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My Aunty


I was a very samll kid,then when i was in my 7th grade i used to be very good at academics, sports and all extra curricular activities and at those times it was impossible that i knew anything about intercourse and sexual activities, but it was my aunt who started it all.

She used to be very close to my house and she was just married for a couple of years and had no children till then,bu she liked me very very much for the simple fact that i was very active,obdient and smart.

She used to always come to my house at late afternoons that is exactly when i return from my school and used to directly take me to her house on the pretext of freshening me up, giving some snacks, a small evening drink like horlicks or bournvita etc.

But she used to take me to her house and she used to remove all my clothes and make me take bath once again and she would tell me that you should get fresh and then start your home work etc, but while bathing me she Purposely used to come only in a blouse and a petticote and she used to apply huge amounts of soap to my dick and she used to stroke it first very gently and then vigourously for some time and let me go after i used complain her that it was paining.I used to never disclose these things to anyone for the simple fact i used to feel shy and my aunt had taken an oath from me.

She used to feed me with very delicious food like chicken, fish, sandwiches samosas, pancakes bakery items very much and would treat me very well and make me happy and would get me whatever i wanted.

Things started moving and whenever uncle would be out of station she would take me to her house on the pretext of lonliness and would help me in my regular academics etc,till now there had not been any such sexual molestation or alike apart from bathroom activity.

One such day when my uncle had been out of station for a long time i had to temporarily be in my aunt's place and i think it was a big treat for her.

As usual i came from my class took bath finished my regular activities and started watching cartoon,(i love cartoons very much) it was getting night and that day i still remember she had cooked chicken and made some kabbabs for me, we finished our dinner i went to sleep on the sofa in hall watching tv, she scolded me a told to switch off the tv and go to bed, i promptly went but i was not able to sleep i saw my aunt that day only in a nighty very deep neck where i could clearly see her boobs or breasts or whatever you call (sorry i forgot to give the vital statistics it must be 36-28-38, i am very bad at guessing these things) she came very close to me and asked me what was i watching i told nothing.She was prearing the bed to sleep i was watching her closely because i had never seen her in such an attire.

Now she laydown on the bed and asked me to sleep next to her, i obeyed and she gave a kiss on my fore head and started fondling with my hair on the she gently kissed my fore head,and started carcessing my head with her fingers i taught i was casual and kept my mouth shut, now she started bending my pulling her nighty down so that i could see her breasts very clearly and my god what a sight was that i was watching a beautiful women's beautiful asset. she took my hand and placed it exactly in the middle of those two wonderful things and started moving it around, it was like a pillow filled with full of feathers, she was moaning with pleasure and also pressing my hand with hers together on her asset, this continued for quite some time and she told me to get up and sit on her feet while she layeddown on her back, slowly she pulled me towards her and the nighty also moved above her knees ,She stopped exactly at her upper thighs and told me to take iodex and apply at her thigh besause it was paining.I promptly took and touched those milky thighs with enoromous flesh in it, her voice had damped down and asked me to gently go through her thigh and massage it i did so and finished she also told me to bite in between those two thighs as the doctor had adviced to do so i did and she had closed her eyes and moaning with pleasure unknowingly to me. I finished and she called me near her and opened her upper nighty i.e; the zip of the nighty alas! i saw the most wonderful creation of god those milky breasts very firm and pinkish in color and had some sweating on it.Aunty asked me was it good, i told that why are you doing like this she told me we have to do like this very often or else we will get sick and have to go to doctor and get an injection(She knew the fact that i was afraid of injections) she pulled me towards her again gave me a kiss this time on my sweet little lips and she put her tongue in my mouth for a jiffy also, and told to put my mouth on her breasts and kiss them and start sucking them like a lollypop i was
trembling and she convinced me and she held me close to her,for the first time had a taste of a women breasts, i started licking sucking,automatically and she found me doing the act perfectly as desired by her.Mean while she was feling restless,moaning, releasing those wonderfuland naughty noises like mhh................ahh.............ahhhhhhhhhhhh.........etc.

I finished,she thanked me a lot and made me sleep with her by placing my leg inbetween her legs and again fondling with my dick.

