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Priya aur uske Jija Raza

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Hi TitBut, I am Priya, a 19 years old girl living with my parents in Mumbai.I have one elder sister,Nidhi who is married 2 years back.Her's is a love marriage.She married Raza Hasan,brother of her hostel friend Salma.They fell in love when Raza used to visit Salma in her hostel at Pune.Raza looked very dashing & handsome.He is 6' tall,fair complexed with sharp Pathani features.Actually my parents were very much against this marriage so Nidhi had to elope with Raza to get married.But after 6 months or so everything was settled & Raza was accepted in our family as a son-in-law.Now both of them visit us 3-4 times a year from Nagpur where they reside. When everything was settled & Nidhi came for the fisrt time,I asked her a lot about Jiju.We both were free with each other & Nidhi confided to me that Raza was a animal in bed.He would fuck her as if he was sex starved for many months.She also told me that Raza was wild in bed & would say & do things which normally a husband doesn't do to with his wife.In her words,'Raza mare jism ka rom-rom hilake rakhta hai bistar mai' was what she summerised.But Nidhi also said that she loved it the way Raza fucked her in the bed.Looking at Jiju this was understood as he was a very strong person. Even I sometimes felt his manlyness when we used to shake hands.I liked it when his rough hands caressed my gentle palms.I was free with him & now hum logo mai zara se physical hasi mazak chalti thi.Jiju Nidha ko bolte bhi bhi agar usne mujhe pehle dekha hota to mujhse hi shadi karta. Ispe Nidhi kehti ki abhi bhi waqt kahan gaya hai,waise bhi to sali aadhi gharwali hoti hai.Though we used to laugh on this I wished that it happens in real when Jiju can take me also.Now I am 5'7" tall,quite fair,shoulder lenght hair.My figure is 32-26-34.My guys ogle at me & want to get near me.I had 2 affairs & my latest boy friend had fucked me so now I was always eagar to have sex. 

One day when I came home from college at noon,mom told me that Raza was coming in the evening.He had some work here & was to stay tonite.She also told that since it was 1 day trip Nidhi wasn't coming.I don't know why but the news of Nidhi not coming excited me.I thought that today is the day I might try something.I desperately wished that the evening comes fast as I wanted to see my Jiju.At 7 pm the door bell rang.I rushed & opened the door & seeing Jiju was very happy.I hugged him & said,"Hello Jiju,kaise ho?" Jiju too hugging me tightly smilingly said, "Mai to thik hoon lekin tujhe bahoo mai lake ab ek dum mast ho gaya hoon." I understood what he meant & smiled back. We both entered the house & I called Mom.We all sat & had small chat after having tea.Unknowingly Mom told Jiju how happy I was when she told me that he was coming.She also told Jiju that I had pestered her to tell Jiju to take me for a movie.Jiju smiled at me & said,"Kyon nahi saali sahiba, tum kaho to aaj tumko cinema dikhayange." 

Mummy tried to stop me as Jiju was tired by Jiju denied her request & told me to get ready to go for a movie.As mummy went inside to keep the cups,I asked Jiju what I should wear & which movie should we go to see?Jiju scanning my body said,"Meri pyari saali,tu woh black skirt aur red T-shirt pahan jo last time hamne kharidi thi. Usme tum to ekdum TOP class model lagti ho.Aaj mai meri is pyari sali ko KAMASUTRA picture dikhaunga,bol dekhegi na?" Though I was happy to hear the movies name,I told him that mom won't like it if we go to KAMASUTRA.Jiju put his hand on my waist & said,"Teri mummy puche to bol MONSOON WEDDING dekhne jaa rahe hai,thik hai?Waise tujhe KAMASUTRA dikhni hai ya nahi Priya saali?" I looked at him & smiled nodding my head in accent to his wish.I went to my room & wore the black skirt with black panties Jiju had told me to.It was just knee lenght.Then I put on a black bra & then the res T shirt. 

The T shirt was tight outlining my teen cleavage prominently. Spraying a sexy perfume,tying my hair in a bun I applied a little lipstick & came out.Jiju looked appreciatingly at me & winked.Before mom could say anything I told her that we will have dinner outside & come a bit late & left the house.Jiju hailed a rick & we sat.Jiju told him where to go & then putting a hand in my waist pulled me near him.Since Nidhi wasn't with us Jiju was more free today.He was softly massaging my body till we reached the theatre.I saw that there was hardly any crowd.Jiju purchased the tickets & catching my hand said,"Lagta hai sab logo ne yeh sexy picture dekhi jo bhid itni kam hai.Acchi baat hai na,ab aandar hum tum masti se yeh sexy picture dekhange.Teri jaise mast sali ke saath yeh sexy picture dekhne bada maza aayega. Picture dekhte-dekhte aish bhi karange kyon?" Mai sharmake aankhe jhukati hoon aur bina kuch bole hum theatre mai jaate hai

