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Doctor-doctor sex story


Hi, i am krishna, a 35 year old looking like 25 years old. I am houswife residing im south mumbai’s posh locality and my husband is industrialist and often out of town busy with various assingments. I am married since last 12 years and have one son aged 8 years. Endowed with 36-26-37 figure with fine curves, very firm and shapely body. When i walk i can easily sense male eyes starring me with lust. Of late my sex life with my husband had become stagnant, stale, without excitment and very boring as usual he never had time for me. One day during bath i was feeling my boobs i felt some kind of tiny lump in one of my tits. I was scared and requested my hubby to visit a doctor along with me for checkup. As usual he was very busy and he insisted to visit our family dr.manoj all alone.

Dr. Manoj’s chamber is near our house and during evenings it is overcrowed. During moring he is available betwwen 10am to 1.00pm thereafter his clinic is closed for lunch and visiting patience or consulting experts till 5.30 in evening. Dr.manoj is of about 38 years of age well built, soft spoken, hairy body, fair, always clean shaven, thick mustach and very well dressed. I decided to meet dr.manoj at 12.45 pm as crowd will be less and i was feeling a bit shy in case he examines me phycically. I went to his clinic without appointment dressed in black lycra tight fitted trousers with tight fitted white shirt. When i entered his clinic he was disposing his last patience and his assistant had already left. After disposing his patient he came out in waiting area and greeted me. I could feel some kind of lust, enthusiasim and uneasiness in his eyes. He asked me if i was comfortable if he half rolls down the shutters of his clinc as i would be his last patient for the afternoon and this is his usual closing time and he did not wish to entertain further patients. I noded in affirmation.

He led me to his consulting chamber and asked the problem. I explained the feeling of lump in one of my tits. He ordered me to lay on examination bed. After doing routing checking he ordered me to remove my top and bra for phycical checking. I soon followed his instructions but was feeling very shy. Soon my boobs were pressed and encircled with firm male hand of dr. Manoj. I was feeling an unsusal pleasure as dr. Manoj was exploring me. I could also feel a kind of brightness in his eyes. Since dr. Manoj is through professional he was trying hard to control his emotions. As i was looking down, i noticed the centre part of dr.manoj’s buldging out very hard. He commanded me to stand up so he can check me properly. I was getting very horny and obeyed his very command. When i stood he went behind me and told to lift my arms. From behind he encircled my breast and was examing me. I was feeling the joy of his hand holding and fondling my breats. I was completely aroused. I knew that dr. Is a through professional and wont initate any wild fantacy.

I took the initative and leaned slight backwards in such a position that my bumbs could feel dr.’s manhood. I felt like steel rod has touched my bumbs. Dr. Felt uneasy but was clam. Slowly one of his hands left one of my boobs and gently started pampering my back. From my spine his hand moved upwards and his fingures carresing my hairs. Seeing no resistance from me dr. Was aroused and he pushed and pressed himself to my bumbs. He gathered the courage asked to exmine the rest rest of my body to veryfy lumps are not present anywhere else. I said his wish was my command. He then whent outside rolled down his clinc’s shutters completely and locked it from inside.

He asked me to undress completely. I obeyed his instructions. On drop of my panty i looked at him and he was with his mouth open and eyes in disbelif on seeing a beautiful body. I laid down on bed. Soon both the hands were all rolling over me exploring every inch of mine. I was aroused and my breath became very fast. After 4-5 minutes i was unable to control myself and i holded dr. Hand and guided his fingures in my vagina. It was like train moving in a tunnel. Dr. Was breating heavily. I helped myself and touched his manhood which was very tight. We both were on cloud nine. I then unbuckled his belt and unzipped his trousers. Dr. Was soon enough to do the rest by undressing himself completely nude.

I was pleased to see his thick, long errect penis at 90 dgree angle. A very plesent sight. My hubbys penis was thin and small plus he has no hairs on his body. In contrast dr. Was fully hairy. My fingures were exploring his body hairs. A very warm feeling which i had never experienced. I took his manhood in hand and felt like a steel shaft. I was wanting this shaft to entre me and stroke me hard. I was feeling the weight of human body over me. I was feeling the heat and warmth of dr.’s body hair. Soon we started kissing each other. His tounge rolling all over my lips then face than my body and finally halted at my cunt. My hubby had never licked my pussy. Dr. Was licking my pussy. I marooned aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh! Soon dr. Stood up and placed his penis in my mouth. A very novel first time experience. Soon his shaft was stroking my mouth. I was enjoying throughly. Soon we found ourselves on floor and in 69 position.

After 69 encounter he turned me and we were in doggie style. Again my first. His shaft was getting harded and harder as the duration passed. He was rampping me as there is no tomorrow. I was in pain, the pain was pleasurable. I was shouting ah, ah, ah, ah, oouch, ui maa,ui maa, mar dala, ush, and simultaneously dessiring more and more. After doggie we both felt bit tired. He pulled himself apart and rested for few seconds. Every time his eyes were struck on my body. Dr. Said he has never seen scuch a beautiful body. He kissed me on my fore head. And we were in missionery position. He was stroking me hard. His shaft had entered me and finding and exploring my interiors. A feeling of steel rod stroking in rytheme. I was matching his rytheme. I was in heaven. Dr. Is master in art of fucking. I was urging him fuck me, fuck me, chodo, aur jor se chodo, bahut maza aa hara hai, jaldi mat nikalna! Ah ah ah!.

Dr. Was obliging. Now he was fulfilling my commands. He was using stop and start method and our this position of fucking which we both were equally enjoying crossed over 45 minutes. We both feeling bit tired, suddenly i felf like a beast, a lion has entered in doctor. His strokes and ramming got faster and faster, harder and harder. We both were jumping and pumpimg. And suddenly he marooned ooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh!oooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!. My belly was filled with his jucies. I entangled both my legs over his bumb pushing deep into me. I did not wanted to loose a single drop of his. My unsatisfied desires were fulfilled to-day. I wes fully exausted and resiprocated by uuuuuuiiiiiiiiiiiii1! Oooooooaaaaaahhhhh! We cleaned our selves and dressed up. Dr. Manoj said madam i have examined you and you have nothing to worry about. I requested the doc. To inform my hubby that you require regular and frequent chekups. He smiled mischevously and said your wish is my command.

Posted : 22/05/2011 4:10 am