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Enjoying the Bhabi Boryfriends


Hi to O9L readers I am nisha Jain 32 from Kanpur. I am a married lady my husband is not be able to full fill my dreams means sex desire. My figure is 36 28 38. My hubby is two brothers & 1 sister. Both brothers r doing joint business and we live together. One day I feel very sex in my body due to see aastha film on TV so I doing fingering but I forget to close the door when I feel relax I saw that my jathani (madhu) is stand on the door I m shocked to see her but say its ok and natural. I m also doing same because my hubby is not doing sex more then 3- 4 strokes so I think that Ur hubby is also unable to fuck u properly. I replied yes so she press my Brest with her hand and we r doing smooches and we both r naked in front of each other now she lick my chut I. I m only making moan like aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh uuuuuuuuuuuu ooooooooooooooooohhhhhhh

After our sex she told me that she also enjoy sex with our nand name rani . I said that’s why her chuchi is so big. But I request her don’t tell this to her she is agree. And we both enjoy sex daily.

After 2 months my hubby and her hubby brother both gone to Mumbai for 15 days for some business meeting so in home we r 3 female only so 1 night I saw that rani go into madhu’s room I also go and stand in window and saw they r kissing badly each other and press each other chuuchi and finger fuck each other I said what r u doing rani and madhu . Madhu act like she is shocked to see nisha and me is really shocked. They both r shocked after 2 min of silence I go near to rani and take a round comb in my hand push the comb in her chut she was shocked any cry with pain. Me and madhu r smile to see her condition. Now we all three enjoy sex for 6 days now I want real lund so we r talking that if god will arrange any lund for 3 of as. So rani reply no my rand bhabhi god will not arrange I can…………

I asked her do u have any boy friend she reply ya so many I asked her what madhu says that nisha is a big rand so she daily want at least 3 wild round fuck. So rani tell one of my new friend is a big lund and can fuck more then 35 min so we decided to enjoy that lund . so rani call him and told that her home is empty for tonight so kya tum …………
He said yaaaaaaaaaaaa I m coming with in 30 min so we placed our main door camera in her room and me and madhu gone into store room and placed tv into that room and we can watch whole play in store room we plan don’t lock ur room rani. Rani says yes with in 10 min door bell rang we both gone into store room and rani go to open door their was that boy carry some poly bags in his hand so rani take him in her room.

They start smooches and floor play and rani open his shirt and pant and play with his lund without open his underwear. And he open her all cloths now they both r naked and play with each others body madly so we me and madhu decided to go in her room we enter into her room rani shouted oh my god and we said what r u doing rani that boy is unable to say any thing but rani touch feet of both of us and beg not to tell this to my brothers. But I m unable to divert my eyes from his lund so he know that I m also want his lund he came near to me and press my chut with his hand without say any word.

I said nothing so he know that I also want so he says rani I will fuck all of u 3 so they r unable to say any thing to any body. And just after say that he pull my nara and my pajama was on floor so rani come near to madhu and open her cloths.

Now all 3 chuts and 1 Lund r naked so he opens a poly bag and there is a bottle of wine. Rani takes 4 glass and cold drink with ice in a tray. So he opens other poly bag and takes roosted chicken. Now he make 4 pegs me and madhu says that we r not drinking (but some time a take one peg with my huby ) but he take two glass and put his Lund in madhu’s mouth (not inserted) and drop wine on his Lund so wine going in her mouth and she drink whole peg . Me and rani drink peg and rani stand and push her chuchi in his mouth and drop wine on her chuchi so he drink whole peg now I feel very hot in my chut so I play with his lund with my hands. So after that he fuck all 3 of as and we enjoy whole night.now.From last 7 ears he fuck all of as because we marry rani with that boy so its safe for as .

Posted : 26/05/2011 7:23 pm