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My Boss


I am Nikhil 31 years old bi-sexual. Thou my preference is straight sex with women, I equally loves gay sex. My first exposure to sex was gay sex only at the age of 30.

Till my age of 30 I never thought of a gay sex. All it happened to make my career. In 2008 I joined one company as Technical Director and work there till date. It was a growing organization having its branch office in US, Singapore, and India. I was appointed to setup and Balaelop business in Malaysia. During my final interview with Director, when he asked me for expected salary, I demanded almost 100% rise in my present pay package and when appointment letter came into my hand, I astonished to see my package. Almost 120% rise was offered to me with a designation of Technical Director… Boundless was my joy and I thanked the Director a lot.

After few days I resumed my duty at new job. Director Mr.Bala has given me induction to new job and after 5 days he called me and said KL is now yours and he will join me in now and then to have business tours and meetings to KL to introduce me to all business partners in my area.

We planned a tour for 4 days and as decided we started our journey, I have rented a Car – BMW for the business purpose since I was the Country Head. After visiting the office, we reached my home in KL, I offered him to stay with me instead of checking in a Hotel, he readily accepted. At around 8 PM, our Auditor Mr. Raja came to our room with a bottle of whiskey. All of us had a couple of pegs and dinner together. At around 11 PM Mr. Raja left and we had been to our bed. As it was a joint double bed and It was my first tour with my boss in my new company, I taken all care to remain on one side of bed only. I occupied hardly 25% of the double bed and left 75% for boss.

Only after half an hour I felt that Bala sir’s leg was touching to mine. I was still not got sleep. I looked at him. I surprised to watch him as he was too not sleeping and trying to rub his leg on mine. When he watched me looking at him he smiled and moved towards me. I could not understand that what he is after. Than he placed his arm around me and told “Dear, Don’t worry, I am not going to harm you. As this is your first tour with me, you are not aware but let me tell you that I can’t sleep alone.” I could not understand that what does he mean and at the same time as he was my boss in new job I don’t want to act in a manner which may hurt him.

Looking me puzzled, He said “ See, Nikhil, You are a handsome boy and that is why only I selected to you and offered you almost double the salary. Now you have to prove that you are worth to your salary”

I could hardly give an answer that “Ok, Sir, I will surely prove it in the market” On my answer he laughed and said “Dear not in the market but you have to prove it here in the bed”. I got really shocked on his statement and could clearly understand now that boss is gay and want to seduce me for his pleasure. I felt myself being trapped. My any wrong movement with boss may lose my job. Now he started moving his hand all around my body and I was not in position to stop him. However I gathered some courage and said “Sir, Please….”.

Boss again laughed and said, “ As I told you, I am not going to harm you. Your little co-operation will gain you a lot, very good increments, promotions and lot off career rewards. See all other employees also knows my nature and co-operates me, in turn they are getting very good rewards year after year. You too can join them dear” and he kissed me on my chics and forehead. Ohh…Now I was now I was not in position to escape from his lust. Just because of fear of loosing such a good job, I became helpless.

Watching no any further resistance from me, Boss hugged me tightly and planted his lips on mine. Ohhh…I never faced such a situation before. I stiffened my body and lied like a log. Boss said “ Beta jara, badan dhila chhod de aur co-operate kar, tuje bhi is khel me bahot maza aayenga.” Kahete huve boss ne meri dono tango ke bich hath dalke mere payzama ke upar se hi mere lund ko sahlane lage. Maine bhi jab koi rasta nahi dekha to soch liya jo bhi boss bolenge karte rehne ka. Dar lag raha tha ki itane achche salary ki job kahi chali na jaye.