The theatre lights were dimmed.Raza caught me by hand & lead me to the corner seat.Making me seat on the last seat,he sat on my right.Hardly 50-60 people were scattered in the hall & hardly 8-10 were in the balcony.We were in a secluded spot.The movie has just began.Raza putting his hand on my left shoulder said,"Ahh chalo seat to mast hai,saali bhi mast hai aur picture bhi. Bahut mast kissing,masalne aur chudai ke scene dikhaye hai isme.Teri jaise garm sali ke saath yeh picture dekhna matlab sone pe suhaga hoga samjhi?" I got more shy with Raza's talk & said,"Oh Jiju kaise baat karte ho? Aur apne yeh picture kab dekhi jo itna detail mai bol rahe ho?" Jiju now brought his hand on my stomach & said,"Haan dekhi hai na teri didi ke saath aur uske baad ghar jake teri didi ko maine KAMASUTRA style mai liya.Tujhe malum hai teri didi kitni garam hai.Raat bhar bahut mast ki thi us din humne.Subah 4 baje tak teri didi ki le raha tha.Aaj tujhe yeh picture dikhake tujhe bhi lane wala hoon raat bhar samjhi?" Hearing such vulgar talk from Raza I was getting hot.He was openly telling me how he had fucked Nidhi.He even told me how she loved it when Raza had dog fucked her.I was feeling hot but shy also & said,"Oh jiju ab bus bhi mai aapki saali hoon gharwali nahi. Kitni gaandi baat karte ho apni saali se?Yeh lane dane ki baat Nidhi se karo,mujhe bahut sharam aati hai yeh sab baate karne."As if he hasn't heard me Raza,lifting my T shirt a bit put his hand under it & feeling my naked stomach said,"Yeh hero ki behen ki chut,saala bahut kas-kaske chodta hai heroin ko.Tu meri aadhi gharwali to hai to Nidhi nahi hai to mera raat ka khayal to rakh,bhale din mai khayal rakhne ki koi zaroorat nahi janeman.ek baat batau tumhe Priya,tujhe yeh movie is liye dikhane laya hoon taki tu bhi teri didi jaise garam ho jaye aur mai tujhe bhi chodu." Though Raza's words & actions were making me more & more hot I was more embarassed also.I tried to move abit away from Jiju but he didn't allow me to move a bit.I said in a husky tone, "Nahi jiju yeh kya kehte hai aap?Dekho yeh sab thik nahi hai,didi kya sochegi agar usse samjha to?"In the meanwhile the scene in which the bride's friend gets fucked by the bridegroom started.Here Raza pulling me on his lap & put both his hand under my T shirt said,"Aare Priya hum thodi teri didi ko aaj ke khel ke baare mai batanewale hai?Woh dekh hero kaise apne honewali biwi ki saheli ko nangi karke chodne jaa raha hai.Tum ekdum garam ho jaogi yeh scene dekhke aur mujhse chudane tayyar ho jayogi.Teri chut ekdum garam hai mujhe pata hai,mast jhato se bhari gaddedaar chut hai teri,ek baar chupke se dekhi thi maine aur tabse tujhe chodne ka irada banaya meri saali jaan."I was now losing control over myself.Raza was talking & acting so dirty that my chut had got wet. But even now I was afraid to let it happen due to some unknown fear.The scene on the screen was so beautifully picturised that I kept seeing it intently.Just as the scene got over I came to my senses but without getting up from Raza's lap & said,"Oh jiju kitna ganda picture hai shi shi. Mujhe nahi dekhni aisi picture.Aur rahi didi ki baat to usse mai ya tum kaisa dhoka de sakte hai? Apke saath yeh sab karna matlab mai Nidhi ki sautan banne jaisa hai." Raza now put one hand under my skirt & feeling my milky soft thighs said,"Bahut bhaa mat khaa saali jaan,poora scene to maaze se dekha aur ab natak karti hai.Aare mera bus chale to tujhe bhi meri biwi banaunga,kyonki tu hai ekdum garam maal.Sun meri jaan,yeh Jija saali ki chudai har ghar mai hoti hai.Koi bhi jija teri jaise sexy saali pe apna haq zaroor jatayega.Ummm waise bhi tu aaj tum bahut his sexy lag rahi ho Priya darling,kya mast mulayam jism hai tera jaan." 

