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Daughter Managed Me For Mom – Part I


Hi ISS readers, I think all you know me. For the new readers, at first I introduce myself. I am Moni, late 40 and 5’-7”. I was born in a middle class Bangladeshi Muslim family and serving in a public organization. I’m married and having two kids. My whole life is lustful indeed. As I gained some practical experience about sex at my childhood, I became a sex-maniac and whenever I got chance

I tried to fuck any aged girls or women with many tricks without applying force or at least to peep the uncovered boobs and pussies from hidden places when they change costumes. I always find the chance to touch teats and breasts of sleeping girls or women. I think always believe “sex is one kind of art”. So I want to share the real stories of those incidents of my life with yours. I assure you that every tale will give you a full satisfaction.

In the year 1987, one afternoon I went to watch a movie in the cinema hall. Suddenly I saw Priya with another girlfriend watching the movie. I knew about Priya, as her house was only 200 yards far from mine, she was addicted with movie. Priya’s mother would not allow her daughter to mix with any boyfriend. I watched them and discovered that they are busy with other act than movie.

When any romantic scene appeared they both whispered each other and press one another’s breast with banter. They sat just my front; I felt jealousy to the girl and discovered in myself that I desired Priya to enjoy. Priya was slightly dark complexion and about 5’ tall. She had an attractive body about 32-24-36. She was the only daughter of her widow mother. Her father was died in a road accident when she was in her mother’s ovary.

Her mother Julekha Bhabi brought up by tailoring in her home. After the end of show I spied them. It was 6:30 pm and they began to walk with chatting and giggling. I watched them from a far distance. After walking about 20 minutes Priya’s friend left her and then Priya was walking alone. She didn’t notice me as I was walking with a safe distance. In the evening time the village road became solitary.

There was a tea stall and when Priya crossed the tea stall a young guy accompanied her. I thought he was her familiar or relative, may be Priya’s mother sent him. I continued my spying. In the way of our home, there was a nursery forest and when Priya and the boy reached there the boy grabbed Priya’s hand and tried to enter into the forest. At first Priya disagreed with him but later she entered into the garden. I got a bad smell from the fact, it was quite dark and the garden was totally solitary.

When they disappeared into the wood I followed them but didn’t find them. Suddenly I heard a screaming sound and ran towards the sound. There was a pond and at the bank of the pond the boy laid Priya on the ground and tried to rape her. I reached at them very cautiously and saw that the boy had a dagger and he kept it on the ground and he already torn Priya’s kamiz and her upper body became bare. I suddenly kicked on the boy’s bum, he flied over Priya’s body and get few rolls. He was amazed to the sudden fact and became fridge there.

I picked up the dagger and went ahead to the boy and gave another kick. He rolled and felt into the pond water, he became so afraid that he soon swam at the opposite side of the pond. Priya also became astonished and when she recognized me, ran and fell on my chest and hugged me. Her kamiz and bra were torn and her turnip size breasts were visible in the dimmed light. I gave her my shirt to cover her body and accompanied to reach her home.

Her mother Julekha Bhabi thanked me after hearing the fact and I again amazed at Julekha Bhabi’s figure that was very attractive. I felt carnal desire to the lady but then I thought about my niece Priya, I was damn sure within very short time Priya would come to me and surrender her to me. I spent some time Julekha Bhabi’s house and took a cup of tea and then return to my house.

In the very next day Priya came to my room and she was carrying a box in which her mother sent some food for me. She fed me the foods sitting closest me and I could sniff the scent of her body, I felt hot but I decided that I wouldn’t propose till she surrender her to me. I decided to forbear for the best time. In the next week Priya came to me and proposed to watch a movie with her because her mother didn’t allow her to leave alone and told if

I accompany her then she would permit. I gladly accepted the offer and went to the cinema hall. I bought two tickets at the back row and corner seat. The movie started and it was full of lust and romanticism. Huge scenes of hugging and kissing were in the movie. I kept my hand on the hand-rest of the seat, Priya kept her hand over mine. Then she inserted her fingers in between my fingers and gave pressure.

I became hot and my penis grew hard inside the trouser. Priya then drag my hand on her lap and began to play with my hand. Nobody could see us and the place was dark. After some times when a bed scene appeared on the screen Priya lifted my hand and kissed on it. She kept my hand on her turnip size breast and pressed. I acted like I was watching the movie with deep attention.

She stretched my fingers and cupped her breasts, this time I grabbed her breast tightly. She leaned at me and kept her head on my shoulder. Her body was covered by a scarf and nothing could be seen inside. Then Priya lifted her kamiz’s lower edge upwards and inserted my hand beneath the kamiz. She lifted the bra upwards and brought out the breasts bare. She placed my hand over her bare breast. I began to knead those.

At the interval Priya replaced her attire as earlier and we went out of the hall. In the balcony I bought ice-cream for us and I stared at her eyes. She was smiling and I saw lust in her eyes. The movie starting bell rang and I told her to enter. She whispered in my ears “uncle, let’s return home, the movie is not so good”. I replied, “I am enjoying the movie, let’s finish it. We again sat on our seat and the movie restarted.

Soon Priya dragged my hand and placed on her bare breasts. I noticed that she already unhooked the bra. I squeezed Priya’s breasts till the movie end. Then we returned home and I reached her at her house. In the next day, Priya came at my room at 10 am. I asked her “did you not go to college?”. She replied that her college was off that day. She proposed me to go out for shopping and her mother told her to keep me with her.

