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Mommy Fulfills Son’s Desires – Part II


I was up early on Sunday, I was anxious to see what the next session with my mother was going to entail. I stopped at the kitchen door to get a feel for the situation before I ventured in.Mom, was standing near the table wearing a saree. I figured she was dressed to take dad to the airport and hoped she would change when she got home, or even take everything off.

“Oh, hi, Shailu,” Mom said, I didn’t hear you come in, I’m glad you’re up already, I was just going to come up and wake you. I think it would be nice if you took your dad to the airport. I finished my breakfast quickly and went to my room to change the dress

When I pulled my trousers down I heard the door to my room open. Mom was there.

I Said I am getting ready and give me 2 minutes.

“Would you like a lick before you go?” Mom asked.

Where is dad I asked

She said he had gone to meet your uncle in next street.

“Mom, oh God, mom, I moved quickly to stand in front of her and as i bent my head to suck her rigid nipple into my mouth she cupped the back of my head.“Suck, baby. Suck me. Nibble on my nipple. Feel how firm they are waiting for you to nurse from them. Ohhh, yes, baby, suck, suck.” I licked and ran my tongue around the hard little nubbin. Mom groaned as the tingling sensation sped from her nipple to her pussy. Suddenly she pushed me away.

That’s enough for now. Later, later, Shailu, you’ll get more.” She reached for my crotch and grasped my steel hard cock that was pressing out the front of my pants.“Take it out for me. Hurry, I want to see it.”“What if dad comes back in?“He won’t, but don’t worry there is plenty of time. You will still get to the airport two hours early, enough time to go through all the new check-in procedure.”

I had already unzipped my pants and was having a difficult time trying to get the rigid piece of meat out of my underwear and out through the fly. Mom didn’t want to wait, she pulled my belt open and unhooked the metal tab, my pants dropped to my ankles. She moved toward me and grabbing my massive hard-on and guided my raging cock between her legs, the top of the shaft rubbing against the soaked panties cupping her wet pussy. Finally I was as tight against her as possible.

Oh God, mom, I think I’m…” my voice was cut off as Mom pressed her mouth to mine. Her tongue thrust into my mouth and dueled with mine. My balls began tightening, my juice was churning at the base of my tube, the seed was seconds away from erupting from the purple head of my thrusting cock. The cock that was nestled against my mother’s pussy. The cock my mother was squeezing between her thighs. Mom stepped back from me; my cock sprang upward as it slipped from its nest between her legs. “You have to go, honey, your dad is waiting. We’ll continue this later.”

“Mom, mom, you can’t mean that, I was so close, so close.”“Now, baby you feel what I felt on those mornings when you pushed your hard-on against me then left me all hot and bothered. But there is one difference, I will take care of you later tonight. In the meantime ,you can dream about how you had your cock between your mother’s legs. And I don’t want you masturbating today. Understand?”I was shaking from the tension.

Mom giggled. “Alright, just a minute.” Mom walked to the door and closed the door Taking hold of my monstrous shaft, she began a slow stroke up and down the meaty member. I groaned, “Oh, mother, your…pussy, your pussy, makes me want to shoot a stream clear across the room. I want to cum, I’ve got to cum, oh, mom, mom, mom…oh God, oh, oh,” I was so hot he knew it wouldn’t take much hand action to cum, especially since I was staring at my mother’s open burning pussy.

“Cum for me, baby, cum like you did on my ass last night. You remember my ass don’t you, baby, mommy’s ass that you shot your white juice on, that you greased up so nice. Do it, honey, do it to me again, cum, cum for me.”“Oh, here it is, mom, here it is. Ohhhhhhh, mom, oh, mom.” The white ropes of cum rocketed from the end of his massive shaft; splashed against Mom’s thighs, splashed against her legs, and sprayed her feet. Finally the flow slowed and finished by running over my fingers.

“Oh, Shailu, honey, that was marvelous. I’ve never seen so much cum. I’m going to have a real ball draining my son dry. And you can count on the fact that I am going to drain you until you can’t shoot another drop, no matter what it takes. You started this sex game between us, and we’re going to explore its boundaries until there is nothing you can think of that you haven’t tried at least once.

I know mother’s aren’t supposed to do these things with their son’s, but I love teaching you, having sex with you, and yes teasing you. I suppose the day is going to come when I let you fuck me. What would you think of that?”“Mom, mom, ohh shit, you just made me cum in my pants. Now I have to go change. Dad is going to kill me.”Mom laughed. Ok get ready soon go she said who knows what will happen.”“Maybe I’d get to fuck you, Mom.”“Maybe you would, honey, maybe you will. The day has a long way to go. ”

The trip out to the airport went faster than I expected. I dropped father at Airport and started home . I was tempted to pull over to the side of the road and masturbate, not caring who saw me. Only the thought of my mother waiting at home with her puffy aroused pussy kept me motoring down the highway. I roared into the drive and charged into the house.

