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Me and My Gf


Hello People… Deepak here with sexy and erotic story based on my girlfriend.

If any of you slutty housewives want to chat with me or meet me or want to exchange story ideas feel free to e-mail me on deepak.dheeman@yahoo.co.in. I want 100% discretion.

Anjali is some 40+-year-old lady that stays in my locality. She looks great for her age and could pass off as a 31-32 year old. I guess this is what happens when the women don’t get fucked the way they want to be by their husbands and it becomes a once a night affair in a few weeks. I think one should fuck 3 times a day. Let me describe anjali too you now
She is tall about 5’8″. Average boobs a bit too average but her ghand is gorgeous. She has got great legs. My fascination in this woman started when I was about 18 and one day she fired me for something that’s when I took notice of her. I don’t know that for what it was but that day onwards I use to give her the looks. She also noticed this and I guess she like it.
She would tease me at times in her looks. Time passed by and I grew a bit older. At the same time we started close to each other. We would normally exchange glances in the evening when we use to see each other.I would go for my normal walk and she too would be taking one. Then one day she smiled. I went up to her and started talking to her and we became good friends. I use to make her laugh a lot and now started visiting her house when her husband was away. We would normally
flirt with each other and talk about sex freely.

I noticed one thing in her whenever she saw me with my girlfriend and heard me talk of her she would get upset and fight with me. One day I was spending the afternoon in her house. She asked me tu aapni girlfriend ko kitni bar chood dal ta haai. Sala hai toh choodu. Mein bola kya yaar anju girlfriend choodne ke naam se he chidti hai. Anju boli jaaawan haai naa
islye. Mere jaise hoti toh tere saath rat din choodti. Phir boli chaaal mere saath blue flim dehkta hai kyaa ? mein boola kyon nahi chaaal. Hum log bedrooom mein gaye aur anju boli aaj tereko mein dekhaati huh bp kaise dekhte hai. Aur anpe kaapde utaar diye aur boli chaaal ab teri bari.

I was shocked looking at her naked body. I removed my cloths and lied down nest to her in bed with a raging hardon. Sale badwe tuh mere bare mein sooch sooch ke kite mutt marta hoga. Mein bhi tere baare mein soooch sooch kar mutt marti huh. The bp started and we were waatching then after a while I saw her rubbing herself. Phir anju meroko dekh kar boli chaaaal mere mame daaba ta hai kya. Aur mere paass ah kar leat gai. Mein boolaa mein samjta that ki tuh kabi aaisi nahi
hone degi par tuh toh rand nikli. Who boli ahhh ahhh jara jor se aaahhh…main toh teri raand hi thi…aaj mere ko apni rand ke jaisa suluk kaar. Maain ne usko jaaaar se chumi di aaur uski chut par apnaaa hat daala aur dabaya. Usne mera lund apne haat me liyaa aur hilane lagi. Aahhhhh aahhhhh ahhhhhh. Ab moug me le kar choosne lagi aur apni kunt mere moh par raaki.
I started to lick her kunt and was she sexy. She had a nice hairy pussy. I love that. I like hair on women. We were both licking each other to an amazing orgasm.

We came in a few minutes. I exploded in her mouth and she in mine. Her pussy tasted good. My face was covered in her juices and little of her pussy hairs. She came up to me and we kissed. She told me that her husband was going on an out of town trip for a few weeks and will come home soon to pack and catch his flight. She asked me to come and live with her for a few nights. She told me all we will do is fuck fuck and fuck. I want to fuck u all day long. I agreed and we decided to catch up where we left off right now at night. She told me I was to be your mistress and I have not had such an orgasm in years. We met in the night again and ate dinner from each others body. Then we went in for a bath and that’s where she turned and bent over to pick up the soap and her ass hole looked so inviting that I shoved my dick in it and she screamed saying that she had never done this before and she was feeling pain.

I pay no head to her and rammed her ass while fingering her pussy. She was now in paain and pleasure. Screaming sala maderchood , badwa mar jor se maar aur jor se maar meri ghand. Phar de meri ghand. Yeh ghand teri hai. Mein bola chup sali randi lund fakir. I fucked her there for about 10 minutes and came in her ass. Then I carried her to bed and spreaad her legs and licked her kunt . she was screaming aaaahhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhh maa ha ha ha hai salaa badwa gandu ahhhhh chaat chat…..chod muje chode saale gandu chut ka pujari chat. Uske bad mein ne uski chut mein apnaa lund dala and jor se chooda…phir dono so gaye aaur subah hote hi phir se ek bar bistar mein aur aek bar bathroom mein choodaa aur office ko gaaye.

Posted : 27/05/2011 10:07 am