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My Sweet gigolo


Hi, i am neelima, i hail from kolkata, after my marriage i am in bhubneswar. I am aged 33 years. I am a house wife and i have two kids. I had marriage in my younger age so i have one son of age 9. My husband is a civil engineer working in dubai. My husband is a very nice person by heart but he is a bit greedy person for money and wealth which i could not change his character so he always would prefer to work in dubai so he can earn more.

I look mid aged women; i have extra flesh at appropriate places that makes me even attractive. I am fair by skin. Cut short my hairs to my shoulder length. I measure 34/28/36; in real many have complemented me that i don’t look like mom of one grown up boy. I take less make up because i have naturally look good.

My husband would spend about 2-3 months at home for every 3 years. This was the situation from the year i got married. I didn’t felt anything hurt as i had my in laws at home. Later kid born so i was adjusted to be without him. Our sexual activity is a low profile. I too, as i belong to an orthodox family i had very less knowledge about sex. One of my classmate, sarmishtha would frequently used to come to bhubneswar on office work and whenever she come to here she will drop into my house and she is the source of this my real incident.

After my in laws passed away about 5 years back, i had become alone. My day was just to manage house and kid. After kid go school i was left alone at house like a prisoner. I spoke to my husband about it and tried to convince him to start a job or business here itself. He ignored me. Later i said if i do some computer course i too can join for some job. He was angry but he told, you learn computer but i don’t like you to work. I am here to secure our family.

I don’t want you to work for anyone. Before he gone back to dubai he joined me to a computer learning center. It was like a time pass for me to learn computer. It was 3 months course. After finishing the course life again become boring. At this time my husband suggested to buy a computer to home so that i can use it for games and kid can use it for their knowledge. With the help of a relative i got a new computer and internet was ready.

Access to internet made me to learn many things, both good and bad things. I used the net for good things, like searching wikipedia, for science, mathematical notes for my kids, news and other stuff. In an after noon when i was searching for some articles, suddenly without my knowledge a porn website appeared on the screen, i tried a lot to close that but it was keep appearing each time i close the window. I later on turned off the computer and restarted the computer. Then those websites were stopped. I moved to my own work.

Later in the same night i got that stuff in my thoughts that made me restless. Until then i had no such feelings or ambitions. I had been sincere to my family. Even the thought was not there in my mind. I could not sleep peacefully that night. My sleepless nights continued every night. This made me to develop my interest in surfing net for porn photos, videos, and stories. My new interest made my life more miserable and restless. For the first time in my life thoughts of missing my husband care and love came to my mind. I felt very sad about missing him.

I learned about masturbation for few days’ masturbation helped me to kill my feelings. I used to finger in the initial days but later on i chose to use candle or carrots to satisfy myself. These also become routine and bored. Masturbation could not help me to overcome my feelings. I didn’t have guts to use any other man. In those same days i had developed habit of watching one of the security boy, while he go for pissing at the back of our flat i was dare to see him coz he cannot see me as i stay at second floor. That was also making me bit happy. But never took an attempt to make use of that security boy as i was feared of my family future.

As routine on a day my classmate sarmishtha came to house around 11 in the morning. She was supposed to return on the same day at night. As usual i cooked for her and she went to take rest in the afternoon. After cleaning dishes i was getting back to my room. My eyes dragged towards the backyard window, where at the same time security guy was pissing. I was seeing it, while i felt a hand on my shoulder, i turned back in shock. I found sarmishtha smiling at me. I was about to open my mouth he closed my mouth with her other hand and said “gabrovo math neeli, mere saat aa” she carried me to the room he made to sit on cot; she too sat next to me.

I was nervous because i was caught red handed while watching the other man. She first said, “gabravo mat, tum koyi galat nahi kiye ho, mein isko batana chahti nahi, sirf tume bolnewali thi ke jo thum dek rahi ho wo sahi rasta nahi hai, aur us raste mein tume bura bhi hosakta hai, pehle tum apne chehre mein pasine pocho aur gabrana band karo” i cleaned my face. Then she said, ye thumara galathi nahi hai ye rajesh ki galathi hai usse tume salon thak akele rakna nahi tha, akir tum bhi ek insan ho tumara bhi bahot saare armaan hoti hai, mein samaj sakti hoon”. I said him “sarmishtha please tu isse kisi se mat bathovo, ayinda mein is khayalon se dhoor rehthi hoon”.

