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My Beautiful Bengali Mother


My name is Shelim, I am 18 years old living in Bow, East London. I live with my mother and grandfather (my father’s side) in a tall tower block overlooking a park. My father has been absent for at least 5 years, he is currently living in Bangladesh with his 2nd wife. The story which I am about to tell you, is the story of the day which changed my entire life, forever.

The day I left my childhood and stepped into the world of men. The day all my desires had been fulfilled, and I stood upon a mountain peak, looking down upon the horizon. It was a cold winter’s night, and I lay huddled up on the sofa. My grandfather had already gone up to bed and rightly so, for it was well past midnight. I was watching a Bollywood movie, it was one of my favorite pastimes.

School can be very stressful for a young man as me, and my therapy was to rush to the local video shop after school and treat myself to a wide selection of Bollywood classics. It was like a religious rite which I felt had to be fulfilled every day, the fruit of which was to watch the story unfold on my TV screen. For me, Bollywood was my religion, and I was not the only one in my household who was addicted to this mouth-watering Indian dish, but my mother was also an avid participant.

In fact, it was my mother who got me addicted to the Bollywood world of love, lust, family and betrayal, ever since I was a little kid. As a faithful servant of the Bollywood world will testify, Indian films are renowned for their extravagance, whether it be over the top love stories, colourful dance routines, or in particular, beautiful women. And the beautiful woman of this particular nights movie, was none other than the Bollywood Goddess herself, Urmilla Motondokhar.

She in my opinion, was the ultimate epitome of perfection. I was in a hypnotic trance as I watched my deity, dancing seductively upon my screen. I could not help but stroke and gently massage my erect cock through the thin material of my lungi. My cock was throbbing with sheer lust at the sight of the Indian goddess’ heaving round bosoms and voluptuous buttock cheeks, swaying side to side, tight against her red sari. I would massage my cock to the point of climax, before withdrawing. I did this a couple of times, before my lungi was soaked in pre-cum.

I decided it that it was enough for one night’s viewing, and turned off the VCR with the remote. With the vision of the sexy Urmilla still fresh in my mind and my cock throbbing, I headed upstairs to my bedroom to relieve myself. The entire flat was silent, except for the fridge humming downstairs in the kitchen. Even the cars outside had all of a sudden, stopped passing by our road. It felt as if the whole world had stopped.

Just as I was about to enter my room, I noticed my mother’s red shawl lying in front of her closed door. She had went up to bed earlier, around 30 minutes before I finished the film, of which she watched a good portion before retiring to her quarters. Gently, as not to disturb my mother’s sleep, I turned the door knob to her room. I opened it cautiously so as not to disturb her, when I was certain, I opened the door entirely and..

Her red shawl fell to the floor.. my heart felt like a speeding train had just hit it.. I could not breathe, for before me, lay a vision to beguile the sight. In my life time, I have seen magnificent waterfalls, awe-inspiring architecture, I have even held the setting sun upon my palms over the shores of Bangladesh. Yet nothing which could prepare me for the beguiling, heart stopping sight of my mother’s swollen pussy!

She was sleeping (or was she?), breathing softly, her bare bosoms moving gently up and down like waves upon a calm sea. Her legs were spread wide like a petal, her trimmed, moist pubic hair glistened like dew upon lush grass. I halted in my tracks – my whole body felt numb, I felt as if my flesh had been consumed by raging fire. The very blood within my veins, felt like hot flowing lave throughout my entire body. Then I felt an extremely hot sensation upon my groin.

My cock had swollen to a size I had never observed it before. I was vying with my raging desire, yet to no avail. For the sight of my mother’s swollen pussy lips was too strong to resist. I struggled to contain my soaring lust, like a bird soaring up to the heights of temptation with every passing second. Just then, a thought of realization flooded my mind, the realization of how badly I wanted to fuck my mother.

My headed started to throb. I gently started to rub my swollen prick fantasizing about the many times I had seen my mother’s heaving bosoms, her big nipples tight against the lining of her tight blouse tops, her firm creamy belly smooth like silk, her big fleshy buttock cheeks, tight against her sari, swaying side to side as she walked. Yes, I thought to myself as I squeezed my cock-helmet softly – my mother was a goddess, whose pussy was waiting to get fucked by me – her son. It was my destiny!

I stood in an hypnotic trance at the sight of the masterpiece of my mother’s swollen pussy lips. It looked so inviting. For the first time since my birth, I was looking down upon the place of my origin. My eyes moved up to my mother’s heaving bosoms, they were big and round like a pair of coconuts, yet soft and creamy, her nipples, like big round chocolate drops amongst them – her nipples standing firm to attention.

I rubbed my cock gently as I licked my lips, fantasizing of the time I would have been suckling the sweet milk out from my mother’s juicy tits. With my heart pounding upon my throat – choking me, I approached my mother’s wide spread legs. The small inklings of morality had already been drowned by the waves of my desires. I felt no other urge more stronger in this world, but to taste the forbidden fruit; my mother’s sweet pussy.