It was morning and i dont know i was feeling very tired and may be i had head ache also and i told my my aunt that i am not going t school,she readily agreed.

These type of sexual encounters like sucking her breasts and biting etc continued for a very long time till around 1 1/2 years with utmost care and enjoyment for my aunt and me.

One fine day i had to reach my puberty and it was that day that my aunt was bathing me and as usual stroking my dick with a lot of soap and putting her hand under my bums,sometimes i used to sit in b/w her thighs ,and felling heavenly pleasures, she noticed that my dick was growing in size both vertically and diameter wise and it had become very hot by mastrubation and i simply ejaculated little bit of sperms in her hands and she came to know about it and started behaving more courteously and more friendly and more caring than before but stopped those sexual games or playful acts with me.

She now was more friendly than ever and used to tell me that you are grown up and should try to learn a lot of things, keep pace with academics and be a good human earn well and all that great advice.
I really thank her for being such a great friend and well wisher.

But the experience has not yet stopped with my aunt, infact it was the beggining, it was my turn to give all those pleasures she desired all these days without spoiling me or my brain with all ill feelings.

Now i was in my 10th Class and half yearly exam's had over and i had a lot of time to spend with my aunt, she now introduced me to the world of heavenly pleasures, the world of kamasutra, the world of making pure love,the blissfull acts, and those special memories to be cherished with utmost care and handling.

She showed me a book it was kamasutra and told me how a man and women have intercourse,make love, make babies,enjoy every part of the body,those passionate kisses, those positions, etc.

I was still trembling with all these information she with a smile in her face told me learn things but dont get addicted to it or dont waste your life only for this, just enjoy and lead your life happily.

She came near me and planted a kiss on my cheeks and said i love you some much i replyed and thanked her for being such a great person for teaching me caring me etc, she finally hugged me tightly, and started her household work.

As time passed we never had that hardcore feeling towards eachother or felt like having sex but were very good friends.

It was my birthday i.e; my 21st birthday and i received the best gift so far,it was my first experience of intercourse with my aunt, my love,my friend who taught me everything.

She by now had shifted her house quite far from my place and i knew that my aunt will be waiting for me the ultimate boy or person whom she taught so much would be coming and fullfilling her dreams.

She had the same structure same figure and same attitude nothing had changed.I gave a big cake and told that it was my birthday she immediately wished me and asked me to wait and cooked some nice fish and chicken for me, we ate and discussed a lot of things with her she saw the same innocence in me and was ready to give and take that heavenly pleasures.

She went inside the bathroom and asked me to wait before bolting the main door and all the windows and curtains, i knew i would feel her today, she came with a towel wrapped around her and went inside her room and changed her dress and came with a beautiful saree, the same saree she wore for her firstnight with my uncle, she had beautifully dressed herself with skin color lipsstick, lot of flowers in her hair big bindi/sindoor, some jewllery and lot of perfume, she had dressed herself for her second honeymoon with a best of pals.She had tucked the saree well below her navel so that i could easily watch that spot at the very first sight, her melons were almost the same size but well placed using the right choice of bra and blouse.She came near me and held my hand in hers gave a kiss on my hand i immediately replyed back kissing on her cheeks,she was very happy and asked me to give her all the pleasures and take infinetely from her.

First i thanked my aunt for being such a nice person and i started by kissing her cheeks and down i came and kised her neck where she had the most loveable perfume i.e; ETERNAL slowly i started licking her face her earlobes, neck, biting i gave my first smooch to her and it lasted nearly 5 minutes phew! i was literally exhausted, my aunt started laughing and she came to know that i will be a great lover, slowly she laid down on the bed i removed all the jewels and flowers, and started smelling that perfume under her arms and neck and all over her body.

She opened her blouse and the bra and i could once again witness the great structure now i was in control i pulled her to me i opened my mouth wide enough to devoure those assets, started pinching kneading, pressing and now licking, i came down like that to her stomach that is her belly (folks i am a great admirer of navels and bellys like my aunt's and southern film stars like RAMYA KRISHNA) and started undoing the rest of her clothes on her body, now she was trembling, i stopped and gave a great hug and told that i will take utmost care and also will handle with great fragility she started laughing at my english and asked whether she was a glass article? i replyed yes indeed she was,she was a glass doll for me.