I told that I haven’t take bath, so I had to bath first. Priya proposed me that she would bathe me by applying soap. We went my bathroom and Priya soaked me with water then she began to apply soap on my face, the soap inserted in my eyes and burnt. I shook my head and Priya shouted “oh no, you are spoiling my cloths, how I will go out with the spoiled cloth?” I told, “my eyes are burning with soap.”

Priya told me “okay first I am removing your eye burn.” She took a piece of cloth and tied my eyes tightly. Then she told me “what for a while, I’m coming soon”. I heard her footstep of leaving the bathroom and after few minutes she returned. Then she again applied soap on my face and washed it. Then she applied soap on my body and scrubbed nicely. Her touch sensed me nicely and I became hot and my 8” penis began to grow hard and though I couldn’t see but I felt it made a tent with my lungi.

At this time I heard Priya was giggling. I asked “Priya, what happened?” She replied with giggling “uncle, your lungi bulged upwards, I think a snake has inserted inside.” I became ashamed and tried to hide the bulging. Suddenly I snatched the cloth from my eyes and became amazed to see Priya. She was fully stark and I could see her firm round tiny breasts in front of me. Priya also stood motionless and was biting her lips with teeth. I grabbed her arms and dragged her on my chest and hugged tightly. She also hugged me tightly, my penis with lungi inserted through her thighs.

Soon I grabbed her hardy soft breasts and was kneading and she already became flabby in my arms. I descended my head and kissed her and began to caress her. I kissed on her cheeks throats and lips, I sucked her juicy lips and inserted my tongue into her juicy mouth and began to suck. Then I took her tiny nipple into my mouth and began to suck. I was sucking and biting her breasts and she was moaning lightly aaah aaaahha aahhh aaahh aaaahhh uuuhhh uuuuhhh aaaauuhhh.

Though our body was completely soaked but I didn’t care about it. I lifted Priya on my arms and brought her to my bed and lay on. She kept her eyes closed, I kissed on her eye-lids, she smiled and grabbing my head she also kissed me. The turnip like breasts became red for sucking and biting. I parted her legs and saw her pussy. It was the best pussy I ever saw. The clitoris was hid inside the pussy lips and the pussy was covered with sparse pubic hair which was not yet fully blackish.

I parted the fatty pussy lips and then the clitoris was visible like the epiglottis. The juicy pussy was inviting me to lick so I didn’t waste time and soon I licked the pussy from lower end to upper end. Then I applied pressure to insert my tongue inside her pussy lips and then got the saline taste of her pre cum juice. Priya was moaning in ecstasy aaahhhaa hhah hah aahuuaa uu au hhha. She was also waving her waist and then she crossed her legs over my neck and applied pressure to smash my face on her pussy.

I rubbed and caressed her clitoris and she whimpered in ecstasy. I inserted my tongue into her pussy and was licking like a cat licks milk. After licking about 15 minutes she got up from the bed and knelt down on the floor at my feet. She snatched my lungi and I also became stark. My 8” penis erected like an iron mast and was tingling. Priya grabbed it with her both hands and inserted into her mouth and began to suck. She encircled her tongue around my penis head and gave me immense pleasure.

Grabbing her head I began to mouth fuck but once my shove was forcefully and my penis head hit her uvula. Then I got her up and again laid on the bed. I parted her legs widely and poked my circumcised penis head into her pussy hole. The opening was so lubricated and with a great jolt I could shove one fourth of my penis. She complained that it was hurting her pussy. I caressed her, kissed and kneading her breasts.

Then I drag out my penis about one inch from her pussy and with more pressure gave another jolt and my penis inserted its maximum length. I understood, I was not the first sex partner in her life. With next few pull and push I shoved my entire length of my penis into her pussy and my penis head obstructed with her womb opening. I then began to push and pull randomly my penis through Priya’s pussy.

Her pussy wall tightly grasped my penis and I felt marvelous joyous sensation by fucking the young tight pussy. I was gradually increasing the motion of my penis and the friction of pussy and penis produced extraordinary sounds like pok pokat pokkat thapp thapp etc. I was fucking Priya standing on the floor, I leaned forward and began to suck her one breast and kneading other. After fucking about 15 minutes I rolled her body upside down and parted her legs at the edge of the cot.

Then from the back side I shoved my penis and began to fuck again. I could knead her both breasts by hugging her from back side. Priya was continuously moaning in ecstasy ah au aah eeehh ah ah ahh aaa ooff aaa and giving backstroke of my every stroke. I gradually accelerated the stroke of fucking and within 25 minutes or so Priya began to moan vigorously and uplifted her waist and spurted her orgasm. Her pussy canal became sticky with the semen and more lubricating.

I ran my penis with more strength and with more few stroke I came at the end of my ejection. So I pulled out my penis and spurted my ejection load on her belly. Then we both went to the bathroom and took bath together with stark body. Then we went out for shopping. After that day often Priya came to my room and I fucked her once or twice. Thus I was fucking her for about three months. Continued to part-2 Please mail me if you have any comments or suggestion for me. I’m able to fuck any lady minimum thrice in a night. Any aged girls/women living in Dhaka feel lonely

Posted : 01/12/2010 9:25 am