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Mommy Wants More


I rolled in from high school on my bike, once the best thing in my life, now relegated to fourth place behind Mom,(#1),Yvonne (#2), and aunt Beth (#3),turned the bike around, kicked out the side stand and hurried into the house. Mom was sitting at the kitchen table, her fabulous ass straining in a pair of skintight jeans, her halter top over her c-cup tits showing her nipples and her puffy areolas, her hands around a coffee mug, and the biggest black eye I had seen in a while. I said, “Holy shit,Mom, what happened to you?”

She answered, “Well, it”s really my own damn fault, I decided that I had to try to get Sam to open up a little about sex, so this afternoon, I went in and woke him up by giving him a blowjob, or at least I tried to. The second he felt my mouth on his cock, He hauled off and punched me in the face and called me a filthy, perverted whore. It knocked me out, and by the time I came to, he was gone. I checked and his clothes are still here, so I guess he”s coming back.” “Good”,I said,”

When do you think he”ll be back?” “He”s probably gone to see his buddy Bimbo Franklin, that guy agrees with everything he says, so he needs to be told he did the right thing so he can still feel macho.” “Anyway, I have another surprise for you, Billy.” She got up from her chair, turned around and bent over and I could see that she had split the seam in the crotch of her jeans, exposing her crotch less panties and the curly brown hair around her cunt. She straightened back up, and there was no sign whatever of the open seam, so she looked perfectly normal.

She looked at the tent in my pants and said, “let that thing get some air, sweetheart, he”s smothering in there! She then went over and on tiptoes, bent over the table, reaching back and pulling the jeans and panties apart, along with the lips of her cunt, which was oozing her grayish cunt lubricant. I didn”t need any more urging, I unzipped my pants, flopped out my 7in cock, which by now was hard enough to drive nails, and drove it to the hilt in mom”s cunt.”oh, God, you don”t know how good that feels,sweetheart,”

She said. “Yes, I do, it feels the same to me,” I said, beginning a long, slow stroke. I could feel her cunt muscles gripping and releasing, as she pushed back into the stroke, getting me to hit her cervix a little harder each time. “Mmm she said, I could do this for hours, reach around and play with my nipples”. After about 10 minutes, I felt the pressure building, and I said, “I”m gonna cum, and I can’t stop, I”ve been thinking about this all day with no way to jerk off or anything.”

My spurts were joined by rhythmic contractions of Mom”s cunt, and suddenly, there was a gush of Mom”s cum mingled with my own past my cock on to the floor. We stayed that way for awhile, with me planting little kisses on the back of Mom”s neck, and her turning her head around and sticking her tongue out for me to suck. Finally, I began to shrink and popped out of her cunt, and there was another dribble of combined cum on the floor.

About that time the phone rang, and Mom answered it, still panting a little. “Hello? OH, hi, Beth, she said, No, he”s gone to work, I think, but Billy”s here with me, Yes, sure, come on over, we”ll be here.” She turned to me and said, “Beth is coming over in about an hour, as soon as she gets off work in about an hour, she didn”t say what she wanted, so we better both jump in the shower and get the fuck-smell washed off.” I said, you had better shower by yourself, and

I’ll shower after you’re done, “cause you know if we shower together, we’ll still be fucking when she shows up.” “I wonder what she would say if she saw that,” Mom said, “She was always the one who thought about sex 24/7 when we still lived at home, I was forever finding her with something shoved in her cunt, playing with herself, one time I looked in her playhouse and she had 2 guys and a dog in there, she was fucking one guy, blowing the other, and jerking the dog off, and I gave her hell for it, I’m sorry to say.”

Mom then went in the bathroom to shower while I raided the refrigerator and went in my room to fire up my computer and go to the incest website I had just discovered. While I waited for Mom to finish, I read some of the stories people had posted on there, most of which were pretty hot, and showing me that Mom and I weren’t the only ones into incest. Mom came in my room, toweling herself off just as I was getting into the short strokes,”Don”t stop, I want it!” She said, getting down on her knees and opening her mouth.

I kept jerking, and as I started to spurt, she closed her mouth around the head and started sucking hard. I could feel the sperm being drawn clear from the bottom of my balls, which she was gently squeezing. She sucked and swallowed, sucked and swallowed, at least 5 times and I wondered if my heart and liver were going to go through, too. At last, she licked her lips and stood up. “Your turn” She said, pointing to the shower.

I was just toweling off when I heard aunt Beth come in and Say, “My God, Annie, what happened to you?” “There must be an echo in here,Billy said that when he came home, too.”Mom said. “Well, joke about it, Annie, but did that sonovabitch Sam do that to you? Beth asked. “Well it was pretty much my own fault”,My Mom said, explaining about her attempted blowjob. “Like hell it is!” Beth said, “Most men would think that they had died and gone to heaven if they woke up getting a blowjob!” Mom said, ”

That”s right, Billy—–she stopped and gulped, and quickly, she said,”Last week, Billy”s girlfriend came here to see him as I was going out shopping so I told her he was in his room having a nap, but she could wake him up and I went out to the car and then I realized that I had left my carkeys with Billy so he could put a new battery in my remote control starter door lock and as I came into his room she was giving him a blowjob and they were both having so much fun I don’t think either of them noticed me standing there.

