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How I Fucked My Neighbour


Hello friends, I am Rick, This encounter happened between my very sexy neighbor, her name is Anitha, when I am staying in Guwahati, working in a company. I was staying in a rented house, which was on the 1st floor with a terrace next to it. I was the only bachelor boy there about 27 and Anitha (age 35) from Trichy and her husband was a Business. They were 4 in their family, her mother in law, son, she and hubby. Her mother in law was very cranky character always spying on her where she goes never allowing her to talk to neighbors etc, etc. One day when no body was at home she came to the terrace and was sitting there crying, I saw her and asked her why she was crying and she told me all this, and her hubby also never tells her anything. So she was fed up of them and wanted a change and she would come to my house whenever there is nobody and talk, watch movies etc. I always wanted to touch her feel her whenever she was there but was afraid what she might tell, so I kept far from her. She was very sexy to look at heavy hard breasts, sexy tummy, and a very sexy ass; always she used to wear a tight saree and all her innerwear could be seen. It so happened that one day when I was getting ready to sleep usually sleep outside on the terrace where it is cool, it was around 11pm, I was reading a book when she came there and said I was feeling very bored so just came to talk, if u don’t mind, no one is at home, hubby has gone to leave my mother in law to Trichy for some medical treatment and my son is sleeping. I could not say anything as I used to fantasize of her for many nights and today she was here at night talking to me replied no problem ,then we started talking in general about this that ,it was cold and asked if she will have coffee and made coffee for the two of us she was also feeling cold so I gave her the bed sheet and she was sitting on the bed with her back to the wall, after some time she said “u must be feeling cold too why not make your self warm”, she patted the bed next to her I sat there talking all the while not touching her then she started asking me if I have a girl friend and leaned on my shoulder felt very hot and afraid as it was the first time a girl was touching me and I had an immediate erection which I covered by my hand saying “ITS VERY COLD TODAY”, she took my hand and pressed the palm to her palm and said whispering in my ears “I AM VERY HOT”, and went on to feel my hands and covered me with the bed sheet she had got bolder and put my arm around her and pressed here to me she looked at me and laid her head on my chest could feel her hot breath on my chest I lifted her face and there were tears in her eyes I wiped the tears and kissed her lightly on her lips and she responded to the kiss holding my head down and sliding her tongue in my mouth tasted her tongue and could not control myself I held her tightly to me the bed sheet was off us now and we were in a tight hug slowly moving my hands on her back and feeling her skin she was kissing me hungrily sucking my tongue Pulled her down beside me on the bed and kissed her again moving my hands on to her thighs and ass pressing her to me hard ,my hard rod fighting to get out of the shorts was pressing her thighs and she was hot really hot now, she was feeling my rod and pressing it lightly it was wet with precum and her sexy hands were moving around it pressing me to her .I broke the kiss and hugged her tightly and said “YOU ARE VERY SEXY TODAY, CAN I SEE YOU FULLY NUDE TODAY” she shyly moved her head and said in a whisper nibbling my ears “YES” ,I covered both of us with a bedsheet and slid off her pallu from her chest she was breathing heavily her chest rising and falling ,she was wearing a low cut blouse and her breasts were hard in them feeling them and I undid the buttons one by one she was moaning with pleasure ,AHHHHHHHHH HHHHHHHHHH,I kissed her breasts and took off her blouse and she hugged me tightly crushing her breasts to my chest she was wearing a transparent bra and her nipples were hard now ,sexy red nipples unhooked her bra and felt her bare back ,wow she was so smooth ,holding her for a while I pushed her down on the bed and took off her bra her breasts were hard as if never touched before I felt them with my palm and she pressed my hands to it and softly moaning,UMMMMMMMM MMMMMM MMMMMM, kissing her breasts and sucking her nipples she was wriggling in my arms an said , slowly, feels good after so long ,I took her nipples between my teeth and was biting it slowly she pressed my head to her breasts hard and my other hand was pressing her other breast pinching her nipples slightly we were both covered in sweat our legs entwined in each others my hard rod pressing to her pussy she was moving slowly below and we kissed again embracing each other as hard as we could,she took off my T-shirt and felt the hair on my chest and kissed my nipples and bit them it