I now started acting as if I really didn't want to get fucked by Raza,so I put my hand over his hand under my skirt & said,"Nahi jiju please,kuch mat karo, mai yeh sab apne pati ke saath shadi ke baad karna chahati hoon.Please jiju aisa kuch mat karo jo mujhe acha nahi lage.Tum please apna haath hatao meri skirt ke niche se." Raza freed his hand & now putting both hands under my skirt lifted it till my ass & playing with my sexy naked thighs said,"Shadi se pehle hi kar lo darling, seekh lo chudai mujhse.Humse accha teacher nahi milega tujhe.Khub ache se tujhe chudai sikhaunga. Shadi ke baad tera pati bhi khush hoga tujhe chodke.Priya is picture mai bahot garam-garam scene hai.Jab tujhe KAMASUTRA sytle mai chodunga to tujhe bhi maaza aayega,sirf ek baar chuda le mujhse phir dekh kaisa maaza aayega rani."Now I realised that Jiju will not leave me un fucked.I also found Nidhi's statement of Jiju's dirty talks while making a girl hot.When Nidhi had told me about it I didn't believe it but now I found it to be true.I stopped 
resisting & said,"Jiju haath mare shirt mai kyo dala hai?Oh jiju mujhe sharm aa rahi hai koi dekhega na?" Raza seperated my thighs & put his palm on the panty over my chut & said,"Sharmao nahi Priya,yaha kaun dekhega?Koi hai hi nahi aas pass aur is andhere mai to koi jaan bhi nahi payega ki mai teri chut sehla rahe hoon aur mera lund teri gaand ke niche dabke khada hai.Umm teri gamar garam chut ke to hum diwane hai.Jaan chut sehalwa lo ab bas, hame pata hai,ander se tumhe bhi chudne ki tamanna hai bus zara apne Jija se sharma rahi ho.Teri jaise garam saali ko to biwi ke saath chodna chahaye.Ahhh. .mmmmmmmmmm kya jhante hai tare, ekdum makhmali,ekdum nazuk,maaza aayega aaj teri jawani lootne."Now I was in heaven.Jiju' s fondling of my body in such vulgar language was giving me terrific pleasure.I now understood why Nidhi liked it when Raza used such dirty language.Now Jiju had one hand on my chut & the other on my chest across my boobs.Sitting on Jiju's lap I could feel his heavy lund caressing my gaand.Even though I now wanted him,I was afraid & looking here there to see is anyone was looking at us just murmured,"Aaaaaa Jiju uuuufffff nahi,aaaaa Jiju,please dekho yeh sab itna openly mat karo,galati se bhi kissi ne dekha to kitni beizzati hogi meri." Raza now move me on one lap,then put his hand under my panties & with the second hand opening his fly let out his lund.He caught my hand & put it on his lund.I could feel his hot throbbing lund standing tight in my palm.As I tried to remove my hand Raza made me hold his lund kissing my neck.I caught his lund gently & said,"Aaaaaaaa Jiju yeh kya kar rahe ho?Isko bahaar nikalke mare haath mai kyon diya?Dekho Jiju please aaisa kuch mat karo jisse mai kissi ko muh nahi dikha sakungi." 

Ab Raza ne meri chut ungli se masalte woh ungli halke se meri chut mai ghusate kaha,"Mmm wooowww kya rasili chut hai teri Priya jaan.Meri poori ungli gilli kar di teri rasili chut ne to.Priya ab tu mera lauda sehlake dekh kitna sakth hai,yehi lauda hai jo har raat teri behan ki chut aur gand chodta hai aur jisse teri behan bade pyar se chusti hai.Aaj mera lund teri kuwari chut chodega poora aandar tak jake.Behanchod kya maal lag rahi hai tu in kapdo mai,ekdum top class garam maal lagti ho.Teri behan ka bhi nanga jism dekhke mera lund itna nahi utha tha jitna tera jism sehlake abhi khada hai mera lauda.Aaj to maaza aayega tujhe chodne behan ki lauri." Ab maine bhi sharam tyaag di aur Raza ka lund sehlate kaha,"Nahi Jiju dard hoga aapka lund ghusne se,aapka lund to us hero ke lund se bhi mota aur lamba hai,meri to phat jayegi.Aur Jiju aap yeh galliya kyon de rahe ho mujhe?Kya apni choti saali ko galliya dena acchi baat hai?"Raza made me lift my ass & pulled my panties down making me remove them. Lifting my skirt up till my waist,spreading my legs & making my nangi chut easily accessable to his hand.Then he lifted my T shirt & opening my bra hook lifted the bra cups from over my tits.Now my chut & tits were naked to him. Raza massaging my chut & playing with my nipple said,"Aare nahi hoga dard jaan,dard hoga bhi to uske baad meetha lagega mera lund teri gaand mai, ekdum mast ho jaogi tum saali jaan. Waise behanchod,jab mai garam hota hoon to galliya deta hoon.Teri behan ko to isse bhi gaandi galliya deta hoon aur woh bhi khushi se galliya khake aur masti se chudwati hai.Par yeh galliya sirf chodte waqt hi deta hoon,baad mai usse bhi jyada pyaar deta hoon jisse aaj tak teri behan mujhse khush hai aur ab tu hogi.Tu such keh rahi hai sali, hero ki jagah mai aur heroin tu hoti to duniya hamari chudi ko aur masti se dekhte.Behanchod ekdum randi jaise chodta tujhe,waise bhi tera jism ekdum randi jaisa hai aur dressing bhi.Bahut ladke masalte honge na tujhe?Kitno se chudwai ho meri randi saali jaan tum?
Ahhhhhhhhhhh aur zor zor se sehlao mera lauda behanchod Priya."

