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The main character of the story is Nisha. A girl of 21 having excellent features, golden brown hairs, fair in color and having good figure too. She is a graduate from DU and working part time at a call centre in the evening for 4 hrs. daily. She is also doing her PG side-by-side. Her father was a central govt. employee who died in a blue line crash two yrs. ago. Her mother was only metric pass, so she got the job of peon in place of her father at the same deptt. Nisha had a younger brother too. He is now 16 yrs. old studying in 10th. The financial condition of the family was once improved when the gratuity & PF money was handed over to her mother after Nisha’s father’s death. Her mother made a deal with a property consultant to purchase a single room flat in a middle-class colony but to their bad luck, he ran away with all the money and the conditions getting worse for them. The police is still searching that bastard.

Any way, the story continues. Nisha was studying in the final year at that time. Soon, she completed her BA and looked for searching jobs. Since she’s looking beautiful, she got proposals for modeling too. But being belonging to the moderate conservative family, her mother didn’t allow her to do so. Besides, she was also not at all interested in the same. Finally she got a job in reputed call centre of the country. She started working hard to earn the reputation among employees and earn around 15K per month. The cab took her from her house and dropped her in the office. After office hrs. the cab took her back home.

She was good at studies in the school & college times and she wanted to do MBA during her college days. Now the family conditions started improving, so she took admission in part-time executive MBA program in HR discipline. But, the excess load takes it toll. She was getting weaker and weaker day-by-day and once got faint in the office. After this, her boss, Mr. Verma, who is a 45 yrs. old called her and asked her about the same. She told him all about her condition. He is a nice man and asked her to do only 4 hrs. a day job so that she got time to put concentration on her studies too.

She said – “but sir, in that case, my salary will be halved and I can either bear the family expenditure or my studies”.

Boss – “Beta, Leave it on me. I shall double your salary in the coming increment schedule. You are working very hard and this is what you are really deserving. I am not doing any AHSAAN on you. You are the best employee here. It is you who makes this company running. I am watching everybody and know the performances of all. I know, you can make in these 4 hrs. what you are currently doing in 8 hrs.”

Nisha – “But sir, why you are doing this for me”.

Boss – “It is a very long story. I shall tell you some time. But promise me you do hard work and donot divert your attention here & there.”

Nisha – “I know sir, you are really a kind hearted person”.

Boss – “Go back to your seat and start working as usual. From 1st of next month, come on duty at 4 PM – 8 PM schedule. I shall arrange you an old car of mine. Do you know driving.”

Nisha – “Yes sir. I learned in college days on one of my friend’s car.”

Boss – “Good beta. Keep on and start working as usual in your office. Best of luck.”

Nisha – Thank you sir, thank you very much”.

Boss – “But beware, your work will be doubled and time available will be halved”.

Nisha – “That’s no problem sir, you will never get any complaints. Bye sir.”

Boss – “Bye”.

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Nisha was at seventh heaven on that day. She never expected such kind of hospitality from her boss. She didn’t want to work on that day as she had many more plans in her mind. After completing her that day’s work, she rushed to her home. After freshening up, she told her mother what was happened in the office today. She was also exclaimed but there was a doubt in her mind somewhere. She told her to beware from any body. Nisha said that she know the behaviour of her boss. He is very polite and a family man. There is nothing wrong in her mentions. Besides, it is my work that makes me so high.

Her mother was silent at that moment but there was something she had in mind and she left it at time & on god. She is a very religious lady and doing daily pooja at 5 PM after taking bath. She never ever left the pooja on any day since the “dates” were stopped to her in the age of 44. Not looking very beautifull & a plumsy body, she rarely involved in the functions held nearby.

Nisha’s brother, Kavish, is totally different from her mother & Nisha. He is having a muscular body and good features. But being belonged to lower middle class family, he has his own limitations. He used to go school at school bus. He has a group of 4 friends and never left any moment of enjoyment in the life. He never came to know how hard his mother & his sister working and earning for him to continue his studies.

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The next day began for Nisha with a sunny morning. She got up from the bed, did her usual daily routine and got ready for the college. It was at 10 AM when she left the home after taking breakfast. She used to travel through metro train to Jahangirpuri. The college was within the walking distance from the metro station. By 10:30, she reached there, met with few friends and went directly to library. She sit there to study the books & periodicals. It was none less than 1 PM when one of her friend, Aarti, came there and ask her to take lunch.