Mom was standing by the sink cleaning vegetables. She was totally nude, the tan skin of her arms and back contrasted with the shapely white cheeks of her exposed ass. I was instantly hard. I moved toward her, but she held up her hand.“No touching. You can look, but don’t touch.”“Mom.”“You heard me, you can look.”I quickly sat down at the table where i could watch her. “How was your drive?”“Ah, it was okay.”“Was there much traffic?”“Traffic? No…no not much.”

Mom turned and walked to the table. Her 38c breasts jiggled and swayed as she walked. The nipples were rigid little nubbins thrust from high on the ends of the firm mounds. My eyes swung from the full white flesh to the light hair covered mound between her legs. The wet lips, slightly open, were visible between strong thighs. My cock lurched against my pants and for a moment I thought I was going to cum. It was one thing to see her in the bathroom naked, but in the kitchen it was much more shocking. She wasn’t just nude she was bare-assed naked.

As she bent over to pick up a plate for the sliced veggies, her breasts tilted forward until they were only a foot away from my waiting mouth. I groaned. A little smile appeared at the corner of Mom’s mouth. As I was about to reach out and touch them, Mom turned and returned to the sink. I was again excited by the fact I was watching my mother’s ass moving in a sexy rhythm and bare as the day she was born“If you want, you can undress,” Mom said.

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I stripped off my clothes. My rigid cock slapped against my belly as I dropped my shorts. Mom watched as the red, firm meat quivered from my movement. Why don’t you come into the family room and talk to me while I do a few things in there?” Mom said. I stood, and making no effort to control the bobbing of my raging hard-on, I followed her to the other room. I grasped my meat and slid my hand up and down the long pole Mom stole a quick look at my hard shaft sticking up proudly, but kept walking. “You like looking at my ass, don’t you?” Mom asked as she turned to face me. “You want to feel my bare skin against your cock; put your cock between those cheeks.”

I sat down on the sofa and nodded my head. “Yeah, you’ve got the best looking ass in this whole town.”“Why thank you, honey. For that you get a special look.” Mom moved to a couple of feet in front of me, turned her back to me, and slowly bent over. I caught my breath as she thrust her twin globes at me. Her puffy pink pussy was displayed slightly moist and open right before my eyes. Her cheeks spread and her puckered little anal opening was also exposed for my pleasure.

“Oh god, mom, oh, I want to touch you…I have to touch you.”

“Later, maybe later. If I were to let you, would you lick me there? Not my butt, my pussy.”

“I’d lick them both, mom. I’d lick all of you, every inch.”

“Really. You would lick me all over, even my butt?”

“Every inch.”

“Oh god, just the thought almost made me cum. You’re a horny little monster. You may get a surprise, I just may let you do all that. Your father has never been much for pussy eating and he wouldn’t think of doing anything with my butt. I suppose you’d like to fuck me there too?”“Mom, I’d like to fuck you anyplace I could get it in.”

“Quit. If you keep talking like that, you’ll make my pussy drip even more than it is.” She straightened up and taking the cloth she had brought from the kitchen she began dusting the tables and lamps. I followed her every move.

I was staring at my mother’s beautiful tits as I drove my hand up and down the corded pole. She stood near me and placing one foot next to me on the sofa, she spread her pussy lips. My face was only inches away. I could smell the mild and intensely exciting odor of her sex.

“Oh. god, mom. Oh god. Oh I think I’m about to cum. Mooooom.”Mom dropped her foot to the floor. “No. Don’t cum, quit doing it, don’t shoot. Don’t shoot.” She pulled my hands away from my throbbing cock. “Stop. Save it.”I groaned, but let her pull my hands away and was seized with frustration as the boiling in my balls subsided. “Mom, mom I was ready to shoot. Why didn’t you let me finish? Why? Do it for me, mom. Jack me off, please jack me off and let me shoot on your tits.”

“I’ve got a better idea.”Mom dropped to her knees and leaning forward she took hold of my rigid member. Before I knew what she had in mind she lowered her face to my purple and red head and engulfed my cock with her pouty mouth. With one continuous motion she slid her lips down the long shaft until she felt the head touch the back of her throat.

I grunted. “ohhhh, mom. That did it, I’m going to cum, going to cum. Now. Now. Noooow.” The white cum rocketed up my shaft and flooded Mom’s mouth and throat. She gulped as the hot liquid spurted down her throat and squeezed out around her grasping lips to run down her chin. She was only partly ready for the amount of juice her son shot between her sucking lips.

I grunted and groaned as Mom sucked my still dripping head. Drawing out the last of the white liquid she had caused to form. She had waited until she knew I couldn’t hold back if she sucked me and was rewarded with more juice than she had ever experienced from a shooting cock before. She had deliberately teased me into being too hot to control my ejaculation. It was what she wanted. She wanted me out of control. She would get me in the same shape when she let me fuck her. Which according to the way her pussy was quivering had better be soon.

And it was only eleven o’clock in the morning on the first day my father was gone. We have six more days together before my father got home. my cock gave a twitch at the thought. “I haven’t sucked a cock since the day I got married.” She said you have a beautiful cock and I plan to suck it a lot more in the future. What do you think of that?”

