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Great Time with Cousin Sister Rekha


Hi everybody. This is Karan from Mumbai. I have been reading a lot of sex experiences of others and that has inspired me to write my own. It happened two years back in Diwali vacations when she, my cousin sister Rekha (name changed), came to stay with us for two weeks. I am writing this with her permission.

Those days her husband was not doing well in his business and all that frustration used to come out on her. They used to fight a lot every day. She got fed up of all this and decided to come to our place. Anyways, that became a reason for her to visit our place, she had never come there before this.

One fine morning I woke up to find her sleeping on the floor in my room. I was shocked and asked my dad what was she doing in my room. I generally don’t like to share my room with anyone and that too I was angry on her that she had never visited once since her marriage 10 years back. My dad told me that she had come to visit us and to make up for those lost times that we could have spent enjoying together.

That day evening, my parents went out to buy some vegetables as there was one extra member in the family for a few days now. That time, both of us, she and I, were alone in the house. She came to me to talk and we chatted like brother and sister talking to each other. I had nothing of wrong sorts in my mind till now.

All those thoughts started in the night time when she went to take bath before sleeping. When she came out, she only had a towel wrapped around her naked body to hide her booty. She was unaware of my presence but before she dropped her towel, I had to be the good guy. I alerted her that she is not alone in the room. She got shocked and waited for me to leave. I went out but that picture of her sexy wet body in a towel wouldn’t go out of my mind.

I decided that she was here to make up for those lost 10 years na! I will help her in that. I will get that sexy body on my bed as a punishment for not visiting me in 10 years and also for sleeping in my room without my permission. Anyways convincing her wouldn’t be much of a trouble, I thought, as she had been fighting with her hubby for the past year or so, she surely was sex-deprived. So I would very easily get my desire if I tried a little.

Two days passed and I was still looking for an opportunity. But it presented itself in a much unexpected manner. That day morning she came out of the bathroom again in towel but didn’t lock the door. Nobody was home except us. I, by chance, entered that room and got to see her completely naked body. She cried out and tried to cover her body with whatever she could lay her hands onto. I said sorry and ran out of the room.

Later that afternoon, she was having some trouble working with the computer so I volunteered. She accepted my help but reluctantly. Mummy was sleeping in her room and dad was in office. So that left us together alone in my room. I apologized and said that it was an accident. She said its all right, things like this happen and should be forgotten. I have never been angry on you, I knew you didn’t mean to see me in that situation.

I gathered all my courage and said to her, actually I wanted to but it happened by accident. I have been fantasizing about your boobs since the day I saw you in towel for the first time. She was silent. I asked for her permission to just touch them. And also added that if you don’t want it you can hit me then and there but just don’t tell anyone. She said, “I will tell your parents if you touch them. You will have to suck on them and please me. If I am happy, we are happy. Otherwise there is trouble lurking around the corner for you”.

I was really happy and excited as this was the first time I would be sucking on some babe’s nipples. I took her into my arms and went behind the cupboard. There she opened her blouse and bra and I took them completely off her hot body. I looked at those heavenly globes and cupped them in my both hands and started massaging them. It was difficult for me to control and very quickly my mouth replaced my hands. Slowly I started sucking onto her nipples one by one. First the right one and then the left one and again back to the right one. I was doing well and she was enjoying it.

She lifted both her hands to grab onto something above for support. I saw her shaven armpits and slowly moved from her boobies to her armpits. It was my dream to make armpit love to someone and I got it from her. Licking her skin there, I was getting the smell and taste of it. I loved it and she loved it too. She was enjoying it. I tried to lift her saree to get access to her panties, but she said, “let’s go slow. Not everything on day one”. So I came back to suck her breasts. Within 5 mins I climaxed. Though she did not cum but still she was happy with the armpit love making and told me that when we have ‘it’, I should make armpit love to her.

We did it again in the evening on the terrace but this time I got to grab her ass over her saree. It so happened that, I told her I want to make her cum and for that I must get access to her love-hole. I said I will finger fuck if you want but please I want to taste your juices. She accepted it and that evening when my parents had gone for their regular evening walk, we got the chance. She said she wants some thrill in it. There is no thrill in doing it in a closed room. Lets do it in the open. Lets go to the terrace where my pussy will breathe fresh air.

So we went onto the terrace. I made her sleep on the floor, lifted her saree and petticoat, pulled her panties down, and spread her legs wide. I got to see the heaven. She had shaven her pussy for the occasion. I looked her in the eye and my eyes said thanks. Then I put my middle finger onto her pussy and started playing with her. I kept rotating my finger around her pussy hole but didn’t enter it. She was getting wet slowly. She begged for me to insert my finger into her but I had bigger plans. I wanted my cock to enter her. I wanted to fuck her, not only finger fuck her. So I kept playing like that.

But she got my ideas somehow and threatened that she would leave immediately and never allow anymore of it if I “break the rules”. So I agreed and inserted my middle finger into her wet pussy. She gave out a sigh of relief and then started enjoying herself. Her breathing rate increased and she was breathing heavy now. That made her lift her chest above the ground. Her heaving of her chest, which propped up her boobs, made me go mad and fuck her faster.

Her boobs were rising and falling. She was going to cum. I inserted my index finger too and inserted my little finger in her tight, virgin ass. That was too much for her. She cried out loud and squirted all over my hand. I removed my fingers and put my mouth on her pussy to drink all that I could. She was coming and I was not wasting a drop. After her orgasm, I licked all that I had missed, that is, I licked her pussy, her ass and my hand to get all of her fluid.

She was happy and that was reflected on her face. She pulled me up and kissed me. I too responded and soon we had our tongues lapping each other. She said she never had such an orgasm by just finger-fuck. She wanted to see what its like when I fuck her properly. She said ask for whatever you want as a reward for this. I said I want to cum in your pussy right now. She said that’s not happening so early but if I want I can cum in her mouth. I was more than excited by this and readily accepted it.

She went down and undid my pants. She removed my undies and took my tool in her hands. She liked the size of it and praised me saying this would hit the spot perfectly. I asked her to let me hit it, but she put it in her mouth to silence me. Her hands started to stroke my tool and her tongue was lapping it. The hand-mouth sync was so good that I came within 5 minutes of blowjob. Her mouth was full of my cum but she did well not to waste any of it. Then we kissed and tidied ourselves to go down. We fucked that night but that story later. For now comments would be invited and any girl interested may mail me at xxxxxxxxxxxx.

Posted : 27/10/2010 6:09 am