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Waiting for the right time to begin having sex with my son was a little confusing. At the his age , he seemed mature for his years but there were times he still seemed to be a little boy. I got tired of tossing around the idea and urge to visit my son’s bed. Therefore I had to decide. Should I or shouldn’t I?

My son Yuvraj and I live togetheryuvraj and I were living up in an area called Ganigarpet Nagarathpet cross which have more than 500 houses. The majority of the population were a tribe of Native peoples who for the most part spoke their own lingo plus they had there own customs etc., of which at the time I knew next to nil about them or their ways. One Native dude in particular and I became friends. He also was a single parent with a son a year older than Yuvraj, my son, and his ex wife was nowhere to be seen. At least he had a sister who lived not that far away. Yuvraj and I were stuck with my wife and daughter.

“Hey Kailash, how goes it dude?” Manohar my Native friend asked when we arrived on site. “Not bad thanks and you? “Pretty good, how’s Yuvraj?” “Fine thanks, in school, how’s your son Nikith?” “He’s doing great, i’ve got a great son,” he replied. “Yep, know what you mean, Yuvraj’s a good kid also.” “You got time to get together after work today, just for a while?” “I can manage a while; Yuvraj won’t get home until after I arrive, that is if he remains at school doing extra curricular activities.” “Same with Nikith, they keep the kids busy for a two room school don’t they?” “They do anything important you want to talk about?” “It can keep, later dude.” “Later Manohar.”

“We can walk right?” “Sure Manohar, I walked to, might as well walk back, so what’s up?” “I was wondering because I know this might sound ditzy to you but do you and Yuvraj ever fuck around?” “What’s that?” I asked stunned. “How old is he, isn’t he 10?” “Yes he is what are you saying?” “Just saying that when Nikith turned 9, well, he and I began fucking around, thought you and Yuvraj might also?” “No Manohar, we don’t, is fucking around with your son some sort of Native custom of your peoples?” “Not exactly, but, well, let’s just say it’s popular for dads and sons to get to know one another.” “As in physical?” “Yes Kailash, physically, spiritually, mentally, all ways.” “Are you saying your dad got to know you the same way?” “Me and my two brothers.” “Isn’t that incest?” “Call it what you may, I sure don’t regret fooling around with my dad, nor do my two brothers, shit Kailash, we loved it, I don’t regret it, and by the way, I still fuck around with my old man once in a blue moon as do my brothers, we love the old guy not that he’s old-old.” “I see,” I replied shaking my head. “Not many guys would tell another guy what you’re telling me,” I said. “I like you Kailash, you’re a great guy, you’re in the same boat as me with my son and all, why not toss the idea around about you and Yuvraj, let me know how it goes if you decide to give it a go, I should get home, later dude!” Manohar said waving goodbye.

Manohar began asking me once a month if Yuvraj and I had begun screwing around. I told him no. He asked why and I told him I was still thinking about it. I saw Manohar and his son Nikith several times and Nikith and Yuvraj knew one another at school even though Nikith is ahead of my son in his studies.
The bond between Manohar and his son Nikith was amazing to watch. It was clearly evident the love shown between them plus great respect for one another. Nikith never spoke to Yuvraj or me about he and his dad’s, what I called affair.

“Nikith really loves his Dad,” my son said to me a few times seeing Manohar and Nikith together. “They sure do, you do love me don’t you Yuvraj, I sure do love you.” “Sure I do Dad and I know you love me,” my son said.

I began spending more time with my son giving him much more attention, something I should have done all along. I asked him tons of questions and told him he could ask me anything he wanted. He smiled a lot more that he ever did before and he carried himself in a different manner in such a brief period of time. He paid more attention to what is important in life. I’m not saying that he didn’t still enjoy being a boy and doing stuff they do.

“What was that for?” I asked when Yuvraj just walked over to me tossing his arms around me giving me a hug. “Just a hug Dad, its okay isn’t it?” “Sure it is son, come here, i’ve got one for you right back,” I said and he almost jumped into my arms squeezing me with his arms around my shoulders. I had been sitting sideways on a kitchen chair at the time.