Nisha – Noooooo! I took a heavy breakfast and there is no space left in my stomach.

Aarthi – Please come there, don’t be a KITABI KIDA. Come, I’ll take lunch and you take a cup of coffee. This will relax you a bit.

Nisha – Ok Ok. I am coming. Don’t make too much noise here. Others are disturbing.

Both went out of the library and headed for the lavatory. Both relieved themselves and headed towards the canteen. Aarti gave order for a cup of coffee and a short meal for herself and secured a separate table for two.

Aarti – So Nisha, what about your life & the job.

Nisha – It looks settling now. My boss allowed me to attend 4 hrs. duty and devote rest of my time to my studies. He also said to provide me a car for easy commuting as well as safety.

Aarti – Wow! That’s wonderful. Hope you are doing the job in heaven. Anyway, why he is so meharbaan on you? Did he asked you anything for all these?

Nisha – No….No. Please don’t misunderstand him. He is a nice guy, married and about 45 yrs. of age. He is usually never ever gave attention to the girls but looking after my problems that are aggreviating day-by-day, he offered me the solution which is the best possible that he can offer.

Aarti – It seems you have laddooooos in both of your hands………ha…ha…ha..

Both started laughing for while. Aarti was feeling a little jealous about Nisha’s luck. It was arounf 2:30, when both came out of the canteen. Nisha said bye to Aarti and headed for the office. Her office is in the Lajpat Nagar. She took the auto that day and reached there by 3:15 PM, wished everybody in the hall and took her seat. Mr. Verma, who was also gone for lunch returned just then. He saw that Nisha is doing her work, he smiled and proud her to be in his office. He headed directly to his office without saying any word to Nisha.

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At 6 PM, he called the peon to call Nisha in his office. Nisha came and said good evening, sir.

Boss – Good Evening Nisha. Come, have a seat. I have something important to discuss with you. Please tell me when your MBA is going to omplete.

Nisha – Sir it is a one yr. comprehensive programme. Its been 6 months now and six more months would more be taken.

Saying this, her heart beats increased. The words of her mother started twinkling in her ears.

Boss – Are you happy whatever I offered you tomorrow.

Nisha – Sir, I feel myself lucky to be working under you. You really proved yourself to be a true guide.

Nisha said carefully & politely.

Boss – OK dear. But be professional, nothing comes free in this world, everything has some tag on itself.

Listening this, her heart lost its beating. Her all dreams that she took from yesterday evening looks to come to an end. Tears are filled up in her beautiful eyes. She was about to brokedown when she heard her boss again.

Boss – Listen carefully Nisha. You are the best employee I ever had. I never want to lost you at any cost but don’t take it granted. You have to sign a deal with the company which is in the shape of a bond that you cannot leave the company for the next 2 years, you will work as usual after completing your MBA, your wages shall be revised as per the company norms and the last but not the least, you shall be available to tour in other parts of the country wherever the company is starting its branches along with some foreign tours to attend some training programs. After completing your studies, you shall be given an additional responsibility of HR functions and….

Nisha was listening carefully whatever her boss was saying.

….you have to co-ordinate among different functionaries of the company. Is all this OK for you?

Nisha – Its just like a dream come true for me. You did a lot for me sir, I hope my hardwork and the results I achieve makes you comfortable.

Boss – I’ve no doubt about that. Then, if you agree, you have to sign a contract for the same.

Nisha – Its OK sir. I agree.

Boss – These are the papers, if you wish to read them, go ahead and bring them tomorrow. Although it contains all those matter that I just explained to you.

Nisha – That’s not a problem sir. I trust you. Where do I have to put my signs?

Boss, showing her the place for signature – Here Nisha, you are a good girl. Ohhhhh….Just forgot to tell you, if you donot agree with any of the condition and may not comply the same in future or joined any other company of competition, this company has the right to sue you.

By then, Nisha already signed the contract. She said – Sir, you know me and I trust you. It is not a matter of 2 yrs. only, I can work here for my whole of the life.

Boss – That’s the answer I needed.

He went near to the drawer, opened it and drew a key.

Boss – Take these keys, you’ll come in the car from tomorrow onwards and the fuel cost shall be borne by the company.

Nisha – Thank you sir. Thank you very much.

She left the room and came back to her seat. She saw everyone was watching her with some strange looks. She didn’t notice them and started her work again. After 8 PM, she left for the home, reached to parking lot and searched for the car, her boss told her already where it was. She saw the car, It was Hyundai Santro and didn’t looked old from any angle. But since, she was in a great happiness, she didn’t care for that.

