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We continued to talking and playing with each other. With one hand I was massaging her boobs while another hand was now moving all over her panty. Her panty was all wet and pressed tightly over her pussy mound. I asked her about her fucking experience. In reply she told that she is not fucking regularly as fucking with customer is not allowed at her beauty parlor. However with a request of some regular customers she goes outside in a guesthouse were rooms are available on hourly bases. She told me that she is charging Rs.1000/- from a customer for single time fucking, but she goes hardly once or a twice in a week for fucking and beauty parlor manager fuckes her once in a week for free. Sometimes friends of that manager fuck her for free. No more fucking business she is doing.

With her bold talk, my cock was getting hard again. I pulled down her panty and caressed her shaved pussy mound and slowly inserted my index finger between her pussy lips. She was already wet and her pussy was oozing lot of moisture from inside. So my finger entered into her pussy without much resistance. Ohhhh…. Her pussy was very soft and wet. I pumped my finger in and out to feel a softness of her inner pussy walls. Binita started moaning slowly. She rested her head on sofa back and widened her legs. Than I teased her clitoris with my finger and stroked it for sometimes. Moaning of Binita became louder and now she was begging me to fuck her. But I continued to finger fuck her. I inserted my two fingers in her hot slippery pussy and I was exploring lot off pussy juice from her hot cunt. With every stroke of my fingers she was moaning loudly and begging me to fuck her. My cock was again rock hard and Binita was trying to pull my cock towards her pussy.

Finally I removed my fingers from her pussy and took a seat between her legs. She widened her leg further. I kissed on to her wet pussy and licked her pussy lips. Her pussy juice tasted very intoxicating and my nostrils were filled up with a sexy aroma of her pussy. Without wasting any time I inserted my tongue into her pussy and licked her entire slit from up to down and down to up. In between when my tongue was touching to her clit she was getting wild. She was pulling my hairs and scratching my shoulders with her sharp nails. The pain was making me more excited and I fixed my both lips on her pussy lips. Now my tongue was moving very fast in and out of her pussy. Ohhh…she was Cumming… lot off cum she was oozing from deep inside her pussy. I tasted it more intoxicating and my cock was just like an iron rode. Now it was not possible for me to hold any further.

I raised my head from over her pussy to insert my cock inside. But no. I could not raise my head anymore as Binita was pressing my head heavily on her pussy. She was begging me to lick her pussy for some more time. She was with a very sexy voice telling me that nobody has licked her pussy in such a great way, which I licked today. So I pressed my lips again on her hot wet pussy and darted my tongue deep inside. She raised her both legs in the air and widened to give me more space between her legs. I licked her pussy with a very long strokes of my tongue and fixing my lips tightly around her pussy. Few more strokes of my tongue led her to another wild orgasm. This time she was heating my back with her legs and scratching on my arms. I drank all her sweet and hot cum. My dick was throbbing like anything and I was not in a position to wait any longer. Son I stood up and pointing my cock at Binita’s pussy I fall down on her body. She cried out of weight of my body on her. She tried to push me away. So I lifted my body from her and took a proper position to insert my Iron like dick into a very hot pussy of my sexy bitch daughter Binita.

I pressed my cock head between her pussy lips and with a single heavy stroke my half of the dick entered into hot wet pussy of her. She cried out once more. She closed her eyes and begging me to insert my full cock inside. With another few light strokes my entire dick disappeared into her slippery pussy. I started pumping my cock heavily in and out of her hot pussy. She was moaning heavily and cuddled me strongly. Her both the legs were tightly fixed around my butts and she was biting on my neck and shoulders. She was turned real wild. I never experienced such type of wild response in sex before. I was rammed my heavy cock constantly on her pussy till I shoot a hot thick cum inside a cunt of Binita. Binita got real wild and injured me heavily on every part of my body. She was crying of ecstasy. I felt that her body was completely melted into my body. I lowered my speed slowly, showered a lot off kisses on face of my lovely darling and stood up.

I took a seat besides Binita. She was still holding me tightly in her arms and rested her head on my shoulders. I petted on her back and said that she is really a very hot and sexy girl. She thanked me for the complements and said that she also never experienced such a great orgasm before. She always treated her customers with a professional approach, while she did it with me with a real love. Than we cleaned up our body in the bathroom and dressed up. It was 12 noon and my son might be coming at home at any time. She rushed to kitchen to prepare a food. I helped her in cooking till my son reached home.

Posted : 13/11/2010 7:46 am