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Mai bhi besharam hoke ab Jiju ka lund masti se sehlane lagi.Jiju ke muh se gaandi galliya sunke meri chut aur garam hoke nipples unke sehlane se aur taan gaye.Jiju mujhe randi skehte sun zara bura laga lekin mai kuch nahi boli.Mai khud apna jism unke badan se satate boli,"Jiju,uffff aapka haath mare sine pe accha lag raha hai,mera sina aaj tak kisi ne bhi itni masti se nahi masla tha. Aur maslo mera sina,aapse masalke lane bahut dino se betaab tha.Jiju aap kitni gandi baate karte ho,kya apni biwi aur ab sali ke saath koi aaisa pesh aata hai kya?Such bolu Jiju,apki galliya aur harkate mujhe achi lagti hai,usse mare jism mai aur masti aati hai.Um Jiju aur maslo." Itna kehte mai khud Jiju ke gale mai haath dalke unko kiss karne lagi.Meri chut aur mamme dabate Jiju bhi mujhe kiss karne lage.Mai ekdum besharam aur bindhast hoke cinema hall mai Jiju ke saath masti kar rahi thi.Itni daring to maine apne boy friend ke saath bhi nahi dikhaye thi. Mare mamme dabate Jiju bole,"Meri randi saali jaan Priya,tujhe to mai aur gaandi galliya dake chodnewala hoon.Teri behan ko chodu raand,teri jawani badi mast hai aur aaise mast jawani ko bade berahmi se masalna chahaye, usse chodne aur chudwane wale dono ko maaza aata hai.Teri gaand maru saali,mamme dabake lane accha lagta hai to ab chalo phir tumhare doodh bhi daba dete hai." Mare mammo se T shirt uppar karte Jiju ne unko nanga karte chumte kaha,"Behanchod randi saali,mmmm kya baat hai?Tum to Nidhi se bhi garam ho,ekdum tayyar maal ho,jab teri didi ko pehle baar nangi kiya tha tab bhi uska jism tare itna garam nahi hua tha chinal.Aaj aaish hai meri.Waise saali kitne mardo ne tera yeh jism masla hai aur kitne laude is chut mai dalke liye hai tune?" 

"Oh Jiju kitni galliya doge apne is kamsin saali ko tum?Mujhe aadhi gharwali se ekdum randi bana diya aapne to.Kya mai randi hoon,chinal hoon?Waise Jiju sirf 2 ladko ne masla hai mujhe aur abhi ke boy friend ne pehle baar choda mujhe." Mai ab khulke chudwake lane ki baat kar rahi thi Jiju se.Mai samjhi ki Jiju ki galliyo ne mujhe besharam kiya hai.Mera jawab sunke Jiju khsuh ho gaye. Unhone mujhe goad se uthke niche baithe kaha.Mai samjhi woh kya chahate thay aur be-jhijhak hoke mai unke pairo ke bich baithi.Mera sir dono haath se pakadke apna lund mare chehere pe ghumate Jiju bole,"Wah,matlab meri kamsin saali apne chut chudke lane lagi to.Tabhi mai kahu yeh randi itni jaldi kaise tayyar hui mujhse chudwane.Teri behan ki gand maru chinal,chal ab mera lund chus randi saali." Mai Jiju ka lund chusne lagi badi masti se.Jyada se jyada lund chuste unki gotiya bhi sehla rahi thi.Jiju bhi taav mai aake mera muh masti se chod rahe thay.Kyonki balcony mai jyada log nahi thay hum log bindhast hoke masti kar rahe thay.Ab cinema hall mai picture dekhne ke bajai hamari picture chal rahi thi.Jiju mujhe kiss karte - karte mare mamme masalke,chut mai ungli kar rahe thay aur mai uske nange lund se khel rahi thi. Jiju dono mamme poore hatho mai leke unko kaske masatle unke nipple ungliyo se daba rahe thay zor zorse.Phir ek haath niche lake uski ungli se meri chut chodte thay.Hamari yeh masti 10-15 minit chalta raha.Mai pori tarah uttejit hui thai aur ab chut mai lund lane badi betaab thi.Interval ka time bhi ho raha tha aur ab mujhse bhi raha nahi jaa raha tha to mai boli,"Aaaaaaaaaa Jijuuuuuuu bahoot maaza aa raha hai haan aapka lund chusne.Bada mast aur tagda hai.Lekin Jiju ab chalo ghar jate hai mujhe kaisa to ho raha hai.Mera jism ekdum garam ho gaya hai aur kapde jism pe boj lagte hai,please Jiju kuch karo meri yeh masti utarne."Jiju bhi ekdum garam ho gaye thay. 