Posted : 26/05/2011 5:48 pm

She laughed then said, “arre neeli, jo tume huwa hai sab insaan ko hoti hai, ismein sab ko batane ki kya zaroorath hai?” She continued to say “mera ye baat hai, agar aise hi us security ladke ko dekogi tho ek din tumari majburi usse ghar mein le aathi hai, ye ladka acha ho tho koyi baat nahi hai, magar ye bhi hosakta hai ke wo ladka tume black mail kare ya kuch phayda utaye, isse socho nili” and said “agar tum chahogi tho mein tumara madat kar sakti hoon, sabse achhi hai ki tum giglio se contact karo,jo ke bharoseman hoga, aur agar tum chaho to mai tumhe ek mail no. Deti hoon, tum use contact kar sakti ho”. Phir sarmistha ek kagaj par ek mail i.d. likh di.

To mai use puchi ki tereko yeh mail i.d. kahanse mili ? To has ke boli “yaar mai bhi teri husband ki tarah kam ki silsile me har waqt ghumti rahti hoon, to meri sarir ko bhi needs hoti hai, jab hoti hai tab isi admi se contact kar leti hoon.” Mere maan me thoda gharahat ho rahi thi, kyun ki maine kabhi bhi iske bari me kuch suni nehi thi, to ghabra kar boli, keya duniya me bas yeh ek hi admi hai ? Sarmistha boli “nehi yaar, bahot admi aisa kaam karta hai, par yeh is ladke me ek ajibsa power hai jo ki hum jaise ladkio ke liye achha hai, yeh tan or man se anand deta hai.

Aur apni jarurat ki hisab se puri karta hai, yeh professionally yeh kam nehi karta hai, is liye bharoseman hai, matlab tu iske saath 100% safe hai.” Maine puchi ki tu ise kahan milti hai ? Phir wo boli “jahan meri maan karti hai mai uhan usse chat karti hoon phit dono ki time ki hisabse time or place fix kar leti hoon. Bas agar wo uska hometown ke as pas nehi hota hai to uska fees ke ilaba up-down fare dena parta hai. Aur uska khas baat yeh hai ki kabhi bhi wo marzi ke khilap kuch nehi karta hai. Aur wo achha dost bhi ban sakta hai. He is very good life consultant.

That night sarmistha gone back. But that night i couldn’t sleep. I was remembering about the whole thing discussed with sarmistha. Next day when my child gone to school i mail to that person, given by sarmistha, wanting help from him. At night when my kid sleeped i checked my mail and saw his reply that she was then online & want to chat with me. Soon i connected with him for chatting. I clearly described him my every problem and demanding his help. He agreed, after informing about his fees, terms & conditions told me to fixed the date & time. As my kids is there i told him to wait upto next day. He told “ok no prob. As u wish”

As the time passes away i was going to fired day by day. Everyday we do late night chat upto 1 or 2 a.m. after one week i came to know that after two days my son will go for a study tour to simlipal for four days. As soon as i informed, i was dancing in me. That very night i fixed the date & time with him. As per programme he reached at bhubneswar in time. I myself was gone to station to receive him. As he informed he got down from the train with a ass color pant & blue check t-shirt with a black shoe & chashma. He was average look but attractive. He introduced him and we both cameout from the platform and get entered in my car.

As we both are bengalee obviously we were talking in bengali. As the time passed i felt that he has a power to attract any person through his voice & nice speeches. Finally near about at 7 p.m. we reached at our home. After getting fresh i asked about drink, surprisingly he demand a cup of tea without sugar & milk. I really impressed with this nature. Taking tea we both were talking easily and he asked about my present conditions, and asked me that why i need him. As we became friendly i started to tell him everything about my life after marriage.

I started to cry, he held my hand and then told, “sorry neeli, mein wakehi haath lagaya, muje pata hai tume ek mard ki jaroorath hai, is mein koyi jabardasti nahi hai, sirf agar tum nahi chahthi ho tho abhi boldo mein continue nahi karoonga nahi tho in sab baton ko yahi bhool javoonga” my resistance was intentionally poor because my mind was in such a bad state that i even could not stop him. I just said in a weak voice, “nahi kaps aap mujse ye mat karo” he laughed and hugged me then told “neeli thumara inkaar hi kehraha hai ke tume mard chahiye, ab bol sach mein tum ye karna nahi chahthi?” I had no answer also i didn’t try to move away from him, i just whispering him “i don’t know.”

