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Family sex


A few days after my son returned from his honeymoon trip, this incidence took place.

It was Saturday night. Me and my wife went out for dinner, to let our son and daughter in law have some freedom. On return, I felt horny and told my wife so. She was also ready. Since we have been married for a long time now, our sexual act gets over soon. With very less foreplay, I entered my wife and emptied within minutes. I however suggested that we sleep naked, so that we can once again feel young and enjoy later on after some sleep. After an hour or so, I went to kitchen to drink water. While returning, I saw bed lamp of our son’s bedroom on.

I peeped inside. Both my son and daughter in law were enjoying sex like hell. They were in 69 position, sucking each other hard. I kept watching. After some time, my son lied on the bed and his wife mounted him. Now they were fucking hard. My son asked his wife, ‘Have you ever been watched having sex’? His wife said, ‘Not so far. But it could be fun. Others watching us and we watching others’. My son suggested that he could arrange for that very soon. On hearing it, I stepped in their room and declared that I would be a very willing spectator. They were shocked. I said, ‘Don’t get afraid. You are grown up now and we are like friends. Instead of inviting some outsider, why not family?’. Surprisingly, my daughter in law agreed. She said, ‘It would be lovely, Papa. It’s really a great idea. But please call mom as well’. I said, ‘No dear, she would not agree.’ She said, ‘Why be pessimistic? Please give a try. And yes, whether she agrees or not, you do come and in your birthday suit please!’. She laughed naughtily.

I went to our room and woke up my wife. I told her what had happened.
What she replied was expected. She refused. But I tried to persuade her. By that time, our son entered our room, stark naked and said. ‘Mom, be a sport. You will definitely enjoy all this. You will be able to recollect your younger days’. By this time, his wife came and persuaded her. Finally, my wife gave up.

All of us were naked now – the entire family. We went to our son’s room and sat on sofa. My son and his wife went to bed and started playing with each other. They were hot. Their young bodies were in frantic movements. My and my wife watched them. They looked at us every now and then and motioned us to start off. I took the lead. I kissed my wife on her lips and started pressing her breasts. I pinched her nipples. My wife was also excited now. She saw my daughter in law performing fellatio and asked me if she could try it out on me. I was more than happy. I had suggested oral sex many times, but she would never do it. I said, ;I am all yours. I mean, my dick.’ My wife bent down and started sucking my cock like armature – naturally, since she was doing it for the first time. Sour daughter in law, already with our son mounted on her said. ‘Mom, it seems you are unable to do it. I will show you how it is done. Let me finish with my hubby first’. By this time, in sheer excitement, I shot off. My wife hastily removed her mouth from my dick, but she sure had some taste of my cum. Over there, my son had already loaded his wife with his cum. We were all spent now.

When we started moving out of the room, our daughter in law said, ‘Wait Papa. I am yet to teach mom.’ We once again sat on the sofa. I thought, she would perform on our son and ask my wife to do perform on me. But it was not so. She wanted to do it on me. She came and sat in front of us. She said. ‘Mom, now just watch how I do it. It is an art and makes a man very happy. You will also enjoy’. She slowly started caressing my limp cock with her hand. Her other hand moved freely across my body, tickling me here and there. It was a real joy. Then she moved her tongue around my balls, making them wet. Her tongue started moving up and down my cock in slow motions. Waiting for a second, she asked my wife, ‘Mom, are you watching? This is how you have to start. Why don’t you try now?’ My wife got up and started to take her seat besides our daughter in law. Daughter in law said, ‘No, no, mom. You try with my hubby. He has a real great dick. You will enjoy’. It was a shock for me and my wife. I resisted. I could not digest the idea of my wife sucking our son. But daughter in law said, ‘You said that you and my hubby are friends. So are my hubby and mom. This is not fair. Your son does not object sharing his wife. Then why are you objecting. Come on papa, be a sport.’