Posted : 28/04/2011 9:56 pm

Ab boss muje puri tarah se chumne aur sahlane lag gaye to muje bhi badan me sensation hone laga aur mai bhi boss ko chumne aur sahlane lag gaya. Muje co-operate karte dekh boss bahot khus huve aur mere kapde utarne lag gaye. Maine bhi boss ke night pant ke upar se boss ka lund pakad liya…Ye dekh ke boss bole “ Are tu to pakka gay lagta hai…” Maine kaha “ Nahi Boss, ye mera pahli bar hi hai…magar mai bhi aapko khus rakhunga sir” kehte huve maine boss ke night pant ko utar diya aur boss ka lund ko hath me leke sahlane lag gaya…Thodi de raise hi hum do no aek dusre ko sahlate chumte chatate rahe…fir boss khade ho gaye aur apana lund mere muh ko aur kar diya….Porn filmo me maine dekha tha to pata chal chukka tha ki ab muje aage kya karma honga…Maine dhire se boss ka lund ko muthi me lete huve mere lips ko boss ke lund upar rakh diya. Boss ke bade se lund ko chumne aur chatane laga to boss siskariya lene lage….fir maine muh kholte huve boss ka lund muh me lena shuru kiya….pahle to bahot ajib laga magar…ab maine bhi pichhe nahi hatane ka irada kar liya tha. Boss ka aadha lund mere muh me leke mai use chusane laga.

Boss bahot tezi se apane lund ko mere muh me pel rahe the…Fir boss ne lund ko mere muh se nikala aur muje bistar pe sidha lita diya…Meri dono tange upar utha li aur mere kulho ke niche pillow rakh diya…. Mai samaj gaya ki ab meri gand fatane wali hai…Boss ka bada lund ka maza uthane ko bahot man bhi kar raha tha aur itana bada lund gand me ghusane se hone wala dard ke bare me sochke ghabhara bhi raha tha…

Barabar isi waqt boss ne apana lund meri gand pe ragadana shuru kar diya…fir meri tange chaudi felate huve boss ne apane cock ka point meri gand ke chhed pe kaske lagaya aur pressure dene lage…Ohhhh….Mai aane wale dard ki kalpana se hi pagal ho raha tha….Kaise jel paunga….soch bhi nahi sakta tha…tabhi boss ne mere dono kulho ko apane hath se pakadkar bahar ki aur khincha aur bich me apane lund ka pressure badhaya…Muje laga ki meri gand fat rahi hai aur lund ka thoda sa hissa meri gand ki andar khisakta huva mehsus huva…

Boss 2 minutes ke liye ruke aur fir pressure increase kar kea pane lund ko meri gand me utarne lage…Shayad 1 ya 2 inch jitana lund meri gand me ghus gaya tha….Gand ki andar ki skin fat rahi thi…..Tabhi boss ruke aur meri aur jukte huve muje apani baho me leke mera muh chumne lage…Gand ke dard se mera dhyan hat gaya…Main bhi boss ko chumne laga….

Kuchh der ke baad boss apane lund ko meri gaand me andar bahar hilane lage…dard dhire dhire kum hota gaya aur lund ki movement bhi easily hone lagi….fir boss ne aek aur tez jatake se apana pura lund meri gand me utar diya…mere muh se chikh nikal gayi…..magar boss ne ab muje apane do no hatho se pakadke dhakke pe dhakka lagana shuru kar diya….kuchh hi der me mai sara dard bhul ke meri gand ki chudai ka maza lene lag gaya….Maine bhi boss ko kaskar pakad liya aur hum do no ki ahh karaho se kamara gunj utha.

Boss ki baho me mai bilkul madhosh ho chukka tha aur boss meri virgin gaand ka pura luft utha rahe the…Thodi der ke bad boss ne apana garam garam virya ki pichkari meri gand me shoot kar di…..mai bhi sex ki charam seem ape pahunch gaya…Maine kabhi socha bhi nahi tha ki gand marwane me bhi itana maza aata honga….

Boss ne apana lund bahar nikala….Meri gand se boss ka virya bahar nikal aaya…sath me gand fatne se thoda khoon bhi nikal aaya tha….Bathroom me jake hum do no ne apana apana badan saf kiya fir hum dono nange hi aek dusare ko chipak ke bate karte karte so gaye….

Boss ke sath mera dusara din kaisa raha wo mai meri dusari story me bataunga…

Posted : 28/04/2011 9:56 pm