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Deepa Aunty


Dear reader of www.ww1.in. My name is Dev. I am a young boy age of 26. I live in Bangalore. This story began at 3 year back. When I finished my higher education and I went to stay in Bangalore. The day is very nice and I have a really enjoying my daily life here in Bangalore. I just enjoying watching movies and chatting on Internet. One day when I was alone in home the phone bell” rings”. When I pick the phone it was my Aunt from the place. She told me that she is coming to Bangalore to meet her friends and going to stay for few days at my place. I say ok. .

When they came it was already 7 ‘0′ clock. I welcome them. My aunt introduced me to all of her friends and after an hour they we begin to eat our food. Suddenly one woman told that she really enjoy the food. She was “Deepa” . I surprised because I don’t cook so nicely but also she told me the food was very good. I say Thanks you. Deepa, she was a young woman in my aunts group. She was almost 29 ages and so sexy looking. She has just married one year ago. Her husband was sales manage in some private company.

From that day she always talks about me to aunt and my aunt always told me that thing. After some day my aunt leaves. After two days I get a call from Deepa and asked me if I was free to come to her home. I was surprised and I told her that I don’t know the home of yours she told me that Deepa`s Driver will pick up me. I say ok. After a half an hour the driver come and I went her home she was in home. She welcomed me and introduced me to her husband. Except she and her husband there is one female worker.

After some talk she asked me to stay with her in her home. i asked why then she told me that her husband was going outside of Bangalore this evening due to some office work for one whole week. I say ok then I will stay here. After leaving her husband gone she starts making food to us. Around 9 o clock the female worker finished her job and went her own house. then me and Deepa was alone in home. I realize that today there will happen something. after food we start looking some Hindi movies. Around 10 pm Deepa stand and went to her bathroom. After half an hour she comes out with a night gone.

At that time she was just looking a sexy time bom. My heart was beating very fast my lund become active. But I just control it. She told me that she is going to sleep in her bedroom and also told me that after watching T.V go to sleep in next room. I say ok I will do it. Around 11 pm I also went to sleep to next bedroom. After I went to sleep I just forget to close the door of my room. And I have bad habit that I sleep only in underwear and totally necked. I don’t know when I make a deep sleep.

When I was in sleep i just feel some difficult to sleep. I feel that someone is catching me very hardly suddenly when I open my eyes I became totally surprised there was Deepa in my bed sitting near with me and holding Penis in hand. I make a afraid and just pull my Lund. When I start to talk then suddenly she catch me and make a kiss to me. She doesn’t give me chance to talk anything after 2-3miniutes kissing she release me. And I told her what she is doing her? She give a sexy smile and say oh Shukala don’t be so serious it just nothing.

When I say why you are doing like this then she said me ” her husband hardly sex with her 2-3 times in a week and have so small Lund and she not make so satisfied with him.” When I told her but why are you doing this. Then she told me you have a good long and thick Lund that she really like this. After this I make me comfortable and told her by showing my Lund “so this will make you satisfied”. Then she makes a suck she really surprised after seeing my Land. She told me that ” ohhhhh……hhhhhh it was too long and too fat”.

Only saying this she catch my Lund and begin to suck it. I also begin to enjoy with her. After more than 15 minutes sucking my lund she release me and began to open her night gown when she was totally naked I really sucked…..Wow…..oh it was a really what a sexy dynamic figure and what a bomb figure. I pull here down to the bed and began to playing hot….. hot… game with her. Her Boobs was so nice and quiet and light pink color. I star sucking her boobs.. She enjoys it and after 15-20 minutes sucking here boobs I start making my finger playing in her pussy.

It was so quiet and so sexy light pink color as like here boobs. I make a continue to playing her pussy. After playing with here pussy more than 15 minutes I start sucking her pussy while I sucking her pussy she rely enjoy and make a sound . ohh….. ahhh ……… ahhh hhh….woffffff…. ohhhhhh..She told me stop sucking and hit my lund to here pussy but I continue it. After 10 minutes of making of sucking her pussy I come down to the bed .And sleep nearby here.

After 2 minutes she gets up and starts sucking my lund again. After sucking more than 10 minutes I pull here in a bed and make sleep in front of me and I slowly start to fucking. I put my L0ng Lund in her pussy she begin shout. Oh Shukala just start fucking I am feeling so hot just put your long lund in my pussy. I start to puss in her pussy. Only 2′ was gone inside she shout loudly Ohhhh… I told her what happen then she told your lund is too fat and too long.

I told her it would make some difficult only for a while after some time it make a enjoy to you. Then I slowly put all my big lund in her small pussy totally inside.. She start shouting ohhhh……wofffff……wow…Then I start making fuck with here. I start fucking fast to her. As I fuck fast she start making noise .oohhhhh…woffffffff…haaaaa, After fucking more than 25 minutes in her pussy. I take my lund outside and told Deepa to move back side. She just do what I said.

Then I start fucking in her ass….But it was too problem to fuck me. My laund is not going inside her ass. When I told this her., she told me just hold some time. She went to the kitchen and brings some olive oil and put it to my Lund and some oil to her own ass. Now she told me just start now. I slowly start to push my lund in her ass. Deepa told me why you are late pushing fast it on my ass. Then she pushed me back side to me. My lund fully in her ass once at time. She shout loudly Ohhhh…And start making noise. Oh Shukala I just feel so hard. I told her wait just a minute it will make easy after some time.

After fucking more than 5 minutes she start enjoying fucking in her ass. I fucked her more than15 minutes in her ass. Then I again start fucking here in her pussy. After fucking her pussy more than 25 minutes my cum start to come out side. I told this to Deepa and told don’t put it to my Pussy. She just takes my lund and start sucking it to her mouth. She drink all the cum as like a baby drinking milk in a milk bottle. We make a really that day. After 30minutes she get up and went to bathroom and take a bath and call me to have bath with her.

I went to make a bath with her and just start making fun with her. My lund again make hard, when Deepa saw this she suck my Lund in her mouth. About 5 minutes sucking I make start fucking her Pussy as in dog style. I fuck her more than 35 minutes in bathroom then we become cool. After making fuck we take bath and come to bed room. We sleep both in my bedroom. That day we fuck twice. Deepa play with my Lund in night. After half an hour we sleep.

Next morning when I wake up it was almost 9am morning. I saw Deepa was already get up. She brings me coffee and my bread in my bed room. We make a talk with each other. She told me that she really enjoy the fucking yesterday night. She told she have not fucked like that in her life. She really loves me. I come out of bed and talk a bath and become ready. When I told Deepa I am going home back she told me not to go.

She has already cocked food to me in her home. She told me that today is her holiday and she want to go shopping with me. I told her ok i will do it. After making food we went to shopping in the market. We come home back after 2 hours. It was 1 ‘o’ clock. We talk a food and I come to T.V. room. Deepa wash the dish and come in T.V room. That day the workingwoman was not coming. After some time Deepa asked me to have fuck again. I told yes and we fucked more than 45 minutes..

After that I fucked her every night on whole week. We make a fuck even we get any free time. This is my story with Deepa. I really enjoy with her and she also really enjoy with me. Every time when she mails me she always talk about our fucking. She really enjoy with me. If any of you woman are you not satisfied with your husband or you want to have some things extra large and extra more relax then you may contact to me any time.

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Posted : 27/10/2010 6:04 am