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Loving Aunty Reeta


This story is about my 2nd aunt who leaves in a village on my 1oth std summer vacation as she is a teacher and. My parents thought it ll be better for my exam left me with my Aunt Reeta. She is a little shorter than me at about 5′4″, brown curly hair, and has a great body. She is a bit on the chubby side, but not too much, with a great ass and size 34 C tits, but un doubly her ass is her best feature. Aunt Reeta is 36 and her husband is a professor in a college and come home once in a week and son also study in the same college..

I was a bit annoyed that I had to stay with my aunt. “I’m almost 15″, I told my parents. “I’m old enough to stay home by myself”. But my mom insisted that I stay with her sister to stay safe since school was out for the summer and I would be home all day. Aunt Reeta lived about 1 hour away from where we live. My parents dropped me off at my aunt’s home and I was greeted by Aunt Reetas’ usual kiss on the forehead. I said goodbye to my parents and they were off .

I got my things unpacked and was settled in. Aunt Reeta was a sixth grade teacher and would be home all day to watch over me. The first two days were uneventful. The third day I was awoken around 6 o’clock a.m. by my aunt. “I’m heading out for my walk, do you want to come?” she asked me. I grunted, which she knew meant that I just wanted to go back to sleep. Aunt Reeta liked to go on an hour walk every morning.

After she left, I tried to go back to sleep, with no luck. I was up. I got up and went over to the bath room to get ready. Standing on top was a pair of my aunts’ dirty panties. I ignored them and went and watched TV. I kept thinking about those panties and how dirty they were. I wondered what they felt like, smelled like is it the same like my other aunt. I wondered what they tasted like. I gazed up at the clock and saw that my aunt had only been gone for fifteen minutes. Since it’s summer

I knew that those panties sitting in the hanger would be really sweaty and that turned me on even more. I took the panties and went back to my room. I took my pants off and just lay there, taking in the beautiful aroma of my aunts pussy which is more or less is same like my other aunty. I licked those panties right down to the top of the pussy. I was in heaven and I just had to jerk off and just thinking about my other aunties pussy.

Before she comes I got cleaned up and went to get ready,, when I came out . Aunt Reeta was sitting on the balcony having a cup of coffee and reading the paper. I sat down and picked up the sports section. I had to build up the courage before I could say anything. After a few minutes of sitting I finally said something. I am feeling hungry can we have Breakfast..

After we had breakfast, Aunt Reeta went to go have a shower. While she was in there, I went into her room to check my e-mail on her computer. I turned it on and while I was waiting for it to start up, I noticed that the pair of panties that my aunt had on during her walk. I picked them up and started to sniff them when I heard the water turn off. I threw the panties back on her bed and went back to the computer.

Aunt Reeta came in to her room wrapped in a towel. “Time to leave”, she told me “I have to get dressed”. I told her that I would be in my room. I went in but didn’t lock the door, just in case she needed to come in for anything. I still had the image of her in my mind and I came in about two minutes.

The rest of the day was pretty much normal,. That night while having dinner. Aunt Reeta wore a low-cut blouse that showed off a nice amount of cleavage. She caught me staring at her breasts a, but she didn’t mind at all. In the night we went to sleep together I could feel her running her foot against my leg all night. I was shocked when she all of a sudden , asked me if I had ever been with a woman. I told her that I hadn’t and that I couldn’t wait for it. She told me that she had a great idea

And she gave me a big kiss. Not her normal kiss, this was the most passionate kiss I had ever had. Her tongue poking at my lips until I gave in and opened my mouth, letting our tongues meet. The kiss lasted for about two minutes before she broke it. She pulled me on her and instructed me to get undressed. I was standing naked in front of her in about 30 seconds, letting her see all six inches of my cock which was already rock hard. “Since this is your first time with a woman,

I’m going to give you all night to do whatever you want with me! Undress me, eat my pussy, fuck me as much as you want!” I was shocked and very excited that I was finally going to have sex, especially with my aunt. I began by feeling her from her shoulders and made my way down to her breasts. I could feel that her nipples were already hard underneath her blouse. I continued roll down my hand over her stomach and reached her pussy. I ran my fingers over her vagina, rubbing her through her panty,

I intent to keep these panties and wanted her to cum as many times as possible. I heard her start to scream and knew that I did it. I moved my hands around to her ass and started fondling it and squeezing it. I spanked it a few times and heard Aunt Reeta scream and I knew she was enjoying it. I stood back up and gave her another long, passionate kiss. I then proceeded to take her top off, exposing her milk feel boobs.

I licked the top of her breasts as I squeezed her tits and pinched her nipples, moving from one boob to another. This lasted for about ten minutes. I then bent down and took her saree panty off., I slipped them down off her hips and thrown then down to the floor.. I noticed that there was a wet spot in the crotch of her panties. I stuck my face right into her pussy. I loved the smell of her.. I turned her around and stared at that beautiful ass of hers. I squeezed her ass once again and spanked her a few more times.

I started once again by sliding my tongue into her warm mouth. I didn’t want this moment to end. After a few minutes of that wonderful kiss. I stood there for about a minute, just staring at my aunts gorgeous breasts. I immediately started sucking on her nipples, one at a time, while I rubbed the other breast with my hand. I could hear my aunt moaning with every lick so I decided to bite down on the nipple, not too hard but hard enough for her to notice it. “Ohhhhh Ashu!”,

Aunt Reeta screamed out. I knew she was reaching climax. I bent down once again an squeezed her ass one more time. I looked up at Aunt Reeta and her look told me she wanted. I stared at her shaven pussy and just had to taste it. I pushed my face right into her wet pussy and started sucking. I wanted her to cum in my face. I heard her start to moan again and I knew that she was almost ready. I pushed my face even more into her pussy and started to lick quicker. ”

Ashu, I think I’m going to cum” she moaned at me. Just then her pussy juices shot out of her, covering my face and mouth in her woman juices. I drank as much as I could and licked her pussy clean. I turned her around and took a long stare at her magnificent ass. I kissed each cheek. I kissed her on the lips again and could tell she was enjoying tasting her pussy juices… After I broke the kiss she asked me if I had had enough. ”

Are you kidding?” I asked. “I’m just getting started!” I knew that that’s what she wanted to hear. I told her to get down on her knees and suck my dick. She wasted no time sticking my cock all the way into her mouth. I was in heaven, my aunt was deep throat me! She rubbed my balls with her hand as she sucked on my cock. “Aunt I’m going to cum”, I told her. She continued to suck on my dick and I shot my load straight down her throat.