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The next six months passed without any hussle and pussle. Nisha was very happy with her work and continuing hard work for her studies. She seldom misses the college and job as well. Soon, her exams begin. She took a week’s leave to concentrate better on exams & practical & project assignments. She was given the project of “Role of new policies in HR in current recession trends”. For this, she went to her boss and ask him whether it is possible to include his company’s data in the project report. He reluctantly approved the same and ask her to do it in her own way. If the needs be, we can change our HR policies based on the suggestions of the project report.

She started work on the same and on the final day of presentation, she got a lot of accolades from the faculty of the institutes. After completion of the day’s work at institute, she headed for the office to meet the boss. But Mr. Verma was out of station. She was happy with her todays performance. She distributed sweets to her fellow colleagues. After all this, she reached her home and went directly to her bed to take a sleep. Her mother asked her for dinner, but till then she was already in her sweet dreams.

Next day was Sunday. It is an off day in the office too, but at 11 Am, she got a call from her boss to reach office sharp at 12. There is an urgent meeting regarding the formulation of new policies for the companies. Some board of directors have already reached there.

She said OK, I am coming. She had plans to visit to the market to purchase some clothes along with her mother but after this call her mother asked her to go & attend the meeting, if its urgent. Afterall, from the past 6 months, she also notices that everything is fine and her boss is really a nice person as Nisha depicted to her.

She reached exactly at 12 noon in the office. There were a lot of brand new cars parked in the parking lot. She ruched to the conference hall. After knocking the door, she entered the hall and saw around 10 middle aged persons were sitting their looking at her.

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The conference hall is completely dark except for the light of multimedia projector that lit there. The entry door is situated in the open where a lot of sunlight was pondering at that time. Nisha today wore the best dress she had. It is a white suit & salwar with the red colored dupatta. Since she has a fair color and golden brown hair, she was looking mind blowing at that time. Just as the foreigner looking in Indian dress. The suit is also not made of thick material. While standing there, the sunlight pierces through her salwar which made a silhouette effect of her legs for the persons watching her standing at the door. My goodness, what a scene that was. Everyone’s mouth was watering at that time. Even her boss who never saw her with such thoughts, have something to think about this girl.

Boss – Come in Nisha, Come in, please.

As she entered, the gate was closed automatically. She entered with confidence and her boss pointed her to sit down at a chair.

Boss – Well, all gentlemen, lets begin again. But first to introduce you with this beautiful girl, named Nisha.

Nisha blushed with such kind of intro. Her cheeks becomes red. Also, the weather outside was very hot and it is 19 deg. C inside the conference hall, this gives a shear feeling in the body of her.

Boss continuing – Nisha is a very hard working girl. She has a good reputation among employees also and meanwhile very well mannered & cultured. I am proud that she is an employee here. Whatever figures of profit we have just watched, there is a lot of efforts of Nisha alone to achieve these targets. She is an asset for this company.

Saying this, Mr. Verma continued to watch her. Nisha feels something in her body as this is the first time someone says in her praise in front of lots of people. She stood from her chair and thanked to her boss for the opportunity given to her.

Boss – So, gentlemen & young lady, shall we start our annual general meeting proceedings….

Everyone in the room gave their consent to go ahead. The meeting continued with some light snacks in between. They all were discussing the company’s past performances, future goals and challenges.

At 5 PM, Nisha’s mobile rang. The phone was of her mother. She wanted to ask when she will return. She come out of the hall and said she also don’t know when as the meeting is in progress. But whenever she will be free, she will ring back to tell her. Her mother put off the call. She is now very much satisfied with her work.

As Nisha entered into the hall again, everyone started looking at her. But the position of sun-light is not proper now, so they didn’t get a chance to see what they saw in the afternoon.

The boss announced that Nisha had some plans for HR policy change in the organization. It will not only boost the moral of the employees but also helps in improving the productivity. So I would like to invite Ms. Nisha to say something on her proposals. Nisha stood up and gave a brief presentation on her proposals. Everyone was impressed with her plans to implement the same and gave their consent to go-ahead with the proposals.

The meeting was called off at 8 PM. Everyone was so much exhausted at that time. They all rushed to their vehicals like a mad cow. Mr. Verma and Mr. Jotwani (who is a 55 yrs. old company secretary) stayed there. Nisha who was almost ready with her purse in her hands asked the boss –

Nisha – Sir, shall I go? Is it over now?

