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Meri friend Priya ke saath Sex Kiya

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Hi, TitiBut I am going to narrate an incident which happened to me a year ago. In our chamber there are four other articles other then me, out of which three are girls. Shruti is one of then. She is tall, beautiful girl with a figure like those of any bollywood celebrity. At first I hesitated to talk to her but as time passed we started talking and also as our work was same so we used to discuss many more things. In a matter of time we became very good friends. Her and my house was in the opposite direction of the city. It was the month of March last year i.e. 2008. We were in the office and it was late in the evening as during March we have lots of pressure on work. It started raining as well. At around eight we asked for a leave from the boss and headed for our homes.

All the colleagues went straight away. At last I and priya were left alone in the parking lot of our office. I asked her as to how was she going home and she replied that she would take a rickshaw. I said her that she would not get a rickshaw as it was raining heavily and so I offered her to drop at home. She agreed at once. While we were on the bike she held me tightly, may be cause she was feeling cold and she was totally wet, me too. Her touch gave me an arousal at once, as she had caught my right hand side pocket of my denim with one hand and my chest with the other. We were talking several things while on the way and I was driving very slow as the rain was piercing into my skin. While holding my pocket she accidentally touched my dick which was already aroused. She said sorry and I asked for what, she said nothing and just smiled. She then said that she was alone at home as all have gone to a marriage out of station and would return after three days. Now, she was giving me a hint may be for some erotic encounter which I understood at once and by this my imagination got more aroused. Now we reached her home. She leaves in an apartment at top floor. As she got down from the bike her top skidded away and I could see her bare back and pink color panty which was so sexy that I felt like fucking her den n there.

After she got down she looked at me n said that I was totally wet so y don’t I come to her flat n dry myself n den go. I at once agreed. We went to the lift and den to her flat at once. She went in and brought me a towel and her dad’s shorts. I went to another room for a change, I opened my all the clothes and was naked with only a towel wrapped on my waist. I was exhausted totally after the whole day work and was lying on the bed. Suddenly priya opened the door n entered the room, n I at once got up from the bed leaving behind my towel. She was shocked to see my long dick and shouted and ran out of the room. I hurriedly wore the shorts and went out to say her sorry. She said it was ok n it was a accident I din do it purposely. Saying this she hugged me. Now I was surprised at her move. I asked what are you up to n she said that she wanted to see it again. I din understand and asked her again. On this she pulled my shorts down n said this, pointing on my dick. I was left speechless for a while. Before I could ask or say anything she bent down n took my dick in her mouth.

She was chewing, biting, sucking, licking, and eating my dick like she was hungry for it from so many years. She was doing it as an experienced lady. I liked the way she was sucking my dick n I was about to cum. I said her that I was about to cum but she dint remove her mouth. Finally I cumed in her mouth and she licked it to the last drop. Now she also started feeling aroused and asked me whether if I wanted to fuck her. I at once nodded and undressed her. Now we were lying on the floor. As I began to remove her clothes one by one I saw her breast which were like that of any celebrity and I sucked them hard and made many love bites on them and den I came down and licked, and ate her pussy hard and made love bite their as well. Her pussy was clean shaven. Then we started kissing each other passionately. I kissed her on each and every part of her body. Now I turned her backward and also made some bites on her buttocks and back. Now she was totally aroused I inserted my long dick into her vagina. It could not go at once, as it was her first time. I tried it with a thrust n it went in. she was crying in pain of enjoyment. I too loved it. Slowly, slowly I started moving up n down n continued it for another fifteen mins. Now I was about to cum again so I made my movement faster and cumed every drop of my cum into her cunt. She, too cumed at once on the floor and also on my dick. We continued this for another two days till her family came back. Soon she moved out of town n now is in Kolkatta.. After that I dint get a chance to fuck any beautiful girl like her. I m in search definitely. It was the best fuck of my life.

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