Unhone meri panty pocket mai dalte mujhe khadi kiya.Maine skirt aur shirt thik kiya aur Jiju ne apna lund pant mai dalke mera haath pakadte mujhe hall se bahar laya.Canteen mai humne soft drinks pi.wahan ke mirror mai maine dekha ki mera chehera ekdum laal tha aur baal ekdum bikhre hai.Hum theatre mai bahar aaye to Jiju bole,"Aare Priya,hum ghar gaye to tare badan ki garmi kaise nikalunga?Teri maa bhi to hai ghar mai, kya uske samne mujhse chudegi randi tu?" Taxi ki rah dekhte hum khade thay. Jiju ka haath meri piche se meri T shirt uthake nangi kamar sehla raha tha.1-2 log yeh dekh rahe thay.Mujhe sharam to aa rahi thi lekin mai kuch nahi boli. Phir Jiju ke sawaal ka se zara haaste boli,"Jiju yeh maa ke samne karne ki kya baat karte ho?Bade besharam ho aap,aisa karte hai,hum abhi ghar ki terrace pe jate hai,wahan koi nahi hoga,jo karna hai wahi karange hum,thik hai?"Jiju kuch kehne se pehle ek taxi aake ruki.Hum andar baithte maine usse address diya.Jaise taxi chali Jiju mera T shirt uppar karake nange mamme se khelne lage.Unka dusra haath meri gaand ke niche tha aur unhone apni zip kholke lund bahar nikalke mare haath mai diya.Maine dekha ki taxi driver aaine se baar-baar piche dekh raha hai.Maine Jiju ka haath apne sine se hatate boli,"Jiju yeh kya,aap to mujhe taxi mai hi nangi kar rahe ho?Dekho woh driver kaisa dekh raha hai baar-baar piche aaine se.Ab ghar jaa rahe hai na,zara to sabr karo." Jiju ne jawab mai mera ek mamma expose karte us driver se kaha,"Aa maderchod bhadwe,tujhe meri sali ke mamme dekhne hai to ek baar mudke jee bharke dekh le aur uske baad sedhe taxi chala,baar-baar piche dekhega to gaand marunga teri. Chal us cone mai taxi ruka aur meri saali ke mamme dekh." Mujhe kuch samajhne ke pehle Jiju ne mare dono mamme expose kiye.Udhar driver ne taxi roki aur hame dekhne laga.Jabtak mai sambhalti Jiju mera ek mamma chusne aur dusra masalne lage thay.Woh driver phati aankho se hamara yeh masti ka khel dekh raha tha.Uski ankho mai bhi hawas nazar aa rahi thi par himmat nahi ho rahi thi.Woh 20-22 saal ka ladka aapne hootho pe jheeb pherte mare Jiju ko mare mammo se masti karte aur mai Jiju ka lund sehlate dekhne laga.Mai sambhalte hi Jiju ko door karne lagi lekin woh kaha maante? Mujhe kaske padakte woh badi masti se mera mamma chus rahe thay. Jiju zindagi mai pehle baar mera mamma chus rahe thay.Mai waise bhi hawas ki aag mai jaal rahi thi aur yeh ajnabi ke samne Jiju se mamme chuske masalne mai aur behaal ho gaye.Mujhe Jiju ki yeh daring acchi lagi.Us driver ko tadpne ke irade se mai uski aankho mai aankhe dalte apne hootho pe jheb pherte aur Jiju ka muh apne mamme pe dabate kaha,"Oh Jiju aaj kya hua hai apko?Yeh kya mujhe nangi kar rahe ho taxi mai? Yeh driver dekho kaise phati ankho se mera jism dekh raha hai.Jiju please ab bus karo na,dekho hum abhi terrace pe chalange na?Wahan tumko jo karna hai karo."Jiju meri baat maante apna muh mare mammo se alag karte lekin mamme nange rakhte driver se bole, "Chal re bhadwe,ab meri sali ke nange mamme dekhe na tune?Ab seedhe se taxi chala,hamare ghar tak mai isko maslunga par tune mudke dekha to maderchod teri maa chod dalunga.Chal taxi start karke sedha chal gandu." Jiju ka yeh rubab dekhke woh driver daar gaya aur mudke taxi start karne laga. Mai Jiju ko lipatte haste boli,"Bade badmash ho tum Jiju,kitni gandi galiya date ho,us bechare ko mera jism dikhaya aur ab bolte ho sedha chala.Uska dil ab driving pe thodi hoga." Jiju mare nange mamme masalte bole,"Tujhe us driver ki padi hai to ja usse chudwa le randi sali jaan.Behanchod badi besharam hai tu,kya uske niche sona hai tujhe?Aare Priya jaan,yeh harami jake ab kisi chut ko zaroor chodega,tu uski baat jane de,teri gaand maru sali mare laude pe dhyan de,chal mera lauda sehla." Jiju ki driver se chudwane ki baat sunke mai aur sharmaye aur jhutte gusse se unke sine mai 1-2 baar maarte unka lund sehlane lagi.Mera ghar aane tak yeh silsila chal raha tha.Driver hamara yeh khel baar-baar dekh bhi raha tha. 

Mai bhi besharam hoke jab woh driver dekhta to apne mamme masalti aur hootho pe jheeb pherti.Ek baar jab maine mamma uski taraf karne ki action ki to us harami ne apni jheeb hootho pe ghumate mujhe aankh maari.Uski yeh action dekhke meri chut aur garam hui aur ghar aantak 
maine kai baar usko aise cheda.Jaise ghar aaya maine Jiju ko mujhse alag karte T shirt niche li.Mai niche utarte us driver ko tadpane ke hisab se usse pyar se dekhte T shirt ke uppar se apne sine pe bewajah haath ghumane lagi jaise mare T shirt pe dhool ho.Jiju lund pant mai daal rahe thay tab tak woh driver meri harkat dekhte apna lund sehlane laga.Woh mujhe aaise dekh raha tha jaise ki woh mujhe chodna chahata hai.Jiju niche utarte mujhe building mai jane bolte taxi ka bill dane lage.Mai mud-mudke un dono ko dekhte building gate tak gaye.Jiju 5 minit mai paise dake mare pass aaye. Building mai sannata chaya tha.Sab darwaze band thay. Isse hame dekhnewala koi nahi tha.Hum log jaldi-jaldi terrace pe gaye.Jiju ne terrace dekhi aur meri gaand masalte bole,"Wah badhiya jagah hai yeh,behanchod na koi disturbance aur koi dekhne wala.Kya jagah hai,yani yaha door-door tak koi nahi,bas hum aur tum mai aaj jao baho mai Priya,aaj tumko to randi bana ke chodenge.Bade maze se teri chudai kar sakta hoon yahan." Jiju ne mujhe baho mai liya aur hum kiss karne lage.Kiss karte-karte Jiju ne meri skirt ka hook kholte mujhe T shirt nikalne lagaya.Ab mai sirf open bra mai Jiju ke samne khadi thi.Meri panty to waise hi Jiju ke pocket mai thi.Jiju meri zindagi mai dusra mard tha jo mujhe nangi dekh raha tha.Jaise Jiju mare doodh masalne lage mai bhi besharam hoke unki pant kholte lund nikalke usse sehlate aur Jiju se lipatke boli,"Jiju ab jo chao woh karo,mai nahi rokungi aapko.Mujhe jaise lena hai lo,aaj ke liye apni yeh Priya sali aapki aadhi gharwali nahi balki poori gharwali banne tayyar hai.Waise Jiju woh driver kya bol raha tha apko?"Meri bra utar phekte Jiju mujhe nange karte jhato se bhari chut ko sehlate haste bole,"Uski maa ki chut chodu harami lauda,woh bol 'sahab mai bhi aau kya isse chodne?Badi garam maal hai aapki saali,ek saath 2-2 mard masti se legi.'