Boss – Yeah, the meeting is over by now. We have more to discuss for 5-10 minutes, if you wish to, you can stay and leave after 10 minutes.

Nisha – Ok sir, If you say, I can stay for 10 more minutes.

Suddenly her phone rang. It was her mother again. She was asking the same thing. Nisha said it will take another one hr. So you & Kavish take dinner and I shall take when I come back.

She said so slowly that none had listened her words in the hall.

After 10 minutes, The meeting was over and Mr. Jotwani said goodbye to Mr. Verma having some questions in his eyes. Mr. Verma said – Ok Mr. Jotwani, you may proceed now. We are also going back home.

Mr. Jotwani – Ms. Nisha, shall I drop you to your home?

Nisha – Thanks very much sir, I have my own car. I can go through that. Thanks again.

Mr. Jotwani – OK That bye again.

Nisha – Bye sir.

Nisha to Boss – Sir, the time is too much, I’d like to go home now. Shall I?

Boss – Just relax Nisha, the day is very hard today. You know, this comes once in a year, but it is very much tiring. Shall we relax at some coffee shop. After that you may go to your home. Your parents are also looking for you.

Nisha – Its OK Sir. Where do you want to sit.

Boss – We shall go at Café Coffee Day at Ring Road. My driver shall pick your car and we shall go in the same. Is it OK.

Nisha – That’s no problem sir. Let’s go.

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She handed over the keys to boss who later gave it to his driver and asked him to follow his car.

Boss entered his car and opened the door of the passenger’s seat. Nisha entered the car innocently and took her seat. Boss started the car and took it on the ring road. Throughout the way, boss’s eyes slipped on her legs. The deflected light coming from the lamp posts and other vehicles make a very dim lighting inside the car. Through this dim light, the white salwar of Nisha shine and make the boss’s mood sexy. Soon, they entered the parking area of the café coffee day where they parked their vehicle and boss & Nisha went to the coffee hall.

Mr. Verma offered her the chair of a corner table and sat after she took her seat. They both were silent throughout the journey and now again, both were waiting for the start. Soon, the waiter came and asked for the order. Mr. Verma asked her what she would like.

Nisha – Any thing, non-spicy.

Boss – No, please tell what you’d like to have. Be relax. Don’t be nervous. Sit comfortably.

Nisha – I am. Don’t worry about me. I’ll take a cup of coffee and roasted peanuts. That’s all.

Boss – OK. Two coffee and a plate of roasted peanuts.

Waiter – OK Sir. Within 15 minutes.

Boss – That’s fine.

Nisha – Sir, who others are in your family.

Boss – First call me Vivek. If u wish to listen about me, you requires to be a close friend of mine.

Nisha – Sir, but…….

Boss – Vivek…….Call me Vivek. Its so easy…..Say…….Vi…..ve….k.

Nisha – But sir, how can I….???

Boss – Why not, Nisha? You are a young and beautiful girl and today wherever you stand, it is not my DAYAA on you, but it is the hardwork that speaks itself.

Nisha – Its your blessings sir, otherwise I lost all my hopes to be successful again.

Boss – Again sir, I told you………

Nisha – OK OK, Viiiiiiveeeeeeekkk. Is it OK now?

Boss – say it slowly dear.

Nisha – Vivek. So what were you telling about the family???

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Boss – “I was a young computer engineer at that time, without any job. I do normal maintenance work on some servers based on the problems some customers encountered. Once, I went to an office from where I got a call regarding their server problem. It was a small sized company. As I entered the office of the MD, to my surprise, there was sitting a beautiful lady. I was totally shocked seeing her beauty. She was just looking like an angel. She asked me about myself and I told her that I am the service engineer for your server. She took me personally to the server room and told me that some engineers earlier checked the same but couldn’t rectify it. She told me that I listened your name, that you are master in this field. She also told me that she is now quoting some companies to supply the fresh one. I was listening her carefully, Then I asked about the problem. She told me about the same and I got where the main problem was. I asked her give me half an hour and I’ll solve the problem. She surprised and left the room with the same expressions. I started my work and within 15 minutes, I put the server’s button ON. I made further checking within next 10 minutes and then, I went outside to lit the cigarette. Meanwhile, I called her on phone, that system is working perfectly and you may check it at your table. I completed the cigarette and entered into her room.”

