pains me like heaven but i was enjoying it very much then pulled out my panty in a fraction of second and my bare clean shaved PUSSY was opened then one boy began to lick and planted a french kiss on my PUSSY i moaned very loudly
I have became wet now and love juices coming out of my PUSSY he drank total all juices . I was in the seventh sky then after all of them became nude and asked me to suck their cock and made it hard rock i have to do it with no option i have sucked each guy cock one by one and than it erect than one guy lay on the bed and i was asked to sit on his cock adjusting my PUSSY to his cock as i was virgin my PUSSY was very tight and it was not going into his cock. So the guy from the down give a mighty blow and his cock penetrate into my PUSSY it pain like hell
aaaaaaaaaa ……….
Margayiiiiiiiiii ……… .. Ise bahar nikalo mein chillane lagi par do ladko ne mujge pakad liya aur niche press karne lage meri chut se khoon ki dhara bahene lagi ki wo log thoda ruk gaye par thodi der ke bad phir meri chut ko phadta hua uska lund pura chala gaya aur mujhe mujhe dhere dhere pump karne laga mein dard se umbri nahi thi ki meri gand mein ek aur land dalne laga mein chek padi to ek ne apna lund mere muh pe dal diya aur teeno ek sath mujhe chodne lage dhire mein bhi enjoy karne lagi aur apne chutad ko upar niche karne lagi tabhi ek ne bola dekho sali rand ko abhi sali kitne nakre kar rahi thi. Aur abhi kaise mast chudwa rahi rahi hain. Teeno mujhe 3o minute tak chodne lage. Mere sath dirty chart karne ke liye

Posted : 27/05/2011 10:18 am