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Tanya has grown into a nice woman she is 18 with good growth at the chest part probably having 36 sized boobs with smiling and ever pleasing face she looked like statue of Venus for me. Her habits unlike other girls of her age she behaved like a mature girl. never showed of her assets to anyone wearing close shirt and salwar. Thouygh i have seen her boobs before as she use to share same toilet with me and also the door in the bathroom is not to good one can see if he desire what the inside man /woman is doing so her boobs which were going ar high speed I have seen from nimbu to orange.

As she was smiling at my touching her boobs she embraced me passionately and told me why you have hit at my assets. Are you not afraid if I tell mom. I told no this was not my intention to do but I am alway facinanted at your boobs. You wish to see them she told me.....Oh yes was my reply..........then open it up.....this si left upto you.....she told me. I slowly pulled her topt to see the my most desired ambition of life and oh my god wat i saw was free flowing boobs inside her topt. I never thought of that.A pairs of 36 sized boobs for me is like food for hungry person I told her that this is most striking part of her beauty. She told me wud i like to see my liablity also. I told her yes she simply opened her skirt and told me to have a look and her pink pussy and demanded my comment on that also. I said wow.........amazing you have perfect body ten out of ten for you. while i was kissing her passionately she fell into my hands. I took her to my bedroom and she layed down there opewn for me. I was not sure from where to start to fondle her boobs or to suck her pussy.Then finally deciding I started licking and sucking her pussy and i dont wanted to deshape her boobs before her marriage though i sucked the top nipple were carefully not masking any mark on her nipples.

I opened her legs apart and as she opened my fly out she too was surprised that a man can have such a big fly though mine is only 7 but it seemed too big for her and she was staring at my fly carefully. I started opening her legs and by keeping my fly at golden gate very carefully as i dont want to make my impression bad. I kept my fly on her golden gate and started making strokes I failed once or twice and finally got a slip into her pussy and heard a little cry from her mouth..........oh brother be careful and do carefully.......i was doing it carefully as we both had first time apart from masturbating i never entered into a pussy.

My strokes went on and her moaning continued till she showed the sign of cuming..........

Posted : 13/11/2010 5:25 am