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Usko maa behan ki galliya dake bhagaya maine.Behanchod teri jawani pe ekdum fida hua woh maderchod lauda.Tu leti kya ek saath hum dono ko Priya randi?" Us driver ki baat sunte anjane mujhe accha laga lekin Jiju ki baat sunke zara gussa aaya.Jiju to mujhe ekdum randi hi samajh rahe thay.Mai apni chut unki haath pe dabate boli,"Jiju ab bus bhi karo na?Kitna gaanda bolte ho mare baare mai?Mai kya sadak chap ladki hoon jo har kissi mard ko lift doon?Yeh sirf aap ki baato,harkato aur meri iccha thi jo ab aapke saamne nangi hoon.Mujhe aapke alawa aur koi nahi chahaye samjhi?" Jiju meri chut mai ungli dalte aur mamme masalte bole, "Bahot harami pan dikha rahi hai tu saali jaan,mujhe malum hai driver ki baat sunke teri chut mai aur masti aaye hai.Lekin meri randi saali,mai bhi koi chutiya nahi hoon jo kissi ajnabi se teri jaise garam chut ko chudwau.waise bhi aaj hamari yeh pehle chudai hai to sirf mai hi chodunga tujhe.Chal meri randi saali,ab niche baithke fursat se apne Raza Jija ka lauda chus.Dekh saali ki chut chodne mera lauda kaise uchal raha hai.Baith niche aur aaisa lauda chus ki mai teri didi ko bhool jau.Behanchod jabse teri ubhri jawani dekhi hai to mujhpe hamesha bas teri chudai ka bhoot sawar jo jati hai." 

Mai niche baithke Jiju ki pant nikalte unka nanga lund sehlane lagi.JIju ka lund mare lover Ajay se jyada bada aur lamba tha.Uski topi pe chamdi nahi thi aur meri chudai ke baare mai sochke lund zara gilla bhi tha.Woh gillapan ungli se unke lund pe lagake maine 1-2 baar lund chumte phir usse baar-baar chusne liya.Jiju ne apna skirt nikala aur ab hum dono ekdum nange thay.Mare baalo se haath ghumate Jiju ahista-ahista mera muh lund se chodte bole, "Ahhhhhhhhh Ooooooooooooooooooo greattttttttttttttt kya choosti hai tuuu Priyaaa zor zorse choos saali randi hai tu meri,ahhhhhhh uuuuuuffff mere balls bhi chooso zor zorse." 

Ab aadhe se jyada lund mai chuste bich-bich mai Jiju ki gotiya bhi chusne lagi mai.Ajay ne mujhe sikhaya tha ki lund aur gotiya kaise chusni chahaye aur mai bilkul waise hi kar rahi thi jisse Jiju bade khush thay.Niche jhukke woh mare dodh dabake maaza le rahe thay.Acche se lund chuswake lane ke baad Jiju ne mujhe hamare kapdo pe sulaya aur meri taange kholke usme baithke jhaato se bhari meri chut sehlate bole,"Wwoooooooowww w kya kaali kaali gaddedar chut hai teri Priya.ekdum teri behan jaise.Teri behan ko bhi chut pe jhate rakhne accha lagta hai." Meri chut sehlate Jiju aage jhukke mujhe kiss karne lage.Mare mamme unke sine se dab rahe thay.Acche se chumte Jiju ne ungli meri chut mai ghuske meri chut chodne lage.Mera jism ab sab bandhan aur lajja paar kar chuka tha.Mai kamar uthake Jiju ki ungli jyada se jyada chut mai lake,unke muh mai meri jheeb dalke mamme unke sine se ragadte unka lamba lund sehla rahi thi.Chut ko 2 ungliyo se chudne Jiju baar-baar unko nikalke chatte woh bole,"Mmmm behen ki lauri ho bahot garam maal ho tum,mmmm aaj teri chut phadke rakhunga saali."Maine Jiju ko kaske pakadte kaha,"Ooh Jiju,ab mujhe mat tadpao,ummm mujhe chodo jiju,aapni saali aadhi gharwali ko chodo,ab raha nahi jata mujhe,apna yeh lauda dalo meri chut mai aur chod-chodke poori garmi nikalo meri chut ki." Mare mamme zara zorse masalte Jiju bole,"Thik hai Priya,chal ab tu kuttiya bano,teri mast gaand marunga pehle.Tare yaar ne mari hai ya nahi teri yeh mast gaand?" Jiju ki baat sunke mai ghabrake boli,"Nahi na Jiju,gaand mai dard hoga,Ajay ne meri gaand chodi hai lekin uska lund aapse chota hai,tab mujhe dard hua tha.Ab aapka yeh lund jayega to phategi na meri gaand." Mujhe uthake terrace ki deewar se satate Jiju ne meri gaand masalte kaha,"Aare us chutiya ko pata nahi hoga teri jaise ladki ki gaand kaise marni chahaye.Ab dekh mai chodunga to jyada dard nahi hoga,bus zara sa dard hoga uske baad maza aayega.Chal tu kuttiya baan ja aur dekh mai kaise teri gaand marta hoon." 