I went and found my spare keys and left and when I came back, they were both out on the steps and Billy was in the best mood he”s been in days. So that”s when I thought it might be a good idea to try that on Sam, because he”s been like a bear with a sore paw for the last month or so.” “well, Beth said,From what I know about Sam, and what I have been hearing about you from the other women in town, I’m not surprised. That asshole thinks that rape is the only proper form of sex, and women aren”t entitled to enjoy it at all, and never should dress in a sexy way.

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I have been hearing about you looking years younger and dressing sexy and hot, and I had to come over and see for myself if it was true. You have been under his thumb for years and I”m glad you have come to your senses, but now he”s going to beat hell out of you every time you turn around.” Mom said, “I don”t think so, you should have seen Billy”s face when he spotted this black eye, and he”s as big as his father, plus he”s in shape, and Sam hasn”t exerted himself in years. You haven”t seen Sam in a couple of years, you should see the beer gut on him. Beth said, ”

Yeah, Billy has been doing yard-work for me, he”s quite something with his shirt off. I had been listening to this conversation and now, I had an idea. I was still totally naked, so I strolled casually into the kitchen with my dick swinging and said, Hi, Beth, want a cup of coffee or anything else?” You could have heard a pin drop. Mom and Beth were both looking at me not saying a word, each wondering what the other was thinking. I chuckled to myself, knowing I had fucked them both, more times than I could count.

There they both sat, two of the prettiest, sexiest women I knew, both brunettes, both petite, Beth a younger version of Mom, except her tits were a little bigger, both with brown curly hair, and both of them had asses that would make a dead man cum, along with the sweetest smiles in the world. I let them stew for awhile, then stepped over to the table, turned around and hitched my ass up on it and laid back stroking my cock, and said, “You guys have been talking about blowjobs, who is going to be first?”

They both burst out, “you too?” I said, “Yup,both of you, although Beth was first by a couple of months.” Beth said, “Yes, Annie, that little sonovabitch of yours blackmailed me into sex with him, and he”s the best fuck I have ever had!” Mom said weakly, “Well, I set out to give him the big sex talk, and the next thing I knew, he was eating me out, and I have never had sex like that before in my life, but you can”t ever tell anyone, my God what they would do to me!” I’m still stroking my cock and by now it”s pointing at the sky. Mom and Beth are looking at it and at each other.

Mom mutters,”what the hell,” leans forward and takes me in her mouth. Beth says to me,”slide ahead a little, Billy” I do, and now my head is hanging over the edge of the table. Beth turns a chair around sideways, lifts her skirt, pulls the crotch of her panties aside and straddles my head. For a few minutes, all that can be heard is slurping and happy groans from me and Beth. After a while, Beth says, well, now that we all understand each other, why don’t we go in on a bed, my legs are getting weak from trying to balance on this chair.”

We went in my bedroom, and for a couple of minutes, the air was full of clothing being tossed in all directions. I had another brainstorm. “Mom, I said, you were telling me you wanted to try sex in all forms last night, well here”s your chance to try eating pussy, lay on the bed with your legs open.” I motioned to Beth to straddle her head, I climbed between Mom”s legs and shoved my cock in. She moaned and started squirming on my cock. Beth straddled Mom”s face, and Mom stuck her tongue in Beth”s cunt.

Mom Stopped and said, “Beth,your pussy tastes so good!” Beth said,your tongue feels good, too, Annie, and I”m watching your son”s cock in your cunt and I”m going to cum right now!” As she did I could hear Mom slurping and gulping and a couple of seconds later, Mom”s cunt started to throb and undulate, then began to cum which triggered me off and I started spurting as well. We all laid down with me between Mom and Beth, gently caressing each other and kissing. Beth was the first to recover.

She sat up, exclaiming,”Wow, what we have been missing all these years, we need to be making up for lost time. The first thing we need to do is get rid of that no-good bastard, Sam, I”m staying here till he comes back, and we will all confront him about Annie”s black eye.” I said, “No, Beth, we don”t need him putting you in the picture, anyway, I can handle him, so you need to go home until you hear from us.”

Beth said, well, he won’t get home until seven o”clock or so, will he? So I”m staying the night with you guys, I have only cum once, and I”m sure Billy is good for 5 or 6 more shots before morning, and if Annie is like me and she”s proved she is, we ought to be good for 20 or more orgasms each by then. So I”ll leave at 6AM and let you get ready for Sam, meantime, sis,we need to get some food ready for this boy of yours, it takes a lot of energy to fuck hell out of two horny broads.” Mom just smiled.