He hugged more tightly, and then he lifts my face kissed me on my lips. His hands were moving towards my sari tuck, he inserted his hand inside my sari and removed my sari tuck. He then removed pallu from me. He completely took off my sari. I stood in just blouse and skirt. He saw for while in that way. He came to me, hugged me, he kept his hands on my buttocks, pressed it hard and then said, “kaun kehta hai tum do bade bacho ki maa ho, tum abhi suhaag raat ko aayi huyi lagi”

His one hand came on my boobs; he pressed my boob tightly that sent a great sense of excitement to my mind. I was feeling happy that i am going to get all the things which i could not get from my husband. He unbuttoned my blouse, removed my blouse and bra. He took a look at my naked breast, then he kissed on my both nipples, by then my nipples were hard and pointing straight.

He circled my nipple with his tongue tip which he pressed the other boob too hard that made me to give a voice of pleasure. He started to chew my nipple like a hungry baby. While his hands were on my buttocks he had lifted my skirt up by my knees. He stopped there, he started to remove all his cloths, when he removed his pants, my eyes stick to his underwear, where his dick was looking like it will tear his underwear and come out. He then undid the knot of my skirt; my skirt fell down my legs. He again hugged me, this time he was kissing my lips, exploring my mouth while he took my hand inside his underwear, where a shockwave rushed to my brain. He then was rubbing my pussy over my panty.

I was so excited that i on my own removed his underwear to see and feel the manly hood it was handful. It was erect to its full that his skin had moved back and his red bulb had come that was looking awesome for me that i could see a man in front of me naked and ready to satisfy me physically as well as mentally, his dick was burning with the heat all these made me even shy less. He then made me to sit on the cot.

Posted : 26/05/2011 5:49 pm

He stood in front of me showing his awesome dick. He held his dick and kept near my mouth and said, “mooh mein lo”, i was ready to take in my mouth but to show my resistance i said “kaps nahi” he asked back “arre nili, kyun sharmati hai? Kabhi tumara johar tume loda khilaya nahi?” I replied “nahi” he said “kya mard hai wo jo aurat ko bistar ka maja de sakta nahi, nili tu ab ek baar mooh me le tume bahot maja milega, der mat karo ab mooh kholo” i didn’t say anything but i opened my mouth. He guided his dick in my mouth; he pushed it deep in my mouth till my throat.

His dick was mouthful. He kept his dick in my mouth for sometime and then i started to suck it as in the movie they do. I was getting nice to suck his dick while he was cuddling boobs i was also enjoying first time taking dick in mouth and my hands were playing with his balls. 15 mins. After he said, mera pani utarne wali hai, but i continued to suck in joy of satisfaction. I liked it. He then cummed in mouth, his juices filled my mouth and splashed on my face and boobs. He laid me on bed; he kissed every inch of my body moving downwards from my face. He rolled his tongue inside my deep naval. I was thrilled with that. He moved further down. I was in no more position to wait for the actual happiness so i spread my legs wide for him.

He then held my panty at both sides of my waist pulled and removed it. I was naked for the first time to a second person in my life. He inhaled my panty deeply and breath out with a sense of happiness. He then said, “thumari khushbu nasheeli hai bilkul ek aurat ki” he gently kissed my pussy. He then bent down started to smell my pussy. Then he separated my pussy lips with his two fingers, he looked at me and said “tumhai chooth mein teek jagah mein hi kaali teeka hai, samaj ta hoon tum ko chooth ki aag jyada hai” i just laghed, he then started to finger and lick my pussy. At a time without any shyness i asked him to stop and fuck me. He was saying “chooth jitna tarse utna maja hoga” and he used to continued finger and licks my pussy. I even cummed for that. Later on he came on me laid on me kissing my lips and cuddling and sucking my boobs.

I was at the edge of my lust; i was nowhere able to bear my temptation. As soon he went down to my legs i spread my legs for him to enter me. He held my both legs spread even wider, i didn’t tried to close as it was my immediate need. His dick was touching my pussy then he locked my legs spread wide with his legs. He took a pillow and placed it below my butts. He held his dick in hand kept near the walls of my ailing pussy. He gave slight push; his red tomb came inside me. He gave another hard push with that his entire dick came in me fully and i had to leave a big sound of painful pleasure.

