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Chudai kolkata mein


Dear friends, my name is Sumit, 33 years old from Kolkata and I am working with a packers and movers firm. I has chatting friend we had lots of sex chat, later we exchange our numbers. Now sex talk whole night, especially role plays, she eagerly wants to meet me, she is also from kolkata, said that she wants to meet me. Her name is Kakoli she is 38 years old, she called me and said that she is going to book a room at hotel Taj Kolkata. So on that day I went to her at 12pm. When I knocked the door, she said to come in, and when I entered into the room I was shocked that this lady who is 30+ was gorgeous with 38-34-40, she is really good looking, that she don’t look like 38.

She is in her night and didn’t wear any bra; I can clearly saw her nipples through it. Then she said, “I am eagerly waiting for you, would you like to have something”, I said that yet, I didn’t had my breakfast, after getting her call I came directly to meet her, so she called up for Room Service and ordered lunch for two . Then we started chatting for some time. Till that time we got our lunch in our room, and we did our lunch and after our lunch we sat on the bed and she sat beside me.

And again she started, “What we did on phone & chat about that is possible” I was in good mood and her closeness to me was making me for the arouse. I told her “Kakoli Bhabi, you came for me and still you have a doubt that the fucking session is possible or not”, She said “what did you think when you saw me?” I told her that my mind was blown and my first thoughts were “Wowee, this Bhabi of mine is really sensual” Her hand started rubbing my chest, and I placed my hand across her thighs, realizing that she had no panties on also.

She turned towards me, leaned forward and kissed me full on the lips, pushing her tongue into my mouth. My hand slipped up to her breasts cupping one, then the other. Her hand went into my pants, taking hold of my semi-erect cock. We remained like that for about five minutes, and then broke our embrace. She stood up and lifted her nigh tie over her head, and I removed my shirt and pant. She was beautiful to look at, her breasts with dark brown large areola topped with light brown erect nipples. She came and lay down next to me, telling me “let us enjoy the moment” I took her in my arms, enfolding her, and her hands were in my hair, on my back and then between my legs. I had grown erect, and she pushed me down on my back, and then sat as to ride me. I inserted my erect cock into her warm cunt, sliding in easily.

Her hands were now on my shoulder, her head thrown back as she moved her vagina against my penis. Her breasts were dangling in front of my face and I raised my head and started sucking on her already erect and hard nipples. Her eyes were closed, and soft “Ooooh, aaaah, yes, my, yes” was emitting from her. I was groaning with the pleasure that I was experiencing. I had had sex before but this was something different. She told me “Suck harder on my nipples, squeeze both my breasts together and take both nipples in your mouth, bite them lightly” I did so, and her moans increased, while the feeling on my cock became wet with her juices.

I felt myself Cuming and told her so. She said “I too am Cuming hold on for just a minute” I managed to do so, and then we both came together. I exploded into her while at the same time she did too, collapsing on top of me, both of us holding each other tight, as we reached our climax. As the tension eased out of our bodies, we started kissing and mauling each other’s bodies. Till we were completely at ease.

Then she lifted herself off me and we lay sideways, our arms around each other. She asked me “Are you happy, I am. And this will be our secret” I said “I am happy and yes, this will remain our secret. I am now looking forward to the rest of my life. I know it is going to be wonderful for me” She said “For me too” After lying together for some time, she told me “Always call me Kakoli darling, because I want to feel that you are my husband, my lover, my darling” I told her “ok dear I will call you Kakoli Darling” She said “Sumit darling remember, this is our secret, and I want you to do things for me, something that I have only dreamt about. Will you?” I told her “Darling, whatever you want.

For me it’s my job to give you full satisfaction” She told me “Darling, now please just suck my breasts and rub your hand on my pussy” Her nipples were hard and extended to nearly 1-1/2 inch, almost black and her areola were dark brown. Her Pussy was wet and her clitoris was extended to nearly an inch.

She kept moaning with her “Aaaaaah, oohhhh yes, I love that, don’t stop, yes” The feel of her nipples in my mouth was wonderful. She suddenly said “Suck my breasts from below”, lifting her breasts so that I got the undersides of them. As I sucked, there were marks coming on her skin and I told her. She said “I want that because they are your love bites” My cock was semi-erect, but I continued sucking her breasts and rubbing her pussy.

Till she climaxed once more. She said “Wow that was great. Never have I achieved this kind of an experience. I wish my husband was good to me like you are” I told her “Darling, you are just wonderful” She then told me “Sumit Darling, now relax for some time, because I want you to experience happiness just like I have” We did so, just holding each other. Her body was warm and inviting, her thighs across mine, her hand fondling me. It was something different from the sex I had before with others.

Whatever happened must have made me tired, because I fell asleep in her arms, as she caressed me, running her hands thru my hair, over my back, thighs, and arms. When I woke up, I found her sitting up in bed, her hand just caressing my hair. She said “Sumit Darling you look beautiful asleep” I asked her “Kakoli Darling did you not sleep” She said “How could I? You have given me such pleasure, and I enjoyed just watching you sleep and I wanted your energy to return so that you could fuck me again. See, your cock is already hard and I know that you will last longer now that you have re-energized yourself with rest” I did have a hard-on, my cock erect and hard.

She told me “This time, kneel between my thighs and slowly insert your cock into my pussy till you are fully in, then lie on top of me for some time, I want to feel your hard cock inside me. My husband only used to get hard, then stroke three or four times and discharge his load. With you I have enjoyed like never before and I want what I used to dream of as a young girl but have only now experienced.

Posted : 17/03/2011 2:57 am