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MyCousin fucked his Chachi - 2


Hi this is Sultana Sinha (name changed) 36 yrs old healthy male from Patna Bihar again along with 2nd part of the story. I could not sleep properly the whole night. Flashes of memory was haunting me .I woke up late next day. Mami and Aman were behaving as if nothing had happened but I could not look into their eyes directly, I started seeing mami in a new perspective.

Now she appeared to be more of a sex object waiting to be laid. I just could not take my eyes off her boobs. I waited till the fall of night. At night Aman slowly got up and checked if I was asleep or not. I acted as if sleeping and waited for any action which I witnessed last night. Then I followed him to the room and waited patiently. Aman kissed mami on her lips sucking hard who also responded feverishly.

The baby was already asleep. Sweat appeared on my forehead also with excitement. Within seconds they were without a stitch of clothes. Her big white jugs with brown areola and half inch nipples filled with milk looked magnificent. They were plunging downwards due to its weight. Green veins were running alongside the melons adding to the beauty. Today I was seeing it more clearly than the night before having adjusted to the light.

Aman started sucking her left breasts with vigor cupping the other. He was squeezing the right one so hard that within seconds it appeared red. Then he laid her down on bed attacking her clean shaved cunt which was glistening with wetness. Lapping the love juice coming out with his tongue. He must have got clitoris in his tongue because she again started moaning due to excitement urging him to increase pace.

The speed reached a crescendo. She held his head with her hands bucking her waist forward and backward. Within three minutes she climaxed with a moan loud enough to wake up the house. She brought his face up to her face and kissed him tasting her own love juice. He stood up handing her his flagpole to suck the purple head. She was sucking his Lund and bobbing head up and down in action. Thick veins bulging on sides due to blood.

Aman: ”Today I’ll go the doggy style from behind so get up on all your four.” She immediately got on all four with her backside facing the door giving me a full view of her cunt. He took his Lund in his hand spitted on it and planted its purple head on the entrance of cunt. Took aim and pushed hard. Half of the Lund was inside in one push. Then he started pumping in and out. The room was filled with sound of thighs hitting each other thump-thump, flush-flush. The atmosphere was charged sexually.

Unable to control I took out my Lund from my shorts and started stroking in unison with their pumping. Suddenly mami’s baby woke-up and started crying. She immediately poked her nipple in baby’s mouth for her to drink milk. Just imagine the scene mother is being poked from behind and the baby is suckling to her breasts. Although finding it difficult to hold on to the boobs due to constant plundering the baby was busy suckling.

Aman extended his left arm and held one boob in his palm enabling the baby a better access. I again started my work of pumping my Lund. Aman’s Lund was going in coming out of mami’s swollen cunt in a very high speed glistening with precum and mami’s wetness. Then I reached the point of no return and suddenly unforeseen thing happened. A hand covered with bangles gripped my Lund just when I was about to shoot.

I turned around to see my elder mami Rani mami holding my penis and pumping ardently. I sprayed my cum on her hand and nighty this was so sudden I could not control myself. Even the amorous couple in front of me also spent simultaneously. Mami Kept her finger on her lips indicating me to keep quiet and watch the proceedings. She intently watched as Aman (her son) was pouching his thick penis into the exposed cunt of Nitu mami. How she would have felt?

Obviously excited first and then surprised. ( She might have heard the baby’s crying and since mama was out of town she came to Nitu mami’s room to pick up the baby and here she saw the spectacular scene and just froze) And then saw my big Lund and out of sheer excitement held it in her hand and nevertheless I shot in her hand. Everything happened so quickly that I also was rooted to ground and dumbfounded to respond.

I just sat down on the floor regaining my senses, mami also sat near me and suddenly Nitu mami came out of the room all nude to fetch water from fridge. Since we were on the floor she didn’t see us. She went inside her room and thankfully didn’t close the door. Now we got up and again peeped in the room. Both the incestuous lovers were nude and laid on their sides facing each other

Nitu mami : “You are such a nice lover or should I say fucker, whenever I am with you I feel lot younger. I can give my right to be fucked by daily. You have learnt most of the tricks from me very quickly.”

