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Chor ne Chudai ki


I had been watching the building for a few weeks now at Bandra-Kurla Complex in Mumbai. It’s a big gray building with no decorations, gated underground parking, and a too-small lot that surrounds the back. Five stories tall, its drab look, like a cinderblock with tinted windows, makes it almost invisible. If you asked anybody they’d say they never even noticed it. But I noticed it. I was waiting for a bus a couple of weeks ago when I saw the truck pull up around back, and two big bored looking guys started pulling out some of the finest computers and electronics I’d ever seen. I moved to the lobby doors to smoke a cigarette and saw them lugging the stuff up the staircase. Stubbing out my cig, I walked in and looked at the stairwell door. Never locks. Good. I got in the elevator and hit each of the buttons. First floor, nothing. Second, the same. Third was empty too. When the doors opened on the fourth floor, I saw the guys bringing stuff into the double-doors of the office right next to the elevator.. Cool. Suite 400.

I jabbed the button for the lobby and when I got out I checked the directory. Suite 400… A BPO company. Good. I’ve been in the business of dealing in stolen goods for awhile now, and this looked like the Mother Lode. I looked around the Lobby slowly, nope. Not a security camera in sight. Then I noticed the keypads outside the front and rear entrance doors. Shit. Oh well, I figured, I’d just have to see how they worked is all. I went out and caught the bus. On the way home, I planned how I would do it. First, I borrowed my friend’s car and drove over to the building at 5:00 AM. I parked in the little lot next to one of the three cars there. At 5:45 a car pulled in and a dark South Indian dude got out. He was dressed nice, but was no executive. I watched him punch in a code and walk into the building. No lights came on in any of the offices on the two sides of the building I could see from my spot, so there was an even chance he was going to Suite 400. About 20 minutes later, two women left, each heading for cars at different ends of the lot.

The one heading for me didn’t see me in the darkness. Man, she was fine! Unlike the dude who went in, she wasn’t dressed for business. She had long hair, a cute if not pretty face, and she walked easy, with no fear. She was wearing a long tank top with little shoulder straps, that barely held in her large Mummey, and it was short enough to show off the navel piercing on her slightly flabby tummy. Her low- were bell-bottoms, and she was wearing sandals. A little flab, but overall a nice little package. She got into the car parked next to mine and drove off without a care. The other girl had short hair and big Mummey, but she must have over-weighed on a 5′ body. She drove off without seeing me too. By 6:30, cars started coming in and I couldn’t keep track of the people coming and going, so I left. I drove to a nearby parking where I left the car and walked back. Across the street and down the block a bit there was an abandoned petrol pump with a chain-link fence around it. I noticed a couple of homeless guys hanging out inside the fence, by the old garage building.

I found the break in the fence and went over to the garage. It had a perfect view of the building, especially the two sides I couldn’t see before. I went to the homeless guys and let them know a group of gentlemen would be taking over the building and that their presence was no longer desired. After a little more discussion, they saw the light and left. Worked good, never saw any homeless near there again. I headed back to parking and had breakfast before heading home. Over the next two weeks I spent every night at that patrol pump, watching the windows of the fourth floor. The lights never went off. After two weeks I was secure in the knowledge that those two girls were all alone in that office, and after midnight they didn’t seem too busy. I would see them walking around, drinking tea-coffee and talking, laughing. Every once in a while they would jump and one would run for a phone call, but they seemed pretty lax.

The next step was the easiest. I parked in the back lot in my friend’s car again and watched through binoculars when the South Indian dude showed again. He punched in the code, #4572. Then just pull the old door right open. Cool. The next night I parked at near by parking and had coffee until midnight. Then I strolled over to the building, went around back, and punched in the code. The door opened without a problem. I walked to the stairs and opened the door. It was empty and quiet. I went up to the fourth floor, opened the door quietly, and peeked out into the empty hallway. I sneaked over to the double doors and quietly tried to open them. Locked of course. I went down the hall to the bathrooms and found both of those locked too, so I went back to the stairs and waited with the door open just enough to hear clearly.

