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Raj Enjoy With A Sharu Aunty


Hi I am Raj here, I am good fan of O9L, and enjoy it by you people only. Now I am 32 years old and very sexy guy. This is happen when I was 23 years old. I am having cousin aunty name Sharu, but I never called her aunty, only by her name “Sharu”. She is always smile; on at that time she was of 33 years with 2 kids. Her breast was huge big like big watermelon with full of juice and her hips also well round and big though she was slim. Her body size was bust 96, waist 61, hips 99. Because of bachelor, I was hungry in search of fuck and eyes stop on my lovely Sharu aunty. I always masturbating on Sharu’s name and satisfying my self like fuck to her. It became my dream to fuck her. Our house was near to each other.

Our relation was nice and she knows me as gentle guy. One day I was passing to her house, she called me and told me where you are going. I have not seen you so far now. I have also surprise by her talk and enter in her house. She offers me for tea, I refuse but she forces me. I told here where is uncle and children’s. Then ultimately she told me your uncle is on duty and both kids were in school. I am getting frustrated alone in home, so I force you for tea, please. Then I take this golden opportunity and told her what can I do for you? She laughed and understood what is in my mind. All the way we both were free in talk, mai uske sath bahut majak masti se bat karata hai as she is also free of nature. I told her, in relatives, I like only you very much because of your nature and talk. Then she told me what is in your mind, I am your aunty. That day was for me, suddenly I told her, see aunty there is no one in house except you and me. So please I want to go away from your house. Then she told me why you called me as aunty, every time you called me as sharu? I observed here face and ultimately I told here if any wrong happen by me then?

Again she told me see Raj, I am your aunty and I know you very well, you can not do any nonsense like this. We were on first floor and directly I grab her hand in my hand and told her now what you can do. She was in mood and naughtily told me to leave her hand aur usne mere gal ko jorse pakada, phir maine bhi uske gal ko pakada. She told me, Raj somebody can watch us then? If your uncle know this then? I told her door is close aur tu meri chachi hai, I take her in my arm and laid on bed. Phir usne thoda natak kiya muze chod do, dakka marne lagi aur bolne lagi mere me aisa kya hai, I am old now. The I grab her and take one huge kiss and told her I like your big boobs and well round shape ass. Afterward she came on the way and told me, I also like you very much but I am scared away people. I promise here this is secret between you and me. I put her sari down and make her half naked; she was having experience of fuck by uncle, but now she want to take another test of her young nephew.

She was looking sexy in bra and panty. Then she removes my shirt and pant. I was on underwear my rod was so hot. She was hungry for sex now. She laid down my underwear and pickup my heavy rod in hand. I told her to take it in mouth but she refuses me. Aur bolne lagi, it is bad, I have never took dick of your uncle in my mouth. I told her I want to eat your chut, want to take test of lips of your chut, wo hasane lagi and I turn in 69 position. Put my mouth in her spicy puzzy and started to take test. Now she also become horny put my hot rod in her mouth and told me your dick is very big than uncle’s dick. Firstly I fuck her mouth heavily up to her throat. Then I have removed her bra and chaddi. First time I am seeing her naked in front of me, her vagina was also stroking like heart bit. I told her you are looking so sexy. Her big juicy watermelon was climbing on her chest. Immediately I grab her boobs in my hand and started pressing madly, crushed her nipple badly by teeth, she saw the mark of my teeth on her boobs and say you are so sexy.

After that I told her I want to fuck you by both way. She say I have never fuck by backside even your uncle have not put finger in my ass hole. I put my finger in her ass hole and started in-out, she get enjoyed by finger, after that I put my two finger in her asshole and told her see my dick is sufficient to enter in your asshole. She afraid and your dick is one & half percent bigger than your uncle’s dick and refuse me but I was mad in fuck. She turned immediately and spread her leg and forcibly put my dick in her chut. But I take back my laund from her chut. Aur uske chut ko chatne laga. I told her the lips of your chut are very nice because of shave chut. After that I heavily put my laund in her chut and started to give her stroke. Mere jor ke zatke se wo chillane lagi, I kept my hand on her mouth and again started to stork her heavily after some time I have leaked my powerfully semen in her chut. She was so tiered and was not able to take breath. She told me, I have never intercourse by such heavy rod. I always want to fuck by your heavy rod. Whenever you get chance then came at my house and fuck like today. That day in night I have got again chance to fuck her. Because of work load uncle was not able to come at home, so he phone to sharu aunty.

After lunch I passing through her house she called me and told because of office work today’s night your uncle is staying in Mumbai, not able to come at home, I am alone with my kid. I understood her that she is now fan of young laund. I don’t want to missed the opportunity. At 11.00 pm I knocked her back door, she open the door and in me. She told me anybody saw you, I told her nobody had seen me so that I came from back door, be free for enjoy. Her both kids were in dark sleep. We went to bed room. She removed her sari; blouse became fully naked in front of me. Then I removed my all cloth and enjoy full night with her. I told her I want to fuck your asshole, she said me I am fully satisfied by you. In 15 years married life what your uncle was not able to give me, in few hours I had got it from you. Now your uncle also in age of 50 and not much interested in sex which I want. She say me to promise and told now you are only my husband, I don’t want to waste my few year of sex life. You are free to do any type of sex, I am only your and satisfy me, I am in love with you. She took my dick in her mouth and started to suck it.

After that I apply oil on her asshole and started to insert my laund in her gand. It was getting me difficulty to insert laund in her asshole, then I told her to bend on her knees and she do the same, then her asshole become little free to fuck. I put my laund on her asshole and force it heavily. Jor se dhakka langana shuru kiya. After 1-2 minutes waiting my dick entered in her asshole. She was become very frustrated and told me Raj please laund ko bahar nikal durd ho raha hai. I told her kuch nahi hota hai, abhi taklif nahi hogi, phir bhi usne chillana chalu kiya, piche dard ho raha hai. I have grab her body aur jor se dhakka diya within fraction of second my laund fully entered in her chut.

Phir maine zor zor se dhakka dena shuru kiya aur usko bhi maja ane laga aur vahi bolane lagi jor se dhakka mar aur uski gand age-piche karane lagi. Kutch derbad mera laund uske chut me leake hone ke bad dhila pad gaya. Uske ashhole ki size bhi badi ho gai. After fucking completed by back, she told me, really I am not able to seat properly for some movement but I really enjoy this pain you don’t fuck me by front now only back and back it give me real enjoyment. In midnight after 2-3 hours again we intercourse from front. Took her both legs on my both shoulder and insert my laund in her chut, she was realizing this shot first time. My 95% laund was inserted in her Waite puzzy and give her heavy stroke, press her big boobs, eat it and kiss her all over and enjoy full night. She told me, Raj I am very fortunate because of such type of young fucker. I told her I have seen many type of posses from Kamasutra I will utilize it for you only and both will enjoy it. All unsatisfied, horny, housewife / divorcee / widows / separated can invite me for real pleasure. Secrecy assured 100% mail me with your contact details on xxxxxxxxxx

Posted : 02/07/2011 7:28 pm