Aman: “Because chachi you taught practically very well. Who will let go any opportunity to fuck such a lovely body? Not a sane person”

Nitu mami: “If this was your mother’s body would you have said the same?”

Aman: “No| my mom is not as sexy as you are. Even her boobs are small and drooping, her cunt is hairy she does not shave like you ,she has stretch marks on her tummy and lower abdomen.”

Nitu mami: “This was very amazing information. how come you know these very intimate things? Have you fucked your mom too? You motherfucker(madharchod)”

Even I was shocked to hear these words because only woman’s husband can have this knowledge. Does that mean Aman has fucked his mother also. I looked at mami searching any response but meanwhile Aman himself cleared any doubts.

Aman: “I have never ever fucked any lady besides you not to mention my mom. But many a times have I seen her taking bath & changing clothes through, a tiny hole in the bathroom door which no one knows exists except me. Since nobody is around in the room during daytime this has continued since long.”

Nitu mami: “That’s very naughty of you spying on your mother.”

Aman: “What you know. I have even witnessed fucking between my parents.”

Nitu mami: “How?”

I was watching Rani mami for any reaction but she was stoned to know that her son had spied on her while she was bathing and also seen his parents fucking ,how? He was about to narrate.
Now Aman will narrate the story in his words.

Hi my name is Aman,18 yrs old. Well it happened 3-4 years back. The ceiling fan of my room conked out in middle of night. I went to my parent’s bedroom to ask them to allow me to sleep in their room. They were sound asleep so thinking not to disturb them I spread a bed sheet on the floor in their bedroom and tried to sleep on floor only, But before I could go into deep sleep I heard some whispering.

I thought someone was outside the window but then I realized that it was my dad whispering in my mom’s ear coaxing her to wakeup. She very reluctantly got up. Dad put his palm on her boobs above blouse trying to open it and mom was trying to stop him saying she was too tired for such thing as she had finished her periods that day only. Light from street lighting was falling on them allowing me to see the proceedings.

Dad succeeded in opening hooks of the blouse then came the turn of bra. He snapped it off in a jiffy. Oh my god mom’s boobs were shining in the little light. I was confused as to what was he doing? To my amazement he put his mouth on the nipple and started sucking like your baby does making slurping sound. I had no idea what was going on but was mesmerized by the scene. I thought why isn’t mom pushing him away?

Then I heard her making some sound. I thought it is paining her. I was about to interrupt when my mom told dad that it was very nice of him to do it. That means she was enjoying it. It was impossible for me to sleep now. Suddenly I realized that they were going to fuck as described by my friends and I am about to witness it. I became really excited. Dad kept on sucking her boobs and then put his hand on her thighs just below vagina. Mom bucked up in ecstasy. She pushed him away .She put on her blouse and bra and told him to wait as she has something new to do. Dad opened his lungi and with that out came his lauda.

Mom : “No need to hurry, first get into the correct mood”

.Mom : “It is soothing. From this afternoon, my body was trembling in anticipation. I knew ,you were searching my cunt. I continued in anxiety and anticipatory condition.”
Dad : “yeah, it is like that only. Your cunt is like a magnet and my cock like a iron rod. Both will be attracting each other.”
My dad turned her around , stuck her to the wall near window on her back .He lounged himself forward for a kiss
Dad : “Take dear , take the kiss to savor my lips.”

Dad was giving intermittent thrust with his Lund(cock) jacking by Mom’s bum to the wall. His cock was visible but still by mom’s choot (cunt) was enclosed by her garment , may be very eager to come out and challenge my dad’s cock. Sweat was running down from the right temple side of my dad’s head.

After their passionate kiss my Mom lovingly twirling her fingers of both her hands at the side of his forehead, told him to remember their first encounter & do further the same as he had done to make her , his own as her husband to own her cunt forever. Later, pinching his nipples she tenderly pushed him to the other side wall, made him to sit on his heels behind the pillow. His cock was at its full, rearing to go. And for the first time I had clear sighting of a man’s raised cock.

She came on to the bed ,head beyond the pillow , laid down on the bed, with her feet towards me across ,turned to her left side with her face resting on the left palm , hand folded at the elbow. Her posture was mind blowing. I keep on reminiscing that even today making me ooze my precum. She huskily told him to rewind their first encounter and to start. My dad had gone mad. He started kissing the ears from its end , started slithering towards her head.