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At about 2:45, 1 heard the door open and feet running down the hall. I looked out and saw the short hair girl running to the bathroom. A few seconds later I heard the door to Suite 400 click shut. I was curious, so I went over and tried the door. Unlocked, cool. I went back to the stairs and waited for about 5 minutes when the girl went back in. Then I tried the door again but it was locked. Cool. This was going to work just fine. The next day I went to my friend’s place. Friend works for a transport company and owns small trucks. I’ve borrowed it from him before on occasion, and he gets paid pretty good when I do, too. I went home with the truck, parking it, and started to get ready. In my black nylon bag I packed 6 sets of steel handcuffs, two rolls of book tape, a utility knife, three pairs of latex gloves with the palms cut out, a single black stocking, and my .45 gun. I thought about the scenario and had to smile. Just for shits I tossed in a couple packs of Nirodhs. What the hell, right?

At 11:30 I pulled into the rear lot and parked as close to the back doors as I could. I grabbed my bag and entered the building, and sat down on the stairs by the 4th floor door. I pulled on the latex gloves, shoved the gun down the back of my @jeans, and pulled the stocking down over my head. I carefully used the utility knife to slice a slit that split open to reveal my mouth and chin. Then I sat and waited. At 12:45, I heard the door. I stood, grabbed my bag, and stepped through the door into the hallway just as the bathroom door closed. I walked through the door to Suite 400 and closed the door quietly behind me. I was standing in a lobby with a door to the left, one to the right, and the far wall was a window. It was filled by a couple of big leather sofas and a giant wrought-iron table with a marble top. The office was dark, but light and music were coming from the left. I pulled my gun and walked in to see the short hair girl dancing to some remix. She was wearing a tight baby blue T-shirt that left her midriff bare, and tight low- rise @jeans that came to mid-calf. She was barefoot, her sandals on the floor by her purse next to a chair.

She saw me reflected in the window and screamed as she spun around. I held up my gun and growled, “Chupp Saali, nahi to goli maar doonga!”

Tears were streaming down her almost pretty face. “Please goli nahi chalana! God, please maro nahi mujhe!” I waved my gun and she ran down the hall past a half dozen closed doors before running into the last one, a dark office with a big oak desk and fine leather furniture. The boss’ office, I guess. I grabbed her by the arm and threw her face-down over the desk. I grabbed out a pair of cuffs and slapped them on her wrists, making her cry out. Using the cuffs I tossed her to the floor and slapped another pair on her ankles. I tore off a strip of book tape about three feet long and wrapped it around her head a couple of times, so she couldn’t yell anymore. Hell, she’s lucky she could breathe. I picked her up like a sack of potatoes and tossed her onto the leather couch.

I stepped into the hall, walked back three doors and tried the one on the left. It opened into another dark office, but this one was small and didn’t have windows. I closed the door except for a crack and waited. The long hair girl came back, and I guess they play games scaring each other `because she giggled and ran down the hall past my door. I stepped into the hall and waited for her to notice me. She saw her friend on the couch and turned to run away, almost bowling right into me. When she saw me, and the gun, she dropped to her knees and started begging. I walked over to her, put the pistol against her forehead and grunted. I almost laughed when I saw the dark stain spreading through her @jeans. Damn and she just got back from the bathroom too. I told her to crawl back into the dark office, and when she got there I shoved her Gaand hard with my boot, sending her sprawling across the floor. Then I was on her, cuffing her wrists and ankles. I wrapped tape around her head to keep her from screaming, too. I wasn’t going to try to move this one though.

