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Hot Cousin Sister Anu


Hi all…I am a big fan of incest stories that this site has…a lot of them seems to be fiction though…today I am here submitting my own story which is 100% real…all the girls out there can email me at sexyraul31@yahoo.com

Let me tell u about me first..I am a young guy 20 yrs of age, not that tall (5ft 8in) but good looking…my cousin Anu who is the heroin of this story is also 20, around 5ft 5in, very fair, good sexy figure, firm boobs and a big round ass let’s get back to the story now…this happened about a year ago when I was 19 and my cousin was also 19…our families were living in the same city but we were not living together…so me and Anu could not meet that often but whenever we met it always was fun…we gelled quite well…

So i gradually got attracted towards her…I didn’t actually want to have sex with her but aspired to see her naked at least once…it was the time of our summer holidays…my uncle called me up and asked me to come and live with them at their place for a few days so that I may also have a change after exams and they may also get my company…I agreed…so I left for their place 2 days later…when I reached there, they were very happy to see me and welcomed me with great affection…

Anu was also very excited to see me and started planning about how we all will be enjoying my visit to their place…3 days passed and we all were really enjoying our time there but one day my uncle got a news that there was some encroachment problems in their property so he and my aunty had to go out to solve the matter…my aunty told that they will be returning home by evening…so me and my sweet cousin were all alone at their home…throughout the day we were talking about different topics and simultaneously we were sometimes

Watching TV, sometimes listening to radio etc…during all this I used to stare at his melons and i guess sometimes she also felt what I was doing…but she never showed any discomfort with that. in the evening at around 7pm, my aunty called us and told that the property matter was a bit complicated and hence it will take them another day to resolve it. So they will be returning home tomorrow evening.

After talking to aunty I went to take shower. When I returned I saw my cousin standing in front of the mirror in the adjacent room. Now she was facing the other side and she could see me only through the mirror. I sort of tried to seduce her and dropped my towel and made it look as if it was an accident. I grabbed it and wrapped it back again and then searched for my underwear. Then i noticed that my cousin had seen everything and she was quite astonished. I looked at her and she just gave a wild smile turned back to face the mirror again. I suspected that she too was interested in me.

Then we had dinner and went in the drawing room for watching tv. we were sitting on the floor such that our shoulders were leaning against each other’s shoulders. She was sitting to my right and our face were quite close to each other’s. The movie being shown on the TV was Dil to pagal hai. I just put my hand on the right shoulder of her making it look as if it’s quite normal and not intentional. she was wearing sleeve-less kurti. i just touched her right hand biceps and said “Yaar tere haath to bahot chikne hai”. She said “Meri puri body chikni hai, tum haaton ki kya baat kar rahe ho”
I said “maine to bas tere haath hi chu ke dekhe hai puri body nahi isliye sirf haath k baare me hi keh sakta hu.”

She didn’t say anything and there was complete silence in the room for about 1-2 min.
Breaking the silence i said “Kya hua?”
She said “kuch to nahi, kyu?”
I just touched her cheeks and said “Tere to gaal bhi chikne hai yaar. Kya mai teri puri body touch kar sakta hu?”
She said “kya? kya bola tumne?”
i said “mai bola ki kya mai teri puri body touch kar sakta hu?”
She said “tumhe maloom hai tum kya bol rahe ho?”

She was saying all these angry words with quite polite tone, as if just for formality. I grabbed her in my arms and said “Anu, natak mat kar, i know ki tu bhi yahi chahti hai she was about to say something but i kissed her beautiful cheeks…she closed her eyes and said nothing. Then I kissed her another cheek, her forehead, then her nose, and lastly her lips. As soon as I kissed her lips, she opened her eyes and just blushed. I once again moved towards her lips to kiss them and this time she too responded by opening her lips so that we can smooch.

We kissed for about 2-3 min. Then i kissed her chin, and gradually moved towards her boobs. I started to remove her kurti. Then without taking off her bra, i started to untie the knot of the salwar. There she was, my dream girl, only in bra and panty. i grabbed her in my arms and we moved to the bedroom of my uncle and aunty. I put her on the bed and got on top of her. I started kissing her passionately all over the body. Then i removed her bra as well as panty and started playing with her boobs.

After playing with her boobs for 5-6 min, i moved towards her pussy. First i just touched it with my fingers and then slowly i tried to insert my middle finger into her cunt. She said its paining but after some time the pain decreased. Then it was time for my tongue to show its worth. I started licking her pussy. She started moaning “aah…aaaaah…ha…….”. After some time, she said got up, took off my t-shirt, and kissed all over my chest and shoulders. Then she unhooked my jeans and took my underwear off.

On seeing my cock, she looked at me and smiled. Then she started to move her hand over my cock and finally took it in her mouth. I resisted for some time and finally told her that i was about to cum. To my surprise, she took my cock out of her mouth and opened her mouth so as to receive my cum directly into her mouth. After 5-6 strokes, i cum into her mouth and on her face. She drank all the cum.

I said “Baaki ka kaam karna hai ya nahi?”
She said “Karna to hai lekin Aaj ke liye itna kaafi hai. Hamare paas kal ka pura din hai.”

So we just slept after that. In the morning, She got up before me. When I got up, she was bathing. I directly went to the bathroom. Since there was no one else in the house except both of us, she had kept the bathroom door open. I went inside took brush and paste and went to share the shower with her. After I was finished with brushing my teeth, we both started applying soap To each other’s body.

We enjoyed bathing each other for about 10-15 min. Then we both came out. She started wearing bra, panty, and then her dress…I said “Ye sab pehenne ki kya zarurat hai?” She just smiled. The whole day, we remained naked in the house and were quite often playing with each other’s body. Sometimes I used to kiss her, squeeze her boobs, finger her pussy and sometimes she used to stroke my penis with her hands or mouth. We even had sex quite often after that day whenever we got chance.

Posted : 01/12/2010 12:22 pm