“Nikith and me like to walk around naked when no one is around, we do it a lot,” Manohar said to me walking home one day a few months after he had first asked if Yuvraj and I were fucking around. “I don’t know if Yuvraj has ever seen me naked. He’s seen me walking around in my underwear for a few seconds here and there but that’s it,” I replied. “Do you sleep nude?” Manohar asked. “Most of the time, why?” “Do you keep your bedroom door closed?” “Sure I do, well, when I’m in bed, yes,” I said. “Leave it open, let Yuvraj stroll in, let him see you naked. You don’t have to toss a towel around you after drying off exiting your bathroom going to your bedroom either, let him see your body, you’re not ashamed of it are you?” “No, not at all.” “I think you have a great fucking body, I wouldn’t mind seeing you naked either,” Manohar said bumping my arm with his elbow. “Do you consider yourself gay?” I asked. “Those are labels, Kailash, I don’t use any of them, haven’t you ever had sex with another guy? I think you have, you’re pretty cool,” Manohar said. “Okay Manohar, I have, not for years and I mean years,” I replied. “I look at it this way Kailash, Nikith and I are both dudes, dudes know what other guys want and need more so than chicks, right?” “I won’t say you’re wrong.” “Okay so you agree, and how do guys pass it on to other guys?” “I understand where you’re coming from, I’m not judging.” “I know you’re not, you’re not that kind of dude but isn’t it better for a Dad to pass onto a son what he knows will help his son in life, shit Kailash, it doesn’t have to even be his son, an experienced dude with a younger guy, boys especially, they learn so quickly and they retain what they learn at younger ages.” “How young is too young?” I asked. “Depends on the boy, let’s take Yuvraj for example. The past few months wouldn’t you say he’s matured a great deal?” “Definitely, sure,” I replied. “You trust him completely don’t you?” “100%, yes.” “He looks up to you doesn’t he?” “More than he ever has before.” “See how it is Kailash, just depends on the boy, not his age and I’m not saying they still don’t have a bundle to learn and we’re talking love here Kailash, not just sex right?” “If you say so, yes, you’re right, I understand.” “Hope you and Yuvraj become closer Kailash, he’ll thank you for it one day, I promise,” Manohar said.

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Yuvraj had gone to bed happy after his small 11th birthday party consisting of Nikith, Manohar, Yuvraj and myself. Manohar’s sister had even baked a cake for Yuvraj. Manohar had brought it back with him after paying a visit to her. Manohar and his son Nikith had sat side by side holding hands when Yuvraj blew out his eleven candles. Manohar and Nikith had given Yuvraj a card and two shirts to him as a present. I had sent away for a couple of pairs of jeans and a pair of corduroys via a catalogue and gave them to my son for his birthday gift. Yuvraj was thrilled.

I was truly surprised when the four of us sat in our tiny living room after supper and cake. Manohar and Nikith sat on the loveseat holding hands and I sat in my easy chair. Yuvraj came over to me and sat on the big tufted arm of my chair. Not thinking I went to rest my left arm on the chair but I bumped the side of Yuvraj’s thigh. He grabbed my hand and interlocked fingers with me keeping our hands on top of his thigh. He squeezed it a couple of times. Manohar doesn’t drink alcohol, so I didn’t offer any, nor did I open anything for myself.

“We had a great time didn’t we Nikith?” Manohar said tossing on his jacket when they were leaving. “I had a good time, happy birthday again Yuvraj, soon you’ll be as old as me,” he stated chuckling. Yuvraj thanked them for attending and the cake and shirts. Nikith gave him a hug and Manohar shook my son’s hand.
I thanked Nikith and he asked if he could give me a hug also. I allowed him to hug me. “He’s a hugger,” Manohar said lightly laughing.

“Thanks for coming dudes, I had a good time also and you can see Yuvraj sure did too, take care, see you at work on Monday, Manohar, ciao guys,” I said. Yuvraj walked Nikith outside to where Manohar had parked his vehicle.

“Just a second Kailash, I have a feeling you and Yuvraj are going to have a good time later, take it slow with him, don’t force him to do anything he doesn’t wish to do, let him be the one in control, it’s better that way, he won’t disappoint you Kailash, in fact I bet he’ll surprise you, he’s your son and he wants to please you as much or more than he thinks you want to please him, good luck dude, see you on Monday, bright and early, give me a hug,” Manohar said tossing his arms around me giving me a huge hug. “You forgot to kiss me,” I whispered just teasing Manohar. He looked over his shoulder and then he grabbed the sides of my face. He kissed me! “You owe me one, goodnight, thanks for having us!” Manohar said winking at me.

I had a feeling that Manohar and Nikith were going to party themselves when they arrived home.

Yuvraj had seen me nude I’d say 20 times, not for long and never with me sporting a hardon, just casual, exiting the bathroom after showering tossing the towel over my shoulder instead of wearing it around my waist. Yuvraj blushed the first few times not saying a peep. I stopped closing my bedroom door and Yuvraj would pass by and see me naked on my bed and there were a few times when he entered my bedroom to talk to me thinking I was dozing off or just watching TV. He almost saw my boner a few times when he came into my room a few mornings. I began encouraging Yuvraj to walk around in his underwear if he wanted as I was doing more and more often. He did begin to walk around wearing only briefs, not often but still in all he was feeling more and more at ease as was I.