I gave in. Our son sat besides me with his legs spread apart. My wife took her position in front of him and looked at daughter in law, with question mark on her face. Daughter in law said, ‘Mom you have already seen what I have done so far. Try to replicate it on your son. I am watching you, even though I am working on papa’. My wife obediently started caressing my son’s cock with one hand and with her other hand moving on my sons chest, touching his nipples. Later on, as directed, instead of wetting the balls of my sons, she took his balls straight into her mouth and started sucking them. Later, the way my daughter in law was doing her job on me, my wife was doing the same on her son. Both the ladies took us in their mouths. Within a short while, both of us were erect.

My wife suddenly asked me, ‘Look, I have agreed to your request. Now you should agree to mine’. I said, ‘Anything you want. You have really pleased me today.’ She said, ‘ I want our son to fuck me today. I want a young stud.’ I looked at my son and daughter in law. They both agreed unanimously. I had nothing to say now. I told them to go ahead. My wife and son exchanged the places. My wife sat besides me and my son knelt in front of her. Daughter in law asked, ‘How about you, papa? Want to fuck?’ I said, ‘No. It is better this way. To be honest, I love being sucked rather than fucking. If your mom had agreed earlier, it would have been really a great fun. Now I have my chance. Hope, both of you don’t mind’. She said, ‘Its wonderful. I also like to suck.’ My son spread my wife’s legs apart and slowly inserted his 6 inch long dick in her hot vulva. He entered her very smoothly, without any trouble. He started with slow motions. By this time, I had lost my stamina and I loaded my daughter in law in her mouth.

On the other side, my son was humping my wife like hell, with my wife thoroughly enjoying. She was pushing her legs up and and up to take my son inside more and more. It was maddening. I felt that I was erection again. Without a word, I turned my mouth and kissed her passionately on lips. I was almost chewing her lips. This made her hotter. She moaned and told our son to increase the speed of his ruthless strokes. He obliged her. After both started perspiring, my son let our a loud moan. He asked, ‘Where the hell I should cum?’ ‘In me, of course. I am already operated and there is no fear’, my wife said. My son off loaded his thick cum inside my wife, in front of me. In the mean time, daughter in law had mounted me from the front and fucking me madly. Since I was middle aged, I told that I was about to come. But we did not take risk. Daughter in law moved away. To my great, pleasant surprise, wife wife bent down and took my cock in her mouth. With her warm, sweet mouth around my cock, I shot the entire load in her moth and she literally drank every drop of it.

Wife said to me, ‘Its really great fun. When I feel horny again, I shall invite our son. He fucks really good. Any way, you like to be sucked. This way, both of us will be satisfied’. I had no objection.

Daughter in law said, ‘Why not now? Let me watch three of you. I want no part of it. I am tired. May be, four of us will enjoy later anytime.’ My wife already eager for it. So, my wife sat in front of us and started sucking our cocks one by one. Me and son started playing with his boobs. She liked being caressed by husband and son. She sucked us one by one, playing with our balls with her hands. She asked daughter in law to figure her. She happily agreed. She inserted her finger inside my wife’s cunt and started moving it back and forth. My wife started moving her hips. After some time, daughter in law asked my wife to lift her hips at bit and take animal like position. When she took that position, daughter in law started licking my wife’s vulva and moving her tongue freely. Mu wife was getting hotter and so we were. When wife felt she was ready, she said to our son, ‘Darling, fuck me doggy style. Get inside me from the back side. It will be so good. I will really enjoy it.’ Son got up from sofa, his dick already wet with my wife’s saliva. He waived his wife away and opened my wife’s leg. I could see it all. Slowly he tried to enter my wife. But he had difficulty. Daughter in law helped. She guided my son’s cock towards my wife’s hot, wet cunt. On getting the proper direction, he drove all the way inside my wife. My wife gave out a loud moan. ‘Fuck me hard, son, really hard. I want to get the fuck of my life’. My son banged her like hell, while my wife was sucking me madly. Since we had already had sex, I could feel my stamina increased. I did not come soon. After some time, son declared that he was ready to shoot and so was I. We both shot simultaneously – my son in my wife’s cunt and me in her mouth.

All this was a really innovative and great experience. We all decided to have group sex in future, inviting young and old friends.

Middle aged people are recommended to try this, though not with their children, but with other couples. It certainly increased joy in life

Posted : 02/07/2011 7:27 pm