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My wife Sarita


My wife is 30 with a body to die for; she keeps her bush very nicely
trimmmera ed. Wherever she goes she always turns heads & it’s always been
my fantasy to watch my wife having sex with another man for a few
years. I would tell her stories while I fucked her with her big
dildo about her getting a real good fucking by a total stranger.
This 1 night as I was fucking her with the dildo I asked her if she
wished that the rubber lund was a real one that was making her cum,
she was gasping & bucking her body up trying to get all of it into
her. In between her gasps she replied “fucking hell yes I do wish
this rubber lund was real”. After we had finished I asked her if she
had been serious about what I had said & she said if I got her a
lund that thrilled like that she would gladly fuck it.

My heart
leapt into my mouth, I didn’t believe she had said that. The next
night I looked on the Internet for a likely candidate, I asked her
what type of guy she would like but she just shrugged her shoulders
& said she would leave it up to me, it was my fantasy. The amount of
men offering their services was mind boggling & I thought it would
take me forever. This one guy caught my eye, he was
much older than us both, 42 to be exact, quite a big fellow hairy
chest & a tanned body, this guy looked like the guy I dreamed who
was fucking her. I checked out his statistics & he checked out fine,
his ad read that he was hung but didn’t say how big it was. I told
Sarita that I had found a guy & sent him a picture of her to him,
she said she hoped it wasn’t a mucky one, to which I said it didn’t
really matter as he was probably going to see it all anyway.

The next day we got a reply back from this & we arranged a meet with
him, I decided that if I liked the look of him then he could come
round & stay the night. We got to the meeting place & sat at this
table having a drink, Sarita was looking round at all the men who
were alone trying to figure out who the mystery man was. We waited
for about 30 minutes & he had not turned up, I decided to go to the
toilet then we should go home & have some fun on our own. When I
returned Sarita was chatting to a guy, when I got back to our table
I realised it was the man, he had been waiting for a chance to come
over so he could introduce himself to Sarita when I wasn’t there.

Sarita forgetting that I got in touch with told me that his name was
Suren. We all chatted for about an hour & all he seemed to do was
look Sarita up & down & tell her she was a very sexy lady. I gave
Sarita to go ahead for us all to leave & get back to ours for a good
shagging session. Outside I took a taxi & we set of home, in the
taxi is where it all started. Straightaway he had his hand up her
sari pushing his thick fingers into her moist chut. His hands where
big, each of his fingers where as wide as my lund, he was a big guy.
We reached our home & they left me to pay for the taxi as they
entered our house. When I got inside they where already upstairs & I
could hear Sarita moaning. All I could think is that this guy knew
what he was doing & that he was one hell of a fast mover. When I
entered the bedroom Sarita was on her back, sari pulled up to her
waist & her panty on the floor. He had 2 fingers in her tight chut &
was licking her clit with expertise.

I couldn’t believe we had been
in the house 5 minutes & he had her very close to orgasm in 2 of
those. She was on the edge of her orgasm when he stood up & told her
to beg for more. Sarita looked frustrated but I heard her say “give
it to me you big madarchod”. He told her to get undressed, she stood
up & started to undress, she let her sari fall to the floor followed
by her blouse & bra. He told her to get on the bed & said that he &
I had to undress slowly for Sarita. We both unbuttoned our shirts,
for a man of his age he was in much better shape than I was. We
threw our shirts on the floor then dropped our pants round our
ankles, we were both stood there in our underwear. I was already
hard & my lund was trying to bust out of my underwear, as we both
dropped them to the floor my lund sprang up to my belly. He wasn’t
hard just semi hard but very impressive in size. He was about the
same height as me but was much more muscular than me. We where both
now fully undressed & we both approached the bed where Sarita was,
he told me to lick & fuck Sarita & get her ready for him.

I pulled
Sarita’s legs apart & stuck my mouth on her chut; I licked her clit
& stuck my fingers in her chut. Suren got a stride her head hovering
his balls & lund over her mouth, he told her to open wide & suck.
She grabbed hold of his meat & pulled at his lund, she lifted her
head & opened her mouth. She licked his swelling lund end then
shoved the whole head into her mouth, this drove me mad with
excitement & I climbed on her to fuck her. Before I had the chance
to slide into her he told her to turn & that she needed to be spit
roasted. Sarita got on her hands & knees & stuck her ass at me; she
grabbed hold of Suren’s now engorged lund, pulled his foreskin right
back & sucked hard. His lund looked very thick, about 2.5″ thick &
about 8″ long, Sarita struggled to get much of his lund into her
mouth it was that thick. I slammed my lund into her hard & deep as
she sucked his lund, making slurping noises. We fucked her like this
for about 5 minutes but it was all too much for me, I couldn’t last
any longer, her chut was so wet & she gripped my lund so tight I
shot my load deep inside her.