He slowly removed his dick back, he removed his dick fully out from my pussy and he was looking at me with a look of teasing me, i just said him “dalo na” soon he pushed it in after few slow strokes, he bend forward held my both palms with his palms with each others finger locks then he started to fuck me to his fullest strength, the power and the strength which i never felt from my husband. He was trying to give wet kiss to every wall of my pussy; it was painful though i was enjoying it fully. I felt a man first time in my life. My whole body was shaking with his every throb.

The room was filled with sounds of my moaning and a strange sound that was coming from my pussy on each of his throb as his entire thighs were colliding with my thighs; his balls were hitting me below my pussy. I was all asking him to do slower, he said, “kyun jaan? Tume mard chahiye” he kept asking me and kept me speaking during he was penetrating, i replied “itna zor se muje nahi hoga” his penetration continued for about 25 minutes by which i was completely satisfied and loosing my energy to continue. But he was still having same stamina and continuing his throbs i was forced to beg him to stop.

I was all shouting “kaps ab bas muje ho nahi raha hai, ab muje jane do” he asked me “kyun? Teri chooth ki aag buji?” I just said “ha nahi sehen ho rahi hai” i was all gone weak moaning and breathing heavily he looked in no way to stop. I shouted “bas mein gheeli hogayi hoon, mere saath ho nahi raha hai ab band karo, muje choro please” he again asked “nili, teri chooth ki aag bujane do” i replied in a loud painful voice “please, meri chooth mein sehen nahi horahi hai” then he said “mera pani nikal rahi hai, bol pani se teri chooth ki aag bujadoon?” I replied “ha pani daldo meri jaan” he then after few more strokes he pressed his entire dick inside heavily groaning and fell on me, i felt his cum flowing inside my pussy. He fell on me, rolled me over him. Kissed my lips and said “tera pati tho unlucky hai jo teri jaisi biwi ka maja na liya aur tume bhi sukh de nahi paya” we took some rest but he didn’t let me free to get off from him.

After a while, “nili sach bologi tum?” I said, “ha, kya boloon” he asked “tume maja mila” i smiled and said “ha mila” by this time his dick got its erection back and was poking my thighs, he asked me “ek aur baar chudegi kya?” I said, “abhi nahi” he asked “kyun?” I said “mein thak gayi hoon” he gave a hard slap to my butts with a loud laugh then said “ek hi chudayi mein thak gayi? Jhoot mat bol teri badan ki garmi bol rahi hai tume aur chudna hai” i replied “mein bilkul tak gayi hoon jiju, aap itna zor zor se dakka dete ho mera saara badan kamp utttha hai” i replied “meri chooth mein” he laughed and said “ye huyi na baat, chalo, mein tume chodoonga nahi, tu kudh chud ja” i asked “kaise?” He said “tere pav idar udar rake mera loda pe baito”

I spread my legs sat on his dick he said “arre mere loda ko tumari chooth mein dal ke baito” i again stood and kept his dick in hand and sat on his dick taking his dick in my pussy. He held my both buttocks in hand and said “ab tu meri kande ko pakado” i held his arms and then he lifted me up holding my buttocks and then he made me to sit back on his dick. He did this for a few times and then said, “ab tu kudh mere lode se upar neeche khood ke chudo”, i held his arms for grip i was doing up and down while his hands were cupping my breasts. I did for about 20 minutes in a motion which is comfortable to me, i could not continue i gasped and moaned loudly i had huge sense of satisfaction also a sort of tiredness made me to fall on him. He held my buttocks again and gave a hard push to my pussy and i could feel his liquid flowing in my pussy.

This is how for the first time i enjoyed gilio, this kept continued for next three days as well as till now. I feel i am not sincere to my husband but my husband is also a reason behind these kinds of acts by me. I hope you enjoyed my real story. Bas agar meri tarah koi house wife ho to use ek hi advice dena chati hoon ki apki jarurat puri karne ke liye ekbar is se mil lijie. Jindegi ka best satisfaction ap logoko mil jayegi.

Posted : 26/05/2011 5:49 pm