His cock dangling & for him may be dancing. He came to her head , licking her right ears on the rim & inserted his tongue into her ear lobe. She sighed ooooh! Haaaah! with her body swaying on the bed ,later her other hand moving to the back of his head , caressing it , as she used to do for my sister & me to express her maternal love. My dad came to eye lashes smooching tenderly, with my

Mom keeping it close , her mouth half open with her reddish tongue twirling on the lips. He later turned around to her face, started playing her face with his tongue, licking her cheeks, brushed it on her lips. Then he held her chin with his teeth looking to her eyes. She was looking at him with lust oozing from her eyes. She later pushed his head gripping his hairs towards her boobs. He bit her right boobs putting his hands to unclasp her blouse.
Mom: “Don’t remove now. We will do it in a new way.”

Dad had been reduced to her sex toy. His intensity still more triggered with her husky commands started smooching her belly, pierced his pointed tongue to its hole, my mom hissing cooing .His hand was deftly touching her sides, occasionally pinching her small protruding tyres. He then shoved his hand through the knot of the petticoat, after she again refused to remove the sari at that moment.

I could see his hand at work on her cunt enclosed by her clothes. Her sari had been drawn up bit above her knees. My Mom started moaning loudly

Mom : “yeh, be tender , in the daytime you did like a thief” , she teased him.

Dad : “I can’t bear further, I will shove the cock”

Mom: “Today you shoved for me during period and made me to bleed and stopped. Ok, now that’s over. Today is another new game, will you agree?”

Dad : “As my cunt commands.”

Mom; “I will show the Cock , a new place to shove in during periods.”

Dad : Fondling his cock , “when I tried earlier, you shouted.”

Mom: “Not there but here”

She pointed at the base of her blouse. Dad hopped on to her, shoved his cock up inside her blouse.

Mom: “Now fuck it”

Dad started jerking to & fro there. My Mom was swaying her knee folded legs & jerking as if complimenting him.

Mom : “Aaahh! The Cock appearing through my blouse, nudging my chin, it is full mast.”

Dad : “He teased , you have become an expert, Did your woman friends teach this?”
His teat fucking continued .Then he removed her blouse with his cock still inside, later she lifted her back easing him to unhook the bra. His Cock sprung up. When he moved down to strip her sari, again she obstructed. Pushed him onto the adjacent cot edge where he sat with his leg wide,

Mom still laying took her right palm to his cock thumbing its edge .I saw my Mom’s finger feeling his mild ooze, which I later came to know as precum, with him moaning.
Dad: “It’s difficult to bear any more; I want to kiss the cunt.”

Mom:. “No. This opportunity of being together alone, we have got after 5 days.’
Later, she pulled him with her hand using his Cock as a lever, he came on his knees , with his cock dangling near her vaguely opened lips But she pulled him making him to come on near her Boob’s zone, positioning his Cock near her lips Dad ‘s face lit up .

Dad : “We have not done like this before.” .

Mom,: “Ok ,do it now., shove the Cock in the mouth, I want it , want it to savor its sweetness.”
Dad : “yeah ,dear talk in a low voice ,you can be heard outside.”

Mom: “I Can’t bear, now shove.”

Dad shoved his Cock starting moaning aah! oah! , when my Mom started working on it inside her mouth. He started to thrust his hip lightly energizing his Cock go further & further , thrust, gradually increased ,Mom started shaking her head , pushed him when he shouted
Dad : “It is coming ,drink”

Mom pushed his Cock out gasping for breath. Sat on the bed fingering his Cock. Dad stood up pulling her to him, pulled out her sari, worked on her blouse unclasping the front hooks. Later, her boobs were freed from it , but her bra still given privilege to stay. I had seen my mom for the first time in semi dress. Later became curious (I can’t call excited at my age then) waiting to have her Boob’s maiden darshan (appearance).

Dad struggled a bit to remove her petticoat succeeding in putting it down , pulled my Mom to his chest , with my Mom reaching him with a couple of steps, in turn freeing herself from the petticoat at her heels. Pressing her against his chest unclasped her bra behind. Later, pulled my Mom to him , his crotch needling brushing her Cunt . My Mom matched him responding equally. And both were in trance standing on the bed.

