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My Mami


Hi readers, this is my best story after reading many stories thought to write my stories so you can enjoy !this story about my aunt, I am 21m from Srilanka she is married, having 4 kids! I love her a lot! I will tell about her first, her name is Zahira, her age is 35 and her husband is in abroad working as driver so once in 4 years he visits! my aunt figure is 36-34-36!my aunt have got a ass which makes anyone crazy so big and hot !I thought that I want to have her badly but as my lover and live as husband and wife!

I always tried to tell her but I cant, sometimes she bends at kitchen oh god her ass will be like giant, I use to touch it also as accident once I badly needed to fuck her she lives alone with her kids when kids go to school I stayed having a leave from my office, morning when she cleans house, she asked me didn’t I go to work, I said no she said ok when I went to bathroom her bra was there, I took it and sucked it and then I kept in my cock then came out!

Aunty was sleeping, then I tried to touch her hot ass but sacred and days passed and then I sent a sms saying HI she then replied saying who is this! I said sorry wrong number so she said it’s ok bye sms also didn’t work out! I always got used to smell her dress which will be in washing machine, I specially smell the under arm it gives a sexy smell I cannot bare my feelings so I went straight to my aunt and said, aunty I wanted to tell you something?

She yes go ahead I said come with me and took to a room which is so dark, I told aunty don’t get angry she said ok dear go ahead, I told aunty I Love you and I wanted to marry her and as soon as I finished saying, I hugged her tightly and kissed her lips she was pushing me but I was hugging and kissing her then after 5min I left her because she didn’t support the kiss she told I am married having kids and what if some1 gets to know what will happen? I said her husband in abroad so what?

She said husband ok but my elder son or daughter because two are young! I said there won’t be any problem she scolded me are you mad? I am your uncle’s wife? I said so what? I told I will be her husband look after her be with her she told to kids sleeps with her at night so suppose if I agree how can you sleep? I said I will do something and then I hugged her again and gave a kiss for forehead and told take care honey, waiting for a good reply from you and I left from there!

When i was at home I received a sms at 11pm.its was my aunt saying I missing you a lot I didn’t reply then morning oh my god there was about 80miss calls I went to her house at 11am she came and open the door in a angry mood I too just went inside, she didn’t talk so I went inside and i was in bedroom she brought me drink she was wearing a pink salwar she didn’t talk yet, when she gave drink and return I pulled her and spilled the drink in her breast and hugged her, she too hugged me then I removed her salwar and trouser and she ran inside bathroom with bra

And panty and I was waiting and she came out with towel and came running and hugged and told me that she is my wife and told me that tonight is our first night so tell your parents a lie and stay here I said ok and went out to my house took dress and told mum tat today staying at aunts house ,they said ok and about 7 I reached her house her kids was there in room and also I was with kids, she sent me sms saying please honey bring 10 condoms I was shocked but I went and bought it!

Aunt arranged a room for me and she slept with kids and sent me sms saying she is come soon at around 10 she came inside my room wearing a saree as soon as she came inside my room, I hugged her, kissed her for long and then I removed her dress and kept fully naked she too removed my dress and both naked suddenly she jumped and took my 8″ cock to her mouth fully and was biting it I pulled it out and told to spread her legs and I fucked her pussy was shaved!

I fucked for around 15min and I told to turn her other side, she didn’t and I was putting my monster cock inside her big ass!!she was shouting, her back hole is small then I tried many time and then I inserted in fully then I removed my condom and gave my cock to suck, while sucking I filled her month with my wet then I sucked and played with her breast and pussy on that night we fucked about 15 times,

Then morning she had a bath, waked children for school and brought me tea and was as normal till now we fuck daily and when her husband even we do, once when her husband came she told me that husband need a kid so he is going to fuck tonight, you fuck first I said ok and fucked without condom for three times and now she has a kid, even if dad my aunt a sexy hot wife, a hot girl to give blowjob anyone likes to see my aunt photo mail me.

Posted : 27/09/2010 5:52 pm