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Kya kar rahe ho papa


It was almost midnight and I was in my bedroom lying naked on my bed watching a hot gay porno of Papa-Beta duos. I was feeling hot and extremely horny. I was slowly stroking my dick with my hand gripping it firmly upside down. I closed my eyes after watching a Papa inserting his prick into a Beta’s ass. The youth was pushing his ass back wanting his Papa’s hot cock up his ass and the Beta was sporting a hardon rapidly fisting it. The Beta whined insisting his Papa fuck him hard. The Beta whimpered telling his Papa to screw him faster. The Papa was thrilled thumping his Beta burrowing his hardon as deep as it would go all eight-inches. The Beta cried out begging his Papa to spank his nutsac with his loose bag of testicles. The Papa’s fingers gripped the Beta’s sides pelting his ass. A camera appeared under and between the Papa’s legs. You could see the Papa’s big balls smacking the Beta’s smaller and tighter bag. “Fuck me Papa, fuck me, fuck me Papa, fuck me,” the Beta whimpered reaching for his ass cheeks spreading them wider for his Papa to bore his ass harder and faster. The hot Papa was grunting and growling and gasping working up a sweat bombarding the Beta’s fuck fissure. The Papa told the Beta he wouldn’t stop fucking him until the Beta came naturally without touching his dripping prick oozing pre-ejaculation juice.

My Polish was a little rusty but I was able to understand the majority of the limited conversation between the Papa and the Beta characters. The beta’s flaccid uncut prick began to stiffen. It was awesome watching a two inch soft cock expand until it was a good seven-inch rock hard dick.

“Fuck me Papa, fuck me Papa, make me cum Papa, please fuck me harder, please Papa,” the Beta beseeched.

The video was filmed on the cheap side. I believed the video was more of a home movie than any studio piece and I believed the two characters were actually father and beta but the beta wasn’t as young as the video cover proclaimed. It said that the beta was 18. I’d say the beta was closer to 22.

As I continued watching you could see that the Papa was edging, holding off needing and wanting to shoot his cum inside the Beta’s ass. The Beta’s cock was flopping around spraying precum all over. The Papa reached around clutching the Beta’s hardon. “Masturbate me Papa,” the beta petitioned.” The Papa said no further telling the Beta he had to shoot his cum naturally. The second camera caught a shot of the Papa’s big loose balls. They tremmored and his right ball elevated two inches before it dropped in it‘s sac again. The Papa was extremely close to shooting his cum ropes. You knew the Papa’s boner was shuddering wanting to spasm before blasting his wads deep inside the Beta’s arse.

The Papa began to pick up speed assaulting the Beta’s fuck tube again. The Beta cried out whimpering and bleating. His voice jumped more than one full octave. The Papa slapped the Beta’s sides. The Papa’s balls collided with the Beta’s smaller and tighter nutsac. Their testicles became involved in a bumper to bumper collision as the Papa fucked the Beta for all he was worth ordering the Beta to shoot his cum. The Papa pointed the Beta’s prick at the Beta’s chest pushing his foreskin back. The Beta screamed when the Papa pinched the center of the Beta’s hard prick. The Beta bellowed as his thick cum shot out of his prick creaming his chest. The Papa released the Beta’s penis gripping the Beta’s hips fucking him harder and faster as the Beta remained bent over gripping the arm of an easy chair. The Beta’s legs wobbled and the Papa hollered screwed his cock into the Beta’s ass as deep as it would go. The Papa shouted and bellowed gripping his hips leaning back, standing on his tip-toes grinding his groin into the Beta’s ass. The Beta’s ass cheeks quivered with the Papa deluging the Beta’s butt hole.

I released my hard penis, switching hands grabbing it with my left for a change. My fist felt cool compared to my hot right hand. I squeezed my dick extremely hard feeling it pulsating on the brink of shooting my hot thick man seed. I couldn’t cum, not then, not yet. I had only been stroking my boner for fifteen minutes.

I gawked at my TV monitor waiting for the bonus. In walked the Beta’s Dada sporting a pre-greased 9-inch thick uncut prick telling the Papa to pull out of the Beta’s ass telling the Papa he had been waiting in the wings long enough to screw his potte The Dadaji ordered the Beta-Potte to stand up and kiss him before lying on the bed with his legs tossed up. The Beta kissed the Dadaji passionately before he tossed himself on the unkempt bed tossing his legs high, gripping and separating them offering his pucker to the Dadaji. The Dada didn’t waist a second drilling his thick uncut prick into the Beta’s ass. The Dada’s body wasn’t in the greatest condition but it didn’t matter because the Dadaji knew how to fuck ass hard and fast. The Beta had tears rolling down the side of his face but he didn’t tell the Dadaji to stop fucking his corn hole. The Dadaji barked at the Beta-Potte ordering him to beseech him while drilling the Beta-Potte’s ass. The Dadaji’s balls were swinging back and forth pelting the Potte’s ass crack and the Beta-Potte’s nutsac was getting squished each time the Dadaji pierced his asshole. The Beta-Potte was oozing substantially and his uncut dick was flaccid with his foreskin hiding his dick cap. The Beta arched his back. The Dada was working the Beta’s prostate and the Beta’s cock began to stiffen again until he was fully aroused.

“Fuck me Dadaji, fuck me, fuck me harder and I will cum again, fuck me!” The Beta-Potte bellowed. The Dada rammed the Potte’s ass hard and deep with all his might. The Potte touched his hard prick exposing his wet cock head before releasing his boner. The Dadaji looked down at the Potte’s prick and the Potte began shooting more cum. The Dadaji leaned over a little hollering at the top of his lungs telling the Potte he was cumming inside his ass. The Dadaji squeezed his right fist between his crotch and the Potte’s ass pulling his big uncut cock out of the Potte’s ass. The Dada pumped his prick ordering the Potte to sit upright. The Dadaji fired a thick rope of cum on the Potte’s face before pinching the center of his fuck pole shaking his big cock up and down as small amounts of cum shot out landing on the Potte’s chest.

I was all set to spill my spunk. My balls ached from jumping around between my spread legs and slapping the side of my fist.

I stared at my bedroom ceiling arching my back after placing the soles of my feet on my bed elevating my hips higher and higher. My legs were spread. I was ready to blow. I turned my head down to watch my big cock explode.

“What are you doing Papa?” My beta Yuvraj asked, shocking me.

My left hand squeezed my pulsating dick. As I elevated my head my ass hit my mattress. At the foot of my bed stood my young beta staring at my swollen cock and loose balls.

My dick stood upright.

“O nothing Yuvraj,” I said whining and my first rope of thick hot spunk shot out of my dick into the air. I moved my boner pointing it toward my head. My first wad tumbled down creaming my smooth loose balls. I shot again and it hit my chin before my third and final rope creamed my torso.

“Yes you are Papa,” Yuvraj said tilting his head up standing on his tip-toes staring into my eyes.

Posted : 16/02/2011 5:18 am