It was only her undergarment that was covering her, that also i pulled infact she also helped me now we both were bare and she told me to come over her i started the act by kissing her lips and my brother i.e; my dick was already large and ready to perform,i kissed on her sweet navel licking down i came and gave a thrusting kiss on her womanhood for that she started moaning aahhhhhhhhhhh......,mhh........ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....... it was an act for nearly 2 minutes i slowly pulled my face bit her thighs, came down licked her legs and finally she wore that amazing nail color onto her legs which i kept on my hand and started licking it now i slowly parted her legs and automatically i could see her sweet big cunt with those pinkish lips i kissed, she held her hands on my head carcessing it and i was devouring it with pleasure but not like causing pain to her she liked this type and was asking for more i continued for 5 more min and by then she was about to eject and warned me to stop, i did so and now i applied half a bottle of livon onto her vaginal parts and made it very smooth and soft and really flexible so that it would not be a problem for both of us i slowly sat on her top and inserted my penis, since i was a virgin i applied livon which is used in hair and is an xcellent lubricant,i stroked my penis which my aunt watched and kept on laughing now i was ready to insert, it was at its full lenght thick and very easy to go inside as i had applied livon, i started and very shyingly started reciprocating my dick and now was in my aunt's vagina meanwhile the bottle of livon helped both of us it slid in her very very smoothly and in that position i started moving rather recriprocating in and out she felt heavenly pleasures realising all sorts of noises biting her lips which were smeared with lipsstick and those kajal in her eyes made me feel mad and with utmost care we both were enjoying now she got up in the same position my dick was still inside and hugged me tightly and those boobs were pressing against my bare
chest i slowly planted a kiss on her cheeks and she moved and said let that one continue it's work and we started smooching, i could see her mangalsutra hanging b/w those two globes which were mesmerising me to lick and eat them though i was feeling very comfortable she gave me the right directions to do everything, she now over turned on me and started enjoying, she started to stroke very gently as is did and after that little vigourously and we felt that we both will xplode at any time and did so after around 5-6 minutes she told me to eject there itself and enjoyed my manhood, we slept in the bed like a newely married couple i could see all clothes around the floor and bed, her bra , undergarment, saree, blouse, my undergarment, shirt etc,lying around us she was exhausted and slept with me placing her hand on my chest and those globes were touching me i started the conversation and thanked her for such a heavenly pleasure, she inturn was feeling very comfartable at my custody and she dropped a couple of tears from her eyes gesturing that it was not only kama or sexual satisfaction that i gave her but abundant love and being a nice person, understanding her.I could see that the bindi/sindoor on her forehead was wiped of like a new bride's first night. i asked for a kiss she immediately kissed me on my lips and parted for bathroom for cleaning herself, i wanted to join her but she insisted not to and do it herself, she came with a towel around her and i also cleaned myself and came with a towel around my bums by then she was prepared with full clothes on her and i asked for once more but she said it's enough for today ,and asked me to kiss her, i did so and also kissed her breasts with clothes on. She said enough and went inside the kitchen to start her usual work.

I was determined to get her to bed once again sometime but waited for time.

I used to take her for shopping buying all those she wanted like household things,bra undergarments,napkins,lipssticks,nailpolish,perfumes,eyelashes, falsenails,decorative blouses,all her needs were met by me secretely without knowing to anyone.We used to go for afternoon lunch, dinners etc, but i maintained that respect,diginity etc for her in front of everyone and she also did the same and till now no one has ever come to know about our relationship.At times in some small functions and parties i used to put my hand around her navel,bums and used to give her the pleasure smooch,which was well responded, but was afraid of geting caught.She told me that i pray to god that you be my hubby in the next janam and take care of her in the same manner, but also advised that i should not let down my wife and give her the same comfort and pleasures and care as was the case with my aunt.

I still enjoy the company of my aunt, and she also very much indeed, i have some more experiences with my aunt to tell you people how we enjoyed all the positions mentioned in kamasutra and how to give and take real pleasure without hurting and without feeling pain,very shortly....

Posted : 13/11/2010 4:57 am