Mai samjhi ki Jiju nahi mannewale isliye mai turn hoke jhukke,deewar se sahara lake khadi hote haath piche dalte apni gaand kholte boli,'Jiju,dekho mai aapki baat maan rahi hoon lekin please aaram se dalo aapka lund.Mujhe bahut daar lagta hai,bahut dard hoga aapka lund ghusne se." Jiju meri kamar mai haath dalke apne pass khichte bole,"Aaram aaram se dalunga Priya,tujhe jyada dard nahi hone dunga.Waise saali tumhe to kuch batane ki zaroorat hi nahi padi,behanchod barabaar tu kuttiya banke gaand failake khadi hui.Randi lagta hai bahut gaand marwake li hai tune tare yaar se." Bina kuch jawab diye mai aankhe band aur hootho ko daato se dabaye khadi thi.Jiju ne haatho se meri gaand failai aur apna lund gaand ke ched pe rakhte dhire se dabane lage.Jaise-jaise lund ka dabav badhne laga meri gaand ka muh khulne laga. Mujhe dard ho raha tha lekin itna nahi.Lund ki topi andar ghuste hi Jiju ne zara saas li aur phir kamar pakadke halka dhakka lagaya.Jaise mujhe dard hua mai hali chillai,"Jiju mai mar gayee ouch ohhhhh." Jiju bhi samjhe ki unka lund mujhe dard de raha hai.Unhone andaza lagaya ki ajay ka lund zaroor chota hoga.Lekin ab woh kahan mannewale thay.Kamar pakadte halke dhakke date woh bole,"Ahhhh, kya tight gaand hai teri Priya, poora lund nichodke le rahi hai teri gaand.Rani zara gaand dhili choor jisse lund ghusne aasani ho." Jiju ke kehne pe jab maine gaand relax ki Jiju ne zara kaske dhakka mara jisse unka aadha lund gaand mai gaya.Phir Jiju ne ek haath sine pe rakhte dusra haath mare muh pe dabate ek hi zorka dhakka maara jise unka poora ka poora lund meri gaand mai ghus gaya.Mai dard se unke haath ke niche chillane aur chatpatane lagi.Mai Jiju ki baho se nikalna chahati thi lekin Jiju ne kaske mare mamme masalte aur meri gaand mai lund dabate kaha,"Uffff behanchod,saali kya tight gaand hai teri.Poora ka poora lauda nigal gaye teri gaand Priya.Teri behan ki gaand bhi itni tight nahi thi jab pehle baar uski gaand mari thi.Ab dard khatam hoga jald hi jaan aur dard nahi karegi gaand teri,aaram se chodenge gaand teri,jab thodi gilli hogi tab masti se chodunga,ab ghabrana nahi samjhi?" 