We spent the next several hours totally naked, eating supper, fondling, eating each other, fondling, then I remembered my computer which was still turned on, on the incest website. We pulled up a couple extra chairs and began reading the stories out loud to each other as we masturbated, watching each other. Beth said,”Do you have any toys, Annie, a couple vibrators, maybe?” “No I don’t even know where to get that stuff.” Mom answered. “Well, Billy can get stuff for you now, can”t you, Billy?”

Beth said. “In the meantime, what have you got in the house, got any cucumbers, or maybe a couple of longneck beer bottles?” Mom said, “I have some cucumbers, want me to go get a couple?” I said,”Better get more than that, they won”t last long.”

Mom brought back 4 cucumbers, and handed them to Beth, Beth then pushed one in her cunt as far as it would go, then wet another one with her spit and pushed it up her ass.Mom watched closely, then did the same. I then took them both by the hand and laid them on the bed side by side. I put Mom”s hand on Beth”s cunt and told her to stroke Beth”s clit. Meanwhile, I got between Mom”s legs and began sucking hard on her clit while

I moved, pushed and spun the cucumber in her cunt. Mom was saying, mmm…! I reached up and got Mom”s other hand and guided it on to the cucumber so she could move it in and out herself. Then I moved over between Beths legs and did the same thing, eventually moving back and forth between them every 30 seconds. Mom let go first.”oohhhh and cum squirted out around the cucumber. I grabbed the cucumber, pulled it out and began to eat it. When she saw what I was doing, Beth began to cum, too. ”

Wow!” and she squirted around her cucumber. I was almost done eating Mom”s cucumber, so I reached over, grabbed Beth”s cucumber, and finishing mom”s cucumber, started eating Beth”s. Between bites, I said,”These are the best tasting cucumbers I have ever eaten.” Beth said, “Did they taste any different?” I said “Just enough to tell them apart, but they were both delicious!” We then napped for awhile, waking every hour or so for a fuck or suck, until the alarm clock went off at 6AM, we all showered singly and got dressed to see Beth off. ”

Be sure and let me know what happens, no matter what.”She said. We agreed. A little while later, Mom and I were sitting at the table drinking coffee when we heard the roar and brake squeal of Dad”s truck pulling in to the driveway. He slammed the truck door getting out, and I stepped into my bedroom to see what he was going to do. He came in, slamming the door as hard as he could, roaring, “You dirty filthy bitch,pack your goddamn clothes, and get out of here, you don”t live here anymore, you slut!”

I stepped out of my bedroom, holding my baseball bat behind me. I said, “I think not, Dad, if anyone is leaving, it”s going to be you.” He glanced at me, chuckled to himself,”Well, well, the little pup thinks he”s big enough to take on the master, does he? suddenly his hand shot out, overturning the kitchen table, and he started walking toward me stomping his feet. I guess that was supposed to scare hell out of me, but all it did was make me mad that he had scared hell out of Mom.

I took a step toward him, swinging around sideways and brought the bat around in a good swing, at about half of my strength, right on his left kneecap. He went down like a ton of bricks. He grabbed his knee and howled,”You broke my fuckin knee, you bastard!” I stepped over to him and said “It isn”t broken because I didn”t hit you that hard, but if you”re not packed and outta here in one hour, I”ll break your fucking head! anyone who can punch out a defenseless woman deserves what he gets!” Mom screamed, “You sorry sack of shit,

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I”ll cut that goddamn cock of your off, you got no use for it, anyway” She was waving around the biggest carving knife from the knifeblock. Dad”s eyes got big, and he looked back and forth between us, finally realizing that he had gone too far at last. His face seemed to collapse on itself. He started whining, Geez, Annie, I didn’t mean it, I didn’t mean to hit you that hard, you just surprised me, that”s all, let”s forget all this foolishness and let bygones be bygones”. Mom looked a little uncertain, so I stepped in again. ”

Your hour has shrunk by 5minutes, so unless you want to go out of here empty-handed with a broken head, I suggest you start getting your stuff together now!” He got up, limping, and went in to their bedroom and started filling a suitcase and a couple of boxes, then he went out in the garage and started throwing stuff in the back of his truck. When I saw him throw my toolbox in the truck, I started out the door with the bat. Mom grabbed my arm, said,”Let him take it,

I”ll get you more tools, I have plenty of money in my trust account that he wouldn’t let me spend, and he needs to think he put something over on us or else he”ll get his buddies to gang up on you some dark night it isn’t worth it.” A few minutes later, he roared out of the yard, we haven”t seen him since. Mom got on the phone to Beth, and about 5min later, she ran in through the door, crying. ”

Oh, my God, I thought sure he beat you both up!” she said. Mom related what had happened, making it sound like I was superman, captain marvel, and spiderman all rolled up in one, then I told her about Mom offering to relieve Dad of his cock, and we all started laughing. Beth said, well, this calls for a celebration fuck!” Clothing was again flying all around.

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