“It’s just me son, it’s Dad,” I whispered sitting on the side of Yuvraj’s bed lightly touching his head running my fingers thru his dark hair. I asked him if I awoke him. He said no and I chuckled because I had. “Is everything okay Dad?” He asked flipping onto his back. “Sure it is Yuvraj, you’re growing up just so darn fast,” I whispered.

The light from the hall shed enough light where my son and I could see one another without squinting. Yuvraj left hand landed on my left thigh when I turned tucking my right ankle underneath me. I was wearing only my briefs. “Can’t you sleep Dad?” Yuvraj asked. “I’m not really tired, but I’m okay son.” “That’s good Dad, you feel okay don’t you?” “Sure I do Yuvraj, I feel just great, how about you?” “Yes Dad, great too, I had a good time tonight. Are we going to do anything together this weekend?” He asked.

It was a Friday night.

“Anything within reason that you want to do together, you say so, alright?” “Well Dad, there’s not a lot to do around here, what should we do?” Yuvraj asked tossing the ball back into my court. “We could toss around a football, we could go for a hike in the woods, we could clean the house, or we could do lots of things.” “Not clean the house Dad, okay?” “Okay Yuvraj, not this weekend, there’s lots of things to do.” “You could teach me something couldn’t you Dad?” “If I know how to do it, what do you want to learn?” I asked. “Don’t you know Dad?” Yuvraj asked smiling. “I’m not sure what you mean son.” “Can you teach me how to be a man?” Yuvraj asked. “Well, that’s a tough one, it would take more than one lesson and besides why would you want to learn?” “I’m 11 now Dad, I should know man stuff, Nikith said I should.” “Nikith, what did he say exactly?” I asked. “Well, he said he’s a man, he said his Dad taught him how to be a man.” “In what ways?” “In a whole bunch of ways.” “I think you better tell me exactly and why are you smiling from ear to ear?” I asked. “I’m just smiling, I’m happy, Nikith and his Dad do almost everything together, didn’t you know?” “Manohar has told me a few things,” I replied. “Dad, I know you know what I mean,” Yuvraj said digging his fingers into my thigh before he moved his hand higher. “Oh that!” I exclaimed when one of my son’s digits poked my nutsac. “Yeah Dad, teach me please, Nikith and his Dad do all kinds of things in bed together, he told me tonight.” “He did, did he?” I asked grinning. “Doesn’t it sound great Dad?” “It does Yuvraj; I won’t lie to you and say it doesn’t.” “Do you know Nikith and his dad kiss and everything?” “Yes son, I know, Manohar has told me many, many times.” “Can we kiss too Dad, you and me?”

“Move over son,” I replied standing beside his bed folding back his sheet and blanket.

I was surprised to see my son was naked under his bed linens. “Why do I have a feeling, you knew something was going to happen tonight?” I asked slipping into my son’s bed after removing my underwear. “I didn’t Dad, not for sure anyway,” Yuvraj said rolling onto his side admiring my body.

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I lost all control over my dick. Yuvraj stared at it as it rose to it’s full glory within a matter of seconds. Yuvraj placed his right hand on my hard gut. He rubbed it before moving his hand lower. His fingertips touched my hard cock that was laying flat on my gut. I gasped when Yuvraj dug his fingers under my boner elevating it until it stood upright. My son squeezed my hard prick. I muttered gasping. I wrapped my large hand around my son’s hand and my prick giving it another squeeze. “Becoming and being a man isn’t just about sex,” I whispered. “Okay Dad,” Yuvraj replied turning his head to look into my face. “It’s not that sex isn’t important, I’m not saying that because it is okay Yuvraj?” I asked pulling his hot young body on top of my body.

Yuvraj’s hard young dick dug into my gut. He felt awesome within my embrace. I told him I’d have to teach him to kiss. He was thrilled and I was also.

His hot firm body squirmed when we kissed, him flat on his back, me on my side propped up staring into his eyes and running my right hand over his body, lightly massaging it, kissing him again and again. Yuvraj was hungry to learn. He gasped and he sighed. I told him I loved him and he in turn said he loved me. When I wrapped my fist around his 4” boner he cried out my name. I asked if he was okay and he said yes also informing me that his stiffy couldn’t stand upright for very long when it was rock hard. I told him I understood whispering a little story to him of when I was his age with a hardon. “Can you cum Yuvraj?” I asked nibbling his ear. “Not yet Dad, just some clear stuff,” he replied gripping the side of my shoulder arching his back. “It’s called pre-ejaculation juice or precum or precum nectar,” I whispered before we kissed again.