was a wonderful feeling and I pressed her head to my chest now I was below and she was above me she sat down and I could get a full view of her naked upper body ,then she went down to my stomach and was kissing going down down down to my rod and slid off my shorts and briefs ,my hard rod sprang up and she held it in her soft hands and was caressing it sliding it up down,up down it was wet at the tip and I held her head and moved it to my rod she liked off the precum and slid the tip of my rod into her mouth,it was in full form now long hard going in to her mouth and she was liking it with her tongue I could not control anymore I held the bed and was moaning AAAHHHHHHH YES PLEASE DON’T STOP,PLEASEEEEE,and she was now taking the whole rod in her mouth and moving up down up down I held her head and was moving her head to my rod after some time I pulled her on top of me and kissed her breasts pressed to my naked chest nothing in between now pressing her pussy to my rod and moving her hips to my rod held her ass and pressed her to me and put her down on the bed again and kissing her sexy lips chest breasts I went down to her tummy and kissed her belly button there she arched her hips to my kiss and running her hand in my hairs said UUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM SO GOODDDDDDDDDDDD,I pulled off her saree and petticoat and felt her pussy from her panty she was wet there very wet and sliding my finger in the slit kissing her tummy and put my tongue in the belly button rubbing her slit and opened her legs and covered her pussy with my palm she arched further and was screaming now PLEEEEEEASEEEEEEEE DOOONNNNTTTTTTT STOP,YES YES YEEEEEEESSSSSS,I slid off her panty and saw her sexy soft pussy all wet ,it was shaved I liked it with my tongue and kissed her clitoris she pushed my head hard to her pussy and was getting wetter and wetter I was liking off the wetness from her pussy and slid my tongue in her pussy feeling her hole and was fucking her with my tongue she was moaning and wriggling on the bed fully covered with sweat and lifting her hips to my mouth giving me her pussy I was sliding my tongue in her hole and the entire slit now liking off the wetness she pulled me up on to her and kissed me hard on the lips sucking my tongue for her cum our bodies crushed together the cool wind blowing and we covered in sweat . I looked at her face and she was smiling and looking more sexier than before her hairs dishelved all over her face and covered in sweat I cleared her face of the hairs and gave her a lingering kiss and moved my hand down to her pussy she parted her legs and I was above her now my rod hard and touching her pussy she held my rod and placed it in her hole I pushed slowly she held my hands tightly as if something is tearing her and her pussy was tight my rod hurt too but I slowly slowly pushed it in all the way and lay on her for some time kissing her then I started to move in out in out slowly and steadily she held on to me tighter and wriggled in pain but was saying ,SLOWLY SLOWLY UMUUUUUUAAAAAAHHHHHHH,moaning in pleasure and parted her legs more I was moving steadily now she was wet and fucking was feeling smoother I was now fucking her moving the entire length of my rod in out in out after some time she smiled and said ,ITS OK NOW DON’T STOP ,and kissed me again and now I started to move in her faster ,faster faster she was raising her hips to my thrusts I held her legs and was fucking her hard now and she was crying YES YES GO ON GO ON YEAAAASSSSSS, AHHHHHH HHHHHHA YES YES, she put her legs on my shoulders and I was fucking her all along going in out in out in out moaning yes yes sexy , then she cried YES I AM CUMMING CUMMMMING GO ON GO ON DON’T STOP,DON’T STOP even I could feel my rod about to explode I wanted to cum and take it out as I told her and she said NOOOOOO PUT IT ALL IN ME I WANT IT ALL DON’T STOP NOW,I said ok and was fucking her faster holding her hips and moving in her faster,faster then I exploded in her she hugged me tightly as I came in her and pressed her hips to my rod hard wanting to take all of my cum in her I also hugged her tightly as I came and kissed her as her screams were getting louder and we lay like that for some time and when my rod became silent I pulled it off her and asked her HOW WAS IT ,she said WONDERFUL AFTER SSOOOOOOOO LONG ,I told her it was my first time I went to bed with a lady, she kissed me and took my head on her chest and told I WANTED TO DO IT WITH U WHEN I SAW U COME HERE THE FIRST TIME ,and I told her I ALWAYS WANTED YOU TO BE THE FIRST GIRL IN MY LIFE WITH WHOM I WILL BE SLEEPING. As it was already 3 am by the time we finished our lovemaking she dressed up and hugged me again and kissed me and went home. Sex is something very beautiful and is different with different people and of course I always practice safe sex without any emotional attachments and like to have sex only with married but unsatisfied women.

Posted : 14/05/2011 8:49 pm