Before he continues further, the waiter bring the ordered items and said – enjoy your order sir.

Boss Continuing – While entering, I saw the same expression of surprise on her face. He asked me to sit down and called the peon to bring two cups of coffee. While taking the coffee, she asked me where do I am working and I told her that I am a freelancer and doing it as a hobby. She was impressed and later said goodbye. After that…………………Hey Nisha, Take the coffee otherwise it will cool down.

Nisha – Oh Sorry Vivek, I just forget everything in your story.

Boss, while taking sips from his cup & looking into the eyes of Nisha – then we have some more meetings in the office and slowly we came close to each other. After that, we started meeting outside also. And where we both are sitting today, it is our favourite seat at that time. We usually sit here for atleast 2 hrs. daily. Soon, I proposed her and she accepted the same. But the main problem was the money. I donot had a good financial background. I told everything to her. She carefully listened to me and told me that you need not to worry. I am too alone in my home. My mom & pa were died in an air crash last yr. and I am now handling their business. I donot have any problems marrying you.

Nisha – Then sir, have you married her???

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Boss – Yeah, why not. Any fool can leave this offer. Meanwhile, I was also loving her. She was a beautiful and innocent girl and have money too. So why not to marry her? I asked her to give me some time so that I can decide it. However I am ready from the core of heart. But I want to take decision from my mind and not from heart. Finally, after two days, she called me. And I said its yes. After that we went to the registrar’s office and registered ourselves for the marriage. He gave us time of one month and told to bring along two witnesses each. We both were in seventh heaven at that time. After one month, we went to the registrar’s office along with four persons from her office. There we got married and left for the Nainital for honeymoon. Since we donot have much of the time, we clipped our honeymoon to just 3 days as there was no one in the office and we have to work hard to make it a success.

Nisha – So where is your wife sir, I never saw her in office.

Boss – Aarti is no more, now. After one year of our marriage and when she was pregnant, due to complicacy in the pregnancy, she died in the hospital. So now me alone is looking after this business. I multiplied this business to 100 folds since she left me.

Saying this, there were tears in Vivek Verma’s Eyes.

Nisha put her warm hand on his left hand and said – please sir, your story is really touching. Your life has so many ups & downs. I really have some sympathy over you. Why didn’t you go with second marriage?

Boss – No, it is not possible dear, I don’t want it. I love her really and no one can take place of her in my life. No one……

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There was a deep lull between them for few minutes. Boss wants that probably Nisha may ask something but no words were dropped out from Nisha. She was just looking on the table without saying any words. Her hands are already back from Vivek’s hands. Suddenly waiter came near them and asked anything more sir that you would like.

Before Mr. Verma says anything, Nisha said – No please, we would like to go. Please bring the bill.

Boss – What’s so hurry Nisha, why not to take the dinner together?

Nisha – Sorry sir, but mom is waiting at home and probably she was thinking about me. Its almost two yrs. since I joined you but I never get late at home. So it is better that we should move now. Shall we?

Boss – that’s fine. If you wish so. I do not insist you for the dinner.

The waiter came with the bill. Mr. Verma took the purse and paid the bill along with the tip to the waiter. Waiter saluted him for his generosity. They picked up their respective keys and came outside. The outside environment was totally changed now. While it was hot & humid in the evening, suddenly the clouds gathered around there and a drizzling started that makes the road & footways wet. Although it was not raining very heavy, but the cold breeze make both of them shiver.

Nisha – Oh my god, how could I drive in such a weather?

Boss – if you agree, why not you come to my house, it is very close from here.

Nisha – But Vivek, you are alone in your house…….

Boss – are you scared from me.. I am not a monster who will eat you out. Ha…ha..ha…

Nisha (smiling) – That’s not the reason vivek, but you know my mom is waiting for me at home.

Boss – Well in that case, take my driver. He will take you to your home and returned back by bus. I was just asking routinely.

Nisha – Thanks vivek, shall I go now, as you know they are waiting me.

Boss – OK. Harish, take the keys from madam, drop her at her house and return back by bus. We have to go to Gurgaon to attend some party. Nisha, good night & bye.

Nisha – Thank you very much Vivek. Good night and bye.

She headed towards her vehicle and sat down in the back seat. Harish, the driver started the car and took it outside of the parking lot. Mr. Vivek Verma saw them going out of the sight.

Posted : 19/03/2011 3:45 am
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