“How big is he Dad?” Yuvraj asked wrapping his hot hand around my hardon again. “Eight-inches son,” I replied. “That’s really big isn’t it Dad?” He asked. “The average for an adult male is 6 to 6 point 5, so you decide son,” I replied licking his right nipple feeling my son squirm and sigh. I whispered the Birds and the Bees story to my son while we continued embracing and kissing. I was surprised at the amount of knowledge he already was aware of.

“Dad, can I pump yours?” Yuvraj asked. “Sure, if you want you can but can I suck yours first?” “Sure Dad, yes Dad,” he said grinning ear to ear.

Yuvraj kept telling me how good it felt while I tenderly sucked his stiffy. I began to bob my head up and down and it wasn’t long before Yuvraj had a dry orgasm. He did ooze a little precum and it tasted sweet. He insisted he had to suck my dick after I finished sucking his cock. “Are you sure you want to son?” “Yes Dad, I’m sure, you’ll have to tell me what to do okay?” He asked and I guided him.

I told him to sit on his heels between my legs before I instructed him to wrap his thumb and middle finger around my balls as if I were using a cock ring. I told him to pull my balls towards him a little until my boner stood straight up.

“That’s right Yuvraj, keep him up and now you can lick and lap him with your tongue,” I said before I instructed him to cover the head of my oozing dick with his hot mouth. “Like this Dad?” Yuvraj would ask every so often. “Perfect son just perfect,” I replied moaning and gasping. I was propped up on my elbows staring down turning my head to the side watching Yuvraj, guiding him if needed.

“Okay son, he’s soaking wet now, you can fist him, pump him up and down and if you want you can suck my knob at the same time and bend my dick back if you want also, it’s up to you, remember Yuvraj, no teeth.” “I remember Dad, here I go,” he replied.

My son’s lips felt so hot and when my knob was inside his mouth I grunted. He sucked it hard forcing me to ooze more precum. He swirled his tongue around tickling the side of my knob. I told him to turn his head to the side and use the tip of his tongue to dig it under my knob after he dug the tip of his tongue into my pee hole.

“Now if you want Yuvraj, you can bob your head up and down sucking my knob the way I did to yours but don’t forget if you continue my cock will shoot cum okay?” “Okay Dad, should I drink it or should I spit it out or what Dad?” “i’ll let you know when I’m ready to shoot my cum alright. You can pull your head off my dick and keep pumping it and watch me shoot my cum all over the place or you can keep sucking it and swallow it or you can spit it out onto my gut or my chest, you decide okay?” I asked.

I told my son to release my balls. I asked him to fumble them when he began sucking my knob again. He flopped my big balls around and then he began to bob his head up and down. Yuvraj kept himself busy, sucking, pumping and working my nutsac. I groaned, gasped and grunted taking in the view, as much as I could see with my legs spread eagle.

My right elbow dug into the mattress holding my torso up. I used my left hand to work my nipples pinching, twisting and tugging them as my son continued sucking my hard oozing prick.

“Son, I’m close, I’m going to shoot my loads of cum any second,” I whined tugging my left nipple.

Yuvraj didn’t verbally reply.

His fist was hot and he gripped it hard when my dick jolted. My first rope of cum shot inside Yuvraj’s mouth. He pulled his head off my prick. He continued pumping and I shot my second wad. Yuvraj gulped down my first rope and he continued jerking me off. I shot again. I had two loads of spunk on my gut, one in my son’s stomach when I begged him to stop stroking my dick. I was gasping and grunting. Yuvraj didn’t release my dick. He leaned over and began sucking my knob. I oozed another wad of cum into his mouth. My son pulled his head off my tender dick. He placed his hands at my sides kneeling on all fours. He lowered his head drooling my final rope of jizz between my pecs.

“How was that Dad, I drank one, there’s two here and here’s the last one,” He said poking the center of my chest with his index fingertip.

“How was that you asked me, it was awesome, come here,” I said laying flat tossing my arms around him pulling him down on top of me, rolling us on our sides kissing him. The cum on my chest and gut melted into my son’s skin.

“What’s next Dad?” Yuvraj asked laying flat on his back beside me.

I took his hand into mine.

“It’s time to go to sleep, that’s what’s next, we can continue in the morning alright?” “Okay Dad and all weekend also?” “You bet we can son, you bet we can, turn on your side and face me, I want to kiss you goodnight,” I replied.

Yuvraj snuggled with me until the early hours of the morning.

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