Posted : 05/05/2011 11:14 am

Suren told me to move out of the way, it was time Sarita had a real
man fuck her. He said he wanted Sarita on top to start off with,
Suren lay on his back, his lund resting on his belly. Sarita climbed
on top & took hold of his lund & started to rub her chut entrance
with the swollen head. He told Sarita that he wanted her to squat
over him, she got on her feet & Suren held his lund upright. She
slowly lowered herself down till the tip of his lund was resting at
her entrance; gently she impaled herself on this monstrous lund. As
his lund head slowly entered her, her mouth opened & she gave a low
sigh. She eased it back out then came back down on it but as she
came back down Suren thrust his hips & about 4″ of his lund
disappeared into her tight chut. Sarita let out a loud gasp followed
by a deep moan as she lowered herself further onto his lund. Suren
told Sarita that she had the tightest chut he had ever fucked.

Sarita now had almost all of his lund deep into her chut but
couldn’t bring herself to go all the way down. She told him that she
couldn’t take all of his lund it was too big, with that he told her
to get off & he was going to show her that she could take ever inch
he had to offer. Sarita did as she was told & got on her back, No
replied Suren, he told me to lay on my back & that Sarita had to get
on her hands & knees over my face. I had no idea what he wanted me
to do but when her chut was over me I knew exactly what he meant. I
lifted my head to lick her clit, then I felt Suren’s legs either
side of me, then I felt his hand on my chin. I asked what was going
on, he told me to just carry on what I was doing. I carried on
licking Sarita’s clit when I heard her give a loud sigh, I knew by
that sound that Suren had entered Sarita. He was fucking her while I
licked her chut. He pushed his lund in slowly all the way; Sarita
was gasping for breath all the way down his thick shaft.

You said you couldn’t take anymore than this Sarita, well here you
are. He pushed the final couple of inches into her; she let out a
yell saying it was too big and too deep. Suren paused for a minute,
then pulled out till his lund end was wedged inside her; he then
drove the full-length back in to the hilt. His balls where resting
on my chin, Suren started his sawing motion as he fucked he deep
with every stroke. Every time he pushed his lund into Sarita her
clit was pulled onto his lund & away from my tongue, but when he
pulled out it was covered in her juices. He was fucking her for all
he was worth, the noises from her mouth & the obscenities she was
shouting made my lund hard as hell. There was an endless stream of
chut juice running from her chut onto my tongue. I was getting
faster & harder on her clit with my tongue, I even felt Surens lund
on my tongue a couple of times & that was absolutely wet through.
Suren definitely had all his lund in her as I could hear his body
slapping against he ass. Sarita started shaking, he legs were
trembling & she was gasping more than ever. She was gripping the
bed, then in a gasping voice she said, “fucking hell I’m cumming”.

She was bucking her hips like a wild horse, I found it very hard to
lick her chut she was bucking that much & fast. Suren kept slamming
his thick lund into her with great force. I decided that I needed a
better view so I eased myself down the bed a little to watch Surens
lund slamming home. Her orgasm was going on & on, she had never cum
this hard whenever I was fucking her. Suren was keeping her in a
continuous state of orgasm. The View of Surens lund was amazing, it
looked like it had got a lot thicker & it was covered in a thick
glistening white coat. Sarita said she wanted to lay on her back, as
her legs couldn’t hold out much longer.

He pulled out & let Sarita get into position. He hooked her legs under each arm & thrust is
lund all the way to the hilt, he fucked her harder than she had ever
been fucked before. She was moaning loud, bucking her body &
throwing her head from side to side. She held onto his strong arms
as he pounded her. He asked her where she wanted his cum; I want all
of it deep in my tight chut. Suren let out a deep groan then pumped
his cum deep into her. Sarita was panting saying she could feel his
hot cum filling her womb, his lund was pulsing & pumping fertile
sperm into chut. They just lay there both panting & kissing. I was
mesmerized of what I had seen & being part of, I had always wanted
to see this & now I had, It had been perfect. I told Suren thank you
for coming round & helping with my fantasy, but he said the night
isn’t over yet.

Posted : 05/05/2011 11:15 am