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I offered him myself Free


My dear ww1 reader i m surekha of 36 yrs old and married with two child of 7 yrs nd 5 yrs.let me describe my body status.i m of 36-24-40.when i was studying i used to wear jeans and t shir and whoever look at me i m sure his dick declared independence. Even girls were feeling jealous. Although i was so sexy i never had sex nor feel in love with anybody. I was concentrating on studies. After completion of my master degree i was sitting idle at home and at that time along with my other friend i was discuusion about sex fucking etc.thus i was introduced with a newly married woman who was 3 yrs older to me. By seeing her no doubt that she is sex crazy.

Time has passed and i got full theoretical class from her and sometime she gave some boobs to read and she could not but confessed her indulgence of sex with different people even about lesbianism before marriage. Gradually my mind was attracting towards sex and fucking.every night i used to fingering my pussy and sometime i insert thick item like cucumber or brinjal and was thinking how can i get the test of penis and its hot honey like water. And by the grace of god the time has come one day. I m going to tell u the first sex encounter of me.

One day i went to a kirtan ( a religious festival of thakur anukulchandra)in our relatives house to a nearby town .after reaching there as usual people were busy with the kirtan and all. After two three hr i have notice that an old man of around 55 yrs age was staring at me and from his eyes it was clear that he has some other motive. He was looking at my boobs at my butt hand leg etc.both my hands and legs nails are very nicely nail polished and it also gives some sex appeal. By some tricks he introduced with me his name was biren das and we had a long conversation and i told that i m surekha just now i have done master degree. He has a son of 30 yrs. Old but he was not there.

Now i want to tell my all iss reader how biren da seduced me and fucked like anything.i m a bengali girl and i want to describe this secret in bengali. Now listen.takhan sandhya 7 ta moto baje, biren da ase amake balblo visan garam chalo akto ghure asi.amar ichha chilo jadio ma babar bhaye first na ballam.ai sune uni amake bal lo je tumar ma baba kirtan karche ar akhan uthbe na.kathata sune ami raji halam.dui jan pasapasi hete chalchi ar chalte chalte biren da unar ba hat ta amar boobs a ghasiye dito.

Biren da anek handsome chilo.hater sparsa peye amar sarire uttejanar sristi halo karan ar age puruser hater chuya lageni takhan amar mane bhab halo ajke ki biren da ke diye chudachudir hate khari deoa jai.kichu dur jaoar par ase pase luk na thakar sujuge biren da amake dhare akta lip kiss karlo ar bal lo tumake dekhe ami thakte pari nai ar tumar gud chudbar janna pagal haye gachilam amio bal lam je amaro tumake diye chudabar iccha karche kintu keo jadi dekhe ar tumi kaoke balbe na.

Uni bal lo chalo akhane akta school ache ar promisee ami kaoke balbo na.ami offer ta accept kare nilam.schoole giye ak andhakar jagai niye galo ar jaoar samai amar boobs tipe tipe jachhilo.biren da balche tumi anek sundari ar sexy.kato baro mai ah ki visal pacha.ami bal lam tumio anek handsome.ami ar age kakhano chudan khaini kintu begun dhukiye sarirer garam thanda karechi.biren da bal lo chalo ajke bara diye sarir thanda karo.ai bale amake jabre dhare kiss karlo amio sara dillam.anek khan lip kiss karlam jiva chatlan.biren da amar churidar khule dilo bra panty sab khule amake nengta kare pagaler mato mai tipche pacha tipche kiss karche.ai sabb kare amake chudan khaor janna ready kare dilo.tarpar biren da base amar pa duto fak kare gud cht te laglo.oh ki sursuri ami thakte na pere sitkar diye uthlam ah biren da ki karcho oh ki aram oh o ma ah deo jiva ta dhukiye dao.

Ar biren da amar katha sune jure jure gud chate lagoo amar jal khase gelo.biren da gud chtche ar dui hate kakhno mai tipe kakhano pacha tipe.tarpar uthe daralo ar biren dao nengta haye dariye amake balche neo tumi akhan amr bara chusu.amio obedienet studenter mato bara chuste suru karlam.biren da amar matha chepe chepe dharche ar balche ne magi chus bhalo mato chus ajke tor first chudan ta master degree chudan debo.kichukhan par biren da bal lo habe akhan pa fak kare gud paita deo ami chudi.ami schooler varandate suye pa fak kare gud pete dilam.biren da amar upar uthlo ar ami barat ba hat diye gude fit kare dharlam.birendar bara visan sundar anek lambe ar matghata muta ar gurita soru.biren da ak dhape barata amar gude dhukiye dilo.ami chechiye uthlam o biren da ah kato muta tumar bara oh ki lamba neo dhukao purata ar chudu.

Ai sune biren da dhap mara suru karlo.ar balche ne magi kha sali chutmarani randy magi ne kha kha sali chudan kha kha kha ar sarirer sab jur diye amar gud marte suru karlo.ami begun dhukiye gud phatiye felechi jar janna betha lage nai.biren da amar mai tipche ar gud marche.mar sala chudaru mar aro jure jure mar mar chud sala dhemna chud amare randir mato chud oh oh ah ahhhh ahhhh issss o ma ah mar sala mar ah ahh ahhh oh ki aram oh ma ah chudo aro chudo chudo jure ju …..re.. Ah mar sala mar ah ah ahhhh om ammhn oh ki aram ah mar mar ah ah ah amar ras jartache maro aro maro maro ohh ahh ahhhh ahhh amrar jhare gelo ai sune biren da aro jore jore chudte lago ar balche ne magi ne ne ne kha oh ohh ki aram ato aram kuno gude paini oh magi ne ne ne ne ne ne ahh h ahh aoh ohh ahh is oh ki aram ahh ahhh kare ak gada ras amar gude dhele dilo.amar boobs ar upar suye amake kiss karlo amio kiss kare dujane kapar pare jaoar janna ready halam.sei din sara ratra biren da amar gud mereche amio randy magir mato biren dar barar chudan khelan.

Par din sakale amake akhta tablet dilo bachha na haoar janna.ak batchar par biren da amake unar cheler bou kare niye galo.akhan ami ratre samir chudan khai ar diner bela sasurer mane birendar chudan khai.biren dar baou biren dar barar chudan kheye mara gache.akhan ami ak chudan khur magi.kakhno biren da amake unar bandhuder sange kareo chude.ar ami maje maje gar o marai.pare balbo biren da amake kato ar kibhabe gar merech gud mereche ar amar much chudeche.

Posted : 22/05/2011 4:07 am