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I am going to tell you about my encounter with kavya my boss wife. She is 42years yet she looks like 30 yrs. She had a sexy figure of 38 28 32. She used to wear a low cut blouse from which her cleavage is visible. Whenever I saw her I feel of having sexual fun with her but as she was my boss wife I had to keep some distance. One day my boss invites me to his house for dinner. When I reach there I came to know that boss had to go to the neighbor house for some work and would return in an hour. Sarita told me to sit and she started to talk with me. But I was looking at her and her sexy figure while talking. That day she was wearing a black nylon skirt and a low cut sleeveless shirt through which her cleavage is distinctly visible. I was mad and was imaging how she would look in nude condition.

While talking she ask me about my family and if I am married or not. I told her everything and that I am still a bachelor. She laughed and enquires if I had girl friend I told her I don’t have any. While we were talking my boss and I gave him the gift a wine bottle I had brought for him he smile and gave me a thanks and we chat for sometime and had our drink. My boss had already brought some drink and he asks me if I had any problem if he made some cocktail. I told him that I had no problem. He mixed all the bottles and prepared the 3 packs for all of us.

He told me that they had not tasted cocktail I told him that it feels better and nice taste. Since it was new for my boss and his wife so they loss their normalness and my boss was already felt on the ground I took him to his bed and found a sleeping pile in his table and gave him the tablet and left him in his bed and come back to the drawing room and saw Sarita was lying on the sofa and was speaking some meaningless words. I was happy because my chances had come so I pour another glass with the cocktail and gave her and she pour it in within no time.

I then slowly went near her and touch her, as she was fully drunk so she could not feel my touch. I then laid her on the sofa completely and was touching her face and gave her a kiss. She could not recognize me and thought me to be her husband and call his name. I then unbutton her shirt and was mad to see her boobs held behind a lace bra. I pushed the bra up and free her boobs and press and licked it. Though she was in drunken mood but she was mooring I then pushes her skirt down. She was in a black panty I could no longer see her pussy behind the panty so I pushed it down and lick the whole pussy and pressed my tongue in her hole.

She was shouting like AHH—-OH-PL-PL-FUCKME. I put my tool near her hole and gave a push, since it was completely wet my tool directly went in. I fuck her for 15min and eject in her. I then brought my boss from the room and placed him near his wife and open his pant and underpants and left him there. I fresh up myself and adjust my dress and went to my house. The next day boss calls me to his house and asks his forgiveness for what happened last night. I told its OK.

I told him that they were out of control and in front of me fuck each other. My boss requested me not to tell anyone about it I promise but in one condition. He agreed and asked me the condition I told him that I would not tell anyone if he allows me to fuck his wife. Both of them looked at me and they went in and after 10min my boss came out and told me that they had accepted my condition and told me that his wife is waiting in the bedroom. I went in and I gave her a kiss and removed her sari and lick her whole body. While licking her pussy Sarita was mooring and I told her to lick my took she did and I eject in her mouth. I againg lick her pussy and her hole and after licking her I pushed my tool in her hole and fuck her for 15 min and eject in her and gave her a kiss.

I was happy to have a good sexy for having sex and till now for 4-5 days a week I fuck her and she also enjoys it.
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Posted : 02/07/2011 7:32 pm