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Pados Ki Vidhwa Bhabhi


I am here with a new story! One sister lives in our neighborhood; brother’s death was about four years ago. Around the age of 45 will be no law, but the figure was kept Mentoen good, even at this age they cannot say no more than 35-36. His son ran over a girl, little girl has just married last year. After marriage girl sister in law used to go every month to find Govardhan Parikrama, I too was with them. I’m going to tell the story there.

Like every month in January we went to Govardhan. Sister in law had to go somewhere next day, so he said – go early today so that evening and the morning be sure to complete the round will come back to catch the first bus.

I said – Ok!

We left the car for the afternoon. Made and there appeared to reach Mathura Dwarkadhish Tempo reached by holding Govardhan evening 6 pm. We stay in the hospice was there putting stuff we went to the orbiter. In return began to rain very fast. Avoid – save the night we arrived in Dharamsala was 11 o’clock and we were all wet.

I said to reach Dharamsala law – you go inside and change clothes, then I’ll change. In law took off later that quote – the same pair of clothes we brought, if the change will be worn for the morning ritual? I told Sister – You take my clothes and quilts from the lungi wrapped over lay down. I’ll see what I have.

Sister in law said – nice!

And he closed the door.

I have hot towels and wiped the body has adopted the cover sheet. I approached and asked – May I come in?

Then he said – yes!

One is cold, the rain from above! Katkata teeth were. Quilt mattress was in the room looked the same. I asked the hospice so she said – a single mattress in a room – will quilt. I’m back. I told sister – you go to sleep! I’ll sleep like that. Law if asleep, while I was lying on the cold that she was not to drag, my teeth began to peal, then law bid – Sanju you lie down in the same quilt! Cold enough, or your health will be impaired.

First, I hesitate because I was lying naked in the law, but you would not die, I entered from a side in the same quilt. Sister and I went down and back towards one another. Come a little heat in the body, but still looked cold. I changed sides and law lay down facing the back side. Perhaps my cold hand on their backs might have seemed, quote – get your hands on!

My hand on my stomach kept saying. Hot sister’s body – to have a warm touch of the devil woke up my mind. Chudai of law today might get a chance to let it’s fun.

But I never had never seen them look cool why is lying, but my arms got dressed and started hitting her ass. I was creeping up a little bit down so that the right place to look.

The same happened, as soon as I Move on down, my cock going in between the crack of his ass hinges. At first she just lay down quietly Kassmsai again. I was lying completely silent. In a while I realized that he raised his leg and lay down in the middle of Lund. Now my courage grew a little, I had my hand on their abdomen, making them a Move – Big Acwchiyoan put on and started caressing them.

All this was happening quietly at work. Breathe slowly started to warm up, she held her hand caressing the Acwchiyoan started my cooperation. Suddenly he woke up and started sucking my cock with her mouth. I also slowly making their legs wide for pussy licking started. We were in 69 poses. She kept her pussy completely clear.

His sucking was so warm that I thought I’ll just discharge. Sister in law suck cocks left and then to bid – Sanju, let me Acod tight today! ‘m So thirsty! Since your brother have done since then is Raspeana of cocks today.

I was ready, lying and direct them immediately based on his cock gave her creamy pussy. Because of Castle was full of pussy juice. At one stroke going into the depths of my cock pussy hinges. Ssiskahari turned out of their mouths, I asked – what hurt?

That quote – yes, after so long who am done! But you do not stop, start going! Today quench my thirst on! I got excited and started putting hard jerk. They shake their hips started supporting me. Bumps after 8-10, he grabbed me tightly and said – I was!

And she just was not me on the volley. She understood and said – do not get out! Camping in the lying down! I put cocks in her pussy was lying and started sucking his Acwchiyoan. In a while she got ready again. This time both were in full vigor. After about 20-25 bumps so I said I felt loss – Low-in-law, be careful! I went!

So bid – Do not dress down in! Scour my mouth!

I make out of cocks in pussy put in their mouths. He drank all the juice by licking and tongue licking my cock was clean. Then we fell asleep like that. Put up at four o’clock the morning after a shower and washed daily worship moved. There came to Vrindavan, there appeared after I told the law – now just go grab Delhi.

The bid law – not just here in a hospice rooms take on rent, the evening will go! Friends, that day I got them three – four times Choada. After we arrived in Delhi on the night. Now whenever we go there so once it is made sure Chudai program. If anyone want to know how I fuck bhabhi in Delhi.

Posted : 01/12/2010 12:10 pm