She took my cock out of her mouth and showed me that she had swallowed every drop of my cum. She stood up and I pushed her down on the bed and got on top of her. We started making out once again. After about five minutes of making out, I pushed her legs open and inserted my dick into her vagina. She put her feet on my shoulders and I started pounding into her pussy. Aunt Reeta was screaming out in pleasure and

I could tell that she hadn’t had sex in a very long time. I pounded her pussy for a while and I felt my balls start to tingle and I knew I was about to cum. I didn’t tell her, I wanted it to be a surprise to Aunt Reeta. I shot my cum into my aunt and heard her moan in pleasure. I pulled my cock out of her and sat back on the bed. I rubbed her tits while I rested for a few minutes. Aunt Reeta said she was ready to go again.

This time I told her to get on her hands and knees so her hot pussy was right in my face. I spread her cheeks apart. I licked my fingers and rubbed them on her wet cunt . I took my penis and put the head of it on her pussy hole. I slowly pushed my cock into her pussy . Aunt Reeta was screaming,. Once my entire cock was in her pussy I started pumping into her pussy. “Ohhhhhh! We both yelled out. I came in her pussy after 10 min and pulled out of her.

I watched our cum slowly drip out of her pussy and falling by her thighs. Aunt Reeta licked my dick clean and we fell asleep in each other’s arms. I woke up the next morning still able to taste Aunt Reeta’s pussy juice on my lips. Unfortunately, this was my last day with Aunt Reeta and I was going to make the most of it. I noticed that she was not in bed so I got up to find here. I didn’t bother getting dressed, seeing as what happened last night.

The panties that she had on last night were still on the floor so I picked them up and put them into my bag. I walked to the kitchen and saw Aunt Reeta standing by the stove making breakfast. I was surprised to see that she was wearing her nighty, but I didn’t mind too much. I went up behind her and grabbed her ass. She turned around and we locked lips once again. “Good morning sweetie”, she said to me, “that was amazing last night”.

I squeezed her tits some more, they felt even better than they did last night. “Why are you wearing clothes”, I asked her. She thought about it for a minute. “Good question”, she said, how about you help me out of these?” I pulled her nighty off and played with her nipples. While I was doing this Aunt Reeta proceeded to take her panty off. Once they were off I bent down and fingered her and licked her pussy for a while.

Once I was done she turned back around and finished making breakfast. I sat down on the couch and started playing with myself. Aunt Reeta came into the living room with our breakfast just as I was about to cum. This time she just stood there watching as I shot my cum all over the carpet. I cleaned myself up and went out and joined her on the sofa. While we ate I asked her if she had ever been out on the sofa naked. She told me that this was her first time and that she was loving the feeling.

Once breakfast was over, Aunt Reeta laid down on the sofa and spread her legs wide open. “I want you again”, she told me in a very sexy voice. I grabbed my cock and rammed it into my aunt. I was pounding Aunt Reeta and once again she was screaming out in pleasure. I told her that I was on the verge of coming. She told me to pull out of her on the process I sprayed all over her belly..

I told Aunt Reeta that I needed to take a shower and she said that she would join me. We walked into the bathroom and I told her that I had to go to the bathroom. “I have to go as well”, she told me. With that she sat down on the toilet and started to pee. I just stood there watching her.. After she was all empty Aunt Reeta turned on the water and we got into the shower. She grabbed the soap and started to wash my body. She made her way down to my penis and started to jerk me off.

I shot my load all over her hands. She licked all the cum off her hands. She handed the soap to me and I started to scrub her, all over her sexy body. I can honestly say that that was the best shower I had ever had in my life. Around lunch time, it was time for me to leave. We sat down on the couch and waited for my parents to pick me up. I wanted to fuck her so badly, but she said that we shouldn’t.

But I did not listen and started pressing her boobs over the blouse .. then unzipped my pant and pulled out my penis out for her to suck.. with little hesitation she pulled my foreskin back and took it in her mouth and I was in my full length with in 2 -3 min…then I moved out of er and asked her to lift her saree up .. she was not wearing panty Just then there was a knock at the door and Aunt Reeta went to answer it but

I was in mood to leave her I wanted to test her cum before leaving.. so I continued sucking and she cum.. Then we got up and she opening the door. My parents were standing in the doorway and I knew it was time to go. I said goodbye to Aunt Reeta and walked to the car. We got to the car and I told my parents that I left my cell phone in the apartment. I knew I didn’t but I wanted to say a proper goodbye to

Aunt Reeta. I knocked on the door and she answered it,. I grabbed her and gave her a long kiss, while I was fingering her. I licked my fingers and walked out the door. As we were driving away, I noticed Aunt Reeta standing on the gate,. I leaned out the window and blew her a kiss. Now whenever my parents go away I have no problem in going to stay with Aunt Reeta and I occasionally go over to “sleep” over at her house. Dear All aunties Please send your feedback on my id xxxxxxxxx want all your feedback

Posted : 25/10/2010 5:29 am