Maine haan mai sir hilaya waise Jiju zara aaramse lund aage piche karne lage.8-10 baar aisa karte hi jaise meri gaand ne unka lund bina dard se lena shuru kiya Jiju ka ek haath mare mammo pe late mai boli,"Haan aaramse karo pehle Jiju uuuufffffffffffffff ff.Jiju bada accha lag raha hai aapka lund meri gaand mai.Please Jiju kaske padko mujhe,mera badan aapke badan se ragadte chodo." Jiju mujhe kaske dabochte meri gaand marne lage.Mera poora jism unke dhakko se hil raha tha lekin Jiju ka speed bilkul kam nahi ho raha tha. Berahmi se mare mamme masalte aur chut sehlate Jiju zoro se gaand chodte bole,"Behanchod Piya,sali kya tight gaand hai teri,maaza aa raha hai,teri behan ki chut chodu,ab jab bhi Mumbai aayunga tujhe chodunga,tujhe meri Mumbai ki rakhail banaunga sali samjhi?" Mai apni gaand piche karte boli,"Haan Jiju,aap jab bhi aao mujhe chodna,mujhe aapka lund bahut pasand aaya.Mare lover ka lund aapke saamne kuch nahi.Jab aap nahi rahange tab usse chudwa lungi aur aap aayange to aapse."Jiju apna lund aadhe se jyad bahar nikalke poore josh se usse phir meri gaand mai daba rahe thay. Aaise chudai mai pehli baar experience kar rahi thi.Hum zorse haafte,aahe aur siskariya bharte khel ka maaza le rahe thay.Haath piche karke maine Jiju ki kamar pakadte kaha,"Ufffffff Jiju,mera Ajay bhi aaise nahi chodta hai haannnnnnnnn Jijuuuuuuuuuuuuu aur zorse chodo mujhe.Apni is kamsin saali ko jee bharke chodo Jiju raja.Kash apne pehle hi chod hota mujhe to itne din bekaar nahi jate apne.Aaj karib aapke shadi ko 2 saal ho gaye aur yeh 2 saal humne waste kiya." Jiju aur zorse meri gaand chodne lage.Meri gaand mai unka lund barabaar ghuste nikal raha tha.Mare nipples se khelte Jiju bole,"Uahhhhhh ab chodunga tujhe harami chut,2 saal ki kasar nikalunga poori.Itna chodunga ki tujhe mare lund ke siwa koi lund accha nahi lagega.Ummm. Priya mera garam lund feel kar rahi ho na apne gaand mai?"Haan Jiju aapna sakth garam lund meri poori gaand mai feel ho raha hai,bada accha lag raha hai lund mujhe meri gaand mai.Jabse aap mera jism choone lagi mare jism mai garmi badhne lagi aur aaj jab suna ki aap akele aa rahe ho to maine tai kiya ki kuch bhi ho apse zaroor chudwake lungi.Jiju mujhe ab lund meri chut mai chahaye,please ab mujhe niche sulake meri chut chodo na Jiju.Usse mai aapko baho mai bharke apne mamme bhi aapse chuswa sakti hoon." Meri baat maante Jiju ne apna lund meri gaand se nikala aur mujhe niche sone lagate bole,"Chal ab teri chut chodne ki tamanna poori karta hoon,dekha teri gaand chodke nikla lauda chut pe rakha Priya aur yeh dabaya aandar.Le mera lauda behanchod randi chut,ab teri chut mai zadke shanti lunga.Meri jhange failake pakadte Jiju ne chut pe lund rakhte dabaya.Jiju ka lund meri chut ke muh pe jake meri chut kholte aandar ghusne lagta hai.Kyonki maine chut bahut chudwai thi 2-3 dhakko se Jiju ka poora lund meri chut mai ghusta hai.Acche se lund dalke Jiju mare uppar soote nipple chuste meri chut chodne lage.Mai bhi Jiju ko zoro se jakhadte unke lund se chut masti se bhidate chudwake lane lagi.Hum dono ke garam aur pasine se bhege jism ek dusre se ekdum chipak gaye thay.

Jiju ki nangi peth sehlate mai boli,"Jijuuuuuu haiiiiiiiiiiiii maaza aa gaya haan Jiju aur chooso aur zorse,kaise hai aapki saali?Maaza de rahi hai na aapko?" Jiju mera poora mamma muh mai lake chuste phir bole,"Aahhhhhhh saali to ekdum mast hai,randi,behen ki chut teri ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh , aaisa maaza to teri behan bhi nahi deti."Jiju kaske chod rahe thay.Jiju ka lund aur meri chut ke saath-saath hamare jhato ka bhi milan ho raha tha.Bada maaza aa raha tha.10-12 minit tak Jiju ne poore josh se choda mujhe.Jaise hum zadne ke karib aaye Jiju aur zorse chodne lage aur aakhir dhakka daate poora paani meri chut mai ugalte bole,"Ooooooooooooo o,mmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmm, Prrriiiiiiiy yyyyaaaaa oohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhh yehhhhhh leeeeeee sssaaaaaaaaalllllll iiiiii." Maine bhi kamar uthate Jiju ka jyada-se-jyada lund chut mai late kaha,"Hhhhhhaaaaaan nnnnnnn Jjjiiiiiiiijjjjjuuu uuuu, Rrraaaaaaaazzaaaaaa aaaaa deeeeee ppppppooooooorrrrrr rraaaaaaa ppaaaaaaaannnnnniii iiiii ddddeeeeeeee mmmmmeeeerrrrriiii gaaaaaaarraaaaaammm mm ccccccchhhhhhuuuuut ttttttttt kkkkkoooooooo. "15-20 dhakke aur marte Jiju ne poora paani meri chut mai daal diya.5 minit ke baad hum log alag ho gaye.Ab Jiju ek badal gaye.Unhone bade pyar se meri chut saaf ki aur phir usse pyar se chumte mujhe meri skirt aur T shirt pehnaya lekin mujhe bra panty nahi pehnne di.Phir Jiju ne bhi kapde pehne aur hum niche aaye.Mai hall mai so gaye aur Jiju mare kamre mai.Mujhe itna chodne ke baad bhi Jiju ka dil nahi bhara tha aur raat ko 3 baje aake Jiju ne mujhe neend se uthake ek aur baar unka lund mujhse chuswaya. Phir Jiju ne 1-2 din aur kaam badhaya aur hamare ghar rukte 3 baar khub choda.

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