“I’m ready when you are,” I said. “Any time you want to do 69, I’m your man. I’m sure that’s on every young man’s fantasy list, to suck his mother’s pussy while she sucks his cock. If I had known you were willing, we wouldn’t be getting this late start in life. I’d have been sucking your pussy when I was a baby.”

“You already were sucking my tits when you were a baby.”“Damn, why’d you let me quit?”“I didn’t let you quit. I made you quit. You always wanted to suck me. I hate to admit it but I enjoyed your sucking as much as you did. Most women are ashamed to admit it, “I wonder if Aunt Raji likes raju sucking her” I said. “You can tell he likes sucking her. I’ve seen her feeding him a few times. I’ll tell you, I’d like it if he doesn’t.”

“Oh, You’d like to suck Raji’s tits, huh? Well, Raji may let you suck her tits and anything else you wanted. She likes sex better than ice cream. And I happen to know that she doesn’t get enough. For now though I think you’re going to have all the sex you want right here. Or would you rather fuck Raji than your old mom?”

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“Mom, I would rather fuck you than anyone else in the world. Even the top movie stars. But are you really serious, are you going to let me fuck you?”As long as you want me, I have decided to have any kind of sex with you that you can dream up. For this whole week, while your father’s gone, I want you to sleep with me. And anytime he is gone you can treat me like your girlfriend or your wife. You don’t need a condom to fuck me, I had my tubes tied long ago, even though I’m only thirty seven. But we do it when and where I say. Is that a deal?”

Hell yeah, it’s a deal.”Just the thought of all the things he wanted to do to he, caused Tim’s cock to spring to attention. Mom sat down on the floor, pulled a pillow from the sofa and laid back against it. “Why don’t you use your tongue and explore my thighs, my belly and my pussy?”

I dropped to my knees between her legs. Without waiting for anymore instructions I drug my tongue across her pink-flushed stomach. Mom watched as I began my journey around her private parts. “Oh, Shailu, oh baby you hit the trigger, I felt it right in my hot little spot. I’ve heard of that, but I never had it happen before. Keep going, keep exploring me. Mommy loves it.”

I continued to lick her bare belly as she reacted to the tiny touches. Her stomach jerked as I traced wet lines across her tender flesh. The trail led slowly downward until I was feeling the light curls of her pubic hair. i stopped and switched down to her thighs. I started just above the knees and licked long lines up to a point just below her now spread pussy lips. Then I dropped back and started another line.

Lick, lick, lick my tongue worked up the tender inside of her leg. Mom groaned and spread her legs wide to allow me free access. I was thrilled as i gazed on the quivering open lips of her sex.. Mom panted and squirmed continuously as my tongue traced long lines on her sensitive skin surface. I switched legs and again sent her into spasms as I tongued her ultra sensitive flesh. Mom gritted her teeth and clamped her eyes shut.

Do it, honey. Lick it. Lick mommy’s hot cunt. Lick it. Hurry, hurry, baby.”I was shocked by her use of the word cunt. It made me so hot. I adjusted my position and slipped my hands and arms under her legs to raise them up. Mom complied and pulled her feet back and raised her knees. This new position put me at a level with her open lips. I eased forward and allowed the tip of my pink tongue to touch the tender petals. As I ran it up the inner lips, Mom gasped for air and hunched her ass toward my moving tongue.

“Ahhhh, Baby, ohhhh good.”my cock was being ground against the rough carpet and it was tickling the end. I wanted to rise up and sink it balls deep into the pussy my tongue was caressing. It was hard to keep my mind focused on satisfying my mom instead of myself. Even though her pussy was the center of my attention. I liked the taste of her and repeated my actions of starting at the bottom and running my tongue up the swollen lips of her sex.

“Ohhhhhhh, godddddd, tooooo hotttt, toooooo hottt, eeeeee, ohhhh, suck, suck, suck it, ohhhh, my goddddd mommy’s cumming, I’m cumming, cumming.” Mom thrust her pussy up, driving my chin into her opening and burying my face between hot wet pussy lips.

I sucked and drove my lips in and out against the throbbing clit, Then lowered my aim and drove my tongue into her waiting opening. Mom dropped her ass back to the floor and clamped her legs around my head, locking my mouth onto her open pussy. Juice flooded from her channel and coated my face. I shot my load into the carpet and humped the rough surface as I tongue fucked my mother.

Mom opened her eyes as I drove my cock against the floor. Later, baby she thought, later you’ll have a warm slot to thrust that hard cock into. She let out the breath she had been holding, and began her descent into a warm glow.
Mom lay with her legs splayed open like a mare that had been ridden too long and too hard

Shailu, honey that was wonderful. You got me so hot I couldn’t hold off until you really got into tonguing me. I’ve never been loved so well. I saw what happened to you. I’m sorry. Later I’ll make it up to you. More than you can imagine. For now why don’t you take me upstairs and give me a good shower. I’ll just stand and you do all the soaping, washing and drying. Would you like that?”“I’d love it, mom. Can I take as long as I want on each spot?”As long as you want, and I hope you take a long time on some spots. My god, shailu, you’re getting hard again. Ohhhh, we’re going to have a wonderful week, baby.” to be continued.

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