I kneeled down beside the bed, and positioned my head between my mother’s voluptuous thighs – surveying the light stretch marks on her firm belly when she was pregnant with me inside her. I closed my eyes for a few seconds, cherishing, savoring and inhaling the strong scent of my mother’s swollen pussy – the same sweet pussy which bore me 15 years ago. I could feel her pussy scent permeating throughout my entire body, and in particular, my hard cock which was throbbing with uncontrollable lust. M

y mouth flooded with saliva, without further ado – I inserted my hungry tongue deep into my mother’s pink cunt. ‘Mmmm’ I groaned in anticipation as I licked and sucked at my mother’s pulsating pussy lips – biting and chewing her moist musky pussy lips like a hungry wolf devouring its prey. I gasped for breathe, my taste buds flooded with the sweet nectar of my mother’s pussy juice,

I savored the taste of her womanhood in my mouth, before swallowing like a thirsty traveler. I did not want to waste a single drop of my mother’s precious nectar, some of which dribbled down between the groove of her big brown fleshy buttock cheeks. I pushed my hungry tongue deep between my mother’s tight bum-cleavage, and sucked out her pussy juice – intermingled with her delicious anal juice. My mother let out a slight moan in her sleep, at this moment in time

I did not care if she woke up, (although I was quite certain she was awake!) for nothing could stop me from accomplishing my raging lust, deepest desire, and forbidden fantasy; that of making love to my mother. My sexy amma! I suppose after all the licking and sucking the fucking is inevitable. I stood between my mother’s wide spread legs, licking the remaining trace of pussy and bum juice from my lips.

I untied the knot of my lungi and let it fall to the floor – exposing my big throbbing hard-on. I had already leaked pre-cum as was evident from my wet helmet. My heart was racing like a swift stead, my head felt heavy as though I were intoxicated. I positioned my prick head between my mother’s wet pussy-lips, I knew that there was no return from what I was about to do, I rubbed my helmet against my mother’s slippery cunt – then pushed. ‘Aaahhh’

I cried in the pangs of ecstasy. I groaned as my whole 8 inches slid effortlessly into my mother’s tight pussy hole. She let out a slight whimper in her sleep, I held my mother’s slim waist and pushed my throbbing prick deeper into her womb. ‘Ooohhh’ I groaned as my mother’s cunt muscle gripped my cock like a vice. A vision of the Bollywood goddess Urmilla flooded into my mind. Yes, I cried to myself,

I was making love to Urmilla, for my mother was the ultimate incarnation of her – from her pretty face, her big round bosoms, her smooth hips and her fleshy buttock cheeks. An exact replica of my idol. The room immediately flooded with the scent of sordid sex. I thrust deeper and harder into the soil of motherly love. After 18 years of absence, I was revisiting the place of my origin, the tight entrance of my mother’s pussy.

Posted : 01/12/2010 8:34 am

I placed my hands on either side of my mother’s voluptuous thighs, pressing it slightly to accommodate my big throbbing prick inside her tight pink pussy. Oooohh! It felt so good! I never wanted it to end! I wanted to have my cock embedded deep inside my mothers tight pussy forever! I moved my hips in a circular motion so my cock could feel the inside of my mother’s pussy hole thoroughly.

My mother’s big round bosoms wobbled like jelly upon a platter. I could not help but place my palms upon her golden globes. I was surprised as to how warm and soft they were, I placed my mother’s big brown nipples between my fore-finger and thumb, and pressed it slightly as one would press grapes for wine. Carefully – so as not to place my weight upon her luscious body, I leaned forward ever so slightly. For a few seconds,

I marvelled at the sight of my mother’s magnificent bosoms, before I placed my tongue upon her left erect nipple. ‘Mmmm’ I moaned, as I tasted for the first time in 15 years, the taste of my mother’s mouth – watering tits. I suckled on her firm nipples, biting it gently like I did as a child – the only difference being, that this time I was a man. And not only was I sucking my mother’s big juicy tits, but I also had my big throbbing cock deeply embedded inside her tight pussy!

I withdrew my face from my mother’s wobbling bosoms and my cock from her pussy, and licked, kissed and sucked my way down from her cleavage towards her naval, leaving a trail of saliva as I did so, down to her moist pussy and asshole, after tasting both of her delicious holes I mounted my mother, with my throbbing cock inside her tight pussy again, I gasped in the pangs of eternal ecstasy.

In my wildest dreams, I could never of fathomed the thought that I’d be fucking my own mother! And Boy! It felt so good! I never wanted it to end! I was sweating profusely I squeezed her voluptuous thighs and buttock cheeks, and spread them wider – in order for me to penetrate her more deeper. I withdrew my wet cock and rubbed my mother’s pussy juice between her warm fleshy buttock clefts. ‘Ooohh’ it felt so good!

The room flooded with the sweet scent of my mother’s delicious anal aroma. I nudged my pussy-soaked helmet at the entrance of my mothers tight anus and spent a good few minutes cherishing the warmth of her voluptuous buttock cheeks, the feeling of her moist shit-hole tight against my throbbing cock and her warm ass enveloping my cock driving me mad with untamable lust! After I had finished ravishing my mother’s magnificent ass cheeks,

I slammed my throbbing cock deep inside her tight pussy again. All of a sudden, my body seized up with the most intense feeling I had ever felt, my mothers cunt muscle spas med out of control, I slammed my cock deeper into her womb, I knew I was going to explode like a volcano a second now. My balls started aching as my mothers cunt muscle gripped my cock like a vice, ohhh! I cried, erupting – releasing 5 to 6 thick streams of my hot sticky seed deep inside my mothers womb.

I orgasm so intensely that my vision had become blurred. As I struggled to regain consciousness, my prick cleared the remaining milk from my aching balls on to her firm stomach. I gasped for air. Then I looked down upon my mother’s smooth firm belly, my semen glistened like pearl drops upon the stomach which bore me 18 years ago.

I stood a good 15 minutes or so, taking in the marvelous sight of my mother’s luscious body, and as my semen dried upon her belly, and some trickled out of her semen saturated pussy and fled into her bum-hole. I leaned over and kissed her wet pussy lips – smelling my mother’s sweet cunt and my cock juice cock-tail! I picked up her sari, lying next to her and covered her bosoms and thighs. Then I left the room, using my lungi to clean my wet prick entwined with my mother’s sweet pussy cream.

Posted : 01/12/2010 8:36 am