For fun, I grabbed another pair of cuffs, pulled her ankles back, and cuffed her ankles to her wrists. I had to laugh, a metal hog-tie. Working quickly, I pulled the computers and monitors from each desk and put them into the lobby. Next I transferred them from there to the elevator, then to the Lobby, and finally into the truck. Then I ran up and grabbed the printers, doing the same routine. By the time I was done, it was only 1:50! Damn, what great time! For good measure, I went through the offices grabbing anything that might be valuable, and finally grabbed all of the phones, too! It was 2:30 and I was officially done. Maybe I should have just left, but instead I got in the truck and drove it over near the godown. I walked quickly back to the building and went back up, pulling my stocking mask carefully into place and putting on fresh gloves. I left the old ones in the truck. Leaving shit lying around will get you hard time. I went into the office and heard a whistling noise. Shit, the fat chick was turning blue! I took my utility knife and opened up around her nose better, though I did knick her a little. She was out, so she didn’t notice.

When I turned around, though, I saw my little long hair girl staring at me in terror, her eyes wide, her body jumping as she screamed and screamed with her mouth sealed tight. Shit, I thought with a chuckle, She thinks I just cut the fat chick’s throat. I put my hand on her throat and pushed her onto her back. She grimaced, I guess I was hurting her arms. With my other hand I grabbed the collar of her T-shirt and pulled hard, stretching it, then it finally tore. I pulled at it until I had ripped it off of her. Her Mummey were jiggling, held by a plain white bra that had seen better days, but incredibly held the load without bursting. I’m guessing she was a 36 or 38 DD, impressive on a girl, dripping wet, probably 22-25 years old. I reached down to the floor and picked up the utility knife. I held it up in front of her eyes and saw her wide eyes not even blink as tears began to flow from them. I grabbed her bra between her Mummey and pulled, thinking to cut it sway, but it just kind of snapped open. Her creamy smooth Mummey spilled out, throwing the bra to each side. Her Chuchis were just plain tiny, especially on Mummey that big, hardly bigger than a quarter, but had thick nubs, like the eraser on a pencil.

I grabbed one strap and cut it with the knife, then the other, and threw the pieces to the floor. I ran my hand down her belly, and she jerked when I grabbed the metal stud in her belly button and gave it a twist. Her smooth skin was turning pink, then red all over. Damn, I was hard as a rock, watching her squirm there under me. I stood and grabbed the cuff of her pant leg, and dragged the utility knife’s blade up, cutting away the stiff denim. I split from the cuff to the waist, then grabbed the other leg and did the same on that side. I pulled away the @jeans and tossed them on the floor next to the fat chick. My GOD! This bitch had some FINE legs, with baby fat in all the right places, wide soft Chutad… and little curly black hairs peaking around the prettiest little thong I’ve ever seen. She had a full pouty mound held by purple satiny lacey panties. I really think I could have shot my load right then, just looking at her squirming. A flick of the knife and the panties were gone too.

I slapped my hand down on her Choot, I figure to get her wet enough to Chudai, but she was already slick! I slipped my arm around her and hefted the naked little slut and walked to the main lobby, where I threw her on the floor. I went back to the big office and cleaned up my stuff and brought my bag back to the lobby. Taking out the last of my handcuffs, I cuffed her left wrist to the leg of a big wrought iron table. I unlatched the other set from her left wrist and clicked it to the other leg of the table, leaving her spread. Then I went back to the big office and wrapped the fat chick up with an entire roll of the book tape, taking back my cuffs when she was secure. Then I headed to the lobby, where I loaded everything into my bag except my gun, which placed on the table up over my slut’s head. “Agar mere chehre per yahan se jaate samay khushi nahi jhalakti dikhi to main tumhare chehre ko iss office bhar mein tukde karke faila doonga,” I said as menacingly as I could.

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Then I pulled my sweaty T-shirt off over my head and sat on the couch to unlace my boots. I pulled them off and then my socks, and stood to pull off my jeans. My Lund jumped when I dropped my shorts, and I saw Slut twisting her head to see. I showed her. I straddled her mammoth Mummey and slapped her face with my Lund. About seven and a half inches I guess, and pretty thick, I’ve never had any complaints. I slid down and started to mash her soft Mummey in my hands, pawing like I’ve always wanted to but always got yelled at for. I stretched and squeezed them before taking a Momma in my mouth. Man this was sweet! Her Chuchis were so tight and hard, I thought I was fooling myself, but she seemed to be getting off on this more than I did. I reached down and unlatched the cuff from one ankle, ready for the kick, but it never came. I unlatched the other and went over to put it in my bag. When I turned around, she had her legs up, spread for me. Her Choot was puffy and red, and glistened with her juices.

