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Luck is on my side


have known Meena for couple of years now and we have been good friends. Meena is 22 yr Old, young and enthusiastic girl with nice catch smile. Her smiles also have a tint of mischief in it that make her look very attractive. She has very soft whitish to light color and dark big eyes. She is perfect 32 -26-34, I know she is sexy and beautiful and although have always thought of naughty things with her, never crossed the friendship border. We often used to hang out (along with other friends) and go outings including parties. Recently about 2 months ago on a Thursday we went out for dinner party and as our practice, I generally drop her place as she lives on way to my house.

Soon after she got off the bike, she joked on me teasingly, and was going away from my bike. I tried to hit her (friendly) and incidentally, my hand slapped her ass quite hard. Ouch… is what she said and she stopped turned around and looked at my angrily for a flash second and then smiled mischievously and went away. I think I also saw her bite her lips while she turned away towards her door. As our practice after another 10 days when we went out to dinner with friends and while returning, I dropped her back at her place and before she got off the bike, she made some comments to make me angry and got out of bike and started moving away. After 2-3 steps she stopped, looked back and asked, “So are you not going to slap. A little while later – said ass.

I did not know why she was saying that, but did recollect in few seconds (tube light), that I had done that the last time. Wow. It hit me. She liked getting spanked on the ass! I asked her, why? And she wanted to get slapped(actually I meant spanked). She said yes, because she did tease me and to being a bad girl she thought I would hit her. Although I was unsure I said, I can slap at you. Then she slowly walked towards me and again made some comments on me to make this time, and me angry I spanked intentionally on her butt cheeks. She did shout, but ran inside and looking back at me. Again those mischievous smile and this time I clearly saw she was biting her lip. I drove to my place and things were going around in my mind, why Meena did that. If she really liked getting spanked and all that.

I thought of talking to her and so called her and asked, what was she doing. She said she got fresh, changed clothes and was just lying down to go to sleep. I asked if she is going to sleep so soon. She said she has nothing to do and trying to sleep. Meena lives in a 1-room/kitchen house all by herself on the first floor. The House owner couples live in the ground floor. We kept on chatting and I intentionally brought up the talk, how is she feeling, and checking if her ass is not paining. She laughed at it and said she feels good to get spanked. This is the opportunity I would not want to miss, and asked her if she liked it, I would offer to spank her but on one condition. She tried to talk off and bring in other topics, but I was bent on to discuss this.

Finally she gave in and asked what the condition is. Then I said I will only tell the condition if she would only say yes, and not no. She was like angry at this and telling me to give her options. I reminded her that if she wants to get spanked – she agrees to my condition after hearing it and only have to accept. You know human mind- very curious in such situation. She gave up said OK. Of course, reminding me that it is like hearing the condition only after accepting it. I did not mind whatever she said, but because she had agreed, I wanted to continue pursuing this opportunity. I can only spank you- if you can remove your panty and pull up your Skirt, thus bearing your ass for me.

I heard her squeal and asked what was she doing. She got alert and said, no, nothing and I said I could even come now and spank her. She is like it is night and her house owner did not allow to have guests at her place at night. I said I can come walking without my bike and so I could climb slowly without any noise. After a little pushing, she did agree to this. And she felt she wanted to be spanked!. I had never thought this girl Meena could ever be asking for this. My mind was preparing of all the games I am going to play with this naughty girl. So in about 20 minutes of walking I reached her place and climbed the compound wall onto the steps from side and was at her door and knocked slowly. She opened the door hurrying me to get in and locked it as soon as I stepped in. Again I was looking at her, the mischievous smile and big dark eyes. I sat on the Sofa and she asked me if I needed some cool drinks and without even waiting for my reply came with 7up bottle and glasses.

We started sipping and I pulled up the topic again. So why am I here? She tried to play me off, why did you come. Ok, sit down, have some drinks and you can go.

I had to say, how can leave a naughty girl and as I said that, I pulled her near to me and now she was standing in front of me. I asked why she wanted that. She said when I slapped her ass the first day, she felt she liked it and want it again. So I asked if she was horny and she agreed she is. I asked, if she only wanted spankings. She says, she don’t know. This is clear indication she may want more. More than just the spanking.

I pulled her and sat her on my left lap. Her ass touching my lap and I could feel the heat from below her thighs. I moved my hands over to her boobs and pressed it over her clothes and slowly moved my hands to her neck and brought her face down and her lips near mine. And we were locked in a kiss. I could feel her breathing getting heavy and she exhales hot air on my face. After the kiss, I pulled out her T-shirt and snipped off her brazier and took her right tit in my mouth and she was slowly moaning. I asked her to lower the voice as her house owners might hear her below. Then the naughty girl says, the owner of the house is not in station and only his wife is at home.

Posted : 26/05/2011 6:25 pm