My Mom moaning, cooing jaanu jaanu, biting his chest, ears, smooching his lips, pinching his upper back. Dad in turn was mumbling something back to her ears. Dad then ran down with his right palm on her back , towards her buttocks. He pushed gazing her from head to toe. My Mom’s few clump of hairs in the front was caressing her face, with some stuck with perspired wetness.

Dad went behind her, put his hands around, fondling her breasts, later holding her teats started nudging her to the edge of the bed towards the window. Now, the latest happening was something like exhibiting to me, my nude mom. He slid down his hands to her thighs on the side, she gracefully swaying & responding to his fondling , by resting her back on him . I was awe struck looking at her.

Her face totally transformed unlike my mother’s , lips bit trembling , drooled eyes drooping , whitish body glowing , small round boobs adorned by Dad’s bite marks, teats pointed. Her belly was as smooth as her cheeks, somewhat used as a canvas to stroke a web by a fanciful painter Which is birth marks caused when she conceived, suture line of caesarian surgery running aside her beautiful belly hole, as if an indicator hand directing me to gaze her

Boob above & Cunt below. Eyeing down I saw her Cunt glistening better than my first sighting earlier inadvertently facilitated during her bathing session to me. Her Cunt had bushy hairs ,the slit was wet with her ooze , Cunt lips unfurled in anticipation of Tongue to pamper and Cock to pound. It could draw any eyes to be gazing for any length of time. She was a ravishing beauty illuminated by red light spread in the room.

I had seen my mom in nude, in utter disbelief raising doubts whether she was the same I addressed as Ma all these days. Mom slid down on bed when Dad got relieved of her back, on his chest. He curled his head to reach in between her thighs ,tongue vigorously licking her cunt. Mom sprang up her bums with her elbow on bed encouraging him to do so ,she responded by repeated curling act of bums towards him ,facilitating the tongue to lick, suck, bite ,munch her ever sex oozing Cunt.

Mom: “Savor savor suck nicely ,aaaaa,mm”
When she sunk her bums on to the bed back, he was pushing more & more his head into the cunt. Then Mom started pulling his head away from her Cunt . Dad pulled her up, threw her on to the middle of bed , with her legs in V ,upper body resting on bed with her legs on mattress spread on the floor , with Cunt position , few inches away from the edge of the cot. He pushed a pillow into her hand which she shoved it under her bums.

Meanwhile, Dad was fondling his Cock, smearing its hood with his pre cum, Mom seeing him in drooling eyes and his eyes lusting her. He shoved his Cock into left palm , by which my Mom was making it feel the whole of Cunt, occasionally pressing it on to the slit.

Dad; moaned aaahh! oah!,..Continued mumbling & moaning, then my Dad again brought the hood near the slit, he rammed it in with a great push with his lust at its peak , resting on his elbows on her either side with his head a few inches above her breasts. He caught her right teat by his teeth & Mom instinctively moaned aaaaaaa.. ouch !.
His jerking turned into pounding , with their genitals singing pachh pachh pachh.
My mom in duet with it , moaning oaoaoaoaoaoaoao! mmmmaaah! ummmmmm!
Dad: “Take! take! Take… my bitch!, aaaaah! I am Letting out, letting out, and letting out.”

Mom: “What did you call me , bitch, call me like that you behanchod. Do you know now?”

Dad ; “ With a lustful eyes (cooed) cooed bitch, my lovely bitch”,
Caressing her face, tenderly pushing the hairs on forehead back. They were on each other for sometime mumbling sweet nothings to each other. They got up , my Mom teasing him.
Mom: “What dear, cock has melted,”
fingering his now limp cock

Dad: “Yah bitch, it’s due to yours Cunt’s hotness.”
Her face showed her lust being sparked by their discussion; being satisfied
yes I had seen my Mom in Randi avatar (in bitch appearance) that day.
I had seen the man & woman’s nude bodies, and their sexual encounter The wall clock showed the time as 1.40 AM. They pulled up a thin quilt over their nude bodies hugging on the bed. I was back to pavilion.

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