Remembering, I grabbed a Nirodh and rolled it on, then dropped on her and slammed my Lund into her as hard as I could, bottoming out with each thrust. Her legs wrapped around my waist as I slammed into her for all I was worth, her head thrashing back and forth. Her Choot was so wet I had no problem getting in, in fact getting out was the problem. Her Choot grabbed my Lund and held on! I thought I was going to lose my rubber in her! Then with two hands full of soft, luscious Mummey, I shot my load, hard and dirty. Wave after wave rolled through me, and I could feel that tight little Choot trying to milk out every drop. I pulled my Lund out and quickly slipped of the cum-filled rubber, carefully dropping it into my bag. My Lund was still hard, and it throbbed like I never remembered it doing before. Slut was rolling around, I figured trying to get away, until it dawned on me she was still cumming! I brought the little Choot off! Even like this, especially like this, I knew then I wasn’t done.

Grabbing another Nirodh, I slipped it on and jumped on her again. This time her legs didn’t wrap around me, but she worked with me, bucking her Chutad against me, grinding against my Lund. I pulled out and unlatched the cuffs from her wrists, swept my gun to the floor, and tossed her face down onto the marble table top. On my knees behind her, I started to slam into her Choot, slapping her curvy smooth Gaand with sharp backhands. Her short nails scratched at the marble of the table, then her fingers latched around the far edge as she held on for the ride of her life.. Then, figuring I had nothing to lose, I pulled my Lund out of her tired little Choot and crammed it quick and hard up her Gaand, the little pink/brown opening turning white as it stretched around me, before it, and my Lund, disappeared into the soft smooth crack of her gaand. She was so tight, I think she must have been a virgin, and the way she screamed and cried and clawed at the table, I was giving her hell like she never imagined. I buried my entire Lund in her Gaand, slowly slipped out all the way, then plunged back in. Yeah, I saw the blood smeared on the rubber as it came out, but know what? Don’t care. It felt good. The rush when I slammed home, then the long slow pulls coming back out – never felt anything like it before.

Until I saw her his moving up and down, that is. I was hurting this bitch like nothing she ever felt before, and she was begging for more! She was getting off good! When I pulled out the next time, I looked and saw streams of her cum running down her thighs. That was what did it. All of a sudden, I couldn’t control myself. I slammed home, but then instead of nice and slow, I yanked almost all the way clear, and slammed home again. I don’t know what people who do it all the time call this, but if I was fucking her Gaand before, this was an old fashioned Gaand-Chudai. I kept up the hammering for about two minutes that felt like an hour of pure pleasure, and when I couldn’t take it anymore, I ripped out my Lund and slammed it home in her Choot again, cumming like a fountain the instant I ran into the bottom of the well. My head spinning, I fell on the floor.

Seconds later, I realized she was on the floor too now, behind me, with her arm draped over my side. Remembering where the hell I was and what I was doing, I scrambled up, slipped off the rubber, and grabbed my gun from the floor over by the door. But she just laid there, eyes closed, breathing hard. I got dressed quickly but carefully, and as I sat lacing up my boots I saw her staring at me through half lidded eyes as she lay sprawled un the floor like she didn’t have any bones. I pulled out the other roll of book tape and wrapped her up like a Deewali present. I took back my cuffs and packed everything up carefully. No evidence. Then I picked up the utility knife and cut the tape at the back of her head and pulled it off. She gave out a yelp, but then was silent. I bent down and kissed her hard, but after a moment I had to surrender to the softness of her lips and the strange coolness of her tongue and kiss her softly – passionately, as she kissed me back.

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